‘Jungle Cruise’ has $34.2 million debut, provides $30 million from Disney+

Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt star in Disney’s Jungle Cruise.


Walt Disney’s Jungle Cruise sailed to a better than expected $ 34.2 million box office opening, despite growing concerns that a surge in coronavirus cases could keep families home.

With an additional $ 27.6 million in international ticket sales, the film secured $ 61.8 million worldwide during the first three days of cinema.

In pre-pandemic times, the movie’s box office opening would be viewed as a choppy start. After all, Jungle Cruise had a budget of $ 200 million. However, during the coronavirus pandemic, this debut is on par with previous blockbuster releases.

Around 85% of North American cinemas were open to the public over the weekend, according to Comscore – most since March 2020. Globally, some markets continue to have capacity limits, and rising Covid cases have kept many away from overcrowded theaters.

The film, starring Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson, also debuted on Disney’s streaming service Disney + for a fee of $ 30 and had worldwide sales of $ 30 million over the weekend. “Jungle Cruise” is expected to be the last of Disney’s slate to be released using this method.

Disney’s decision to use this strategy to release films like “Cruella”, “Black Widow” and “Jungle Cruise” came at a time of uncertainty. The studio long held back from releasing big titles, but as coronavirus restrictions eased, vaccination rates rose, and the industry recovered, Disney decided to launch new blockbusters simultaneously in theaters and via Disney + for $ 30 . That way, viewers who happily returned to the cinema could do so, while those who didn’t could watch from their living rooms.

With that, Disney earned the wrath of the National Association of Theater Owners, which the studio owed two weeks ago lackluster ticket sales in the second week from “Black Widow” as well as one of its biggest stars, Scarlett Johansson, the sued the studio for lost wages.

While “Black Widow” had the largest opening of any movie released during the pandemic, it’s clear that its streaming release has been eating up the box office profits. Because audiences can watch “Black Widow” again on Disney +, the movie isn’t getting a boost from people returning to theaters to watch the movie again.

Since “Black Widow” has already been released in theaters on the domestic market, pirates have access to a high-quality version of the film. This has increased the number of illegal viewings of the film and is partly responsible for the steady decline in box office performance.

“Jungle Cruise” is likely to have a similar fate.

Ashley Judd recounts ‘harrowing’ leg damage in African jungle | Leisure

Actress Ashley Judd is in an intensive care unit in South Africa after her leg was “crushed” in an accident in the Congo, which she said in an Instagram Live interview.

“Accidents happen – and there was a fallen tree along the way that I didn’t see and I had a very powerful step in front of me and just fell over that tree,” she told New York Times columnist Nicholas on Friday Kristof. “When I broke my leg, I knew it was broken.”

It took “an incredibly harrowing 55 hours” to get her from the jungle to an operating table in South Africa.

She was stuck on the floor with a “badly misshapen leg” for five hours, bit her stick in pain and “howled like a wild animal.”

She was eventually taken to a trauma unit on a motorcycle while holding the top of her broken tibia together.

“We did this for six hours,” she recalled. “I was on the verge of my edge.”

The star and activist “Double Jeopardy” spends a large part of each year in Africa and wanted to use the interview to raise awareness of problems of poverty and animal welfare. She was there on a research project on bonobos, a type of endangered primate.

Judd recognized the “privilege” that enabled her to receive medical care relatively quickly. “Most of the people I know would not have had access.”