Fashion Conversational Week 1462: The Empress of The Fashion Invitational on this week’s new contest and outcomes

Also back in Loserdom this week is Milo Sauer, who quickly used up exactly 100 ink blots in the early 2000s and then disappeared. Well, his name anyway: Milo (aka Tim, a math professor at George Mason University) recently confessed to me that in 2005 he broke the strict no-pseudonym rule of invitations and assumed the identity of Elwood Fitzner from Valley City. ND, collected 100 more blots before retiring too. I actually looked up Elwood in my early days of Empresshood, and while I couldn’t find that exact name back then, I found numerous Fitzners in Valley City (6,400) and thought it must be there somewhere. (It turns out that Milo has Fitzner relatives there.) Now, almost 15 years later, it’s all gone, and I’m excited to see Milo is as smart as ever – two blots this week! – but folks, don’t enter under a false name.

Type Conversational Week 1460: The Type Invitational Empress on the competition for brand new dictionary phrases from

It’s the TWENTYSIXTH Invite win and the second Clowning Achievement winner for Hall of Famer Mark Raffman, whom I have met many times and who can vouch for his utter clumsiness, even if he will soon be chasing his last ambulances beforehand as a business lawyer in the Retirement. In my 100 clowners for 100 losers program, instead of a second trophy, he gets a small pennant with “II” on it to attach it to the base of the trophy he won in week 1413 (which happens to be poems with new words) ). I have now given 36 out of 100 clowns since December 6th, so 64 more of you will one day receive the disembodied clown head on a stick.

Model Invitational Week 1432: Flip story and run with it

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Send up to 25 entries to (no capital letters in the web address). The closing date for entries is Monday, April 26th; The results will appear in print on May 16 and online on May 13.

The winner gets the Clown performance, our Style Invitational trophy. Second place receives a copy of “The Witch Demands a Retreat,” which Melissa will sign and send to you.

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Laughing shelves: ScrabbleGrams neologisms from week 1428

Week 1428 was the eighth episode of The Tile Invitational in which we provide a list of seven letter “racks” from the Internet ScrabbleGrams syndicated word game and ask them to create new words and phrases using five, six, or seven letters. So many losers looked at AAGHRSW and saw HAR SWAG which of course is a bunch of loser magnets, mugs, bags, disembodied clown heads, etc.

4th Place:

ACELNPU> UNCLAP: To stop applauding in embarrassment when you find it’s nobody else, look around to see who the “idiot” was. (Eric Nelkin, Silver Spring, Md.)

3rd place:

AENPRRT> REPANT: What to do immediately after succumbing to the sins of the flesh – especially if you hear a noise at the door. (Deanna Busick, Nashville)

2nd place and the podcast coffee cup “You are invited”:

CEIPRST> CREPIT: Not yet fallen apart. “Oh no, Grandma is very crepit. ‘Arrhythmia’ is just the name of their dance team. “(Frank Osen, Pasadena, California)

And the winner of the clown performance:

AAEPPRT> PAP ART: My gynecologist is so skilled that she doesn’t just take a “smear”. . . (Danielle Nowlin, Fairfax Station, Va.)

EEHMORT> MEH: Honorable mentions

AABCELN> ABC LANE: This is how you get to Sesame Street. (Bird War, Larchmont, NY)

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AABGINT> BANGIT: If you can’t decide between “damn” and “—- it”, that’s enough. (Jamie Martindale, Samut Prakan, Thailand)

AABGINT> ANTIBAG: Someone who holds 20 items from the supermarket in their hands instead of paying for the nickel. (Jeff Contompasis, Ashburn; Bill Dorner, Indianapolis; Tanja Cilia, Santa Venera, Malta)

AAEGNPT> PANGATE: A widespread scandal that grips an entire administration. (Sorry, I can’t think of an example.) (Jeff Contompasis)

AAEGNPT> NAPGATE: A leaked photo of the president nodding off at his desk will be remembered as the Biden administration’s biggest scandal. (Jamie Martindale; Bill Dorner)

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AAEGNPT> NEATGAP: The difference in order between you and your significant other. “With my ex, the void was an abyss lined with dirty socks.” (Jesse Frankovich, Lansing, Mich.)

AAEGPSS> GPaSs: The guy who insists his phone knows better than you how to get to your house. (Jonathan Jensen, Baltimore)

AAEGPSS> AGE PASS: What you give Great Aunt Erma with a sigh when she starts the cutting comments. (Lawrence McGuire, Waldorf, Md.)

AAEPPRT> PEATRAP: Like a hole, but finer. (Richard Franklin, Alexandria, VA.)

AAEPPRT> PRE-TAPA: The Big Mac You Eat Before Hitting Small Plates. (Jim Derby, Gettysburg, PA.)

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AALNSTY> ANTSY AL: Nervous Nellie’s partner. (Jeff Loren, Seattle)

AALNSTY> LA NASTY: You heard about “Boston Strong”? Well . . . (Todd DeLap, Fairfax, Va.)

