How Instagram star helped rescue dozens from Afghanistan | Your Cash

Dozens of desperate Afghans who wanted to flee the Taliban before the deadline for US withdrawal from Kabul expired on Tuesday came to safety with the help of an unexpected place: Instagram influencer Quentin Quarantino.

Quarantino is the alter ego of 25-year-old New York City-born Tommy Marcus, previously best known for his liberal memes and jokes about opponents of COVID-19 vaccinations. Along with his supporters, Quarantino raised $ 7 million through GoFundMe in a matter of days to launch rescue missions to Afghanistan to evacuate as many people as possible, many of whom said they were threatened by the Taliban.

On Wednesday, their Operation Flyaway mission helped transfer 51 people from Afghanistan to Uganda on a privately chartered plane funded by the GoFundMe campaign.

More than 121,000 people had donated to the campaign after Marcus appealed to his 832,000 supporters, making it one of the largest humanitarian fundraisers in GoFundMe history.

“It is more than humiliating that they have this confidence in me, that they are willing to put significant sums of money into the hands that I trust,” Marcus told The Associated Press.

Saraya International, a global development company, and the Rockefeller Foundation, both of which provided organizational support for the flight to Uganda, as well as another company involved in the evacuation, confirmed to the AP that the flight was different from that of Marcus. funded emergency collaboration was chartered ‘Go FundMe Campaign.

“I don’t know what word to use other than miracle because it restored faith in humanity,” said Marcus. “We have overcome the political divisions in this situation and have really come together from all walks of life to unite and save these people because … they do not deserve what their future holds if they stay in Afghanistan now.”

According to Marcus, women, children, humanists and others “who have long been fighting for the common good in Afghanistan” and their families were evacuated. The organizers had stated that they wanted to save 300 people who, along with their families, were “in imminent danger of being executed by the Taliban”.

The team had met skepticism from experts who questioned whether they could undertake such a mission at a time when governments, corporations and charities were taking their citizens and employees out of Afghanistan in all sorts of aircraft.

Marcus’ group said more than 350 people were rescued, with nearly 300 leaving Kabul on other charter flights reimbursed by Operation Flyaway for safe passage out of the country. A State Department spokesperson wrote in a statement emailed that the department values ​​”community-led efforts in support of the Afghan resettlement and relocation process that reflects the generosity of the American people and the international community.”

“However, we are unable to verify the authenticity or effectiveness of these efforts,” the statement said.

Officials from several non-profit groups describe a chaotic and dangerous scene at Kabul airport as they rushed to fill private charter flights with people who, in limited time, have the necessary papers to keep their planes on the tarmac.

“I am so proud of our exceptional team and what we have achieved in such a short amount of time,” said Scott Shadian, CEO of Sayara. “I just wish we could have done more. It breaks my heart how much more we could have achieved. We are grateful that despite the greatest adversity we have ever faced, we have managed as many people as we have.

At the request of the US government, Uganda received the evacuees, who will be staying in hotels in a city outside the state capital, Kampala. Uganda officials said the nation will host up to 2,000 people who are expected to be relocated after being temporarily in the country.

The charter flight, which left Kabul early Wednesday morning, is one of several private rescue operations organized individually and in cooperation by various groups to help Afghans escape. The flight from Kabul to Entebbe, Uganda, was organized by Sayara, who told a company working with Marcus that she knew of an airplane for Operation Flyaway.

Representatives from North Carolina-based Raven Advisory said they could pay for the mission with funds raised through Marcus’ GoFundMe campaign. The company, which claims to be subcontracted to the US military, said “an all-volunteer team made up of former Special Forces soldiers and other veterans with experience in Afghanistan” are working with the military to coordinate their rescue efforts.

Sayaras Shadian said he only met members of Operation Flyaway on Zoom earlier this week and, amid the chaos of the evacuations from Kabul, was thrilled that they agreed to finance the flight.

“You were one of the many miracles we have witnessed during this time,” said Shadian. “Your last minute funding, along with the generous support of the Rockefeller Foundation, Schmidt Futures, and other donors, was vital. Without the quick funding for Operation Flyaway, this flight would not have started. “

Raven Advisory CEO Sheffield Ford told the AP that in order to get people to the airport, the US government “has to be content with our organization saying that these people are fine and that they are actually doing things have done to help their country, to help ”. our country.”

