This is ‘Jeopardy!’ champ Matt Amodio’s plans to speculate his winnings

Matt Amodio, whose prolific run on “Jeopardy!” As this week ended, CNBC said Thursday it had no risky investment plans for its profits.

“I have the boring answer. I will invest and hold for the long term,” continued Amodio “Quack on the street.”

Before Amodio lost on the episode that aired Monday, Amodio won 38 straight games on Jeopardy!, The second-longest series in the trivia show’s history, behind Ken Jennings, who won 74 straight games. Amodio closed with a total profit of $ 1,518,601 – pre-tax of course.

On the show, Amodio played with an aggressive style, looking for Daily Doubles and placing big bets if he found them. He doesn’t seem to want to take a similar approach to his “Jeopardy!” Payday.

“I’m not involved in day-to-day trading. It’s too much for me to keep track of things,” said Amodio, an Ohio native who works in Computer science at Yale University. “But index funds paired with a small amount of bonds with annual rebalancing, how can you go wrong, right?”

“Danger!” Contestant Matt Amodio during a taping of the popular game show.

Jeopardy Productions Inc. via AP

Amodios $ 1.5 million is the third largest sum won “Jeopardy!” during the regular season. Jennings holds the top spot at $ 2.52 million, and James Holzhauer, who won 32 straight games in 2019, ranks second at $ 2.46 million.

Although he often won out of control, Amodio told CNBC that he wasn’t completely shocked by his “Jeopardy!” Streak is over now.

“A bit surprised, but not too surprised. I expected that moment 38 times before my 39th game and every time before that I won by chance,” said Amodio. “But I knew it was always a possibility.”

Amodio’s attention-grabbing run to “Jeopardy!” coincided with a moment of transition for the long-running TV show trying to find a permanent replacement presenter for the late Alex Trebek.

After a number of innkeepers, including CNBC’s own David Faber, Mike Richards was Appointed permanent host in August. But he was ousted, and later also removed as the show’s executive producer, after offensive comments he made resurfaced about Jews, women and people with disabilities.

Fourth Avenue Winter Road Honest in jeopardy if cash isn’t raised

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) – The Fourth Avenue Merchants Association needs community help to make this year’s Winter Street Festival a reality.

The association is dependent on the street festival for its operation, but the last three trade fairs have been canceled due to the pandemic.

“Since we are 99% funded by the street festival, the failure to continue the street festival could definitely lead to the demise of the Fourth Avenue Merchants Association and everything we do to help small businesses down here,” said Daniel Matlick, board president of the Trade Association Fourth Avenue.

Every year the fair attracts hundreds of thousands of people and brings in hundreds of thousands of dollars. Matlick said the street fair money will be used to pay the upfront costs of the event and the rest will be used for upkeep along Fourth Avenue.

“We’re able to maintain the streets, the garbage, the power washing, and make Fourth Avenue a place people want to go,” said Casey Anderson, chief operating officer of the Fourth Avenue Merchants Association.

The street festival is also a big money maker for the traders, restaurants and artists involved.

“We have a tent out there and the store is open too,” said Tonia Clevenger, an employee at Rustic Candle on Fourth Avenue. “It’s just great fun and very busy.”

Clevenger hopes the tradition will return this year in the interests of businesses and those who love Fourth Avenue.

“A lot of people describe the avenue as the heart of Tucson,” she said. “It’s the eclectic feeling that brings Tucson together.”

Marlick said the club is working on reserve funds and will need to raise about $ 280,000 to hold the Winter Street Festival, which is scheduled for December 10th, 11th and 12th. Find out more about the fair and how you can donate. here.

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SEC Wrap-Up, Jeopardy! Fashion: A Take a look at Groups Across the SEC

OXFORD, miss. – In the second week of the football season, some teams looked pretty smart. A few others looked like they had no idea. You know, a hint like the kind they give on Jeopardy!

On Saturday, the SEC drew 11-1 against non-conference teams.

Here’s a look at last week’s games and the Jeopardy hint each team has for the future. I’ll get Still The Best College Football Conference for $ 500.


