PS1-Fashion Horror Tartarus Key Coming To Change In 2022

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Alex Young is trapped in a mysterious mansion with no knowledge of how she got there or how to get out – and besides, everything looks like a PS1 game. If you are missing the old school style of horror games, you will likely be intrigued by this game that is full of puzzles, traps, and secrets to uncover as you try to escape the mansion.

The Tartarus keyThe Tartarus keyThe Tartarus keyThe Tartarus key

Made by a team of just two people, with Josie Brechner (Extreme meatpunks forever, Small postcards) As a composer, Tartarus Key promises that it will be a horror game without jump scares – because the artist hates them and “swore to make a game that would be downright scary without them”.

A PC demo will be available during Steam’s Next Fest (October 1-7) and the game will be released on Nintendo Switch in 2022.

Disney Re-Launches Dinseyland Resort Annual Go as Subscription-Type Magic Key Membership Plan

Disney has announced that the Magic Key program will officially replace the Disneyland Resort Annual Pass program, and it will even offer a subscription-style monthly membership plan for guests who want to visit the happiest place on earth.

Disneyland’s Magic Key program will go live on August 25, 2021 and offers four different membership levels – Imagine Key, Enchant Key, Believe Key and Dream Key. These differ in price and the discounts offered. The full breakdown of the Magic Key program is as follows;

  • Dream Key ($ 1,399 / year or $ 102 / month for 12 months for California residents after a deposit of $ 179)
    • Reservation-based entry to one or both theme parks any day of the year
    • Up to 6 parking reservations at the same time
    • 20% discount on selected goods
    • 15% on selected food and drinks
    • Parking in the theme park included
  • Believe Key ($ 949 / year or $ 65 / month for 12 months for California residents with a $ 179 deposit)
    • Reservation-based entry to one or both theme parks most days of the year
    • Up to 6 parking reservations at the same time
    • 10% discount on selected goods
    • 10% discount on selected food and drinks
    • 50% discount on parking in the amusement park
  • Enchant Key ($ 649 / year or $ 40 / month for 12 months for California residents after a deposit of $ 179)
    • Reservation-based entry to one or both theme parks on selected days of the year
    • Up to 4 parking reservations at the same time
    • 10% discount on selected goods
    • 10% discount on selected food and drinks
  • Imagine Key ($ 399 / year or $ 19 / month for 12 months for Southern California residents after a $ 179 deposit)
    • Reservation-based entry to one or both theme parks on selected days of the year
    • Available to Southern California residents only
    • Up to 2 parking reservations at the same time
    • 10% discount on selected goods
    • 10% discount on selected food and drinks

Disney + Spotlight: August 2021

All year round, Magic Key members can “enjoy special advantages, such as a special culinary experience and individual menu options on the Magic Key terrace, special offers at our festivals only for Magic Key holders, a Magic Key holder celebration month, plus other unique surprises! “

Those who sign up for the Magic Key program within the first 66 days (celebrating Disneyland’s 66th anniversary) will receive a special welcome pack that includes a premium branded pin, hard button, and more.

It is important to note that this only applies to the Disneyland Resort in California. However, Disney has confirmed that new pass sales for Walt Disney World annual passes will return in time for the park’s 50th anniversary celebrations on October 1, 2021.

As noted by Scott Gustin from Nexstar on Twitter, these prices are cheaper than the old Disneyland annual tickets. For example, the $ 1,399 Dream Key price is cheaper than the 2020 Signature Plus Pass, which is $ 1,449. While the $ 949 Believe Key price is cheaper than the 2020 Signature Pass, it only offers 50% off parking compared to the old pass that offered free parking.

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Ed Lamb explains key ‘requirements’ for BYU’s development-style recruiting

BYU’s latest addition to the offensive is a 6-foot-7 high school basketball player who hasn’t played soccer since eighth grade.

Say what?

Tyler Little fits the bill how head coach Kalani Sitake approaches recruiting by targeting measurable and developmental players in a world where four- and five-star recruits are attacked by the best football programs in the country.

Little, who previously served a two-year LDS mission in Chile and Houston, Texas, worked with a junior college football team and became the director of recruitment agencies in Boise State, Utah, BYU, and Baylor.

Not ranked in the star system, he is a formidable athlete with no football experience.

When you see that four of the five Cougar players drafted in the 2021 draft were either walk-ons or just 2-star players, and Zach Wilson, who never scored higher than 3 stars from Corner Canyon, but the Highest player who was drawn in the school history draft, maybe the approach works.

“I have a standard in certain positions that I won’t give in to. There is a length standard and a speed standard. ”- BYU assistant coach Ed Lamb

Right now, BYU has more quality of experienced depth at cornerback than it has ever had in two decades. Maybe ever.

And that’s by design, according to co-head coach Ed Lamb, who is charged with being the point man for staff reviews. He has a huge say in who gets scholarships and where exactly players should play on the field.

In a mid-May interview with Ben Criddle on ESPN 960 radio, Lamb explained how Sitake employees target material assets and potential customer benefits rather than the Star System ranking in recruiting.

“That really is the standard,” said Lamb. “I mean, that’s the term I use. I have a standard in certain positions that I will not give in to. There is a length standard and a speed standard. There is a small intersection in between. If the guy is not that long, not that tall, I would like to see him more dynamic and faster, especially when cornering for me and coach Jernaro Gilford. “

Lamb said BYU recruitment for corners since he’s been there has been modeled after the story of Chris Wilcox, who was overlooked as a soccer player but was a track and field athlete and was drafted in the seventh round from Tampa Bay, the first BYU Corner since Derwin Gray in 1993.

