Swimmer Katie Ledecky wins silver in 400-meter free-style

US swimming queen Katie Ledecky’s Olympic crown began to slide in Tokyo on Monday morning when she lost to Australian Ariarne Titmus by less than a second in a highly competitive 400-meter freestyle.

The four-time Rio 2016 gold medalist could only handle silver after losing the neck-and-neck race by 67 hundredths of a second to Australian rival Titmus.

Ledecky had been the leading man for much of the race, but Titmus slid ahead of the US champions on the neighboring track in the ultimate 50 meters to hit the wall forward by a split second.

China’s Li Bingiie took bronze.

Ledecky said she gave everything but her rival was too good for her.

“I’ve had some powerful ones over the years. It was definitely a tricky race and I delivered, ”she said.

“I couldn’t do much better. [It was] an incredible race, a series of gratifying ones.

‘I can’t be too disaffected. It was my second best swim ever [over 400-meter freestyle]. I felt like I fought tooth and nail and that’s all you could ask for.

Katie Ledecky took silver in the 400 meter freestyle in Tokyo on Monday

Ledecky (right) and Titmus (left) are properly pulled in front of the pack by the primary 200 meters

Titmus and Ledecky are having a good time after an extremely close race in which Titmus took first place in the final meters

Ledecky said she gave everything but her rival was too good for her

Ledecky said she gave everything, but her rival was too good for her

Ledecky said the brand new Olympic gold medalist Titmus outwitted her.

‘She definitely swam a very sensible race. She was actually led to the entrance. I felt clean and powerful. I showed up at 300m and she or he was right there so I knew it was going to be a fight to the top.

“I didn’t really feel as though I was dying or actually falling off. She only had 50m or 75m left and bought her hand on the wall first. ‘

The 24-year-old Californian received 4 Rio 2016 gold medals with 4 wins in Rio 2016 in the 200 m freestyle, 400 m freestyle, 800 m freestyle and the 200 m relay. Ledecky also received silver in the 100 m freestyle relay.

And she won gold in the 800 meters freestyle in London in 2012.

Titmus and Ledecky dominated the 400-meter freestyle from the start, each battling for first place.

The pair really pulled themselves forward for the first 200 meters, with a difference of 1.88 seconds between third-placed Canadian swimmer McIntosh and runner-up Titmus.

The American held the lead for the first 300 meters, but Titmus watched her the whole time, actually lurking after her.

The younger Australian came ominously closer and was just 0.16 seconds behind Ledecky with 100 meters to go.

Titmus snatched victory from her US rival Ledecky after recording 3: 56.69 minutes

Titmus snatched victory from her US rival Ledecky after recording 3: 56.69 minutes

After the intense 400-meter freestyle race, Titmus and Ledecky show a stunning sportiness, who congratulate each other

Titmus and Ledecky present stunning sportiness and congratulate everyone after the extreme 400-meter freestyle race

Titmus then caught up with her rival in a perfectly executed race schedule and gained half a body length in three minutes, 56.69 seconds.

Ledecky touched the residence in 3: 57.36 and China’s Bingjie was back in third place in 4: 01.08.

Titmus and Ledecky will even compete in a highly regarded 200-meter freestyle fight, although the American prefers to win their duel over 800 meters.

Team USA has won 12 medals so far – 5 gold, 3 silver and 4 bronze.

Gold went to sniper Will Shaner, fencer Lee Kiefer and Anastasija Zolotic in Taekwondo. Meanwhile, Chase Kalisz triumphed in the boys’ 400 meter medley.

But the US men’s basketball crew suffered a shocking 83-76 loss to France on Sunday, knocking out the Olympics for the first time since 2004 and for the sixth time in the event’s historic past.

Simone Biles also had an unusual day off on Sunday, as Team USA has not won a qualifying round for the first time since 2010 and finished second behind Russia.

Biles was long confronted after a shaky efficiency that noticed she was punished on every ground and jump when her crew finished 170,526 behind their rivals to 171,629.

Still, she stays on screen to win six Olympic gold medals after efficiently qualifying in all individual personal and team competitions, regardless of whether she falls backwards after a botched descent on the uneven bars.

Annual ‘Preserve S’Myelin for Katie’ golf match raises cash for Nationwide A number of Sclerosis Society

WESTMINSTER – If it’s summer – and it will be soon – it must be time for the annual local golf tournament that benefits the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

The fifth annual Keep S’Myelin for Katie golf tournament will tee off on Saturday at 9:00 am on the Woods of Westminster Golf Course. The 18-hole tournament, sponsored by resident companies Advanced Glass and Mirror, has quickly become a staple for local golfers looking to have fun and raise money for a good cause. Check-in for the tournament begins one hour before the start time.

The tournament, which raised more than $ 24,000 in the first four years of its existence, was founded and brought to life by Julie Tucker, whose daughter, Katie Hodge, 26, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis six years ago .

“Katie was diagnosed with MS when she was sophomore in college,” Tucker said. “That was a real hit for us.”