Why does Auburn even charge entry for sideshows like this one? Instead of playing against Bama State, Tuskegee is even closer and a Division II team, why not play against them? At least fans could see Jarquez Hunter break a school record with a 94 yard touchdown run. Well, it happened less than a minute to go in the third quarter, so there weren’t many fans left at the Jordan Hare Stadium to see it.

THE NOTE: We found out about Auburn on Saturday.
THE QUESTION: “What is nothing? What is absolutely nothing? “


Shane Beamer took his second South Carolina coaching victory dramatically when the 27th. The Carolina Defense didn’t allow a pirate quarterback to throw 80 yards or an ECU runner to throw more than 70 yards. It also seems that former assistant Zeb Noland is a real leader.

THE NOTE: It is the single most important question to ask any aspiring assistant coach.
THE QUESTION: “What other authorization do you have?”


In an underrated game, the Johnny Majors Bowl took place on Rocky Top Saturday. The Panthers took the lead at 27:20 at halftime and that was important as the two teams exchanged punches like boxers in the second half.

UT needs to find out his game in progress. The Vols lead rusher was the starting quarterback and the second lead rusher was the backup quarterback.

THE NOTE: This is why Rocky Top is so rocky upstairs.
THE QUESTION: “What are Tennessee fans asking for Josh Heupel’s head after just two games?”


Quarrel about the quarterback? Which quarterback controversy? Oh, the one brewing in Gainesville, that’s the one. Starting quarterback Emory Jones threw for 151 yards in 14 completions for the Gators. Backup Anthony Richardson threw for 152 yards and two touchdowns on THREE completions.

THE NOTE: A thesaurus.
THE QUESTION: “What book does Dan Mullen have to read to find other words to replace ‘controversy’?”


JT who? Georgia’s JT Daniels was unable to play due to an injury, so Stetson Bennett IV stepped in, throwing 288 yards and five touchdowns. The real newcomer Carson Beck also came into play and threw his first touchdown of his career.

After the Dawg defense had only given one field goal to Clemson in the beginning, they gave the Blazers only a single touchdown. The UGA defense is pretty good.

THE NOTE: If a backup quarterback succeeds, it’s a product of that coaching philosophy from the season before.
THE QUESTION: “What is ‘this year’s coaching team for the next season’?”


Texas A&M not only lost its starting quarterback to Colorado, it almost lost the game and its high ranking. Losing Haynes King early in the game to a severe leg injury, the Aggies relied on replacement Zach Calazada to throw a 14-yard touchdown to Isaiah Spiller 2:41 in Denver to avoid the surprise.

THE NOTE: This is where you don’t look when facing non-conference opponents.
THE QUESTION: “What is too far to go to Arkansas on September 25th?


Even the announcers in Alabama sounded like Willy Wonka telling bad kids not to do bad things. “No stop. Please don’t,” Wonka said listlessly. Kudos to the Bama coaches who were able to get their team to play against a team that had never scored against them before Saturday.

THE NOTE: Nothing. I do not have anything.
THE QUESTION: “Why is Alabama playing against teams like Mercer?”


Wait what Arkansas not only won the game against the No. 15 Longhorns, the Hogs beat them too. Not only did Arkansas knock out the Horns in the first half, the Razorbacks also outperformed Texas in the second half, winning away from home. Any hog runner who handled the ball averaged at least 6.3 yards per rush.

THE NOTE: This team should be careful what they want for the future.
THE QUESTION: “What is Texas eagerly waiting for to join the SEC?”


Use caution if you speak ill of a Mike Leach team. After battling Louisiana Tech at the season opener, Mississippi State took just 13 seconds to let NC State know the Wolfpack had a long day ahead of them.

Lideatrick Griffin took the opening kickoff and ran back 100 yards to score a touchdown before the cowbells could even ring in Starkville. From then on, the Bulldogs looked like a team that other SEC schools can’t overlook.

THE NOTE: So many teams in SEC West can win many games.
THE QUESTION: “What is it all, including the state of Mississippi?”


It would be hard to choose a better game between SEC and SEC to start the season. Kentucky’s Will Levis and Chris Rodriguez, Jr. become one of the SEC’s most formidable quarterback-running-back duos. Rodriguez, Jr., ran for 206 yards and three touchdowns while Levis threw for 179 yards and one more score. Mizzous Conner Bazelak threw 294 yards and four scores.