“We’re looking for demonstrated speed on the track. It’s very difficult for us to pull the trigger on a player when he’s around, but we have a proven and long-term track time on one player and another seems to be the same on video. We’re going to go with the guy who has that demonstrable speed, ”said Lamb.

Lamb said he credits Sitake because both he and the head coach believe standards are the most important thing in a program that emphasizes development, especially among defensive players who can affect a game.

“Football is a development sport. It’s a skillful sport. We don’t play baseball, we don’t play golf. You don’t have to start when you are 3 years old. Some of our best players don’t start playing soccer until their sophomore or sophomore year of high school. That being said, I think there are probably some schools out there that are of a high standard in terms of height, weight, and speed and the talent is there, development has already happened. I think with the schedule we’re trying to play, especially in secondary school, we have to take the boys in to an advantage. ”That means potential with metrics.

Lamb said he and Gilford worked together for a very long time, long before they got into BYU (SUU), and they usually don’t win recruitment battles outside of the state.

“Non-LDS defenders who get attention from Pac-12 schools are not easy to retain for BYU, but we won’t do it with the second-rate recruit. We have to have a standard of speed, size, competitiveness and character so we just go out there and keep beating. “

Lamb said his name gets tossed around and drafted corners because of his success at SUU and the Wilcox story is always tied to his endeavors.

“It’s a complete team effort to find them. There’s a lot of work in it, but the magic really happens when Jernaro takes over, encourages her, chases her across campus and, as you know, plays the game you need to have as a positional coach. As a position coach, he has a close relationship with the players. It’s a long answer, but I’m thrilled. We take a lot of development players with us. “

A few days before BYU Media Day, June 17th, Gilford told Deseret News he believed in the cornerback position would be the strength of BYU’s defense in 2021.

“Sometimes we have to take our bumps and bruises with us because they don’t know the location for the first few years. And that’s the hard part, you know, ”Gilford said. “We’re now recruiting natural corners just to help these guys. When you have a clean corner, a guy like Micah Harper, these guys can come in and teach the (less experienced) guys so much because they already know how to do it right. ”

Cornerback D’Angelo Mandell described the development process as a cornerback group over the years.

“At the beginning, when we were freshmen, there were many ups and downs. That’s how it is to come straight from high school. Over the years we have built trust and have obviously gotten better from year to year, ”said Mandell on the media day on June 17th.

Lamb said that size and speed trump anything measurable in a recruit who fits into the BYU license. He’ll take care of everything.

It will be fun to see if they can shape these players into stars.

Key Pennsylvania state senator backs Arizona-style election audit · Highlight PA

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HARRISBURG – The Pennsylvania state senator, responsible for a key electoral committee, backs a November presidential contest review similar to the Arizona partisan ballot review four days after former President Donald Trump called him out and claimed he was hesitant.

Despite two reviews and assurances from all levels of government that the election was free from widespread fraud, Senator David Argall (R., Schuylkill) told Spotlight PA that he saw no “harm in trying to answer the question again” . Worries people have. “

But such an endeavor, especially when driven by a single political party, is sure to attract criticism and raise critical questions, including the cost of who would pay for it and why it would be more trustworthy than the widely accepted audits already completed .

Argall’s counterpart in the State House declined an additional review, but the Senate can order its own review, and Argall’s committee has the power to summon ballot papers.

“The results are the results,” Argall said during the Spotlight PA Capitol Live event Friday when asked if he recognized the November results as legitimate. “The electoral college has spoken, you know the president was sworn in. I understand that this is the reality.”

District election and state officials, as well as Trump’s own attorney general, have repeatedly said there is no evidence of widespread fraud in Pennsylvania and that the results are accurate and reflect the will of voters across the state.

Still, Pennsylvania was and is the focus of Trump and his most ardent supporters, who falsely claim the 2020 elections were stolen. Many Republican lawmakers, including leadership in the House, signed a letter urging Congress to turn down the state election for President Joe Biden, while prominent senators, including Argall, asked the panel to postpone certification of the electoral college because “inconsistent and questionable activity. “

On Monday, Trump targeted Argall and the President of the Senate of the state Pro Tempore Jake Corman (right, center), requested an examination and asked whether they were “stupid, corrupt or naive”.

“I am sure that if Corman continues on this path of resistance with its lack of transparency, it will be preferred and will lose in large numbers,” the former president said in a statement.

Despite continued efforts by Trump and some US Republicans to question the election results, Argall said, “I don’t know why people are so suspicious of the results.”

“I just know it’s you,” he said.

Argall said he was focused on the process, including rulings by the state Supreme Court and the Wolf Administration, which “completely ignored” the legislature’s intentions when they passed a major election overhaul in 2019, including the universal one Introduced postal voting.

Experts previously informed Spotlight PA and Votebeat that there are State Department guidelines on issues such as “healing” postal ballot papers with issues such as a missing privacy envelope was the result of loopholes in the law. In rulings by the state Supreme Court, including one that allowed postal ballot papers to be received beyond the standard deadline, the pandemic has been identified as a need for exceptional relief.

“Do I have 100 percent confidence … that everything was perfect? No, I really want us to look into this in detail, ”Argall said. “So we’re looking at changing parts of the electoral law, and I also think it wouldn’t hurt to go back, do that check and say, ‘How exactly did that work?'”

These concerns, and how to address them, have been the subject of 10 State House Panel hearings, culminating in one Comprehensive GOP proposal to change voting in Pennsylvania. Argall said he couldn’t be sure what further examination would reveal, if anything.

When asked if he thought the election was fair and safe, he said, “Can’t we take the test and respond so that we can all have a definitive answer?”