Multiple sclerosis was no unknown enemy to Tucker when Hodge was diagnosed.

“My first experience with MS was with my father. I never saw my father walk. When I was born, he was in a wheelchair, he was paraplegic, ”said Tucker, an office manager at Quabbin Regional Middle School. “He had a great sense of humor, and I think that’s why he lived with this debilitating disease for so long. My father was 59 when he died before one of my children – his grandchildren – were born. “

Hodge was diagnosed with relapsing and remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) shortly after her 20th birthday.

The name of the golf tournament “Keep S’Myelin for Katie” refers to multiple sclerosis as MS is an autoimmune disease. The immune system erodes the myelin sheath that covers the nerves, and the myelin sheath needs to be kept intact.

The symptoms of MS include: visual disturbances; Heat sensitivity; Numbness, especially in the feet; weakness; fatigue; Difficulty thinking clearly; Depression; Problems with balance; and lack of coordination. Relapsing and remitting MS refers to relapses after diagnosis that last at least 24 hours. Symptoms worsen during a relapse. A relapse is followed by remission. Symptoms will partially or completely go away during remission.

“The diagnosis of MS was devastating for Katie. All she knew about MS was that her grandfather had it and was in a wheelchair within a year of being diagnosed, ”Tucker said. “She had a tough first year; She had three relapses. Katie had many relapses in her first two years. ”

Hodge is currently the fourth drug doctors have tried to slow or stop their relapses.

“Katie had a really bad relapse (January 2020),” Tucker said. “We thought she was going to be bedridden, but she snapped back.”

The latest drug that Hodge prescribed 18 months ago is a three-hour infusion treatment given twice a year. Tucker said Hodge has not had a relapse since starting IV treatments.

“MS is so strange; it affects everyone differently, ”said Tucker.

Shortly after Hodge was diagnosed with MS, Tucker became involved with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

“Our first walk for the MS Society was a three mile MS in Worcester. There we heard about the 50 mile Cape Cod Walk sponsored by the MS Society, ”said Tucker. “Katie initially resisted the 50 mile run, but when she finally decided we wanted to do it, she was glad she had. Since then she has been very committed to the MS society. You and I have actually been on the Steering Committee for the Cape Cod Walk for two years. “

Challenge Walk MS: Cape Cod 2021 takes place from September 10th to 12th. The race starts in Hyannis.

“This is our sixth year doing the Cape Cod Walk,” said Tucker. “Katie has run the full 80 miles in the last two years.”

All of Tucker’s fundraising goes to the Challenge Walk, which helps people diagnosed with MS in many ways, including providing funding options for various forms of medication and treatment plans, including that currently being run by Hodge.

Participant of the year

Tucker and the fundraising team she is on have raised $ 45,000 since joining the MS Society, including $ 24,000 from the first four years of the golf tournament. The team goal for this year is $ 15,000.

Tucker raises funds in a number of ways, including Facebook and sports grids (think Squares Pools). She put together sports grids for the Super Bowl and wanted to put one together for the Stanley Cup Finals if the Boston Bruins had progressed this far.

The golf tournament will contain a large number of raffle items.

“I (am) pre-selling tickets for the golf tournament,” said Tucker. “Among the raffles are golf foursomes for the Wayland Country Club and the Woods of Westminster Golf Course. We also have a scratch card tree and some nice gift baskets and lots of gift certificates for a lot of different places. We also have homemade raffle items. “

For a closer look at Tucker’s fundraising efforts, visit https://mssociety.donordrive.com/participant/Julie-Tucker.

Katie Holmes splits from Emilio Vitolo Jr. | Leisure

Katie Holmes has split up with Emilio Vitolo Jr.

The 42-year-old actress was first linked with Emilio back in September last year, but it has now been reported that they already have time for their romance because they are in “different places in life”.

A source told People magazine, “They broke up a few weeks ago. There was no drama. It was amazing while it lasted, but they’re in very different places in life. Emilio doesn’t have harsh feelings. His life is in New York City. Katie I can’t wait to get back to work and travel again. “

The news comes after it was reported in November that Katie – who has 14-year-old daughter Suri with her ex-husband Tom Cruise – was “on cloud nine” about her romance with the 33-year-old chef.

Another insider said: “She feels so blessed to be with a centered, down-to-earth, kindhearted companion who is not affected by fame and who puts happiness and traditional values ​​in the foreground.”

It was also claimed at the time that Katie was unimpressed with how quickly her romance was progressing because she believed that her love was “the real deal.”

The source added, “She doesn’t care what people say about rushing into romance.

“In her eyes this is the real deal, they’re riding a beautiful wave together and she’s already decided it has the potential to go all the way.”

Katie previously dated movie star Jamie Foxx.

However, the celebrity duo always made concerted efforts to keep their relationship low-key before ending their romance in August 2019.

A source previously said of their dynamic, “Katie and Jamie live and intend to live a very private lifestyle.

“They are not planning to get engaged anytime soon because they are happy with the current state of affairs.”