AALNSTY> ANALYST: A professional who can explain why the first thing you saw on this ScrabbleGram was ANAL STY (Kate Baughman, Arlington, Virginia, a first-time offender).

ABDGINW> WINBAG: Someone who can’t stop talking about the choice that was “stolen” from them. (Lawrence McGuire)

ACELNPU> UNCLE PA: Rogue character in “Hamlet of the Ozarks”. (Mark Raffman, Reston, Va.)

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ACLOOPR> LOCO APR: What the dealership offered at its “Crazy Cinco de Mayo Sales Event !!” (Dave Silberstein, College Park, Md.)

ACLOOPR> POOL ARC: The course of your garden investment from the family novelty to the meeting point in the neighborhood to the foam-green frog breeding pond / the money pit. (Lawrence McGuire)

ADINSTT> STANDIT: The hardest part of a job: If you can’t, quit. (Ward Kay, Vienna, VA.)

AEEINTV> AIEE-TV: 24 hour horror films, bungee jumping and roller coasters. (Ken Gallant, Sequim, Wash .; Leif Picoult, Rockville, Md.)

AEGMNRT> GRAMNET: As your kids call Facebook. (Milo Sauer, Fairfax, Va .; Mark Raffman)

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AENPRRT> ENTARP: What to do if “Entomb” is not possible immediately? (Deanna Busick)

AENPRRT> PERTNAR: Almost. “I am pertnary by resigning myself to your lip.” (Jon Gearhart, Des Moines)

AENPRRT> PRATNER: Stan, to Ollie. (Tom Witte, Montgomery Village, Md.)

AOPRSTW> WAP-O’s: The hot new cereal recommended by Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion. (Jamie Martindale)

AOPRSTW> AWSPORT: Kindergarten soccer or the puppy bowl. (Duncan Stevens, Vienna, VA.)

BELMORT> BRO-MELT: A “grilled” cheese sandwich that is heated in the “press” of an armpit. (Chris Damm, Charles Town, W.Va.)

CEOPRTT> PET ROT: An extremely fleeting novelty toy made up of googly eyes glued to a ball of garbage. (Duncan Stevens)

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DGIOPRY> DIG-PRY: A curious question that is also an insult. “So what did you pay for the interesting, um – I think that’s a wallet?” (Ellen Ryan, Rockville, Md.)

DGIOPRY> GOD-PRY: “So tell me: have you been saved?” (Roy Ashley, Washington)

DGIOPRY> PODIGY: An amazing student in a remote school who actually learned something during the pandemic. (Kevin Dopart, Washington)

DGIOPRY> GOD-RIP: Do you know how they told you as a kid that thunder is the sound of the Lord’s bowling? Well it is not. (Danielle Nowlin)

DGLNOUY> UNDOGLY: Frustratingly untrainable like a cat. (Adie Peña, Makati, Philippines)

EEHMORT> METR’OH! Abbreviation for “I knew I should have just driven to work today!” (Mark Raffman)

EEILNNT> ENLINT: What my dryer does to my socks. (George Thompson, Springfield, VA.)

EFHIRSY> HEIRSY: A belief that horrifies your parents. “George Jr. was written from the will after admitting he voted for him in 2016 AND 2020.” (Richard Franklin)

ILMNOOT> LOIN-TO: A love booth. (Tom Witte)

ILMNOOT> MILTOON: “Paradise Lost”, the Classics Illustrated version. (Jim Derby; Rob Huffman, Fredericksburg)

And finally: ACLOOPR> CORPOLA: Useless objects that are decorated with advertising. “She calls it ‘Bob Staake Limited Edition Artwork’, but aren’t these magnets really just cheap corpola with the Washington Post logo on?” (Jon Gearhart)

And even vice, from too many people to appreciate: ACELNPU> PUNACLE: What Invite Candidates Want To Achieve.

Still running – deadline Monday evening, April 19th: Our competition on what will change after the pandemic. See

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Montana State Opens 2021 Outside Observe and Area Season in Model at Hornet Invitational

Montana State opens outdoor track and field season in style at Hornet Invitational in 2021

Montana State put in an outstanding performance at its first outdoor track and field meeting in two years on Saturday, winning the men’s and women’s team titles and eleven individual championships at the Hornet Invitational in Sacramento, California.

MSU head coach Lyle Weese was satisfied with the performance of his team but was happier just to compete. “It was great to have an outdoor track and field meet,” said former Bobcat All-America. “The student athletes had great energy, were ready to go and started the season very well.”

At a meeting with West Coast powers Stanford, Sacramento State, and San Jose State, the Bobcats were widely used at long-distance events. On the side of women Camila Noe broke the school record on the 5000 meters with a score of 16: 25.20 and led a 1-2-4 finish at this event. Alexi Kyro and Gillian Maness grabbed the first two places in the 3000 meter obstacle race. In the men’s competition I am Perrin and Matthew Richtman finished 1-2 in the men’s 5000 meters while Duncan Hamilton led a 1-2-3 MSU finish in the men’s obstacle race.