“So is that a yes or a no?” answered the interviewer.

“That means let’s do the audit and find out.”

Argall chairs the Senate’s powerful government committee, which is considering redistribution of laws in addition to electoral laws. In an in-depth interview with Spotlight PA, the Senator said there were talks to move forward with an amended version of a bill that would add additional barriers to the ten-year process of drawing new political maps.

The statement, proposed by Senator Lisa Boscola (D., Northampton), would make the process of redistributing laws and conventions more transparent. But Joe Kelly, their chief of staff, told Spotlight PA and Votebeat on Friday that Argall’s proposed change would only focus on the process by which the map of Congress is created.

Kelly said the Senator was disappointed that the bill would not include reforms to the way the State House and Senate maps were drawn up. In contrast to the congress card, only a five-member committee made up of leaders of the General Assembly and an appointed third chairman can approve the legislative cards.

Boscola was not involved in drafting the amendment, Kelly said, and was briefed on Thursday.

Argall declined to provide details on which provisions were included in the change and which could be removed, but said there seemed to be a consensus that the parish, county and school district boundaries should be kept intact. When asked why he has not given priority to laws or similar reallocation reform laws in the past, Argall said he was not interested in postponing actions that will not happen through the House.

This chamber is currently focused on a major overhaul of the elections that includes stricter rules for voter ID, signature verification requirements for postal votes and personal early voting.

Rep. Seth Grove, chairman of the government committee of the House of Representatives, said earlier this month the chamber would “not approve further reviews of previous elections” and instead focus on amending the state’s electoral law.

But Argall said Friday he thinks it would be “not a bad idea to move on to an exam” and hopes to “close” the issue in the next few weeks. He said he wanted the review to be independent, whether through the state audit office or an investigation commissioned by the Senate.

There are also options when it comes to paying for an additional exam, he said.

“One would be to do it with public funds,” he said. “The other would be the Arizona model, where I think they found private donors willing to pay the cost.”

A private option contradicts electoral legislation urging Argall’s GOP colleagues in the House of Representatives, which would prohibit counties from taking private dollars to pay for the voting administration.

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Retired instructor swims 12 miles round Key West whereas elevating cash for scholar’s tuition

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KEY WEST, Florida (WBBH) – Steven Becker and his college friend had a big goal in mind. You spend the weekend swimming 12 miles around Key West.

“The whole purpose of swimming was to raise money for college scholarships,” said Steve Becker.

“My goal was to raise about five to six thousand dollars, the cost of sending a student to Florida College University for a year, and we seem to be on the right track.”

With the Immokalee Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports students in the city where Becker used to teach, they are getting closer to their goal of helping students.

“I just have a special bond with the foundation. I love the work they do and love the people that are involved, ”he explained.

Noemi Perez, President and CEO of the Immokalee Foundation, said, “If he raises the target of five thousand dollars, then the advance payment from Florida will be equal to what a ten thousand dollar scholarship would be for a student in Immokalee.”

She explained how the fundraiser reassures students that they can continue their education.

“Immokalee is a poor community and many of our students do not have the opportunity to really explore what is out there. It just gives them the confidence that they can take care of their tuition fees when they choose college. “

Becker hit the water on Saturday and completed his mission – in just 5 hours and 20 minutes.

The Immokalee Foundation plans to award scholarships later this year.

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Madison Sq. Backyard Leisure Corp. and MSG Networks Inc. Announce Key Submitting Dates and Plans to Host Joint Webcast on Proposed Merger

NEW YORK–() – Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corp. („MSG Entertainment“) (NYSE: MSGE) gab heute bekannt, dass am Freitag, dem 7. Mai 2021, vor Marktöffnung eine Pressemitteilung veröffentlicht werden soll, in der die Finanzergebnisse für das abgelaufene dritte Geschäftsquartal veröffentlicht werden 31. März 2021. MSG Networks Inc. („MSG Networks“) (NYSE: MSGN) gab zuvor bekannt, dass es am Freitag, dem 7. Mai 2021, vor Marktöffnung eine Pressemitteilung veröffentlichen wird, in der die Finanzergebnisse für das im März endende dritte Geschäftsquartal veröffentlicht werden 31, 2021.

Darüber hinaus plant MSG Entertainment, eine Registrierungserklärung auf Formular S-4 einzureichen, die eine gemeinsame Proxy-Erklärung und einen gemeinsamen Prospekt enthält, bevor der Markt am Freitag, dem 7. Mai 2021, eröffnet wird. MSG Entertainment und MSG Networks planen, eine gemeinsame Investorenpräsentation auf der Website einzureichen geplante Übernahme von MSG Networks durch MSG Entertainment am Freitag, den 7. Mai 2021.

Die Unternehmen planen, am Montag, dem 10. Mai 2021, um 16:30 Uhr Eastern Time einen gemeinsamen Webcast über die geplante Übernahme von MSG Networks durch MSG Entertainment zu moderieren, moderiert von Brandon Ross, Partner und TMT Analyst bei LightShed Partners. Die Veranstaltung wird per Webcast unter verfügbar sein unter der Überschrift „Events & Presentations“ und unter unter der Überschrift “Events & Presentations”.

Über Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corp.

