Jason Kidd’s teaching model described as ‘psychological warfare’ in Giannis Antetokounmpo’s biography

Milwaukee Bucks Superstar and NBA champion Giannis Antetokounmpo will release a new biography titled “Giannis: The Improbable Rise of an MVP” and talks about former head coach Jason Kidd, who was not very popular with the team’s players.

Kidd, a 10-time All-Star, trained the two-time NBA MVP and the Bucks from 2014 to 2018. In the book, Kidd’s coaching style was described as “psychological warfare” by a former Bucks player.


Excerpts from the book surfaced on social media this week. One incident that occurred during his tenure with the Bucks was that Kidd allegedly scheduled last-minute practice for Christmas Eve after the team lost to the Charlotte Hornets in what the former manager described as a “winnable” game .

According to the book, Kidd asked the players in front of each other if they deserved to be free after losing on Christmas Eve. The players gave their opinion on the matter, but Kidd scheduled a practice session at 9am.

EX-NBA coach received death threats after calling CARMELO ANTHONY “S-TTY DEFENDER”

“I don’t care,” said Kidd according to the book. “You get paid to do a job, so you do your job tomorrow. Things are changing. “

During practice, Kidd reportedly made the players “run like a college team”, calling former Bucks player Larry Sanders a “piece of shit” and a “terrible gamer”.

The book noted that the three-hour practice consisted mostly of conditioning exercises. He also told the players to train in the weight room and pool. The former center Zaza Pachulia said in the book that “everyone was so tired that no one thought of Christmas” and “had no more energy to open presents”.


“I don’t think I’ve done this since I left J-Kidd,” former Bucks security guard Brandon Knight told the book’s author, Mirin Fader. “That wasn’t normal.”

When asked to comment on Kidd as their coach, many players and coaches responded by asking whether they were on the record according to the book or not.

Bitcoin worth to set new report by year-end, institutional cash will flood in as soon as this occurs – Jason City

The multi-month decline in the price of Bitcoin, which began in April when the world’s largest cryptocurrency began its descent from record highs at the time, will only last the summer, according to Jason Urban, co-head of Galaxy Digital Trading at Galaxy Digital.

Speaking to Kitco News editor-in-chief Michelle Makori, Urban said institutional investors will re-emerge into the room through fall this year, pushing the price back up, breaking new all-time highs and at least US $ 70,000 by the end of the year -Dollars to achieve.

Galaxy Digital is a diversified financial services company focused on cryptocurrencies with four lines of business: asset management, trading, principal investing and investment banking. Founded by Michael Novogratz, the company recently partnered with Goldman Sachs to trade Bitcoin futures.

“I definitely think we can see a little over $ 70,000 by the end of the year,” said Urban. “I think we can expect all of the FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) we’ve seen over the past few weeks to cause a flat trend in the market this summer and I think that when we get into the Fall is coming, a lot of these institutional takeovers and these ambitious moves that we’ve seen are going to manifest, and we should see the market break those highs. ”

So what has been holding back the institutions so far? It’s no less, but it lacks clarity about the rules institutional investors need, noted Urban.

“I think there is obviously some regulatory clarity about what can and cannot be done,” he said. “The smart players [in the crypto space] want to work with regulators to find solutions that address their concerns while allowing the technology to thrive. ”

Urban comments come as Bitcoin has just faced a new onslaught of criticism, this time from the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), which wrote in a recent report that “Cryptocurrencies are speculative assets, rather than money, and are used in many instances to facilitate money laundering ”. , Ransomware attacks and other financial crime. ”

Earlier this week, the People’s Bank of China banned Bitcoin over-the-counter trading in China and banned several large miners, reducing the country’s crypto mining capacity by 90%.

Urban said regulations could be beneficial, but attempts to ban Bitcoin are simply pointless.

“You can’t forbid progress. You can regulate it, you just can’t ban it, ”he said.

For more details on where institutions are on the acceptance curve and what Urban sees as the only existential threat to Bitcoin, watch the video above. Follow Michelle Makori on Twitter @MichelleMakori (https://twitter.com/MichelleMakori).

