Kai Cash stands above the remaining in fall scrimmage

In the first scramble of the autumn camp so far for the new head coach Steve Sarkisian and the Texas soccer There was a lot to unzip the program. With a number of points to be figured out on the depths table on either side of the ball, it was important to see who the ones and twos were in each squad in that first game that fall.

One of the more important locations that Sark and the Longhorns have to figure out at fall camp is the slot receiver. Texas lost the former Gatorade National High School Football Player of the Year and the touted four-star recruit. Jake Smith, to the NCAA Transfer Portal this off-season. Up-and-coming junior Smith should be the starter for Texas in the slot this fall.

Therefore, the slot was left to the Redshirt wide receiver Jordan Whittington and the former Walk-On Kai money to find out everything. The good news here is that Money did really well for all signs for the first fall.

We expect Whittington to be solid for the Longhorns this fall. That is, if he actually stays healthy.

Texas hasn’t seen a fully healthy season (or anything close to) Whittington in the past two years.

Kai Money a bright spot for Texas Football in a disappointing fall game

Even more than Whittington Money was supposed to be (per Horns247, paid content) the most consistent wideout for Sark and the Longhorns down the line. Apparently, Texas hadn’t put on a great performance for either team on offense.

It is difficult to say at the moment whether this is due to the strength of the defense or simply the attack that has gotten out of step.

This is big for Texas to get at least some space out of this scramble. According to an Inside Texas report Given the scrimmage summary (paid content), the wide receiver’s performance on August 14th left a lot to be desired.

Additionally, the quarterbacks were reportedly quite disappointing on this scrimmage in the first fall. This may not be overly shocking as Texas is still trying to involve two quarterbacks with no starting experience in actual game action.

However, we have to hope for more encouraging signs from the second fall game before the 2021 regular season kicks off. For now, the Longhorns need to be in some time to think about what went wrong on the offensive side of the ball.

And we can at least appreciate the solid performances of this scrimmage which supposedly include money and the standout senior linebacker DeMarvion Overshown.

Money doesn’t have that much experience when he returns for the Longhorns this fall, but at least he’s got some actual replay. Last season he recorded 10 catches for 76 yards (7.6 yards per catch) and a touchdown. That lonely career, which got a touchdown for Money, came with the Longhorns’ inaugural win over the UTEP Miners last fall.

Highschool basketball: Bolingbrook, Kai Evans debut with type towards Lincoln-Manner East

COVID-19 stole so much from so many people. High school basketball is a small thing in the bigger system of the world, but watching a teen get something back is a joy.

Kai Evans experienced that on Tuesday in Frankfurt. Bolingbrook’s star senior was ready to leave his town and friends and go west to a prep school. In his senior year he had to play basketball. But then everything changed and a season with the Raiders became possible.

Evans scored 20 points to lead Bolingbrook to a 73-67 win over hosts Lincoln-Way East.

The raiders play fast and noticeably. It is great to see. No-look passes, stylish basketball. Something like that can only be done by players who know each other well.

“It was everything I wanted,” said Evans. “I just wanted to come home and represent my hometown because that was all I wanted as a kid when I saw bras sizes. And play with my childhood friends. “

The Raiders scored 31 points in the first quarter of their season. Evans had 11 in the frame. But then the machine started to clog a bit.

“You saw really good Bolingbrook and then you saw Bolingbrook, which hasn’t been running for 11 months,” said Raiders coach Rob Brost. “We have work to do. It was really a perfect game for us to play an opponent on the road and start like we did and share how we did, especially at the beginning. And then some shots didn’t fall in love with us. “

The Griffins (0-2) weathered the early storm admirably and made it a fun fourth quarter. Second year Lincoln Way East, Khalil Ross, finished the game at 60 with a rebound and putback.

“They switched defense and we didn’t perform as we should,” said Evans. “But we’re going to go through it in practice and get it right.”

But Bolingbrook (1-0) shot 9-11 from the free throw line in the last four minutes to secure victory.

“There are currently no excuses,” said Brost. “Everyone is in the same boat. We have to perform a little better. But we keep getting better. And this season is all about playing right now. Of course we want to win, but we’re so grateful that we can play. “

Senior point guard Kyonte Thomas scored 13 for the Raiders and made some nice assists. Sophomores Donaven Younger and Keon Alexander scored nine points each. Michael Osei-Bonsu, a 6-4 year old, missed the entire final season with an injury. He started and scored six points and grabbed six rebounds.

“We’ll have exercises where he literally gets every rebound, every single one,” said Brost. “He plays super hard, but he’s very raw. He’s just a junior. So he just keeps getting better and better. “

Junior Jack Vegter led Lincoln-Way East off the bench with 21 points. He is a confident three-point shooter with a nice all-round ground clearance.

“I don’t have a lot of college experience, so it was a big deal,” Vegter said. “I work very hard in the summer and it feels great when it pays off now.”

Watch the last minute from Bolingbrook on Lincoln-Way East: