Minority affairs workplace kicks off listening tour on COVID reduction cash

WELLSBURG, W. Va. – The Herbert Henderson Office of Minority Affairs (HHOMA) starts in Brooke County on Wednesday evening 16-month nationwide audio tour to hear what communities need and how the state’s $ 1.6 billion pandemic aid can help.

HHOMA officials will be at the Wellsburg Volunteer Fire Department in Wellsburg at 6:30 p.m. to check the American Rescue Plan Act of Assignments 2021.

Jill Upson, the executive director of HHOMA, told MetroNews that this will be a real listening tour with no management speeches planned. She said she would then take everything she heard to Governor Jim Justice’s office.

Jill Upson

She said she had already met with Wellsburg Mayor Dan Duley on topics that have come up during the pandemic.

“They will tell me which areas are hardest hit by the pandemic, they will tell me what are the greatest needs in their community,” said Upson.

The tour will visit all 55 counties from this week through December 2022. HHOMA stated that the HHOMA team will meet with local community leaders at each stop, followed by public forums where all community members will be invited to receive information and share their ideas.

Topics for discussion include: pandemic challenges, targeting the greatest need, making impact, sustainability and pooling resources.

“Everyone is invited to groups like the Chamber of Commerce and the general public by the elected local leaders. Just so we could give as much information back to the governor as possible for his final recommendations, ”Upson said.

Upson said the state had until December 2024 to spend the incoming funds. Therefore, the schedule is stretched to get the assignments right and to be transparent.

On Thursday, the tour ends at 6:00 p.m. at the Weirton Millsop Community Center in Hancock County. Next week, the tour will take place on Wednesday, August 18 at 6:30 p.m. at the Laughlin Memorial Chapel in Wheeling and on Thursday, August 19 at the VFW Mound Post in Moundsville at 6:30 p.m. Upson plans on every stop to be.

The rest of the 2021 schedule includes Wetzel 6-10 September, Monongalia 20.-24. September, Marion 27.-Oct. 1. Taylor and Preston 4-8 October, Barbour and Tucker 18-22 October, Jefferson and Berkeley 1-5 November, Morgan 9-12 November, mineral 1.-3. December 13-17, Hampshire December.

Specific dates and locations will be published on the HHOMA website.

“This is a one-time funding that will not be continued. We want to make sure we are doing things carefully and gathering as much information as possible from the public, ”said Upson.

Eryn Bent Kicks Off Tuesday At The Pond Summer season Leisure Sequence – Los Alamos Reporter

Singer Eryn Bent opened Tuesday night free Tuesday on the summer entertainment series Pond. The event was sold out and the Los Alamos Creative District is asking those who have not been able to get tickets to register for one of the other free weekly shows by early August. Current COVID restrictions limited the number of people who could attend, but it is hoped that ticket requirements will be removed when the state reopens. For tickets, visit Eventbrite or visit www.CreativeLosAlamos.com. Photo by Ryn Herrmann / Chamber

As people started doing more, the first concert of the season on Tuesday night in the Pond had a great audience. Photo by Ryn Herrmann / Chamber

Upcoming concerts in the Tuesday at the Pond series were made public at the event on Tuesday. Photo by Ryn Herrmann / Chamber

Like this:

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U.S. air journey reaches pandemic excessive as peak season kicks off

Travelers wait in line at a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoint at Orlando International Airport on the Friday before Memorial Day. As more people get the COVID-19 vaccine, the American Automobile Association (AAA) predicts that more than 37 million Americans will travel more than 80 miles this Memorial Day weekend, many for the first time since the pandemic began .

Paul Hennessy | LightRakete | Getty Images

The number of air travelers reached its highest level since Coronavirus pandemic began during Memorial Day weekend, the latest sign of recovery for the sector.

The Transportation Security Administration checked an average of 1.78 million people Friday through Monday, hitting a high of 1.96 million on Friday. Those volumes are more than six times higher than a year ago, but still 22% below Memorial Day weekend in 2019.

The rise in travelers is driving them Price for the vacation, including airfare, hotel prices, and rental car prices. Domestic leisure tariffs are nearby 2019 levelsAirlines have said.

Portage park’s drive-in model viewing of ‘The Goonies’ kicks off out of doors film sequence

KALAMAZOO, MI – This week in Portage, you have the opportunity to take a drive-in tour of the 1980s classic, The Goonies, for an easy ride.

Portage Parks & Recreation’s “Movies in the Park” program kicks off its 2021 season with a screening of “The Goonies” on Friday May 28th. The 1985 adventure comedy film follows a group of children on an adventure to find a pirate’s lost fortune.