THE NOTE: It sucks.
THE QUESTION: “What is the reaction if one of these teams had to lose this game?”


There was no hangover from an opening week win, no episodes of a short week, nor one big deal that Lane Kiffin returned to the sidelines. Instead, fans got what they expected. Matt Corral threw five touchdowns in three quarters, the Rebels had explosive plays and the defense even scored.

THE NOTE: You are back …
THE QUESTION: “Who is the Landshark Defense?”


In the weekly Take-Your-Son-to-Work game, LSU trainer Ed Orgeron’s group treated his son Cody’s McNeese State Cowboys. Cody threw a touchdown against Daddy’s team so that Father’s Day doesn’t get too uncomfortable in the Orgeron household.

One cool fact about McNeese: The Cowboys have lost two games this season. Both teams, LSU (FBS) and West Florida (D-2) became national champions in 2019.

THE NOTE: Another one.
THE QUESTION: “How many games does the LSU have before the Tigers get more serious?”


Yes, Vanderbilt won a game. In fact, Vanderbilt won a street game. Vanderbilt won a game that gave Clark Lea his first college win. The Commodores could have wrapped this up, but instead, when the Rams leveled the game with a touch of more than three minutes, Vandy took over and hit the field in eight games to Joseph Bulovas’ game-winning 38-yard field goal. Anchor down!

THE NOTE: After a win, Vanderbilt’s chances of beating Stanford – who defeated Southern Cal Saturday – in Nashville this week.
THE QUESTION: “Which is not good, but it sure would be cool.”

By the way, I personally know two guys who performed at Jeopardy! Neither of my friends won, but both said Alex Trebek was a real gentleman. (Why should they lie? These two guys are sports presenters.) Rest in peace, Alex.

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‘Jeopardy!’ Clarifies Guidelines After Contestant’s Answering Type Irks Viewers

Danger! The bosses cleared the rules of the long-running quiz show after engaging in controversy over current champ Matt Amodio’s style of answering clues.

As any dedicated fan knows, the syndicated show presents the clues that participants have to answer in question form.

And while Amodio did not break the rules in that sense, his penchant for starting each of his questions with “what is” – even when the answer relates to people – has aroused anger among a faction of onlookers.

In response to the avalanche of angry audience comments, a Jeopardy! Twitter Account on Monday that read, “What’s wrong with Matt Amodio? A lot of ‘what’s’ in his response – and that’s perfectly acceptable!”

A link to the show’s website was shared where a statement read: “Over the many years that Jeopardy! was broadcast, we have seen some rare scenarios where we have to fall back on the official rules of the game.

“Streaking Champion Matt Amodio has received a lot of attention lately for his unorthodox use of ‘What’s …?’ as a template for all answers – whether animal, vegetable or mineral. Viewers and grammar police have many questions about what is acceptable. We have some answers. “

The rules, it was explained, state that “all of a student’s answers to an answer must be formulated in the form of a question,” but there are no grammar details.

“Jeopardy! Doesn’t require the answer to be grammatically correct,” the statement read. “Also, the three-letter name of a British invasion rock band can be a correct answer on its own (‘The Who?’) And even ‘Is it …?’ was accepted. So Matt Amodio’s no-frills approach is unique, but good with guidelines. “

According to the rules, participants who do not answer “Jeopardy!” In question format. Rounds receive gentle reminders from the host, although such errors score points in the ‘Double Jeopardy!’ round.

What’s wrong with Matt Amodio? A lot of “what is” in his answers – and that is completely acceptable!

Read more about other Jeopardy! Rules here:

– Danger! (@Danger) August 2, 2021

Die Hard #Danger Fans like me always carry a copy of the official rules with them anyway.

– Matt Amodio (@AmodioMatt) August 2, 2021

The statement goes on to say: “At ‘Final Jeopardy!’ The Competitor Coordinators are on the stage to confirm that bets have been entered correctly and to brief the competitors through the final steps of the game. Part of this briefing involves giving competitors the correct “who” or “what” for the final clue. “

Reaction to the danger! Amodio wrote on Twitter: “Die-hard #jeopardy fans like me always carry a copy of the official rules anyway.”