Die Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corp. (MSG Entertainment) ist führend bei Live-Unterhaltungserlebnissen. Das Unternehmen präsentiert oder veranstaltet eine breite Palette von Veranstaltungen in seiner vielfältigen Sammlung von Veranstaltungsorten: New Yorks Madison Square Garden, Hulu Theatre im Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall und Beacon Theatre; und das Chicago Theatre. MSG Entertainment baut außerdem in Las Vegas einen neuen hochmodernen Veranstaltungsort, MSG Sphere im The Venetian, und hat Pläne für den Bau einer zweiten MSG Sphere in London angekündigt, sofern die erforderlichen Genehmigungen vorliegen. Darüber hinaus zeigt das Unternehmen die Originalproduktion – das Weihnachtsspektakel mit den Radio City Rockettes – und produziert über Boston Calling Events das Boston Calling Music Festival. Unter dem Dach von MSG Entertainment befindet sich auch die Tao Group Hospitality mit Marken für Unterhaltungsrestaurants und Nachtleben, darunter Tao, Marquee, Lavo, Avenue, Beauty & Essex, Cathédrale, Hakkasan und Omnia. Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter

Über MSG Networks Inc.

MSG Networks Inc., ein Pionier in den Sportmedien, besitzt und betreibt zwei preisgekrönte regionale Sport- und Unterhaltungsnetzwerke sowie einen begleitenden Streaming-Dienst, der den landesweit führenden Medienmarkt, den New York DMA, sowie andere Teile von New York bedient , New Jersey, Connecticut und Pennsylvania. Die Netzwerke bieten eine breite Palette überzeugender Sportinhalte, darunter exklusive lokale Live-Spiele und andere Programme der New York Knicks, der New York Rangers, der New York Islanders, der New Jersey Devils und der Buffalo Sabres sowie eine umfassende Berichterstattung über die New York Giants und Buffalo Bills. Dieser Inhalt hat neben einer Vielzahl anderer Sportveranstaltungen und der von der Kritik gefeierten Originalprogrammierung MSG Networks als Goldstandard im regionalen Sport etabliert.

Zusätzliche Informationen und wo sie zu finden sind

Diese Pressemitteilung kann als Werbematerial für die geplante Transaktion zwischen MSG Entertainment und MSG Networks angesehen werden. Im Zusammenhang mit der geplanten Transaktion beabsichtigen MSG Entertainment und MSG Networks, bei der Securities and Exchange Commission („SEC“) eine Registrierungserklärung auf Formular S-4 einzureichen, die eine gemeinsame Proxy-Erklärung von MSG Entertainment und MSG Networks enthält, aus der auch besteht ein Prospekt von MSG Entertainment. MSG Entertainment und MSG Networks können bei der SEC auch andere Dokumente bezüglich der geplanten Transaktion einreichen. Dieses Dokument ist kein Ersatz für die gemeinsame Proxy-Erklärung / den gemeinsamen Prospekt, das Formular S-4 oder ein anderes Dokument, das MSG Entertainment oder MSG Networks bei der SEC einreichen können. INVESTOREN UND SICHERHEITSINHABER VON MSG ENTERTAINMENT UND MSG NETWORKS SIND VERPFLICHTET, DIE REGISTRIERUNGSERKLÄRUNG, die GEMEINSAME PROXYERKLÄRUNG / den GEGENSTANDSPROSPEKT UND ALLE ANDEREN RELEVANTEN DOKUMENTE, DIE ANGEGEBEN SIND oder ANGEGEBEN WERDEN , SORGFÄLTIG UND VOLLSTÄNDIG, WEIL SIE WICHTIGE INFORMATIONEN ÜBER DIE VORGESCHLAGENE TRANSAKTION ENTHALTEN ODER ENTHALTEN WERDEN. Anleger und Wertpapierinhaber können kostenlose Kopien des Formulars S-4 und der gemeinsamen Proxy-Erklärung / des gemeinsamen Prospekts (sofern verfügbar) sowie anderer Dokumente, die von MSG Entertainment und MSG Networks bei der SEC eingereicht wurden, auf der Website der SEC unter erhalten. Kopien von Dokumenten, die von MSG Entertainment bei der SEC eingereicht wurden, werden kostenlos auf der Investor Relations-Website von MSG Entertainment unter zur Verfügung gestellt. Kopien von Dokumenten, die von MSG Networks bei der SEC eingereicht wurden, werden kostenlos auf der Investor Relations-Website von MSG Networks unter zur Verfügung gestellt.

Kein Angebot oder Aufforderung

Diese Mitteilung dient nur zu Informationszwecken und ist nicht dazu gedacht und stellt kein Angebot zum Verkauf oder zur Aufforderung zur Abgabe eines Angebots zum Abonnieren oder Kaufen oder zur Aufforderung zur Stimmabgabe oder Genehmigung in einer Rechtsordnung dar, und es wird auch keine geben Verkauf, Ausgabe oder Übertragung von Wertpapieren in einer Gerichtsbarkeit, in der ein solches Angebot, ein solcher Verkauf oder eine solche Werbung rechtswidrig wäre, bevor sie gemäß den Wertpapiergesetzen einer solchen Gerichtsbarkeit registriert oder qualifiziert werden. Es wird kein Angebot von Wertpapieren gemacht, außer mittels eines Prospekts, der die Anforderungen von Abschnitt 10 des Securities Act von 1933 in seiner jeweils gültigen Fassung und ansonsten in Übereinstimmung mit geltendem Recht erfüllt.