Ekaterine hails Katie Melua’s ‘large affect’ | Leisure

Katie Melua has “heavily influenced” Ekaterine’s career.

The 36-year-old singer was born in Georgia but became famous as a child after moving to the UK. Ekaterine has admitted that she was inspired by her trip from Eastern Europe.

She explained: “Katie influenced me a lot when I lived in Russia.

“The idea that she made it in the UK. I would never imagine meeting her, but I went to dinner and a close friend of hers was there and when she heard me sing she introduced me. “

Katie provided useful advice to Ekaterine during her rise in the music industry.

Ekaterine said, “She took me home to hear my music and was so helpful as to give me advice on songwriting and relationships in the industry.”

Katie is also proud of Ekaterine and describes her as a “beautiful soul”.

She said, “Ekaterine has the most beautiful soul – I am so proud that she is a London based Georgian musician who works as an artist in our music industry.”

Katie released her debut album “Call Off the Search” in 2003 and she believes that her fans have actually grown younger with each album.

The singer admits that the trend is “pretty unusual”.

She previously stated, “I knew getting the audience to see how I matured and follow the narrative would be a challenge.

“When I started I was only 18 years old. A lot of the people who bought my records were over three times my age! My audience has probably gotten younger with each album, which is pretty unusual.”

Katie Cullum: Ideas for avoiding cash issues | Neighborhood

Are you worried about money? Do you and your family argue about money?

Money is a common problem for a family regardless of the income, age or education of the family members. Sometimes a lack of income to meet basic needs leads to money problems. In most cases, poor communication about money is at the root of financial problems.

Like me, you may have grown up in a household where money wasn’t talked about much. Or maybe you grew up in a household where a shared conversation was about how much someone made that week and how they would spend their paycheck.

If family members have different values ​​and attitudes towards spending and saving money or if families strive for unrealistic goals, there is potential for conflict! And no matter how much money it costs – everything makes a difference.

Perhaps one spouse will happily buy 3 or 4 soft drinks a day while the other knows how to save money with coupons. Or maybe one spouse enjoys hunting (and buying guns, camouflage paint, a four-wheeler, trailer, and other “stuff”) and the other saves and saves their dime to buy a new suit at a consignment store. If family members don’t “talk”, even the best spending plan may not work.

Preventing and overcoming money problems requires honest and honest communication. It also takes time and effort. If you are fortunate enough to have a little “extra” cash from stimulus checks, you may have a hard time deciding how to wisely use that extra cash.

Change, confusion and conflict are a normal part of everyone’s life. Changes in employment patterns or new ways of generating income have led us to rethink how we earn and how we spend. It is easy for family members to be guided by news from the world around them (new cars, new houses, better “things”, etc.). Often times this can lead to a loss of knowledge about what is really important for each individual and for the whole family.

Anticipating and handling change, good or bad, as it will affect the way money is used, is a challenging aspect of financial management. The most basic rule is to live within your income. When your income takes a leap, reduce your expenses. As your income increases, you have more choices! If you have more, it is highly recommended that you save 3-6 months to take away as a “safety net” if you haven’t already. Then you can start saving up for other dreams and goals, like a long cruise or even an investment in the stock market.

But if your family disagrees on money issues, you may have a hard time doing something. When discussing money with a spouse or other family member, ask the following questions:

  • How do you feel about the way your family communicates about money?
  • Share your “ideal”. How do you want your situation to be?
  • Identify where you need help. Do you agree or disagree with the need for help?
  • What resources are available to you?
  • Can you talk to someone else about their financial mistakes (e.g. overspending, making big purchases without you)?
  • Can you talk about potential money problems before they arise?

Making financial decisions is a challenge for every family. If you’re having trouble making decisions, these steps can help you find an acceptable solution for everyone involved.

Step 1: define the problem. Be precise. List only one problem at a time (try not to bring up the _____ incident from 3 years ago).

Step 2: Name ways in which the problem can be solved. Write down all the possible solutions that come to mind. Don’t judge their worth at this point (don’t make quick judgments).

Step 3: Now evaluate each of the solutions listed in Step 2. Are they workable, practical, and acceptable to everyone involved? Can you combine several alternatives?

Step 4: choose a solution. Describe the steps required to arrive at this solution.

Step 5: What could be getting in the way of achieving your goal? How can you avoid these obstacles? What are you willing to sacrifice to solve this problem? Whose support do you need?

Check out my blog – Little Steps to Healthy Habits – and check out the Kids and Money franchise. Learn tips on how to talk about money with your kids, including downloadable parenting guides. If you are struggling with money, don’t hesitate to give me a call. I have a great handout on family communication about money that can get you started. We also have publications on Shape Up Your Spending and Achieving Financial Goals.

Katie Cullum is a County Extension Agent – Family and Consumer Science for the White County Cooperative Extension Service. You can email at kcullum@uaex.edu or called at (501) 268-5394. visit www.uaex.edu/White for more informations.