Baltimore suspects in ‘ambush-style’ assault on cop allegedly shot and killed second sufferer

The two men were arrested in connection with an ambush-style attack Baltimore police officer They worked a night shift last week and were charged with shooting a second person, a murder victim, shortly after they allegedly tried to murder the police officer.

Elliot Knox, 31, and Travon Shaw, 32, are both charged with the attempted murder of Officer Keonna Holley – and the murder of 38-year-old Justin Johnson. Johnson was shot dead on the 600 block on Lucia Avenue, about 10 miles from Holley’s robbery.

When the arrests were announced on Friday, Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison said the murder occurred while investigators were still working on the Holley shooting scene.


The officer was shot and wounded at 1:35 a.m. on Thursday morning in the 4400 block of Pennington Ave.

Travon Shaw, 32, (left) and Elliot Knox, 31 (right) are both charged with the attempted murder of Officer Holley and the murder of Justin Johnson.
(Baltimore Police Department)

Harrison said Holley was shot dead at her designated post while she was in her vehicle while on a night shift in the crime area of ​​Curtis Bay. According to the investigators, the shooter approached from behind and shot into the parked vehicle, which then accelerated and collided.

“What we now know is that both of the shootings are linked, since we now know that the perpetrators of Office Holley’s shooting exited that scene, went to Lucia Avenue, and then committed the murder of Justice Johnson,” Harrison said . “Our thoughts and prayers from his family, with whom we also spoke.”

Two weapons were seized that were believed to have been used in both incidents, he said.

“This week’s heinous incidents were another tragic reminder of the culture of violence that pervades Baltimore,” Harrison said Friday. “As I said last night, those who commit these violent, brazen and cowardly acts in our city will be held accountable.

Harrison thanked local, state, and federal partners who helped with the investigation and said he had received a call from US Attorney General Merrick Garland who “is using all available resources to help us,” and congratulated the team on the speed Completion of the case.

“At this moment, I cannot stress enough how angry and discouraged we all are that we continue to have people in our community who want to commit acts of violence, particularly against law enforcement,” Baltimore City Prosecutor Marilyn J. Mosby said on Friday. “It is unacceptable and we will not tolerate it … We will have no tolerance of those who try to use violence and murder to resolve their complaints, and the criminals who do so will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

Holley was admitted to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Dr. Thomas Scalea of ​​the shock trauma department said in an update on Thursday evening that Holley was “seriously ill”, had undergone “surgical therapy” and was staying in the intensive care unit with life-threatening injuries “with life-sustaining measures”.

“The person who did this to my sister, you are a coward,” Officer Holley’s older sister Lawanda Sykes said at a press conference outside the hospital Thursday night. “You tried to suffocate her and take something you can’t. She is stronger than you will ever be. ”


Holley, who has been on duty for two years, is the mother of two daughters who stood next to her aunt at Thursday’s press conference.

“Keona Holley is my little sister. I have to know and understand this town before it became a police officer, it is a mother. She is a daughter. She is a sister. She’s a woman, ”continued the policeman’s sister. “She took this job, she took this responsibility. It was a lifelong goal of my sister to serve in the Baltimore City Police Department. My sister was dedicated to this job. She came in early. She stayed later. She spent countless hours without her children to serve the church in the southern district. ”

Man shot and killed after approaching officer with 2 butcher-style knives, police say – Motion Information Jax

NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. – The Nassau County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a shooting with officials that occurred around 1:30 p.m. Saturday.

Police received a call from a concerned family member that a 39-year-old man was about to commit suicide.

An officer was posted to the man’s home on Diamond Street in Yulee, Florida.

Upon arrival, the officer tried to speak to the man who had been aggressive in the apartment.

When the man opened the door, he approached the officer with two butcher’s knives.

After a warning, the officer shot the man and he was pronounced dead. The officer was unharmed and was given leave for a few days.

The police were sent to the same address several times. The man, whose name the police did not reveal, was arrested prior to the incident for resisting an officer and domestic violence.

This is an evolving story and will be updated as more information becomes available.

Topeka BMX fundraiser raises cash for funeral of 13-year-old killed in unintended taking pictures

TOPEKA (KSNT) – A fundraiser was held at Heartland BMX on Wednesday evening to mark the funeral of DaMya Hudnall, the 13 year old who was killed in the event of an accidental recording.

DaMya’s father, Clarence Hudnall, has been cycling the route for years.

To support him and help the family with funeral expenses, bikers from across the state took part in a race that cost $ 10 per participant, with all of the money raised going back to the family.

In total, the fundraiser raised more than $ 1,000 for DaMaya’s family.

“We just want to help,” said Corey Shepard, Heartland BMX track operator. “We are a big family. BMX is a family world, so we will help our riders and our families as best we can.”

Philadelphia capturing: Man killed ‘execution-style’ whereas strolling into East Germantown enterprise

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – The search is on for the shooter who killed a man and injured another in a Philadelphia store Tuesday night.

It happened at about 10 p.m. in a general store on the 1200 block of East Chelten Avenue.

According to Chief Inspector Scott Small, the gunman was following a 23-year-old man as he entered the store and fired a barrage of bullets.

The 23-year-old was shot in the head, back and chest. He was admitted to a nearby hospital, where he later died.

“The gunman walked right behind them from a few yards and started firing numerous shots in the back of his head and back. And the victim then immediately collapsed and fell on the front steps of the variety store … clearly appears to be a homicide,” said Small after watching a video of the shooting.

The second victim, a 27-year-old man, was in the store’s pick-up area when police believe he was hit by stray gunshots.