Teilnehmer an der Aufforderung

MSG Entertainment, MSG Networks und einige ihrer jeweiligen Direktoren und leitenden Angestellten können als Teilnehmer an der Einholung von Stimmrechtsvertretern der Inhaber von MSG Entertainment- und MSG Networks-Wertpapieren in Bezug auf die geplante Transaktion gemäß den Regeln der SEC angesehen werden. Bestimmte Informationen zu diesen Direktoren und leitenden Angestellten sowie eine Beschreibung ihrer direkten und indirekten Interessen durch Wertpapierbestände oder auf andere Weise werden in das Formular S-4 und die gemeinsame Proxy-Erklärung / den gemeinsamen Prospekt bezüglich der geplanten Transaktion (sofern verfügbar) und anderer relevanter Informationen aufgenommen Materialien, die von MSG Entertainment und MSG Networks bei der SEC eingereicht werden müssen. Informationen zu den Direktoren und leitenden Angestellten von MSG Entertainment finden Sie in der Proxy-Erklärung von MSG Entertainment zu der am 27. Oktober 2020 bei der SEC eingereichten Jahreshauptversammlung 2020. Informationen zu den Direktoren und leitenden Angestellten von MSG Networks finden Sie in der Proxy-Erklärung von MSG Networks Diese Dokumente werden kostenlos bei den oben genannten Quellen erhältlich sein.

Vorausschauende Aussagen

Dieses Dokument enthält Aussagen, die zukunftsgerichtete Aussagen im Sinne des Private Securities Litigation Reform Act von 1995 in seiner jeweils gültigen Fassung darstellen können. Einige dieser zukunftsgerichteten Aussagen können durch die Verwendung zukunftsgerichteter Wörter wie „glaubt“, „erwartet“, „kann“, „wird“, „sollte“, „sucht“, „ungefähr“ und „beabsichtigt“ identifiziert werden , “Pläne”, “Schätzungen”, “Projekte”, “Strategie” oder “antizipiert” oder das Negative dieser Wörter oder einer anderen vergleichbaren Terminologie. Das Fehlen dieser Wörter bedeutet jedoch nicht, dass die Aussagen nicht zukunftsgerichtet sind. Diese zukunftsgerichteten Aussagen umfassen, ohne darauf beschränkt zu sein, Aussagen bezüglich der geplanten Transaktion, Pro-forma-Beschreibungen des kombinierten Unternehmens und seiner Geschäftstätigkeit, Integrations- und Übergangspläne, Synergien, Chancen und erwartete zukünftige Leistung. Solche zukunftsgerichteten Aussagen sind keine Garantie für zukünftige Leistungen oder Ergebnisse und beinhalten Risiken und Ungewissheiten. Die tatsächlichen Ergebnisse, Entwicklungen und Ereignisse können aufgrund verschiedener Faktoren, einschließlich, aber nicht beschränkt, erheblich von denen in den zukunftsgerichteten Aussagen abweichen zu den folgenden Faktoren: die Auswirkungen von Krisen im Bereich der öffentlichen Gesundheit wie Pandemien (einschließlich Coronavirus (COVID-19)) und Epidemien sowie alle damit verbundenen Unternehmens- oder Regierungsrichtlinien und -maßnahmen zum Schutz der Gesundheit und Sicherheit von Einzelpersonen oder Regierungsrichtlinien oder -maßnahmen Aufrechterhaltung des Funktionierens nationaler oder globaler Volkswirtschaften und Märkte; Die Fähigkeit von MSG Entertainment und MSG Networks, die Auswirkungen der COVID-19-Pandemie und die Maßnahmen, die Regierungsbehörden und bestimmte professionelle Sportligen ergriffen haben, wirksam zu bewältigen; das Eintreten eines Ereignisses, einer Änderung oder anderer Umstände, die zur Beendigung des Fusionsvertrags in Bezug auf die geplante Transaktion zwischen MSG Entertainment und MSG Networks führen oder auf andere Weise dazu führen könnten, dass die Transaktion nicht stattfindet; das Risiko, dass die Bedingungen für den Abschluss der geplanten Transaktion zwischen MSG Entertainment und MSG Networks möglicherweise nicht erfüllt oder aufgehoben werden, einschließlich des Risikos, dass Genehmigungen der Aktionäre von MSG Entertainment und MSG Networks, behördliche Genehmigungen und andere Genehmigungen nicht eingeholt werden müssen; das Risiko, dass die erwartete steuerliche Behandlung der geplanten Transaktion zwischen MSG Entertainment und MSG Networks nicht erreicht wird; potenzielle Rechtsstreitigkeiten im Zusammenhang mit der geplanten Transaktion zwischen MSG Entertainment und MSG Networks; Unsicherheiten hinsichtlich des Zeitpunkts des Vollzugs der geplanten Transaktion zwischen MSG Entertainment und MSG Networks; das Risiko, dass die vorgeschlagene Transaktion die aktuellen Geschäftspläne und den Betrieb von MSG Entertainment oder MSG Networks stört; die Fähigkeit von MSG Entertainment und MSG Networks, Schlüsselpersonal zu halten und einzustellen; unerwartete Kosten, Gebühren oder Aufwendungen, die sich aus der geplanten Transaktion ergeben; mögliche nachteilige Reaktionen oder Änderungen der Geschäftsbeziehungen von MSG Entertainment und MSG Networks aufgrund der Ankündigung, Anhängigkeit oder des Abschlusses der geplanten Transaktion; Wahrnehmung der Finanzgemeinschaft und der Ratingagenturen in Bezug auf MSG Entertainment und MSG Networks sowie deren Geschäft, Betrieb, Finanzlage und die Branche, in der das Unternehmen tätig ist; strategische oder finanzielle Vorteile oder Chancen, wenn die Fusion abgeschlossen ist; die Auswirkungen des Zusammenschlusses auf die Liquiditätsposition oder die finanzielle Flexibilität sowie andere potenzielle Auswirkungen der geplanten Transaktion; Möglichkeiten im Zusammenhang mit Sportspielen oder Wachstumsinitiativen; und die möglichen Auswirkungen allgemeiner wirtschaftlicher, politischer und marktbezogener Faktoren auf MSG Entertainment und MSG Networks oder die geplante Transaktion. Diese Risiken sowie andere Risiken im Zusammenhang mit der geplanten Transaktion zwischen MSG Entertainment und MSG Networks werden in der gemeinsamen Proxy-Erklärung / dem gemeinsamen Prospekt, die in der Registrierungserklärung auf Formular S-4 enthalten ist, bei der eingereicht wird, ausführlicher erörtert die SEC im Zusammenhang mit der geplanten Transaktion. Die Auswirkungen der COVID-19-Pandemie können zu derzeit unbekannten Risiken führen oder die mit vielen dieser Faktoren verbundenen Risiken verstärken. Darüber hinaus unterliegen die zukünftige Leistung und die tatsächlichen Ergebnisse anderen Risiken und Ungewissheiten, die sich allgemeiner auf die allgemeine Geschäfts- und Finanzlage von MSG Entertainment und MSG Networks beziehen, einschließlich derjenigen, die in den bei der SEC eingereichten Unterlagen von MSG Entertainment und MSG Networks einschließlich ihrer ausführlicher beschrieben sind entsprechende Jahresberichte auf Formblatt 10-K, nachfolgende Quartalsberichte auf Formblatt 10-Q und andere SEC-Einreichungen, einschließlich der darin enthaltenen Abschnitte mit dem Titel „Risikofaktoren“ und „Diskussion und Analyse der Finanzlage und der Ertragslage durch das Management“. Zukunftsgerichtete Aussagen gelten nur zum Zeitpunkt der Veröffentlichung, und MSG Entertainment und MSG Networks lehnen jede Verpflichtung ab, zukunftsgerichtete Aussagen zu aktualisieren oder zu überarbeiten, es sei denn, dies ist gesetzlich vorgeschrieben.

