Instagram’s engaged on Clubhouse-style audio rooms, too

(Pocket-Lint) – The craze for clubhouse-style audio rooms seems to be nowhere. Instagram is the latest major social media app that is apparently starting to prepare a competing feature.

The ability to send your voice to followers and friends without worrying about live streaming video has caught the crowd’s attention, and new images suggest that Instagram will be vying for a goal.

App researcher Alessandro Paluzzi has posted pictures of novelties in the Instagram app showing how users can select a microphone icon to start a broadcast, just like an Instagram Live.

#Instagram works on audio rooms

– Alessandro Paluzzi (@ alex193a) March 6, 2021

It wouldn’t be the most complicated addition as you can imagine, and these pictures suggest that Instagram is at a fairly advanced stage of development, so Clubhouse may have a new competitor sooner rather than later.

In slightly less lively news, but equally encouraging to some users, Instagram is also working on end-to-end encryption for its chat functionality, according to the same source, Paluzzi.

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March 10, 2021

This would be a welcome improvement, especially given the apparent and growing involvement of Instagram with the broader Facebook system and some people’s suspicions about this network’s data usage.

Letter from Max Freeman-Mills.

Instagram’s Tavern-Type Pizza Sensation, Jerry’s, Is Shifting Into the Bear Paw Inn

Chicago people have been visiting bars and eating what they call for decades Tavern style pizza: A thinly crusted, crispy, round cracker-eque cake cut into squares. It’s a phenomenon across the Midwest; Many – including Eater Chicago’s Ashok Selvam – argue that these are Chicago tavern-style pies are more Chicago than the ubiquitous deep dish, put aside for special occasions or tourists. Tavern-style pizza, on the other hand, is a weekday pizza that locals eat on a Friday night.

Several cakes are represented in Portland within the city limits: Neapolitan, Detroit-style Sicilian squares, and even something similar to the famous New Haven apizza. Chicago deep dish can be found in places like The Star and Via Chicago. But until Jerry Benedetto started hawking square cut cakes via InstagramIt was difficult to find a tavern style pizza in Portland outside of places like Bridge city. Benedetto’s Instagram, @JerrysPizzaPDX, became an all-time sensation among expats and pizza lovers of the Midwest, and the cake waiting list was longer than a year. But soon Benedetto will be moving to a real tavern to sell his tavern-style cakes: Jerry’s Pizza is run from the Bear Paw Inn, the Southeast Portland Bar. Willamette Week reported first. The long-term goal is for customers to be able to order drinks at the bar and pizzas from Jerry.

The magic in Benedetto’s cake starts with the crust: he cooks his well-made, crispy, but also chewy ones so that someone can pick them up and the piece stays stiff. “When I get back to Chicago, some people have too much cheese and cooked too little,” he says. “Then it’s a fatty flop; it’s disgusting. “From there, he adds a touch of his grandmother Pat’s tomato sauce as a base and just enough cheese. When Bear Paw gets going, Benedetto plans to offer homemade cakes and six typical cakes: One made with his house fennel sausage, in thinly sliced ​​fresh mushrooms and hot peppers; those topped with his house giardiniera and Italian beef; his version of a traditional supreme; a number with jalapenos, hot peppers and garlic. He will also have two liters of RC Cola in stock, a family tradition , and possibly start packing glasses from his Giardiniera to take home.

In addition, Benedetto is still chewing on how he plans to run his business. He still has a few pre-orders to process and wants to meet expectations. “I am literally a person who does everything. I’m thinking of hiring someone in two weeks, but I want to see if I can do it myself, ”he says. “What I do is not a normal brick and mortar, but … I can do it any way I want.”

Benedetto has not yet set an opening date; follow on Instagram for more details.

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