Though Thursday’s fatal airport suicide attack hampered their efforts, Ford says those they help must have a passport, a relative his group can communicate with, and someone to vouch for them who has passed a background check . The goal, according to Ford, is to get Afghan citizens targeted by the Taliban out of the country.

“Our focus was on the people who wanted to make something great out of their country,” he said. “They thought they would stay there for the long term, with our support. There will be women in journalism and teachers. It could be the young and the elderly who have spoken out very openly against the various atrocities committed by the Taliban in the past. “

While crowdfunding is a welcome tool for raising funds in times of crisis, Patricia McIlreavy, president of the Washington-based Center for Disaster Philanthropy, emphasizes that donors should be careful when donating through these websites for private purposes.

“There will not necessarily be a public record of where this money went and how it was used, as a nonprofit – or a 501 (c) (3) – is required by law,” she said.

Although the rescue flights are now suspended with the outstanding deadline for the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, the GoFundMe campaign said it will donate the remaining money to the Washington-based International Women’s Media Foundation. According to the organizers, the foundation, which supports women journalists, wants to use the money to “work with experienced organizations and experts to support people as soon as they are on safe ground”.

Ford was impressed with how quickly GoFundMe raised millions for these missions.

“It’s about people coming together to help others,” he said. “And it was great to see that.”


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Wolves in Idaho, Montana could get federal oversight

Instagram Influencer Hushpuppi Pleads Responsible To Cash Laundering

Ramon ‘Hushpuppi’ Abbas, the self-proclaimed ‘Billionaire Gucci Master’, is now waiting for it … [+] convicted after admitting money laundering charges.

Universal Images Group via Getty Images

The lavish life of fast cars, designer clothes and private jets has come to an end for the Nigerian Instagram influencer Ramon ‘Hushpuppi’ Abbas, 37 years old after pleading guilty to money laundering and other business email programs that cost his victims nearly $ 24 million in a California court.

The plea, confirmed by the US Attorney’s Office in the Central District of California, could result in Abbas being sentenced to up to 20 years in prison, according to court documents. Abbas must also “pay the victims full compensation,” the documents say.

In a statement, Kristi K. Johnson, assistant director of the FBI’s Los Angeles branch, described Abbas as one of “the world’s most senior money launderers,” adding: “[Abbas’] Celebrity status and the ability to make connections seeped into legitimate organizations and resulted in several spin-off programs in the US and abroad. Today’s announcement deals a decisive blow to this international network and hopefully serves as a warning to potential victims of this type of theft. “

Abbas and his co-conspirators were charged with attempting “to steal more than $ 1.1 million from a … [+] Entrepreneur trying to fund the construction of a school for children in Qatar

AFP via Getty Images

Abbas and his co-conspirators were charged with “stealing more than $ 1.1 million from a businessman who is trying to fund the construction of a school for children in Qatar – and subsequently laundering illegal proceeds from bank accounts around the world.” Court documents unsealed on Wednesday show Abbas pleaded guilty on April 20.

Acting US attorney Tracy L. Wilkison said in a statement: “The defendants allegedly faked funding a Qatari school by playing the role of bank clerk and creating a fake website that also bribed a foreign official for the sake of the complicated pretext to go after a lead was given to the victim, “added,” Mr. Abbas, who played a significant role in the program, financed his luxurious lifestyle by laundering illegal revenues generated by scammers.

Gucci master guilty

Ramon Abbas is a Nigerian influencer with over 2.5 million followers on Instagram. Abbas, known to his fans as Hushpuppi, has built a worldwide following by posting pictures of his lavish spending on cars, watches, designer clothes, and private jets.

In July, the former legal representative of Mr. Abbas, Gal Pissetzky von Pissetzky & Berliner, told Forbes that his client was “absolutely not guilty” [the] Charges they accuse him, “added:”[Abbas] ran a legitimate business and a very legitimate Instagram account, and didn’t engage in fraud or scams. ”When asked how Abbas paid for his lifestyle, Pissetzky told Forbes,“ He’s an entrepreneur. He has real estate engagement … [he’s] an Instagram personality. He advertised brands and legitimately earned his money with them. ”After a year of waiting in a US prison, Abbas has now pleaded guilty.

