Retail business presses forward with convention, tries to nudge normalcy

Visitors enter the venue for the NRF 2020 Vision: Retail’s Big Show held in New York, USA on January 12, 2020.

Wang Ying | Xinhua News Agency | Getty Images

“The big show will go on,” Matt Shay, president of the National Retail Federation, said Monday.

And on Friday, even as more speakers and attendees leave the conference, that remains the trade group’s plan.

The National Retail Federation will open its annual meeting in New York City this weekend. It is one of many annual conferences and fairs that ring in a new year in January each year. But with omicron Pushing Covid cases to new heights, conference planning has become complex and caused the industry to make tough decisions.

The JP Morgan Healthcare Conference – which attracts medical professionals, big pharma and healthcare startups – decided to hold its annual event virtually this week. CES 2022, a trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association, continued with his event the previous week, albeit with smaller crowds. And the film industry said it is moving forward with plans to host the Berlin International Film Festival in person in February, while the Sundance Film Festival scheduled for later this month will be held virtually.

The decisions are symbolic in some cases, reflecting the challenges businesses face as companies try to push consumers toward more normalcy. Grocery stores and drugstores have kept their doors open and stores staffed during previous waves of the pandemic. Cinemas are trying win back audience, as some people have become shy about sitting next to strangers.

“As we move beyond the pandemic endemic, this year’s convention is a step forward in this new environment,” NRF said in a statement Friday. “It’s going to be a bit messy, no doubt, but it’s a step forward.”

There will be fewer opportunities for people to take their masks off, drink and socialize like there have been at conferences in the past. NRF recently decided to postpone two of its most important events — an awards gala and a more intimate dinner hosted by the NRF Foundation — to mid-April. The foundation sent personal communications to CEOs and honorees on Jan. 6 announcing the change. It has also indefinitely postponed a student program to coincide with the Big Show, which typically draws about 800 college-age attendees for education and networking.

NRF has announced increased security measures. In addition to requiring masks and vaccination certificates, there are plans to distribute N95 masks and Covid test kits to take home.

Similarly, the Berlin Film Festival said its event would have tighter restrictions and no parties.

Declining visitor numbers

The U.S. has been reporting an average of nearly 800,000 cases a day for the past week, more than triple the previous record set last winter, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. While cases of Omicron may be milder than previous strains of the virus, hospitalizations are also increasing, particularly in the last two weeks.

With this in mind, expected attendance at NRF’s Big Show has declined. Shay from NRF said Monday in a post on LinkedIn that the show will go on. He said the conference is expected to attract up to 20,000 attendees and 750 exhibitors. Around 40,000 people attended the Big Show in 2019.

Two days later, however, an NRF spokesman said there had been 15,000 confirmed participants.

Almost every day brought changes to the conference schedule. Jessica Albas Honest company confirmed last Friday that the company’s founder and CEO has stepped down from the lineup. Saks chief executive Marc Metrick resigned earlier this week. Both were keynote speakers at the event on the main stage.

aim said Friday that CEO Brian Cornell still plans to attend the event. He is scheduled to give a keynote and accept the trade group’s “Visionary” award. However, the company said it has cut travel for other employees planning to leave and is looking at opportunities to attend virtually.

A session with tapestry, Coach and Kate Spade’s parent company, is no longer on the three-day agenda. Meanwhile CEOs out Old Navy, stitch fix, lowes and north current have decided not to travel to the conference and will instead hold their sessions virtually.

executives out Macy’s, WW International (formerly Weight Watchers International), Victoria’s Secret, Authentic Brands Group and Coresight Research are expected to be present in person.

To date, NRF has not offered a virtual option for attendees or speakers who are not scheduled to be on the main stage at the Javits Center.

We believe that now is an appropriate time to get back together in some way. This is a time to start normalizing.

Stephanie Martz

General Counsel, National Retail Federation

In a Jan. 6 tweet, Future Commerce co-founder Phillip Jackson said, “NRF’s The Big Show is going to be more like The No Show.”

