Jewelry ideas from F.R.I.E.N.D.S: Tendencies that by no means exit of fashion

The iconic 90s show โ€œFRIENDSโ€ recently caused a sensation when its glittering cast performed at a โ€œreunionโ€ event. The special episode frenzied the audience and once again showed how friends are with you forever in good, bad and ugly times! It also highlighted the timeless class and relevance of the ladies’ jewelry on the show. Let’s take a look at the jewelry choices of the most stylish TV characters of the 1990s and how Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe jewelry can still rock any outfit and occasion! We contacted Deepshikha Gupta, Senior VP – Design, Melorra, and asked her to list jewelry ideas inspired by Friends.

Rachel Green aka Jen An

There is no doubt that Jennifer Aniston completely rocked the show with her impeccable style that captured the hearts of millions at the time. She’s still making a splash after all these years, and with her strong personality and fashion sense, Rachel is ambitious for all girls. She completely dominated the screen in her formal attire. Her stunningly beautiful appearance was perfectly complemented by a long, minimalist chain necklace set with asymmetrical stones. Whether a long black dress or simple pant suits that a working fashionista would wear, she adorned them all with trendy but simple pendants that grabbed just the right amount of attention.

Every time her neckline was visible, for example, it was invariably accompanied by a perfect, subtle bling. It can be a red pearl necklace with a tiny crystal pendant and matching earrings or a dangling charms pendant with a figure-hugging sweater – it looks absolutely stylish even in a simple outfit.

There is no doubt that Rachel’s style was perfectly accentuated by her jewelry. It could even make a crystal pendant thread chain on a halter denim top or a pendant on dungarees look exotic. If you ever want a look that is simply stylish, let her inspire you.

Phoebe Buffay

While Rachel stole the limelight with her subtle and fine jewelry, Phoebe Buffay created her own storm by opting for a statement look with her jewelry and accessories. She broke every convention with style and showed how to be adventurous and creative. Phoebe not only made people the ROFL, but made a trendy statement with her unusual layerings and accessories every time Phoebe appeared on screen. She also opted for brightly colored clothes with collars.

When it comes to rings, there is no one like Phoebe. She could literally wear multiple rings, which gave clues about stacking ideas. She was always very superstitious and even saw clairvoyants, which is why you could see so many different rings on her fingers. At the same time, Phoebe looked like a sober woman who could even give Rachel a run for its money when it came to transforming herself into a classy look. She could wear pearls and diamonds with equal ease!

Monica Geller

Monica Geller could easily be any young girl out there. Your obsession with cleaning fits in well with the post-pandemic times! Monica mastered the art of low key style with her minimalist necklaces and earrings that made her look stylish yet normal. The timeless clothing style of Monica is also suitable for casual clothing elements such as pullovers, sweatshirts, T-shirts and normal shirts, etc. Her simple, everyday style is equally good for housewives or working women of today.

Monica wore long lariat necklaces with her low-cut dresses that make her look chic and make a fashion statement. She really flaunted her collarbone to great effect. She could see herself wearing a pair of minimalist pearl earrings and an elegant pearl necklace that make her style relatable, down to earth, and extremely practical for everyday lifestyle.

All three leading women from FRIENDS embody minimalist jewelry styling with their necklaces, simple chains, pendants, ear studs and wristwatches. At the same time you could see them with statement necklaces and asymmetrical designs that are just as adorable in 2021 as they were in 1999. What makes it really amazing is that the leading makers of the time are familiar with the timelessness and relevance of FRIENDS jewelry in our time. If you browse leading online jewelry portals known for minimalist design and style statement jewelry for working women, you will easily find an extensive range of options! Go ahead and bling in a friendly style!

Sandra Oh calls police after $150okay of jewelry goes lacking | Leisure

Sandra Oh called the police after $ 150,000 jewelry disappeared – only to find it.

The “Killing Eve” star reportedly returned to the Los Angeles property after a few months of being away from the property and was unable to find a significant amount of jewelry, prompting her to call the police.

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Methods to fashion fashionable jewelry

Once we are done donning our best clothes, vibrant makeup, and donning a classy clutch, something seems to be missing. While it seems that every component of getting dressed is done, it really isn’t. One important element remains: jewelry! Because accessories become the ultimate look-completer and modern jewelry becomes a staple for all items of clothing. We met with Dr. C Vinod Hayagriv, Director and General Manager of the 150 year old C Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewelers, to share a style guide that perfectly flaunts modern jewelry.

Layers for Victory!
If you’ve been on Instagram lately, you definitely know the layer trend. It seems that one necklace is never enough as people wear two, three, and sometimes even four dainty necklaces that are as casual as a V-neck t-shirt. But how do you know what kind of necklaces to combine with each other?

Here’s how you can create the ultimate levels:

Use necklaces of different lengths. Experiment with colors, especially if you wear white.

Combine different types of neck pieces – maybe a gold necklace with a casual gold chain.

Mix up your metals
While symmetry and wearing matching pairs of jewelry seem like the way to go – who says this is really the rule in the book? It’s time to mix it up and carry part of the pile! the most modern trends in the most stylish way. Combine a diamond chain with a gold ring. Or go platinum with a touch of gold.

The sky is the limit to the imaginative ways you can combine your jewelry for a really standout look.

Stack them up!
But didn’t we just talk about layering? Here we are referring to rings – stunning, minimalist, yet truly classic rings.

In order for your fingers to do all the talking and be known as the one with the most fashionable rings, stack your rings (up to 3) on your finger.

Combine a few gemstones when you go to a party or simple diamond rings make for a relatively casual look.

Know your focus
No, we don’t mean that you should look at your jewelry with glasses. We want you to focus on your best aspect. Let me give you an example. For beautiful people with beautiful, colored, big eyes; Smoky eyes and more highlighter can focus on the eyes – which improves function and makes the individual appear clear and beautiful. It works similarly with jewelry.

If you have a long neck and you want this to be the focus of your entire look; Wear a beautiful diamond choker necklace.

This will adorn your neck and will surely make you an eye catcher.

Neck and neckline
Just like you wouldn’t wear a turtleneck choker; We have always subconsciously known that the neckline is important when choosing a necklace. Hence, if you choose the neck piece to wear; Be sure to note the neckline of your dress.

If it’s a V-neck, choose a heavy diamond chain.

If your shirt has a slightly plunging crew neck, take this as a cue to pull out your best choker and wear it with glamorous makeup.

However, if the shirt you’re thinking of is a turtleneck; Unfortunately, there is nothing like a long, modern and trendy pendant that completes your look.

Don’t go overboard
Yes, there are a little too many accessories when it comes to jewelry. Knowing when to stop is important and is directly related to the purpose of the look. If you are going to a wedding – equip your heart. From beautiful, heavy necklaces to bangles and long drop earrings. wear everything.

However, when you go to a friend’s house, keep the chic up by wearing complementary jewelry. For example, if you wear long earrings, you might not be wearing a necklace and just a statement ring will do.

Or wear a platinum bracelet and gemstone rivets with the casual T-shirt and jeans for the perfect mix of modern jewelry.

Style away!
Now that you’ve read the ultimate style guide and know exactly how to combine your modern jewelry to step up the level of fashion. It’s time to put your knowledge to the test.