A $ 200,000 Richard Mille watch, like the one Ramon Abbas bought before his arrest and in the … [+] The FBI affidavit


Abbas was in. arrested Dubai in June 2020. Documents released on Wednesday show that between January 18, 2019 and June 9, 2020, Abbas and his conspirators targeted multiple victims and laundered funds fraudulently obtained through cyber attacks on banks (including fraudulent transfers via SWIFT authorize and cause) and tried to trick a victim into making an unauthorized transfer via email

Abbas has pleaded guilty to damages of. to have caused $ 14.7 million at a bank in Malta, and $ 7.7 million in losses to so-called “victim companies” in a separate case related to an unnamed Premier League club. Two other sums of damage – one to an unnamed law firm and the other to a Qatari businessman – are less than $ 1 million each.

While these sums are not representative of Abbas’ career earnings, it is very likely that the self-proclaimed “Billionaire Gucci Master” was never actually a billionaire. (Forbes does not currently list Abbas on our list of Billionaires in the World, nor has Forbes ever listed Abbas as a billionaire.)

Abbas’ lawyer had no comment.


Eiza Gonzalez and Paul Rabil make romance Instagram official | Leisure

Eiza Gonzalez made her relationship with Paul Rabil official on Instagram.

The “Baby Driver” actress, who previously dated Liam Hemsworth and Timothee Chalamet, has been meeting the professional lacrosse player for over a month now.

And over the weekend, the 31-year-old star congratulated her husband on his successful game and raved about how much she loves him.

She wrote in her Instagram story: “Congratulations to the lacrosse [goat] on the nomination as the all-time leader with the most points / goals in pro lacrosse history !!

“I love you [Paul]. Nobody works harder than you. “

Eiza has been helping Paul, 35, at work and was recently spotted at a training camp for his team, the Boston Cannons.

A source said at the time, “They went to training camp together in Massachusetts for breakfast because he had a game the next day.”

They were also spotted together in Los Angeles last month visiting the Plant Food + Wine restaurant in Venice.

Rabil divorced his lacrosse colleague Kelly Berger in 2017 after three years of marriage.

Eiza, who also dated model Dusty Lachowicz in December and Josh Duhamel in 2018, recently announced that she had turned down a vacation opportunity to star in Hobbs & Shaw.

The actress plays Madame M / Margarita in the spin-off film “Fast & Furious” and was grateful to be able to star in both the action film and the monster film “Godzilla vs. Kong”.

Eiza said, “When I was doing Bloodshot I got a call and I was just being offered both Hobbs & Shaw and Godzilla vs. Kong. It was the same week, at the same time! And I really wanted to do both do, but they’d have an appointment conflict because the characters needed more time (for) both of them.

“Dwayne (Johnson) and his team were so amazing because they said, ‘We really like her. We really want her to be in the movie. How do we do it?’

“So they worked on my ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ plan, which basically consisted of moving from place to place, from Hawaii to Australia. And I said, ‘I’m ready not to have a vacation’ I remember thinking, ‘I’m ready not to have a vacation if I can do that.’ “

Halle Berry slams ‘unfavorable’ Instagram | Leisure

Halle Berry hates the “negativity” of social media.

The “Catwoman” star loves that sites like Instagram are so “funny” but admits there is a darker side and she finds it frustrating that there is so much “negativity” online.

She said, “I love that it’s so fun. I think that’s the part of it that I want to lean into and not take seriously. To try to stay a part of what happens, but still age appropriate What I hate and that will never stop, I know because it’s the nature of the world, but I hate the negativity that’s going on there. I just really want to like these trolls, beat them because they are the Really harm people. “

The 54-year-old actress thinks social media is very “harmful” for young people and wishes people would use the platform responsibly and only say nice things.

Speaking to Essence Magazine, she added, “It’s harmful to young people and I really want it to be when they really didn’t have anything [nice] to say don’t say it.

“If you have such negative things to say about someone, why are you on their side? You obviously like them or you wouldn’t be there. It’s kind of annoying and I worry about the younger people who really don’t . ” I don’t understand that this is only hated by trolls who have no life and they take it so much to heart. It can be really, really harmful, and I see that in my daughter and it makes me angry. “

Instagram Will Supply New Methods for Creators to Make Cash

Instagram will soon be launching new monetization tools that will allow online developers to make more money while doing what they love.