Because omicron is highly contagious, there are fears that an event that draws thousands of attendees could turn into a super-spreader event. Nearly 70 attendees, including some Samsung executives, tested positive for coronavirus after CES took place in Las Vegas last week. according to a Reuters report. It is not clear whether these attendees contracted Covid during the tech show or at external events such as a dinner at a restaurant.

The location of NRF’s big show, the Javits Center, is already believed to be the source of the first known case of omicron spread in the US, after clusters of cases were discovered among the roughly 53,000 people who gathered there for an anime conference in November.

‘Open for business’

The NRF is driving the conference forward as many retail workers earning minimum wage — or close to it — work in stores and warehouses every day. On the other hand, many of the industry’s top executives and corporate employees have been able to work from the comfort and security of their homes.

“The fact is, it’s really, really important for us to remember that our frontline retail associates have been working all the time and we’ve asked them to come into work and engage with customers,” said Stephanie Martz, the Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel of NRF, in an interview on January 5.

She said vaccines, masks and other safety precautions have changed the game, both for the conference and for business operations in general.

“Individual companies are making the decisions that they are going to make themselves and we certainly don’t blame them if people are pulling out, but we think as a trade association representing retailers we should take advantage of the fact we are able to say that we believe the economy can and should be open for business,” she said.

“We believe now is an appropriate time to get back together in some way,” Martz added. “This is a time to start normalizing.”

NRF’s Shay stressed the importance of keeping businesses running despite the pandemic.

“We are encouraged by Mayor Eric Adams’ stated desire to keep New York City open,” Shay said in his LinkedIn post. “The overwhelming opinion of our members, exhibitors, retailers, partners and visitors is that we should move forward with the show. … This year’s show is a step forward and we believe it is necessary and worthwhile.”

Cramer says anticipate business consolidation earlier than shopping for on-line sports activities playing shares

CNBC’s Jim Cramer said Monday he believes investors should stay away from online sports betting, claiming it was unattractive for their own businesses like Draft kings because there is too much competition in the gaming industry.

“Until we see fewer promotions and more M&A deals, these online sports betting stocks are … very difficult to own,” he said “Bad money” said the host, noting that this view is in stark contrast to something of optimism around the burgeoning cohort in early 2021.

“But when we see what the reality looks like, there is a lot of competition for market share and little profit. What a shame, because profits are what this market wants right now. That’s why every single one of these stocks has been destroyed.” “Said Cramer, referring to people like Penn National Gaming, DraftKings and FanDuel parents Flutter entertainment.

Other players in this area are Caesars Entertainment, which operates an online sports betting company, and Rush Street Interactive.

Cramer’s comments on Monday are in response to a major milestone on Saturday when mobile sports betting was officially legalized in New York, the most populous US state where it did so. The first four bookmakers to meet regulatory requirements and start taking bets were DraftKings, Caesars Sportsbook, Rush Street Interactive, and FanDuel.

Another five operators are still in the process of meeting all legal requirements, Associated Press reported. Cramer said this is something that investors need to consider when examining the impact of New York’s high-profile start.

“These online gambling companies are throwing money at people to gain market share,” Cramer said, referring to the commercial and commercial blitz taking place in New York. “If the industry is already that competitive with four players, imagine the deals you get with nine players.”

Another factor to consider is New York’s “astronomical” 51% tax rate on revenues that online sports betting providers will be subject to, Cramer said.

“Before you can think about buying sports betting stocks, I think we need to see some consolidation. We have to see some companies leave, ”he said.

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Christmas trip journeys from journey trade insiders

Even without a pandemic, vacation trips are not for the faint of heart.

Millions are expected to travel this month, with the threat of volatile weather and the omicron variant continuing to stress people eager to end the second year of the pandemic.

To help travelers prepare, CNBC Travel asked industry insiders this question: What’s your one solid tip for travelers in December?