He was shot in the ankle once and escaped from the store after the shooting. He is currently in hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

Small says at least eight shots were fired by the shooter, who is still at large at the time.

The Sagittarius is described as a man who all wears dark Nike clothing: a dark hooded sweatshirt, dark sweatpants, and dark slippers. The suspect was last seen walking west on the 1200 block of Chelten Avenue.

The victim has not been identified.

Anyone with information on the shooter is asked to call the police at 215-686-TIPS.

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Teen donates portion of scholarship cash to household of classmate killed in crash


A small town in southwest Florida has experienced a lot of heartache and pain in the past few weeks. Despite everything, the people of Clewiston come together during these troubled times.

Over the weekend, a high school graduate decided to donate part of her profits to the family who had lost her son in an accident just the day before graduation.

The moment Annette Blanco found out she had won an Alan Jay Dealership car, she was thrilled. But what she did next might come as a shock to some people.

The dealership has a program that rewards graduates for getting an A. But instead of taking the car, she did something else.

“Annette decided to take the ten thousand dollars in cash.”

She took the money and donated part of it to Julian Avalo’s family. He was a classmate of hers who died in a car accident a few hours before his performance on stage.

“I said ‘you know I doubt I’ll win it but if I do I’ll be more than happy to give him something’ and you know I have it,” said Blanco.

Blanco says, even though she wasn’t close to Julian, that you don’t have to be close to feel the pain.

“I think I was hit hard because I lost my cousin just as he did or as we lost him. I think it hit me a lot more than I would think. You know, I couldn’t really do much for my cousin, but now that I’ve been able to help his family, you know I did, ”she said.

David Garcia is General Manager at the Alan Jay Dealer in Clewiston.

“It was just very heartwarming to know that she wanted to give something back to the family,” said Gacia. “I don’t think there was a dry eye in the place.”

Julian’s parents say that because of Annette’s donation and the donations of many others, they can give Julian the funeral he deserves.

Carlos Avalo is Julian’s father. “I mean, no parent should go through this ordeal. To bury their child, I keep hearing from everyone that time and time will pass and you will feel better. But this community was very special and they were behind Julian because of his nature, ”said Avalo.

Originally, Blanco offered to give half of the money, but the family couldn’t accept that. They knew she needed money to go to college too. So she decided to give them $ 1,000.

Blanco hopes that her selfless act shows others that a little kindness can go a long way.

And their selflessness will continue. Blanco wants to go to college and study medicine.

My son inherited cash after his father was killed in an accident. A girl got here ahead with one other authorized inheritor. What now?

Dear Moneyist,

My ex-boyfriend was killed in an accident. Since he was unmarried and my child was his only surviving child, he was awarded a large sum of money in the ensuing lawsuit. Since he was 10 years old at the time, I set up a pension that should be paid out between the ages of 18 and 35. For this reason, he will also receive a high level of interest.

Two years after the settlement (four years after the accident) my lawyer received a letter stating that there was another child whose mother wanted them to be included in the settlement. We never knew about this other child because the relationship between them ended badly and the mother told my ex that he was not the father and never allowed him to see the child. She named the child after another man.

She knew of the death, but did not come to the funeral or send the child. As it turned out, she knew about the lawsuit in advance and was told to wait for it to finish and get on. She went on to prove paternity by taking a test with her grandfather. After she has exhausted all efforts and sued me personally, she has no more legal options. She has now asked if the two can have a relationship.

The money is: Why do I have to wear a mask if I have had COVID-19? Who does it protect? Can I really get infected again?

My child is still a minor and their child is now 20. I think it would not be appropriate given the bad blood between us and the two kids who never met (they never spoke on the phone or saw each other in person) . She also asked if we could give the other child “something” from the settlement.

I also suspect the timing because my child will turn 18 this year and receive money from his pension. But the pension is set up so that my child doesn’t get a lot of money early, and if it’s broken giving them a piece it costs almost $ 500,000 in interest. I know he can probably start another, but I doubt the interest will be the same.

My son said that he doesn’t want a relationship and doesn’t want to give the other son anything from the settlement. He feels like he has other siblings (my other children) whom he could help before he is “a stranger” in his words. I feel like both young men are suffering. I do not know what to do. I want my child’s future to be secure, but I also think the other child should get something.

I feel like this mother should have secured the future of her child just as I did mine. Do I have a moral obligation to encourage my son to be in a relationship with him or to give him money?

A mother who doesn’t always know best

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Dear mother,

No. It is your duty to protect your son. This woman had a duty to please her son and her son’s father. She lied about his paternity when your ex-partner was alive and she waited for the lawsuit to be resolved before coming forward to sue you for some of the money she believed was going to be Belongs right to her son. There were two big mistakes on her part. The statute of limitations on the case has expired and it has created enough turmoil for you and your son.

Your last resort is to try emotional blackmail. Her son has made it clear that he wants to keep the settlement and does not want to have a relationship with her son. He also rightly suspects that their motives are not pure. In developing a relationship with you and your family, this woman seeks to get involved in your life – this time not with a lawsuit, but with a guilt trip and a smile. You are not responsible for your son. You have endured enough.

The money is:I took care of my late mother for 8 years. Do I have to tell my sisters that she made me the co-owner of a major bank account?

It’s time to get on with your life. I’m sorry that your son got caught in the crossfire and didn’t have the opportunity to meet his father while he was still alive. Perhaps in time your son would like to get to know his half-brother. But at this point with the influence of the woman who did not act honorably throughout the process. Tell this woman the truth. It’s over Wish her all the best; Stop replying to their emails, letters, calls, or text messages. and continue.

The money is: I pay my gardener $ 100 a month. Should I pay him less if he misses a week here and there because of rain?

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