It can be fun creating the online content that users see as they scroll through their social media feeds. But it is also an opportunity for online content creators to make a living creating that content.

Instagram plans to make it easier for content creators to earn an income and put more money into their content Bank accounts. Mark Zuckerberg recently sat down with Instagram head Adam Mosseri to discuss some upcoming new features that developers can use to make money on their Instagram content. Read on to find out more.

Instagram is developing new money-making features for content creators

With these new features, developers can generate income in a number of ways. Here are some of the new features available to developers:

  • Creator stores where creators can sell items directly to their followers
  • An affiliate marketplace where developers can make money from the products they promote through the Instagram platform
  • A marketplace that connects creators with branded content opportunities

While Instagram is currently developing these features, there is no set date when they will be available to developers.

These features will benefit many

While developers can currently make money by posting sponsored content, those transactions don’t happen on Instagram. Instead, developers have to work with brands outside of the platform to find out the details and get paid for their work.

Instagram wants to make it easy to monetize content with these tools so that developers can make money from the app. This makes it easy for content creators to keep doing what they love while having the opportunity to grow their income.

Features like the right marketplace can also help brands better promote their own products and services and find the right developers for the job. The easier Instagram makes it for developers to make money from the app, the more content they are likely to post. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Remote and online work are on the rise

According to SignalFireThere are currently 50 million content creators. This shows that many people are already making money online and that number is likely to increase over time.

In today’s world, careers are evolving. More and more workers are pushing for remote working opportunities and looking for ways to make money online. Workers want more flexibility and some people no longer want to work in a traditional work environment.

People who earn an income from online apps, platforms and appearances can enjoy a more flexible work-life balance and work on the days and hours that they prefer. Lots of remote workers and online gig workers are moving into the cheapest cities to expand their income even further. In these cities, they can enjoy a lower cost of living and a lifestyle with more freedom.

Freelance income can vary from month to month, so it is best to think ahead. If you are making an income through Instagram or any other social media platform, make sure you are getting some of your income for a Emergency fund. And to maximize your income, set aside a little more money every month High yield savings account So you always have backup resources available.

Check out ours Personal finance Resources for more money management tips.

Caleb Kennedy’s Scandal, Job, Age, Instagram, Model & Extra

Former American Idol candidate Caleb Kennedy is a South Carolina country singer. During the show he played both original songs and covers.

Caleb Kennedy pushed past american idolis the minimum Age requirement that is 15to appear on the show when she was only 16. The young singer is from Roebuck, South Carolina and specializes in country music. He’s already signed to a label, CK Records. Caleb impressed the judges every week, but his time at American Idol ended after the top 5 due to a video of him being shown alongside a friend wearing a KKK-style hood.

High school student Caleb Kennedy received essential props after his appearance on Disney Week on American Idol. He sang “Real Gone” by Cars and played the electric guitar. He wore a hat that covered his eyes when his mullet peeked out from the back of his neck. The Judges, Katy Perry, Luke Bryant and Lionel Richiepraised his performance. They all agreed that his energy radiated from the stage. After his performance, a video feed revealed a large group of his friends and family watching from their home, including members of his band.

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At the start of the season, Caleb was placed in the Country Category of the Genre Challenge. Country is definitely his genre and he has written a lot of original country songs. He played two of his own original songs on American Idol, including his audition singing “Nowhere” and his last week on the show singing “Mama Said” in honor of Mother’s Day. Caleb is 16 years old and already has a four song EP with the finished version of “Nowhere”. He is most often compared to country singer Luke Combs, who hails from Caleb’s neighboring state of North Carolina.

Caleb Kennedy American Idol

Caleb Kennedy’s Instagram is @calebkennedyofficial. He posts videos of himself singing many of his original songs. Of course, it has recently been filled with photos of his American Idol experience, from selfies with duet partner Jason Aldean to setbacks from his first audition where he received the coveted Golden Ticket. In one of the videos he posted on Instagram where he is performing with his band, he is wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat. His last Instagram post includes the scandal that made him quit the show.