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and may not reflect those of Kitco Metals Inc. The author has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information provided; however, neither Kitco Metals Inc. nor the author can guarantee such accuracy. This article is for informational purposes only. It is not an invitation to exchange goods, securities or other financial instruments. Kitco Metals Inc. and the author of this article assume no responsibility for any loss and / or damage that might arise from the use of this publication.

Jason Tartick & Dean Unglert Reveal Their Paradise Cash Gives

Dean’s first stay in paradise was notoriously thornywhen he received flak for juggling relationships with both of them Kristina Schulman and Danielle Lombard. Given the negative attention he was getting, he told Jason that he had asked for “$ 20,000 an episode, or an absurd amount” to return for another round of Paradise, even though he obviously didn’t get that much.

“When I said it, I was so affirmed. I thought they weren’t going to get me for a dollar less than I need,” he recalled. “And finally, over time, I said, ‘Fuck it.’ I think I liked $ 602 a day. “

As it turned out, the payout wasn’t just monetary as he started dating Caelynn Miller-Keyes during this season, and the couple is still strong.

Jason for his part – an alum of Becca KufrinBachelorette Season 14 of 2018 – stated he actually negotiated to appear on Bachelor in Paradise for $ 600 a day in 2018, with a $ 5,000 guarantee in case he didn’t make it past the first week. But he ultimately decided not to attend and, as luck would have it, started dating him current fiancée, Kaitlyn BristoweEarly 2019.

Dan Aykroyd hails Ghostbusters: Afterlife director Jason Reitman | Leisure

Dan Aykroyd has described Jason Reitman as the “perfect” person to inherit the Ghostbusters franchise.

The 68-year-old actor founded the supernatural comedy franchise and returns to the role of Dr. for the upcoming Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Raymond Stantz back. The film is directed by Jason – the son of the original director Ivan Reitman – and Dan feels he is an ideal filmmaker to uphold the series’ legacy.

Dan told Cigar Aficionado, “Jason is the perfect heir to the legacy as a writer, storyteller and director.

“His vision derives seamlessly, respectfully and honestly from the original films. I can’t wait to see the lines around the multiplex.”

The new film shows a new generation of characters like the children Trevor (Finn Wolfhard) and Phoebe (Mckenna Grace) and their mother Callie (Carrie Coon). Original stars Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson, Sigourney Weaver and Annie Potts will also return as their respective characters, but Harold Ramis is absent after he passed away in 2014.

Jason previously stated that Ivan wept with joy the first time he saw Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

The 43-year-old director said, “My dad didn’t leave the house much because of COVID. But he did a test, put a mask on, and drove to the Sony parking lot to watch the film with the studio. And then he called and said, “I am so proud to be your father.”

“It was one of the great moments of my life.”

Reitman admits he felt discouraged about his first adventure in the horror genre.

He said, “The feeling that I’ve held onto is that while it’s very funny, it really scared me. It was really my first experience in a horror movie.

“I was at a Directors Guild meeting and happened to be sitting next to Steven Spielberg. When I told him I was working on Ghostbusters, he said out of nowhere, ‘Library Ghost – The Ten Greatest Horrors of All Time.’ And it’s true. “

Evaluation: Jason Statham, Man Ritchie reunite and have a blast | Leisure

This picture, published by Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures, shows Jason Statham in a scene from “Wrath of Man,” a film directed by Guy Ritchie.

This picture, published by Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures, shows Jason Statham in a scene from “Wrath of Man,” a film directed by Guy Ritchie.

Review: Jason Statham, Guy Ritchie get back together and have fun

This picture, published by Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures, shows Josh Hartnett in a scene from “Wrath of Man,” a film directed by Guy Ritchie.

Review: Jason Statham, Guy Ritchie get back together and have fun

This picture, published by Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures, shows from left Holt McCallany, Jason Statham, Josh Hartnett and Rocci Williams in a scene from “Wrath of Man,” a film directed by Guy Ritchie.

Review: Jason Statham, Guy Ritchie get back together and have fun

This picture, published by Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures, shows Scott Eastwood in a scene from “Wrath of Man,” a film directed by Guy Ritchie.