The Anti-Cash Laundering Act of 2020: A Survey of Key Provisions and Apply Takeaways | Perkins Coie

On New Year’s Day 2021, Congress suspended a presidential veto to pass the 2020 Anti-Money Laundering Act (GwG 2020), which amends and modernizes the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA). The GwG 2020 includes comprehensive reforms to update and modernize the laws, rules and regulations to combat money laundering in the USA. While most of these reforms target financial institutions subject to the BSA, some have far-reaching implications for domestic and international business.

About the series

This multi-part series will highlight key findings from the 2020 AMLA that have practical implications for our clients, including (1) new and far-reaching requirements for beneficial ownership disclosure of companies that the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) is currently actively working to implement; (2) increased incentives for whistleblowers to report money laundering violations; (3) Extension of the US subpoena to include foreign financial institutions with correspondent accounts in the United States; (4) New criminal penalties for disguising the involvement of senior foreign policy figures and certain Designated Bodies in transactions involving US financial institutions; (5) Extension of the Money Laundering Act to codify responsibility for activities in virtual currencies; and (6) developing regulatory solutions with a greater focus on emerging technologies. The following is a general overview of some of the topics covered in this series:

New disclosure requirements for beneficial ownership. Perhaps most importantly, the 2020 AMLA requires many Limited Liability Companies (LLC) to disclose their beneficial owners to the government – a new requirement that will apply to previously unregulated companies. The AMLA instructs FinCEN to keep a secure register of beneficial ownership rights of legal entities in order to facilitate investigations by law enforcement agencies and due diligence by financial institutions. This provision, which is aimed at Shell companies and other single-purpose vehicles, is designed to prevent the use of anonymous units to disguise the natural persons behind a company. On April 1, 2021, FinCEN published an advance notice of the proposed rulemaking, setting out the issues it is addressing in order to have the necessary rules in place by January 1, 2022 and asking the public for comments on how the rule of beneficial ownership should be implemented. The first part of this series will describe the expanded legal definition of beneficial owner, examine the long list of AMLA’s exemptions from registration requirements, and discuss some of the key lessons learned from FinCEN’s recent public announcement.

Significantly improved whistleblower incentives. The GwG 2020 will introduce a whistleblower program based on the program of the US Securities and Exchange Commission. These provisions encourage whistleblowers to report violations of the BSA and authorize higher financial rewards for those who provide information to their employers or the government. The availability of rewards for internal reporting is a provision that can be particularly problematic when the reporting employee and the company disagree on whether the conduct in question needs to be reported to regulators or otherwise. The second part of this series discusses these provisions in detail.

Extended subpoena. The 2020 AMLA expands the U.S. Department of Justice’s subpoena to include foreign financial institutions. It gives the Treasury Secretary and the Attorney General the power to issue subpoenas to foreign financial institutions holding correspondence accounts in the United States in relation to account information in their possession. This is a significant addition to the previous authorization, which was limited to records on US correspondence accounts. The third part of this series explains these new regulations and how they affect foreign financial institutions and foreign individuals and companies that are being investigated.

New penalties for covering up transactions with high-ranking foreign policy figures. Finally, the GwG 2020 amends the BSA to the effect that criminal sanctions are provided that forbid the deliberate concealment of transactions with high-ranking foreign policy figures and certain designated money laundering bodies in front of financial institutions. The prohibition specifically extends to anyone involved in the concealment, misrepresentation, or forgery (or attempt to cover up, misrepresentation or forgery) any financial institution having material facts relating to the ownership or control of assets in excess of US $ 1 million – Dollars by a senior foreigner political figure (or an immediate family member or close associate). The penalty sharpens the transaction diligence process and will no doubt improve the quality of care financial institutions receive when reviewing account holders and transactions. Like other recent anti-money laundering disclosure requirements – such as the real estate-related global targeting mandates that have been issued over the past few years and expanded continuously – this can have important implications for the expansion of anti-corruption enforcement. This determination is examined in the fourth part of our series.

