City Meyer’s ‘unhinged’ teaching type inflicting inner bother for Jaguars, report says

In Jacksonville, things are already jacked up.

Urban Meyers Jaguars’ tenure got off to a bumpy start, according to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, as coaches and players seem to disprove the head coach’s scratchy behavior in preseason, training and meetings during the first year.

La Canfora reports that Meyer’s temper allowed “red flags” early on as head coach, with some questioning his ability to last a season given his summer squabble with the team.

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“There is sometimes a gap between those on the staff with extensive professional experience and those who lack it, and morale has suffered as the outbreaks have continued,” says La Canfora. “His fiery remarks to players and coaches after the games have struck many as bizarre.”

La Canfora reported, citing sources, that Meyer had threatened the job security of his employees after the losses in the previous season and “downgraded coaches”. Meyer struggled to figure out the timing of the installation and other NFL planning elements, causing delays and further difficulties for the coaching team.

Jacksonville members also resent Meyer’s seemingly control freak demeanor, with Meyer taking over exercise drills if not done to his exact specifications and expectations. There are also questions about Meyer’s handling of NFL staff with the team, according to La Canfora.

“He’s already showing everyone over his shoulder,” a source told CBS. “He gets unhinged far too easily and doesn’t know how to deal with losing, even preseason. He loses it and wants to do the exercises himself. It’s not good.”

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As a longtime and incredibly successful college head coach, Meyer is making his foray into the NFL sphere this year, his first as Jacksonville head coach. With the Jaguars’ hiring of Meyer and the election of child prodigy Trevor Lawrence as No. 1 overall, they signaled a new era in Jacksonville football.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have got off to a good start for everyone involved.

Inside investigation into cash spent on Panama Metropolis Seaside park

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Florida (WJHG / WECP) – Improvements to a park in Panama City Beach resulted in an internal investigation by the city.

The same matter is also the subject of a whistleblower lawsuit by former Panama City Beach City manager Tony O’Rourke.

O’Rourke claims public funds have been spent to make major improvements to Popeye Park, which is privately owned. He also claims he was fired in February after raising concerns about mismanagement and abuse of public funds.

Holland and Knight law firm was hired by the city that month to conduct an internal investigation into the Popeye Park issue.

The results were announced at the city council meeting on Thursday. Summarizing the results, there was no evidence that employees knew of a property problem at the start of the park improvements.

The company continues that the park improvements are serving a public purpose; However, Holland and Knight say that part of city law has been violated when it comes to budget and procurement rules.

The law firm recommends that the city hire a pre-emptive procurement officer who has compulsory training on purchasing power and who disciplines, but does not finish, the city’s current director of parks and recreation, Jim Ponek.

Vice Mayor Geoff McConnell believes the internal investigation speaks for itself.

“It was very detailed and tedious,” said McConnell. “I think it clearly shows that the city has not violated any state or federal laws. I want to thank Holland and Knight for doing a fantastic job and being incredibly thorough. “

McConnell says he trusts current city administrator Drew Whitman to properly stop disciplining Ponek. He says a decision will be made in the next few weeks.

Holland and Knight did not investigate the circumstances and potential legal issues related to O’Rourke’s February 11 termination.

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