Mitsubishi Tokyo Lineup Contains Ralliart Model And Adventurous Trims, Plus An EV Kei Automobile

Mitsubishi has unveiled the full range of vehicles that will be exhibited at Tokyo Auto Salon 2022, including “Ralliart Style” variants of their SUVs and several concept cars that demonstrate the sporty, adventurous or environmentally friendly character of each model.

Starting with the Ralliart brand models, the range is crowned by the Vision Ralliart Concept, which we previously presented as a performance-oriented SUV based on the Outlander PHEV. Mitsubishi also introduced the “Ralliart Style” moldings on the Eclipse Cross and Outlander, and presented a range of Ralliart accessories.

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Both are painted in White Diamond, combined with red accents on the bumper extensions and mud flaps, sporty side stickers and black paint for aluminum rims, rear spoilers and mirror caps. Although they proudly bear the Ralliart logo, these visually striking variants do not contain any performance enhancements.

It continues with the Outlander Wild Adventure Style and the Delica D: 5th Tough x Tough are equipped with accessories for off-road driving and camping. The Outlander Wild Adventure Style is more of an exhibition vehicle with side bars, bumper guards, roof rack, tow bar and camping equipment developed in collaboration with Japanese outdoor brand Ogawa.

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The Delica D: 5 Tough x Tough has suspension, 16-inch wheels with all-terrain tires, bumper protection, additional LEDs and mud flaps. The body color Black Mica is combined with matt black and red accents and Ralliart side stickers. The tuned MPV offers space for up to four people thanks to a retractable roof tent and a sleeping mat that converts the second and third row of seats into a double bed.

The K-EV Concept X Style may be a concept vehicle at this point, but it does give a close look at the new generation of Mitsubishi’s all-electric Kei car that has been developed in collaboration with Nissan. The exterior is inspired by SUVs, according to the company, although the design is identical to that of the Mitsubishi ek X from last year. Visually, the concept is characterized by a two-tone body that combines solid matt blue and copper, as well as X-shaped logos. The electric vehicle is also equipped with advanced ADAS and connectivity functions.

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Last but not least, the Minicab-MiEV B-Leisure Style is a fully electric kei car that can serve as a power source when camping – as the white stickers on the moss-green body and the ivory-colored roof show. The MiEV Power Box allows passengers to use the energy from the van’s battery to carry electronics and devices (kettle, coffee maker, laptop, etc.) camping. The interior is completely flat, includes a low table, chair and rug, and is designed for remote working.

Mitsubishi will present the above seven vehicles at the Tokyo Auto Salon booth from January 14th to 16th.

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