Expansion of the Money Laundering Act to codify responsibility for activities in virtual currencies. The GwG 2020 codifies earlier FinCEN guidelines, according to which companies that carry out certain business activities in virtual currencies must register as money service providers. By expanding the definitions of terms such as “financial institution” and “money transfer business”, the new law includes companies that exchange or otherwise transfer virtual currencies or “values ​​that replace currencies”. FinCEN’s guidelines have been controversial in the industry and codifying them into law will create additional challenges and opportunities.

Developing an emerging financial technology focus. The GwG 2020 gives the financial supervisory authorities and the Government Accountability Office the impetus to conduct studies and submit reports to Congress and develop skills to better understand and adapt the legal framework in order to address emerging fintech technologies. The law instructs FinCEN to hire emerging technology professionals to identify emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, digital identity technology, and distributed ledger technologies that can potentially aid government and financial institutions in combating money laundering and terrorist financing. Federal financial regulators are expected to investigate new payment methods, such as virtual currency and peer-to-peer payment systems, and provide reports to Congress on their use in money laundering and illegal activities. The federal financial supervisory authorities have promoted the use of emerging technologies by financial institutions, and the AMLA 2020 instructs FinCEN to set up a no-action letter procedure that enables the industry to find the technology solutions acceptable to the supervisory authorities for compliance with the To understand BSA better.

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Effort To Pursue ‘Assault-Model’ Weapons Ban Lacks Key Allies At The Colorado Capitol

Any major push to get Colorado banned offensive weapons is becoming increasingly unlikely. Legislator’s best-known proponent of stricter gun laws says now is not the time.

“It distracts all the attention,” said Centennial Democratic MP Tom Sullivan.

Instead, Sullivan wants to focus on measures that he believes will be more effective in preventing gun violence. Technology, he said, can bypass bans on certain types of weapons.

“They work around it, with printers at home, or order piece by piece that doesn’t have a serial number on it. And they make what could be viewed as a weapon of attack. “

Sullivan got involved in politics after his son Alex was killed while filming at the Aurora Theater in 2012. He’s sponsored several gun bills, including Colorado’s red flag law of 2019 and one this year That would require people to report lost and stolen firearms. However, he fears that it will be more difficult to pass other reforms if members of his party introduce a law banning offensive weapons.

“I’ve had this conversation since the day Alex was murdered,” Sullivan said of the debate over which policies to push for. “It’s a slow process again, like all major legislative changes that affect our country, from voter and women’s rights to LGBTQ rights to civil rights and racial equality. They all take a lot of time. And I think we are on the right track. ”

For a ban to take effect, Sullivan believes that it must be done at the federal level.

“I mean, if we were to ban something here, it would be very easy to go to one of the surrounding states.”

Some democratic lawmakers began to discuss the possibility of pushing for a ban after 10 people were killed in a King Soopers on March 22nd in Boulder. The accused shooter reportedly used a Ruger AR-556 pistol, with a clamp that makes it work more like a gun.

Democratic Governor Jared Polis told CPR’s Colorado Matters that he was not focusing on the type of firearm used in the massacre. Instead, Polis said he wants Colorado to step up universal background checks.

“What stands out in this case is – how could this young man who was violent in the past legally buy a gun?” asked Polis. “I think he had two guns, right? I’m not concerned about the model of the gun at this point. Why was he able to buy a gun when he was recently convicted of an act of violence? ”

The accused shooter Ahmad Alissa, was arrested for a misdemeanor in 2017, pleaded guilty and spent a year on probation. This criminal history was insufficient to prohibit him from legally buying a gun under current Colorado law.

Polis said he wants lawmakers to talk about what “would have the greatest impact on people’s safety”.

“Let’s look at the classification of acts of violence that prohibits you from buying a gun, at least for a period of time, maybe a decade, maybe five years.”

Colorado passed general background exams in 2013 following the Aurora shootings and Sandy Hook Elementary School. That year, the state also passed a high-capacity magazine ban. More recently, Polis signed what is known as the Red Flag Gun Act, which allows the courts to temporarily remove firearms from anyone deemed a danger to themselves or others. Polis said the law could be even more effective.

“(It) could have been used in this case. The family didn’t know about it, ”said Polis. “We need a better range. It was mainly used by law enforcement agencies. We want to make sure families know about this – when parents see their child with a gun and are concerned about their state of mind and show signs of risk, an extreme risk protection arrangement can be a great tool. ”

Even without Sullivan’s discouragement, it would be a major task for the state Democrats to promote a ban on offensive weapons.

At least two other State Democrats are likely to vote against such a bill. One of them is Senate President Leroy Garcia, who was among the few democratic lawmakers who spoke out against the red flag law. He argued that politics did not respect the “rights of responsible gun owners”.

During a town hall shortly after the Boulder shooting, Senate Majority Leader Steve Fenberg, whose district includes the King Soopers, where the mass shooting took place, hinted at how difficult it would be to get a ban passed, even if the Democrats were for the state government are responsible.

“The Boulder County delegation, probably the vast majority of the Denver delegation, supports the most absolute and aggressive policies that can be developed regarding the prevention of gun violence,” said Fenberg. “Of course we need more than just ourselves to make it.”

StoryFit Expands With Key Leisure Excuetive hires Following 2X Income Development | Information

Austin, Texas, March 29, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – StoryFit, a leading technology company providing breakthrough AI predictive analytics for the entertainment and publishing industries, is pleased to announce two key appointments to its executive team.

