Leaping Jasper bringing new leisure for teenagers

Dubois County will have an indoor bounce house entertainment center in Jasper in mid-June. If things go really well, it could happen even sooner.

Adrianne with the couple’s two children, Forrest (4) and Vierrah Lynn (8).

When Adrianne and John Nyberg open Jumping Jasper at 21 South Clay Street (the purple building with the Jasper Sports Academy sign), they’ll have nine inflatable fun houses, slides, and obstacle courses for daily fun for all ages. In addition, the 9,000 square meter building will have three special birthday rooms for private celebrations.

And depending on how the public reacts, the Nybergs have plans to further expand the new fun business.

Adrianne and John are somewhat new to the region. Adrianne is from Bremerton, Washington, a ferry ride across from Seattle, and John is from Erie, Pennsylvania. The couple met when John, a Navy veteran, was stationed on a submarine from Bangor, Washington. After their honorary discharge, they moved to southern Indiana to look after John’s grandparents. John got a great job at Jasper Engines and they moved to Jasper in 2019.

Adrianne plans to offer many inclusive options for children of all ages. This is a commercial photo of one of the structures she plans to add to the new center on Clay Street.

Adrianne appreciates the idea of ​​giving the area an indoor bounce house facility for a number of reasons. At first she and John were stationed in Virginia for a while.

“In Virginia it’s constant 80 to 100 degrees with 100 percent humidity,” said Adrianne, whose temperament doesn’t play well with the heat in the Pacific Northwest. “So you always try to have fun with your kids, but go inside.”

There were many indoor bounce house facilities that they lived in in Virginia.

“I loved going to them with my kids,” she said.

When they moved to Indiana, the heat and humidity didn’t improve, and Adrianne noticed that there were indoor play facilities in the area, but only in Evansville and Washington. After numerous birthday parties at the Bounce House facility in Evansville, she decided it was time to take a step to bring something to Jasper’s life.

“I was just wondering why I went to so many birthday parties in Evansville than we should in Jasper,” Adrianne said.

She also comes from an entrepreneurial family. Her father owned a fiber optics company and her mother ran a distillery for a while. “I’ve seen them be entrepreneurs and support their community,” she said. “And I think it will be worthwhile to offer something to this community.”

With Jumping Jasper, Adrianne can’t wait to help families make great memories. “I look forward to being part of this community and bringing laughs and smiles over the years,” she said.

You can follow Jumping Jasper’s progress along the way Facebook page here.