Viva Leisure Group Inks Deal With City Movie star Boxing For All Of Their Pay Per View Occasions

MIAMI, June 2, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Viva Entertainment Group, Inc (OTC: OTTV), a developer of OTT systems that deliver television services over the Internet, is pleased to announce that it has signed a contract with Urban Starboxing for all of its events Has. .

The deal consists of Fight Night Channel 8 on VivaLive TV and all events that Urban Celebrity Boxing produces, such as the largest international influencer fight in America.

June 26th Orlando Florida will be the home of the influencer versus influencer battle Puerto Rico versus Mexico, which will be played on VivaLive TV. The captivating character @GallotheProducer has people all over the world talking to see if he can hold his big mouth back or if the baby-faced assassin goes down Mexico @Screamau is victorious! . Other fights on the map consist of Harlem Globetrotters Star and ESPN Slam Dunk Champion Wayne Clark against Tah-O. Central Florida Hip hop artist! Don’t forget our Divas Match 2 from Hustling The Bag Reality TV stars Divine and Tashi fight for the money in the Bag Fight. Winner takes all the money in the ring !. Download the VivaLive TV app and buy your PPV for only $ 9.99! Live performances by Soleil international record star and Grammy Award winner D’mingo! All brought to you by UCBL.

Johnny Falcon, explains VIVA’s Chairman and CEO: “The urban world is something to watch out for. It’s here to stay The greatest artists in the world are urban today. Influencers are part of a high quality trend for American companies. They spend billions of dollars engaging influencers with their brand. Why not watch her fight? ”All of her followers are eager to see her in action. Urban Celebrity Boxing pioneered that niche and transformed it into a huge audience that today pays to see their favorite influencer. The streaming business is growing and pay per views is becoming part of our strength as a company. It’s a great source of income for our business to grow. Urban Celebrity Boxing is poised to change the sport.

Ray Santiago aka (Rayrok) CEO of Urban Celebrity Boxing says, “Our goal was to partner with a company that shared the same vision. Johnny definitely knows how to look forward.” Viva is one step ahead. We’re going to change how boxing is viewed in the near future. Can not Hardly Wait June 26th. At UCBL we are very excited to take this to the next level. We’ll be announcing our next event that promises to be a big one June 26th after the fighting.

About VIVA Entertainment Group, Inc.

VIVA Entertainment Group, Inc. is a global entertainment and technology company that connects content owners and video distributors to deliver premium content to any screen smart device. Viva is a service provider that has developed an OTT system that provides television services over a network such as the Internet using the Internet Protocol Suite. Viva offers streamers access to the content anytime, anywhere. With a WiFi connection, streamers can watch live TV from around the world, TV shows and movies on demand, and many other interactive features. Independent and major film studios, television broadcasters, telecommunications companies, cable companies and emerging ISPS are partnering with Viva to achieve enhanced multi-platform video distribution capabilities. As the only true end-to-end provider of premium content technology services, VIVA has licensed and delivered to traditional and OTT video distributors around the world. VIVA is a listed company under the symbol OTTV

About Urban Celebrity Boxing (UCBL)

UCBL a Florida Corporation is a platform created to show America’s youth that you can pull up your gloves and lay down your guns and fight another day.

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My Leisure’s One Foot Ahead Inks Content material Offers With Mark Wahlberg, Extra – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: My conversationThe recently launched division, formed to develop and produce premium, scriptless content for the leading streaming services, has released an impressive list of early content deals and IP content. Partners include Michael Sugars Sugar23 (Spotlight, Worth), Mark Wahlberg’s Unrealistic Ideas (HBO’s Wahl Street, McMillions), Laurent Bouzereau (HBO’s Natalie Wood: What’s Behind It, Netflix’s Five Came Back), and original Saturday Night Live writer Alan Zweibel (700 Sundays), Curb Your Enthusiasm, upcoming feature Here Today), Jeremiah Crowell (Netflix Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak, HBO Max / Alex Gibneys Generation Hustle at Jigsaw Productions), Paul Pawlowski (Starz / Steven Soderberghs Leavenworth ), UFC: Road to the Octagon) Dave Check, Emmy and Peabody award winners (Leavenworth by Starz / Steven Soderbergh, ESPN 30 for Brothers in Exile from the 1930s) and Scout Productions (4-part documentaries equal to HBO Max, Emmy -Winner Queer Eye) for Netflix). The division is led by Joe Townley, COO / Executive Producer of My Entertainment.