On May 12th, Caleb uploaded a screenshot of his Notes app, apologizing to his fans. The statement on Instagram gave his fans an explanation for his departure from American Idol. Explaining that he would no longer be on the show, he added, “I’m going to take a little time on social media to improve, but I know this has hurt and disappointed a lot of people and people get the respect I lose. I’m so sorry! “Caleb’s time goes on american idol It may have come to an end, but by only sixteen it is possible that he will learn and grow from that experience.

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Source: Caleb Kennedy / Instagram

Secret invasion of Spider-Woman-Skrull

Marvel’s original secret invasion reveals burned fans

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Meg Spaulding
(177 articles published)

Meg Spaulding is a writer who spends an alarming amount of time on reality TV. She graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in film and history and has written about everything related to entertainment ever since. Her favorite show is The Bachelor. When she is not thinking about television, she enjoys reading and having long conversations with her friends.

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Instagram launches TikTok type function ‘Remix’ for Reels, this is the best way to use it

To keep taking over the Chinese short-form video app TikTok, Facebook’s own Instagram has announced a new feature called Remix, which allows users to create, share, and add their own perspective and fun on their Reels platform.

Instagram users can now “remix” a role, which means they can upload a video alongside someone else’s, based on the original clip.

The feature is already popular on TikTok, often for dance challenges, under the “Duet” feature.

“With Remix, you can create your own role in addition to an existing role. Interactive tools like live rooms, polls and questions in stories, and AR effects have always been an important part of connecting people on Instagram,” the company said in a statement on Wednesday.

This is how it works

1. Tap the three-dot menu of a role and select “Shuffle this role”.

2. The screen will split into your original role and your new role, and you can now start recording your remix.

3. Your inclusion takes place next to the original roll.

“After recording, you can control the volume for the original audio, the recorded audio, and add a voice-over,” Instagram said.

Remixes are only activated automatically for new roles. However, if you already have a role that you want people to remix, you can activate it manually by tapping that three-dot menu on your own video and selecting “Activate Remix.”

Instagram launched Reels in India in July 2020. Facebook’s own application provided a short video feature after TikTok, which was very popular in India, was banned by the government.

Several features have been added since Reels was launched last year.

These include extending the recording time limit up to 30 seconds, extending the countdown timer to 10 seconds while recording, and adding options to trim and delete clips from the timeline.

Updates have also been made to the audio features so you can now save audio clips, share audio pages, and search for trending songs.

(With agency entries)

NCAA-style bracket rating Fairfield feminine college students posted on Instagram

FAIRFIELD – School officials said they are investigating a March Madness-style tournament group that graded female students.

The clip was posted on Instagram and appears to only include freshers from Fairfield Warde and Ludlowe high schools. She encouraged others to vote for a name in each pairing, officials said.

“As a school system, this behavior is not tolerated,” said Andrea Clark, the district spokeswoman. “The investigation into this case is ongoing and we will hold all students accountable.”

Some students believed to be the creators have been identified. This emerges from a joint statement the school principals sent to families on Tuesday.

In the letter, Directors Greg Hatzis of Fairfield Ludlowe and Paul Cavana of Fairfield Warde called the bracket “pejorative” for all women.

“We strongly condemn this behavior, which harms and devalues ​​all young women in freshmen classes in both schools, but also all Fairfield students, and indeed all women,” wrote the principals. “It is disheartening that not only did someone create this post, but that other students” liked “it, and this is addressed.”

Clark said the action will begin with virtual school assemblies.

The letter encouraged families to speak to their children about this situation and warn them of the possible long-term effects of social media posts.

“Our high schools are determined to promote respect for all students,” wrote Hatzis and Cavana. “Any act that appeals to a group negatively on the basis of gender, race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, learning differences or other distinguishing features will not be tolerated.”

Schools cannot remove or deactivate the account – which can only be done by the account owner – but Hatzis and Cavana said they will work with the families of those responsible to remove the contributions.

Headmasters said school staff at both schools were investigating to determine who was responsible when they found out about the site.

Some students have already been identified, but officials now believe that another person created the voting mechanism for the bracket. Anyone with information is asked to submit a TIPS report. People can remain anonymous, although Hatzis and Cavana said it would be helpful for them to provide their contact information so officers can contact them.