Kymn Goldstein joins the company as Head of Revenue & Growth. Goldstein most recently served as COO of Allied Global Marketing where she transformed the business by expanding agency capabilities and working with studios, broadcast networks and streamers such as NBC Universal, Warner Bros., Disney and Netflix to develop and run marketing campaigns for a target audience. Before joining Allied, she started a technology start-up and led sales for a division of News Corporation. “I’m thrilled to be part of the StoryFit team. StoryFit’s AI-powered technology gives entertainment content developers, marketers, and distributors a suite of data tools that were previously unavailable, and provides unprecedented intelligence on stories and the.” Audience that consumes them, “said Goldstein.

Marc D. Evans is named as the company’s new COO. Evans is the founder and managing partner of Rock Ridge Principals and runs one of the most successful Alamo Drafthouse franchises. Previously, he was the co-founder and co-CEO of Intrepid Pictures, where he developed, produced and funded films distributed by Universal Pictures, Rogue Pictures, Relativity and Lionsgate, and the CFO of Revolution Studios. Evans’ early career included stints at TNT, Disney, and game developer Bethesda Softworks. Evans said, “StoryFit’s data insights are having a remarkable impact on the storytelling and story business. I look forward to joining the team at a time when the growing suite of solutions in the entertainment and publishing industries is gaining avid acceptance. I wish , this technology would have done this. ” was available 10 years ago when I was producing. “

“StoryFit has had a phenomenal year. We have doubled our sales and tripled our customer base despite the economic challenges and changes in the entertainment industry,” he said Monica Landers, Founder and CEO. When our customers and the industry as a whole are writing great stories again, they need more effective tools to connect stories with audiences. Marc and Kymn’s experience will be invaluable in delivering the product growth planned for the next few years. They are great to work with too, so I couldn’t be happier to welcome them to the team. “

About StoryFit:

StoryFit provides AI-powered story science for the entertainment and publishing industries throughout the entire life cycle of a story, from acquisition and creative development to production green light to marketing and sales. StoryFit uses artificial intelligence to measure over 100,000 key functions and compare them to thousands of other scripts or books to generate actionable insights.

StoryFit combines extensive NLP and machine learning know-how with a deep understanding of narrative content and revolutionizes the data set made available to storytellers. You will help them get the best content, identify the most effective story elements for audience engagement, track key development changes, and determine the appropriate audience. For more information visit:

Media contact

Amy Prenner, The Prenner Group, +1 (310) 709-1101,



That is the important thing query that may decide whether or not stimulus cash overheats the financial system

The question that still looms in the financial markets is to what extent the $ 1.9 trillion coronavirus relief is either spent immediately or whether the virus is going back enough for shoppers to and want to be allowed in.

This column previously referred to surveys conducted by both how the initial $ 600 stimulus was used and plans for the $ 1,400 that have arrived for many households, to suggest that a large part of it is not used in the economy.

Another view is when households perceive the incentive as additional income or wealth. Studies have shown that the propensity to spend from wealth is only 5%, while the propensity to spend from income is between 10% and 50%. after a recent speech by Gertjan Vlieghe, a voting member of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee.

Dhaval Joshi, chief strategist at BCA Research, says whether the new incentive is viewed as wealth or income depends on whether the household receiving it is initially low or high income. However, looking at previous stimulus checks, there were no significant changes in either consumption or inflation.

Accordingly, he believes that market expectations for inflation will be carried away. He also says – in a note written before crude oil prices plummeted Thursday – that inflation expectations correlate positively with high commodity prices, although actual inflation tends to fall when commodity prices are high.

“Given that the bond market is useless for predicting inflation, it is also useless for assessing real interest rates,” he says. If the bond market exaggerates future levels of inflation, the correct inflation-adjusted bond yield should be even higher. “The most important thing right now is that stocks and other risk-weighted assets are even more expensive than they appear compared to real bond yields.”

Frosty talks in China

Conversations between The US and China got off to a frosty start in Alaska. with public criticism from every side in the opening speeches.

FDX, -0.88%
can after climbing According to delivery service, earnings in the third quarter of the fiscal year rose by more than analysts expected and led for a stronger current quarter than expected.

OF, -1.14%
can slip after The apparel maker saw slower sales growth than expected in the third quarter of the fiscal year.

CB, -2.63%
made one $ 65 per share is offering to buy competing insurer Hartford Financial services group
HIGH, + 18.71%.

The Bank of Japan has removed the targets for buying exchange-traded funds and real estate mutual funds and has expanded the range in which 10-year bonds can be traded.

Oil recovers a little

Slightly sweet crude oil futures were traded after crude oil prices plummeted 7% on Thursday
CL.1, -0.32%
were a little higher. UBS analysts say to focus on the pace of COVID-19 vaccinations, which should help ease restrictions and support oil demand.

The return on the 10-year treasury
TMUBMUSD10Y, 1.686%
fell slightly to 1.69%. US stock futures
ES00, + 0.20%

NQ00, + 0.53%
were higher.

Bitcoin flows reflect the stock flows

Is bitcoin
BTCUSD, + 2.72%
a diversifier? It’s a big debate in the markets that several major banks have taken on over the past two weeks. Sven Henrich, the technical analyst Who operates the Northman Trader website?, created this chart and showed that the correlation between weekly inflows into Bitcoin and stocks is at its highest level ever.

Random readings

The tulip craze of the 17th century is often quoted by financial market analysts when it comes to speculative manias. For irony loversthere are no fungible tulips – that is, images of tulips sold on the blockchain – for sale.

A shark with wings? Scientists puzzled over fossils found in Mexico.

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