Discovery Orders Global Series “Billy buys Brooklyn” with “Baggage Battles” star Billy Leroy

Michael Yudin, Joanna Zwickel
Courtesy of My Entertainment

The announcement was made on Tuesday by My Entertainment President and Founder Michael Yudin and Joanna Zwickel, Development Director of One Foot Forward.

Mark Wahlberg of Unrealistic Ideas, Steven Levinson, Archie Gipps
Courtesy of Unrealistic Ideas

Projects include Pellicano, a film that captures the real-world story of Hollywood’s most sought-after private investigator, Anthony Pellicano from Sugar23; Milk Carton Kids, a documentary that introduces four missing child survivors who were safely brought back after their photos were displayed on milk cartons as part of an advertising campaign from the 1980s to bring missing children home, out of Wahlberg’s unrealistic ideas ; and Marge Schott, a sports documentary directed by Emmy-winning Paul Pawlowski, about the first woman to own a baseball team and the first woman to take a team to the World Series.

One Foot Forward has also contracted the exclusive multimedia rights to Dorothy Carvello’s critically acclaimed anthology Anything for a Hit: An A&R Woman’s Tale of Surviving the Music Industry, Sex Cape in the Executive Suite at Atlantic Records, and the Toxic Work culture in the music business.

“I’m incredibly proud of the relentless work Joanna and our team put into developing these shows and working with such outstanding partners to bring this compelling list of new projects to life,” said Yudin. If I know the ways this industry is going as well as I do, it is amazing to me that all of this has been achieved in less than six months since we started One Foot Forward. “

Zwickel added, “From an international scam to issues of race, political controversy and the pursuit of human happiness, these headline-grabbing stories are powered by access to the key players involved. One Foot Forward is thrilled to be in business with such high profile talent and bring their unique point of view to the market. “

Here’s a closer look at the first one foot forward content deals:

Pellicano – Developed with Sugar23 and directed by Laurent Bouzereau. This film tells the personal story of Hollywood’s most sought-after private investigator, Anthony Pellicano, behind the headlines. An original, classic American character, Pellicano is revealed much more than the person who found their way into the well-known Tinseltown scandals and stories you read about. This will be a look at Pellicano’s passionate boss mentality and code, an ethic too far-fetched to invent – had it not been Hollywood that made it all come true.

Milk carton children – Series develops Mark Wahlberg’s unrealistic ideas. In the early 1980s, missing children were shown in milk cartons in hopes that widespread advertising would help bring them home. Hundreds of milk carton children are known to have been safely returned to their families only a dozen because of a milk carton. This documentary series will show the never-before-told story of four of these survivors.

Comedy documents – Executive Producer of the 5-time Emmy Award and Tony Award winner Alan Zweibel. Leveraging its longstanding industry relationships, Zweibel will add to this series of 30-for-30 documentaries some of the biggest names in comedy who apply a comedic tone to layered pieces of human interest. Zweibel said: “The first three documentaries are innovative in both content and approach. While ‘Sick Humor’ anecdotally explores jokes and their beneficial medicinal effects, with ‘Hangover Cure’ we tell the remarkable story of Martin Greenfield – the perfect example of the American dream a 93-year-old Auschwitz survivor lived as a youngster After that he came to America and founded a company in which he finally made bespoke clothing for six US presidents, top athletes and casts of successful TV shows and films. I am thrilled with the team we have put together to make these comedy documentaries a success. I will have the privilege of working with Bill Scheft – a 16-time Emmy nominee for David Letterman – and Ferne Pearlstein – 2004 Sundance Cinematography Prize winner for Imelda, who had four feature film premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Russian roulette – Directed by Jeremiah Crowell and co-produced by Xpedition. This series offers an in-depth look at the capers in which a highly paid escort inadvertently posted an Instagram photo of their billionaire client, which in turn opened the door to a multinational scandal that pointed to Russian collusion in American politics.

Margin Schott – The director is Emmy Prize winner Paul Pawlowski. Former Cincinnati Reds star Eric Davis, who played Schott during the Marge era, is on board as an advisor on this sports documentary, which depicts the life and times of Schott, the first baseball team owner and first woman to team up brings the world investigates series. Schott was a controversial character from the start – in the current political climate with players getting on their knees and longstanding sports organizations changing their team names, it’s finally a good time for players to tell stories about the unsavory behavior they’ve seen during their tenure. Marge’s infamous behavior regarding racism, anti-Semitism, and general claims is revealed in this multilayered portrait of one of baseball’s most shocking characters.

Happiness project – In collaboration with Emmy-winning Scout Productions and in collaboration with the professor of Harvard’s Most Popular Course, the series is based on the popular happiness-based curriculum that combines the rigor of Ivy League studies with the personal stories and everyday applications.