Carla Nicosia Connected Erin Jones Graf’s school record in the triple jump with a grade of 40-3.25 to guide the efforts of the MSU at the field events. Three Bobcat women (Madi Arneson, 2nd, Zoe Waddell, 3rd, and Kyle Bush, 6th) took the first six places in the discus Kylie Christiansen and Zoe Waddell finished 4-5 in hammer throw. In the men’s discus Ethan Saberhagen, Carter Slade and Alec Nehring finished 1-2-4. Three Bobcats landed in the top five in both the men’s and women’s javelin throw, performing live for the first time since 2019.

sprinter Damien Nelson showed an outstanding performance, winning the men’s 100 and finishing second in the 200. Macy White finished second in the women’s 100 meters.

Montana State returns to the Missoula track for the Al Manual Invitational next week. “We look forward to competing in Missoula next weekend and working towards the Big Sky Outdoor Athletics Championships,” said Weese.

The Bobcat results are listed below and the full results are attached.

LADIES TEAM STANDINGS: 1) Montana State 132, 1) Stanford 132, 3) San Jose State 95, 4) Sacramento State 87, 5) UC Davis 68
WOMEN 100: 2) Macy White 02/12
WOMEN 200: 8th) Macy White 25.47, 9) Morgan Evans 25.57
100 hurdles for women: 2) Morgan Evans 14.00, 3) Evelyn Adams 14.50, 4) Elena Carter 14.55
3000 STEEPLECHASE FOR WOMEN: 1) Alexi Kyro 10:44, 94, 2) Gillian Maness 10: 56.02
WOMEN 5000: 1) Camila Noe 16: 25,20, 2) Mya Dube 17: 17.81, 4) Alex Moore 17: 41.72
WOMEN’S HAMMER: 4) Kylie Christiansen 158-8, 5) Zoe Waddell 158-5
WOMEN’S DISCUS: 2) Madi Arneson 146-9, 3) Zoe Waddell 143-0, 6) Kyla Bush 130-0, 11) Jordan Fink 114-10
WOMEN’S SHOT PUT: 9) Kyla Bush 37-10.5
JAVELIN OF WOMEN: 3) Celestia Hammond 149-5, 4) Carley Vonheeder 145-6, 5) Kylie Christiansen 122-2
WOMEN’S LONG JUMP: 3) Evelyn Adams 17-9, 6) Elena Carter 17-4.25, 7) Hannah Hicks 17-2.75, 8) Alexandera Hellenberg 17-2, 9) Lucy Corbett 17-0.75, 10) Twila Reovan 16-10.5, 14) A’Lena Chaney 16-2.25
WOMEN’S TRIPLE JUMP: 3) Carla Nicosia 40-3.25, 8) A’Lena Chaney 37-1.25, 9) Twila Reovan 36-11
LADIES POLE VAULT: 3) Alexandra Hellenberg 11-5.75, 4) Corn Lake Brown 10-11.75
HIGH LEAP OF WOMEN: 1) Hannah Hicks 4-11.0

MEN’S TEAM STANDINGS: 1) Montana State 209, 2) Stanford 105, 2) San Jose State 105, 4) UC Davis 81, 5) Sacramento State 45
MEN 100: 1) Damien Nelson 10.64, 7) Casey Gunlikson 11.02, 10) Will Prettyman 08/21
MEN 200: 2) Damien Nelson 21.79
MEN 400: 11) Will Anderson 49.89
MEN 800: 3) Noah Majerus 1: 54.70, 5) Cameron Carroll 1: 55.51
MEN 5000: 1) I am Perrin 14: 24,21, 2) Matthew Richtman 14: 34.66
MEN 100 hurdles: 2) Henry Adams 14.52, 3) Caleb Neth 15.72
MEN 400 hurdles: 1) Drake Schneider 52.38, 2) Jared Schwend 54.75
MEN 3000 STEEPLECHASE: 1) Duncan Hamilton 8: 56.67, 2) Levi Taylor 9: 115, 42, 3) Isaac Schmidt 9: 32.36
4 x 400 RELAYS FOR MEN: 1) Jared Schwend, Alex Hershey, Will Anderson, Drake Schneider 3: 16.40
MEN’S HAMMER: 6) Carter Slade 156-1, 7) Ethan Saberhagen 153-11
MEN’S DISCUS: 1) Ethan Saberhagen 169-0, 2) Carter Slade 156-11, 4) Alec Nehring 155-4
MEN’S SHOT PUT: 1) Alec Nehring 55-11.75, 3) Carter Slade 51-9.75, 10) Ethan Saberhagen 45-4.25
MEN JAVELIN: 1) Cantor Coverdell 209-7, 2) Cooper Hoffman 204-3, 3) Brock Winegar 194-1
MEN’S LONG JUMP: 2) Caleb Neth 21-9.5
MEN TRIPLE JUMP: 2) Ian Fosdick 47-9.25
MEN’S POLE VAULT: 2) Colby Wilson 15-7, 3) Henry Adams 14-1.25, 4) Caleb Neth 13-7.25
HIGH JUMP FOR MEN: 5) Hunter Nicholson 6-2.75