According to a press release from the City of Portage, guests can enjoy the drive-in-style movie experience from 9 p.m. at Ramona Park, 8600 S. Sprinkle Road.

The “Films in the Park” series will be continued on four additional Fridays, which will be spread over the summer:

  • Friday June 25th: “Jumanji: The Next Level”
  • Friday, July 23rd: “Trolls World Tour”
  • Friday, August 6th: “Raya and the last dragon”
  • Friday. August 27: “ET the Extra-Terrestrial”

Entry to the cinema is free. Parking at Ramona Park opens at 7 p.m. and is limited, city officials said.

The audio for the films will be available on each vehicle’s FM radio, the press release said. Discounts are available for purchase, but families are invited to bring their own snacks and sodas, the press release says.

For more information on this and other events in Portage, see mypark.portagemi.gov. You can also contact the parking department at 269-329-4522.

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Kalamazoo students display artwork at an outdoor art exhibition in Bronson Park

Live at noon! and concerts in the park return to Kalamazoo in June

Muskegon’s summer car shows donations for the restoration of the SS Milwaukee

Weston’s Rosenberg kicks off outside season in report fashion

A solid work ethic, strong leadership role, and natural skills have helped place Weston Girls’ Outdoor Race Track Julia Rosenberg into one of the top female runners in the state.

Being academically strong didn’t hurt either, and helped Rosenberg become a student of the sport.

“Julia is a great leader on and off the track,” said Weston trainer Matt Medve. “She’s one of the best students in Weston and she has a great attitude towards that when it comes to improving as a runner.

“She already set the school record this season in the mile in 5: 03.14. I’m sure she will continue to improve in both the mile and the 800, where she hopes to perform at a high level too. “

Rosenberg, selected as the GameTimeCT Top 25 Player To Watch for the outdoor season, showed off her skills before the pandemic. During the 2019-2020 indoor season she finished third in the 1000 (2: 56.10) at the New England Meetings, at the State Open she won the 1000 (2: 59.69), in the M class she won the 1000 (2: 58.99)) and ran one stage of the 4 × 200 relay (1: 49.48) and one stage of the 4 × 400 relay (4: 06.45). In the same season she won the 1000 (3: 00.22) at the SWC meeting.

“It was definitely difficult to miss last year’s outdoor season and most of this year’s indoor seasons,” said Rosenberg. “But with everything that has happened, this season is much more special and important for all of us.

“We have big goals as a team and I hope that I can end my final high school season with a good result, both individually and as a team.”

Rosenberg committed to running in Vanderbilt.

RH Out of doors Kicks Off Summer time in Model with Curated Assortment of Out of doors Furnishings

Photos provided by RH

Creative partnerships, including with Ann Marie Vering and Mario Ruiz, have resulted in a new, highly curated collection of outdoor furniture offered by RH (formerly Restoration Hardware). What is remarkable this season is a global perspective with a strong sensitivity to mid-century modernism, which is reflected in inspiration, materials and much more.

suspension Pavona Collectionderives its shape from the hand folding fan, for example. Chaises and chairs have a hand-woven frame that envelops tall waterfall cushions with curved organic curves, reminiscent of the movement of an unfolding fan. The barred embrace of the arms contrasts with the solid elegance of the travertine dining tables in the collection.

The designers of Los Angeles Laurel collectionIn contrast, there is a clear line that is inspired by classic modern architecture. The sculptural silhouettes of the chairs, sofas as well as coffee and dining tables in this collection are refined and restrained, and these lines taper to points that believe their robustness – whether made of aluminum or teak.

The designer Ruiz from Barcelona delivers the Miramar Collection Made of weathered teak and slate aluminum. Entire outdoor spaces come alive with the comfort and class offered by these nifty pieces, from sofas and loungers to dining sets.

Other collections feature new work by artists and artisans Ronald Sasson, Claudio Bellini, Gommaire Cleybergh, and Brad Ascalon.

MarketWatch’s cash problem kicks off TODAY!

Welcome to Week 1 of MarketWatch’s Spring Cleaning for Your Finances! We love to have you with us on this journey and hope that by the end of the four weeks you will feel more confident and secure as you manage your finances year round. You could even save some money.

We will be featured on Instagram and in our newsletter Personal Finance Daily (Sign in here), follow us and tag us on social media @MarketWatch to show us how you are.

The first week of this challenge is all about the basics.

We’re starting out slowly, but even these simple steps can help you prepare for success.

Your first task:

Log into all of your financial accounts

Do you know exactly how much you have in the bank and on an investment or retirement account?