Travel planning tips

“Plan the arc of the trip. Imagine a journey like a story with a beginning, middle and end. For example, plan to have the nicest hotels in the end and build on a great grade. Then for entry and exit, plan out ways that you can keep things running smoothly. Maybe it’s arranging private transportation after a long flight so you don’t have to navigate public transportation in the middle of jet lag. Whatever your solid arch, plan to prepay it. “
—Sarah Groen, founder of the luxury travel company
Bell & Bly travel design

“When planning Greek island hopping, keep in mind that the Greeks themselves tend to stay on one island rather than cram as many as possible into a single trip. Think thematically: Santorini has breathtaking scenery, but beaches are better in Mykonos … [but] Islands like Tinos and Syros offer great food and culture at significantly lower hotel prices than Mykonos. Crete has a lot of variety, but a car is essential. ”
—Anthony Grant, American writer based in Greece

Tips for flying on vacation

“Choose early morning flights that are usually less crowded. Avoid the last flight of the day if possible, especially in the winter months, to reduce the chance of missed connections or delays due to cancellations or weather. … Choose Hand baggage On your next trip, you’ll skip the lines when you arrive at the airport and don’t have to wait for your baggage to land when you land. “
—Anna Brown, PR manager at
Expedia US

“Put a change of clothes in your hand luggage. Be prepared for the worst. … In the event of bottlenecks at airlines and increased travel, there is an above-average probability that your luggage will be lost. Do not travel with your gifts. … Consider shipping gifts direct to the final address. “
—Mark Hoenig, co-founder of the digital travel company VIP traveler

VIP Traveler’s Mark Hoenig recommends avoiding connecting flights, even if that means driving and parking at a different airport. “Each additional airport increases the likelihood of baggage loss, delays and cancellations.”

d3sign | Moment | Getty Images

“Buy your tickets ASAP. As people postpone their international travel plans due to Covid concerns, domestic flights tend to get more crowded and expensive. To speed airport security, don’t wrap gifts in case they do.” need to be checked. “
—Rajeev Shrivastava, CEO of Travel Insurance Marketplace

Tips for renting holiday homes

“Look for vacation rentals with the most flexible cancellation policy so you can leave your stay at the last minute for any reason.

Guestys COO Vered Schwarz recommends that people who want to travel longer look for houses with large closets, washing machines and dryers, and workplaces with ergonomic chairs, good lighting and fast WiFi.

Stephen Simpson | Stone | Getty Images

“Short term hospitality brands are featured on major booking channels, but they also have their own direct booking websites. Bookings of stays directly with the brand are usually associated with a discounted rate. And many of them … offer co-working spaces and digital concierge services. … are examples of such brands Casita, D Alexander and Central. ”
—Vered Schwarz, COO of the vacation rental software company Guests

Tips for family celebrations

For travel in the run-up to Christmas: “I recommend traveling with family and friends, who are the people you will be spending the holidays with. If for some reason you need to be quarantined after you get home, you are already with the family or friends you want to vacation with. “
—Matt Berna, general manager North America for travel companies
Undaunted travel

Harvard research fellow Stephen Kissler recommends keeping vacation meetings small and performing a Covid rapid test immediately before the meeting.

Suzana Topita | Moment | Getty Images

“Ventilation remains really important. This is one thing that I think is overlooked and underestimated. When the holidays are approaching, I definitely plan, no matter how cold it is outside, my windows will crack 4 to 6 inches … [and] Tests should be done immediately before the meeting, ideally an hour or two in advance, maybe in the morning. ”
—Stephen Kissler, research fellow at Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, in an online discussion on December 9th with Elana Gordon from the public radio show “The World”

Hotel booking tips

“Many of the best hotels block online reservations for the main ‘festival’ season … and manage them directly through their human team. It is worth asking your travel agent for help as they often have the relationships to do that Achieving the impossible when everything seems to be right. ” sold out.”
– Henley Vazquez, co-founder of the travel company

“Independent boutique hotels and locally owned businesses need love more than ever because they don’t have the privilege of large conglomerate financing to stay afloat. With that in mind and in the holiday spirit, give something back to the destination. “Revisit by focusing your vacation on staying in these locations and supporting local vendors.”
—Brandon Berkson, founder of the travel company Hotels above par

Tips for traveling with young children

“Plan some time off for your babies and toddlers on your vacation trips… Children don’t always feel good when they’re constantly on the move. Allow some time each day to just sit, relax, play with toys and be with your children.