Amodio was asked about the controversy in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly and replied, “I don’t necessarily want to say too much about it. I guess I just want to say that I hope no one is offended by this.

“I hear some people say it is disrespectful to the game and I would argue that if there was a ranking of Jeopardy! Fan clubs, I think I would have a strong argument for being the number one Jeopardy! Fan I live and breathe the show, I love every aspect of it, so I definitely don’t do it out of disrespect or undermining the show. “

The computer science Ph.D. Yale student Amodio is currently enjoying an impressive eight-game winning streak with Jeopardy! In a tweet on Monday, he revealed that he is now ranked eighth for “highest regular season game winnings” after raising $ 310,400.

After winning more than five games, Amodio returns to Jeopardy! next season for the Tournament of Champions, which he said Entertainment Weekly, which he is looking forward to “with a combination of anticipation and fear.”

“Because my competitors were extremely smart,” he explained, “but at the Tournament of Champions they filtered it to only get people who won at least five games on Jeopardy.

“It’s going to be a more competitive phase than I’m mentally prepared. That’s why I’m quite worried. Hopefully I’ll do well, but I’ll be shaking a little in my boots.”

“Danger!” Bosses cleared the rules of the long-running show after current champ Matt Amodio angered fans with his clue-answering style.
Amanda Edwards / Getty Images

LeVar Burton claims to host “Jeopardy!” – Completely [Unscripted column] | Leisure

I’m not the ordinary “Jeopardy!” Observer. When it’s on, sit down and watch, but don’t actively attend the show every night.

But I say this: LeVar Burton will be the perfect host to replace the slow and great Alex Trebek full time.

Burton is an actor whose career spans generations. The fun “say how old you are, not how old you are” game consists in asking someone about the role that best remembers Burton.

People my age know Barton best, perhaps as the host of the educational children’s show “Reading Rainbow” or the quack voice of the lesser-known ’90s cartoon “Captain Planet and the Planet.” Will be. Older generations remember him best as Kunta Quinte in the 1977 miniseries “Roots”. He played with then-star OJ Simpson.

For me, he’s always been Lieutenant Geordi La Forge on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

For a new generation of television viewers, Burton can now be their Alex Trebek: a kind and kind guy with all the answers.

And that would make him perfect.

Burton is already going “Jeopardy!” According to a petition that garnered hundreds of thousands of signatures, I was there as a guest from July 26th to 30th. But the 13 Emmy winners are more than just innkeepers. He must be a full-time employer.

Most of it is because the most direct and obvious aspect of Burton’s personality is the tenderness he exudes. That’s part of what made it so well suited to Reading Rainbow and the ecology-focused Captain Planet. That’s why Geordi La Forge has become a personable character despite a few shortcomings in the series’ “Trek” writing room. That’s the main reason the audience took root in Kunta Kinteh many years ago (along with the dire plight the character went through as a result of the actual event).

Burton has also long served as the guiding light of wisdom and has spent decades promoting literacy and education of children through Reading Rainbow and other endeavors. His longstanding philanthropy was recognized by the Penn / Faulkner Foundation, which nominated him as the first literary champion in history.

He is also a leader in breaking representation barriers in the mass media and one of the most prominent black TV stars for over 40 years. It would be fair that he would be the first black presenter on “Jeopardy!” A move to bring him together with Steve Harvey as one of the few moderators on a minority game show.

Burton’s own room also has a pretty obvious elephant. He really really wants a job.

When he created, he essentially said the same thing In April I applied for the next “Jeopardy!” Host. The petition received over 250,000 signatures.

Don’t make fun of some of the other “Jeopardy!” Either! Innkeeper.

The majority of the show’s guest presenters are journalists and news anchors. Most of these innkeepers are successful people who already have a good reputation in a particular field.

I’m sorry, but I cannot convince myself that Aaron Rodgers and Dr. Oz will be leaving her successful career to host a game show.

The only seemingly legitimate candidate for a full-time restaurateur is Ken Jennings of Jeopardy! Fans remember that in 2004 he set the longest winning streak in the show’s history. He’s already made an appearance when he hosted the show for six weeks earlier this year.