You may have forgotten some of your passwords or even opened an account. This is the perfect time to figure out your starting point and spend a few minutes organizing your financial picture.

Research has shown that the most likely time for people to check their financial accounts is when they expect good news. However, if we come to terms with our fear and review our entire financial picture, even if it may not be as rosy as we’d like, we’ll stay on track and avoid fees we might incur if we keep our accounts on one keep low or negative balance.

Develop a plan to check your accounts more regularly in the future. Pick a time and write it down on your calendar. Can you check all of your accounts at least once a week? This is a great place to start.

This is good preparation for your second assignment:

Check your retirement accounts, if you have them

Are you familiar with retirement benefits that your employer offers, e. B. A company that works together for the money you contribute? More than 97 million Americans You have access to an employee sponsored retirement plan so chances are you are one of them.

Are you contributing enough now to achieve the full consistency of your company? If not, consider increasing your contribution if you can fit that into your current budget.

If you are unsure of how much to contribute, put your current contribution into a pension calculator. like this one from MarketWatch. That should help you a lot.

Once you do this, relax! Then find a time to do your third task:

Evaluate all of your subscriptions

Do you subscribe to multiple streaming services? How about member clubs like gyms? Have you ever signed up for a professional service such as a software product and completely forgot about it?

Check out your most recent credit card statement, which should only take a few minutes. Are there recurring costs that you don’t realize?

Just take a few minutes to decide whether you want to stop using any and throw them away.

There are even some services that will negotiate your bills for you (for one price). If you want to keep some of your subscriptions but are wondering if you can cut the price, either give these companies a call yourself or outsource them to a company like BillShark, TrueBill, or BillFixers.

You are making great progress!

Finally, make a plan to check your finances more regularly.

Select a time of day to continue checking in and checking your balance. It’s easy to avoid your money, but once you get some momentum it becomes less scary to check in once a week or once a month.

Ready to go? We are here for you all week. If you have any questions about how to complete these tasks, please reach out to us on Twitter or Instagram at @MarketWatch.

We’ll check in to see how it goes!

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Excessive E kicks off in type; Rosberg’s staff wins

Extreme E came to life with an action packed weekend in the Saudi Arabian desert Nico Rosberg got one through his old Formula 1 teammate Lewis Hamilton Thanks to his RXR team’s dominant win in the hands of Johan Kristoffersson and Molly Taylor. There were some bumps on the way through the breathtaking landscapes of the Al’Ula region, but overall the debut of the new electrically powered off-road series should be celebrated as a complete success.

Hamilton versus Rosberg 2.0

“How funny was that? It was Hamilton versus Rosberg all day out there, ”said Rosberg after his team had surpassed qualifying on Saturday, and then caught a penalty for accelerating in the so-called“ transition zone ”, where the male and female drivers of each team swapped places back in third place. However, the setback did not prevent RXR from taking a comfortable win in the semi-finals on Sunday morning as three-time World Rallycross Champion Kristoffersson beat the rally legends Sebastien Loeb and Carlos Sainz Sr. at the beginning. Loeb and his Hamilton X44 teammate Cristina Gutiérrez split from Sainz and Laia Sanz to join the Rosberg crew in the X final.

Andretti United, Timmy Hansen and Britain’s Catie Munnings joined them after winning the second semifinal known as the “Crazy Race”. The 23-year-old Munnings had impressed on Saturday when she finished her qualifying lap with a flat tire and drove a strong lap in the X-Prix Final by taking time out with veteran Australian rally champion Taylor. Loeb and Gutiérrez battled home in third place with a power steering problem – not the first on the Odyssey 21 on the first weekend of competition.

Throwing up a dust storm

This has always been a learning experience for anyone involved in Extreme E, especially since the teams only had a limited number of pre-season tests. Owner / driver Jenson Button and his JBXE team were always on their backfoot after getting their hands on the Odyssey for the first time last Tuesday. Problems faced by the nine teams included issues with hot batteries, dampers, and steering, while safety concerns piled on the desert track when it was decided to increase the twin-engine SUV’s maximum output from 400 kW (536 hp) to 225 kW (301 hp) from Saturday. to lower afternoon.

Dust was the main concern you would think would have been predictable in a desert. The lack of visibility for the following drivers led to a late change in the race format, with one qualifying and only three instead of four cars per race. The format changes are not necessarily retained for future rounds, but have taken little away from the spectacle.