Fran Maier, CEO of BabyQuip, recommends that babies and toddlers keep the same sleep routine when traveling. “If your child usually sleeps in a large crib, don’t try to push them into a pack and play and expect them to sleep well.”

Oleksandra Korobova | Moment | Getty Images

“Children need frequent human breaks and planned activities to let their thoughts run free while playing creatively. Pack enough toys to keep the kids busy when preparing meals, talking to adults, or just taking a break. ”
—Fran Maier, CEO of baby equipment rental

Tips for renting a car

“Many car rental companies offer contactless pickup where you can simply walk into the parking lot and get in your car. Use the Skip Meter filter on Expedia to find these options and avoid waiting in line . “
—Anna Brown, PR manager at Expedia USA

“When you reserve a rental car, you are booking a ‘Pay Later’ plan … which gives you the flexibility to cancel and rebook when a better deal is available. Rental rates can change several times a day. AutoSlash plays the system by continuously checking the price of your rental and notifying you when they find a lower price. “
—Jonathan Weinberg, CEO of the rental car price tracking company

Eire turns to vaccine passes to reopen its hospitality trade

People love to drink Guinness outside a pub in Dublin city center. On Monday 5th July 2021 in Dublin, Ireland.

NurPhoto | NurPhoto | Getty Images

DUBLIN – Despite the spread of the highly contagious Delta Coronavirus variant, Ireland is relying on “vaccine passports” to fully reopen its bars and restaurants.

Ireland Tourism and hospitality dealt with stop-and-starts on reopening during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Office work resumed on July 26th in a kind of photo finish, with the government and hospitality industry setting the guidelines for the reopening that morning. This included final adjustments to the restaurant’s contact tracking requirements.

The main differentiator this time around is that restaurants and bars are only allowed to open their doors to fully vaccinated people or people who have recovered from Covid-19 in the last six months. Outdoor seating remains available to all visitors.

The big test for businesses will be doing these customer vaccination checks.

The main means of proof of vaccination will be the EU’s digital Covid certificate, the same document on which Europe is pinning its hopes for revitalizing tourism on the continent.

Restaurants and bars are expected to scan the QR code on the certificate and check a customer’s ID to make sure they are fully vaccinated.

Noel Anderson is the managing director of Dublin restaurants Lemon & Duke and The Bridge 1859 and chairman of the trading association of the Licensed Vintners Association.

He told CNBC that in the first few days of reopening, customers are still opting for outdoor seating, but his staff have been trained on the new protocols, especially as the summer weather wears off.

“I firmly believe that this will be over in two or three weeks and that this will just be the norm. Hopefully it won’t be the norm for too long, ”he said.

He and many other hospitality businesses declined to request vaccination controls on the door.

“Ultimately, this was a government initiative. This was not being pushed by the pubs, but by the LVA, of which I am chairman, we didn’t want that,” he said.

“Either you want to stay closed until September and beyond, or that’s how you open it. When you have members who are closed [for over a year], you have no choice but to take it. “

data protection

The requirement of a vaccination certificate to enter a company premises has drawn some criticism, as it is claimed that it is discriminatory for unvaccinated people, while so-called vaccination cards or passports can also be tricky initiatives set up from a data protection and security point of view.

A spokesman for the Irish Data Protection Commission said hospitality companies need to be careful about the amount of data they collect and process and delete unneeded information.

“Owners / operators should not keep records that identify named people and details of their vaccinations or copies of certificates or identification documents as this is not required to meet their compliance obligations,” the DPC said.

The processing of personal data must be “justified on the basis of necessity and proportionality,” it said.

“The DPC has also made it clear that Covid-related laws must be time-bound and limited by sunset clauses to the duration of the pandemic in order to prevent excessive and disproportionate processing of personal data.”

Ireland won’t be an outlier in Europe for long when it comes to hospitality vaccination certificates France and Italy Introduction of similar requirements for entering bars, restaurants and cafes.