There are also two of Lancaster’s very own Brad Rutter, youngest fan favorite James Holsauer and the show’s highest earning champion. Former participants are not currently listed with prospective innkeepers and do not seem interested in taking on this role.

But LeVar Burton, who has spent most of his career in and around television production and, more importantly, actually begging for work, fits in a lot better.

This is not illegal for Jennings and other restaurateurs with shows. Many of these part-time presenters, especially news anchors who are already familiar with speaking in front of television cameras, likely have or will likely do a great job.

Burton’s personality and career made him perfect for appearances, and not just because he is an actor with extensive film experience.

Burton’s kindness, generosity, and pioneering history are perfect for the show.

And that’s exactly the kind of television that we really need at this time.

“Unscripted” is a weekly entertainment column produced by a team of writers.

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LeVar Burton claims, “Jeopardy!” – Permanent [Unscripted column] | entertainment

Source link LeVar Burton claims, “Jeopardy!” – Permanent [Unscripted column] | entertainment

LeVar Burton to be ‘Jeopardy!’ visitor host; petition credited | Leisure

LOS ANGELES – The 200,000+ LeVar Burton Boosters who signed a petition calling it a new “Danger!” The host will see them try on the job by size.

Burton is in the final group of guest hosts for the quiz show who lost longtime host Alex Trebek to cancer last November and postponed the announcement of his successor.

Burton’s supporters took the opportunity to start an online petition for the actor, who starred in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Roots, and hosted the Reading Rainbow educational program.

In his career, Burton has “inspired and shaped the minds of generations of trivia-loving nerds,” according to the petition, which had 246,000 signatories on Wednesday.

In an email, a Burton spokeswoman said he believed the petition drive and his social media interactions with fans were factors behind the invitation to be a guest.

There was no immediate response to producer Sony Pictures Television’s request for comment.

TV presenters and journalists George Stephanopoulos and Robin Roberts from ABC, as well as David Faber from CNBC and sports caster Joe Buck are the other temporary presenters who will stay for a week, Sony said on Wednesday. The broadcast dates were not announced.

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‘Jeopardy James’ elevating cash for the battle in opposition to pancreatic most cancers

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Danger James is back. But this time he pays it up.

The Las Vegas resident is raising money for an unbelievable cause – the fight against pancreatic cancer.

“This is one of the absolute top rated charities,” said James Holzhauer.

The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network – or “PANCAN” – is hosting its Purple Stride event this Saturday. They see the event as the way to end pancreatic cancer.

Holzhauer stepped in to raise money for a dangerous friend – Alex Trebek.

“I have set myself a goal of $ 8,244. That’s the number of episodes Alex Trebek hosted on Jeopardy, ”he said. “And I’m proud to say that donations have been received!”

He’s already at 150% of his goal and wants to keep it going.

“It’s ‘All in for Alex’ like my famous all-in with the chips. And is the portal for all teams. “

The event is different this year.

“They’ll send you a shirt if you collect at least $ 25. You are walking in a safe and detached place and showing off your colors. And you show that you take part in the fight, ”said Holzhauer. “I think it’s great.”

The money you donate will fund research, programs, and clinical initiatives. It helps patients navigate pancreatic cancer.

With every dollar raised, Holzhauer’s thoughts are on Trebek’s legacy, reflecting Alex’s consistent courage throughout his struggle.

Trebek always stressed being positive.

“I spoke to him after the game and when I shook his hand I made a promise to him that he would fight this thing all the way. He nodded. I think I calculated that after that point he hosted 300 episodes, so he left
Definitely swing down, ”said Holzhauer.

James told us about a warm relationship with the legend.

“You could see a twinkle in his eyes when he looked at the specific candidates,” he said.

“I can tell you that, he put his heart into this job,” said Holzhauer.

“There were times when you could tell he was really working to make it through the day, but he got it to that level. I think we can all take inspiration from this. “

The Purple Stride event is a “Stride Your Own Way” event this year due to COVID-19.

PANCAN asks all attendees to go for the cause in their own neighborhood. Registration is free and everything you donate or collect goes towards the fight against pancreatic cancer.

You can do either at