“We would like to commend all students and parishioners who served as allies and reported the behavior under these circumstances,” the principals wrote.

They also reminded the families that “not all the facts have come to light,” and asked them to allow the school staff to complete the investigation.

“The students involved will be held accountable for their inappropriate actions,” the principals wrote. “We share the disgust of students, parents and staff at both schools for this act.”

The school principals said they should do a thorough investigation and support any student who “feels harassed or hurt by these acts”.

“As a community, we can unite to not only address negative behavior, but also to learn the important lessons that emerge from the unfortunate choices of a few,” wrote Hatzis and Cavana. “The strong response to this event underscores the values ​​we all share as the Fairfield Community.”

This NFL participant earns more cash per Instagram submit than anyone in soccer — and it’s not Tom Brady

Tom Brady may have just finished a record-breaking seventh Super Bowl championship, but he’s not the king of NFL Instagram – neither is younger and talented Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

The NFL player who makes the most money per sponsored Instagram post is actually not a quarterback but a broad recipient.

Cleveland Browns star receiver Odell Beckham Jr. makes more per sponsored post on Facebook
FB, + 2.75%
Platform than any other NFL player. Beckham makes $ 58,699 per post, according to data from Pickswise Instagram Rich List.


Odell Beckham Jr. makes more per sponsored Instagram post than any other player in the NFL.

While Beckham has been plagued by injuries in the NFL for the past couple of years, his popularity is still going strong. He has the Most of any NFL player’s Instagram followers are 14.3 million, followed by Tom Brady at 9.5 million.

Pickswise’s calculations are carried out via the social marketing company Hypeauditor, which uses the API (Application Programming Interface) to determine follower numbers, engagement rate and usage and to analyze previously paid posts, the website said MarketWatch. Where available, information from a player agent was used to further solidify the per-post data.

Odell Beckham Jr.’s salary for the 2021 NFL season is $ 15.7 million, the 44th highest mark in the NFL and the eighth highest for wide receivers Spotrac. That equates to roughly $ 981,200 per game for Beckham – he would have to post 17 sponsored posts on Instagram to match the amount he would make for an NFL game.

Beckham, 28, is a three-time NFL Pro Bowler and former Rookie of the Year. He has exceeded the 1,000-yard mark five times in his career.

Odell Beckham Jr. and his representative did not respond to a request for comment on this story.

Overall, NFL players make significantly less money than NBA players per sponsored Instagram post. Lakers Star LeBron James makes $ 300,850 per sponsored Instagram post, followed by Stephen Curry, the guardian of the Golden State Warriors, who makes $ 155,100.

LeBron James dominates NBA revenue on and off the pitch.

James’ merit by post is still a long way off Cristiano Ronaldo who makes $ 975,000 per sponsored post;; He’s the top professional athlete on Instagram.

Hassle in paradise? Jesy Nelson unfollows Sean Sagar on Instagram once more | Leisure

Jesy Nelson and Sean Sagar have unfollowed each other on social media just over a month after rekindling their romance.

Former Little Mix star and “Our Girl” actor originally ended their romance after nine months together in early January, before reportedly getting back together later that month.

But they have now sparked separation rumors again as they removed each other from their Instagram accounts.

When the couple got back together in late January, a source said they simply had a “lovers match” that prompted them to take a brief hiatus from their romance.

The insider had said, “It was really all a bit silly. They had a lovers get-together, but now they’re back together. Sean is especially nice to her and comforts her because she needs a lot of support right now.

“They thought it would be better if they could lockdown together so he could stay with her. He was brilliant and in that way it means that none of them are alone. “

29-year-old Jesy previously deleted all traces of Sean from her Instagram account when they split for the first time earlier this year, and the actor soon followed suit on his own.

Another source said at the time of their split: “Jesy and Sean have decided to take some time. It’s such a shame they made a lovely couple, but things haven’t been right between them lately.

“Jesy has just left Little Mix and is working hard on herself right now – she needs to put herself first.

“Lockdown made it very difficult too, so Jesy and Sean take the time to separate for now.”

The couple started dating last April but kept things off social media for some time as Jesy had just ended her romance with Chris Hughes.