Abbot Cupra, Ganassi and Veloce in the wars

It’s a shame that poor Claudia Hurtgen is in Abbot Cupra’s contribution. The 49-year-old veteran rolled out of qualifying after hitting a bump at the wrong angle and was left in the dust in Sunday’s shoot-out race by Chip Ganassi Racing’s Kyle LeDuc. LeDuc also crashed alone during the shakedown on Friday.

The British Veloce team was also unlucky. Stephane Sarrazin rolled his odyssey on Saturday and landed on the antennas of his car, which soiled the roll cage and wrote it off. The team had to pull back, which meant W Series champion Jamie Chadwick traveled all the way to Saudi Arabia to complete just a single lap of the 8km desert course.


Preview of the Extreme E 2021 series: “A new volume in motorsport history”

Asphalt to Dirt: Jamie Chadwick makes her Extreme E debut

Lotus Engineering works with Jenson Button’s Extreme E team

India kicks off large Covid-19 vaccination drive on Saturday, Jan. 16

Bangalore Airport employees transfer cardboard boxes of vials of Covishield vaccine developed by the Serum Institute of India on January 12, 2021 in Bangalore, India.

Stringer | Xinhua | Getty Images

SINGAPORE – India is preparing for one of the largest mass vaccination exercises in the world starting Saturday.

The South Asian country plans to vaccinate around 300 million peopleor more than 20% of the 1.3 billion population against Covid-19 in the first phase of the exercise.

Indian airlines have started delivering the first doses of vaccine to Delhi and other major cities, including Kolkata, Ahmedabad and the Bengaluru Technology Center. The Minister of Civil Aviation, Hardeep Singh Puri, announced earlier this week.

Priority for the recordings is given to healthcare and other frontline workers – an estimated 30 million people. That would be followed by people over the age of 50 and other younger people at high risk.

The rollout will involve close cooperation between the central government and the states.

India has also developed a digital portal called Co-WIN Vaccine Delivery Management System. According to the Ministry of Health, real-time information on “vaccine stocks, their storage temperature and individual tracking of the beneficiaries” is provided.

India has a long history of vaccination campaigns … and will rely on this expertise in spreading coronavirus vaccines.

“India’s vaccine manufacturing expertise and experience with mass vaccination campaigns have prepared it well for the Phase 1 vaccinations scheduled to begin this weekend,” Akhil Bery, South Asia analyst with Eurasia Group, wrote in this week a report.

“India has a long history of vaccination campaigns, including its universal immunization program that vaccinates 55 million a year, and will rely on that expertise in distributing coronavirus vaccines,” he added.

Emergency approval

India’s drug regulator has approved the restricted use of two coronavirus vaccines in emergency situations, both of which will be delivered to the various vaccination centers before Saturday.

One of them is a vaccine developed by the British-Swedish company AstraZeneca and Oxford University, made domestically by the Serum Institute of India (SII) and known locally as Covishield.

Another vaccine was called Covaxin Developed domestically by India’s Bharat Biotech in collaboration with the Indian State Medical Research Council. Emergency clearance has been granted as clinical trials continue.

Covaxin’s approval has reportedly been criticized by some as the regulator gave the green light shortly after asking Bharat Biotech for further analysis.

India’s health minister said on Tuesday The Government of India has signed procurement agreements for 11 million cans of Covishield at Rs 200 Indian rupees ($ 2.74) per dose and 5.5 million doses of Covaxin at an average cost of Rs 206 per shot, which is likely cheaper than what it will cost in the private market.

Several other candidates, including a second domestically developed vaccine from Zydus Cadila, are go through clinical trials.

Possible risks

India currently has more than 10.5 million reported coronavirus cases, second only to the US. According to the Johns Hopkins University, more than 151,000 people have died of Covid-19 in India. However, figures reported daily show that the number of cases of active infections is decreasing.

South Asia’s largest country is also the world’s largest manufacturer of vaccines and is believed to produce about 60% of all vaccines sold worldwide.

As a result, India’s production of Covid vaccines is expected to play an important role in global immunization against the disease.

Eurasia Group’s Bery said that despite the government’s optimism, two major risks could potentially slow the launch of the vaccination campaign.

“First, vaccine production capacity will be limited even in best-case scenarios,” he said, adding that if local vaccine manufacturers cannot produce the 600 million doses needed to vaccinate the first 300 million people, “India’s vaccination schedule – and the export of vaccines to other countries could be significantly delayed. “

The second risk is that India’s vaccination campaign is highly dependent on state governments, “whose capacities and expertise vary widely,” Bery said. “Effective coordination between the central government and the state government is required, which has not been (Prime Minister Narendra) Modi’s strength.”