By MARK KENNEDY AP Entertainment Writer

Jason Statham says very, very little in his new film. The English actor only needs to remember three pages of dialogue. But as always, he is very expressive with his hands. And the guns in them.

“You’re not much to talk about, are you Mary Poppins?” He is mocked in a locker room. Who do you think whoever said he was going to survive this movie?

Steely Statham meets with director and writer Guy Ritchie for a stylish vengeance mashup, Wrath of Man, built on a partnership that previously included Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch and Revolver has produced.

Both men are in their ideal element “Wrath of man” – Statham on a cool and persistent assassination attempt by the bad guys and Ritchie who captures everything with his kinetic cinematic style and troubled camera.

Loosely based on the 2004 French film Cash Truck, the story begins with the chaotic, bloody attack on an armored truck in Los Angeles that is hauling money, and excitingly returns to that key moment.

Hired as a security guard after the attack, Statham soon shines at Fortico Security, largely because he’s deadly enough to kill potential thieves – including a moonlit Post Malone – without ever crouching or evasive. He just walks right up to her, pumps bullets, and never misses. Someone calls it “clearly precise”.

Jason Clarke watches different films on set | Leisure

Jason Clarke enjoys watching other movies to prepare for his own acting roles.

The “Terminator Genisys” star likes to go back and reference “other films and characters when he’s on the set to prepare for his own role as that’s what” inspires “him.

When asked what he always takes to set, he said, “An iPad. I like to watch movies just to get myself in the mood. I think it’s a good thing to go back and reference. It could be the.” its same type of film that you are making, or it could be the same type of film that you are making, or it could be something completely different just to remind you of great actors and great work to inspire you. “

And the 51-year-old actor feels “lost” on set when he can’t give the director what he wants.

He added, “My darkest moments are when I don’t seem to understand what I’m trying to give the director. Those are the ones where you turn yourself upside down. I remember Chappaquiddick [‘The Senator’]There was one day when John [Curran, the director] just didn’t have what he wanted there. I was ready for anything, but still couldn’t process it. You feel lost “

Jason has made many friends on the various movie sets he has appeared in.

Speaking to Total Film magazine, he said, “Definitely. Gary Oldman was a huge fan for me. When we started filming Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes, I said, ‘I was in drama school … Age I ‘I have to say I’m so happy.’ I couldn’t believe I was there, across from Gary Oldman. Sometimes you’re scared that they will say, “I’m not here to be your boyfriend, too “But you connect. You shared something. Like ‘Apes’ with Andy Serkis. You went through it all and they were a part of your life.”

Fan Trailer Recuts Freddy Vs. Jason In The Fashion Of Godzilla Vs. Kong


The trailer for Godzilla versus Kong the audience was more than a little enthusiastic about the big budget pairing between the two monster monarchs. It also inspired the creativity of some viewers, with an editor re-cutting the trailer for Freddy versus Jason in the same style.

Unlike other efforts with a similar concept, there is no intent to match the footage of the trailers with the events shown, but the slasher crossover is still previewed in a similar manner to the kaiju punchout with the same music, with the tension going through Each antagonist is elevated to display in vague and unfocused settings before revealing them in their full glory and demonstrating how insignificant normal people are when confronted with them.

The clearest parallel arises from the two titans, be it figuratively or literally, facing each other. This is the point where Chris Classic begins “Here We Go” and traces the following fight with heavy kinetic energy as each participant is severely beaten by the other.

Interestingly, this isn’t the only time recently The two franchise mashups have drawn comparisons with each other. However, unlike Godzilla vs. Kong, in which Mechagodzilla will likely turn out to be the Titan’s main antagonist, Freddy vs. Jason didn’t have a third party that the two could team up against and formed when the enemies of the same name came in for physical blows this is the climax of the film.

Freddy versus Jason Fans of both franchises don’t fondly remember that both characters are poorly served by a script that doesn’t do either justice, while Godzilla vs. Kong is awaited with far greater gusto. This fan trailer shows that, despite the overall quality of creative work, with enough imagination and skill, anything can be designed to look far better than it actually is.