Careful approach

Not every bar and every restaurant wants to reopen its office staff. Pantibar, a popular gay bar in Dublin, has decided to keep Back office closed as most of the young employees are not yet fully vaccinated.

Another restaurateur, Barry McNerney, told CNBC that his Juniors and Paulie’s Pizza restaurants are not yet struggling to reopen indoors.

“I don’t know if the demand for indoor dining is very high. A lot of places have a young clientele, many of them wouldn’t be vaccinated so they couldn’t really eat inside.”

McNerney decided to wait and see how other companies deal with the new protocols and vaccine controls before diving in.

“We see how other operators are coping and then learn from them what the logistical challenges are.”

Despite the gradual reopening of the economy, many companies in Ireland are still threatened with rising numbers of Covid cases. The number of cases has risen steadily in the last few weeks, driven by the delta variant, with average daily numbers over 1,000.

The continued reopening of the hospitality industry has been criticized compared to the staggering spike in cases where Christmas restrictions were eased in late December, ultimately leading to lockdowns well into spring.

One key difference with the Christmas push is that vaccine rollout in Ireland is moving fast after a stuttering start earlier in the year. As of Friday, 3.2 million people had received at least one dose of the vaccine, 2.4 million of whom had received a double dose. The vaccination program has recently been expanded to include those under the age of 18.

Mohegan Gaming & Leisure Proclaims Mohegan Digital, the Model’s Thrilling Growth into the iGaming Business

MGE has named Rich Roberts as President and Aviram Alroy as Vice President, Product of the iGaming Sports Betting Experience

UNCASVILLE, Conn., June 30, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment (MGE), Developer of impressive Integrated Entertainment Resorts (IER) worldwide, today launched Mohegan Digital. The brand’s iGaming division will be responsible for delivering cutting-edge online gaming solutions to Mohegan’s loyal fan base and growing the business to meet the needs of new customers on a global scale. As a priority, Mohegan Digital is creating an iGaming experience for its flagship property. Mohegan Sun Connecticutafter the state signed a law legalizing sports betting and online gaming. MGE has appointed Rich Roberts as president and Aviram Alroy as Vice President Product to lead these efforts and oversee digital operations.

Richard Roberts

“We have seen strong growth in digital gaming consistently across all of our properties, especially over the past year, and as legal sports betting continues to expand in the US, the time was right for us to launch Mohegan Digital,” said Ray Pineault, President and CEO of Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment. “Over the years, Mohegan has made great technological advances in the digital space and has worked with industry-leading partners to improve the online operations of casinos and sports betting with the latest technology. With Mohegan Digital, we want to expand and enhance these efforts to improve the experience and fulfill our promise to bring world-class entertainment to our guests on a digital scale Rich Roberts and Aviram Alroy At the top we are excited to see what Mohegan Digital will bring. “

Newly appointed President of Mohegan Digital to lead the MGE brand in the iGaming market
Rich Roberts brings a wealth of experience to his newly appointed position as President of Mohegan Digital. Roberts will oversee the successful operation of a premier digital iGaming and sports betting experience for Mohegan and will take the brand to new heights. In his role, Roberts will work closely with the executive team to bring industry-leading, world-class intellectual property to the digital world and bring Mohegan to passionate audiences of existing gaming and future iGaming customers around the world.

The story goes on

Rich joins MGE from his most recent position as Executive Business Consultant for RSD Consulting, a consulting firm focused on helping companies enter the US sports media, regulated digital games and esports markets. Rich was previously CEO of FaceOff, a peer-to-peer platform for social / skill sports games in the United States

“I am honored to lead Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment’s expansion efforts into digital gaming and sports betting,” said Rich Roberts, President of Mohegan Digital. “This is an exciting new chapter in Mohegan’s history as we continue to innovate to meet growing consumer demands in this area. I look forward to working closely with the Mohegan tribe and senior management teams at Mohegan to do so.” to successfully expand the brand’s digital market. ” Presence.”

Meet Mohegan Digital’s Vice President Product
Aviram Alroy has been part of the Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment team since 2014 as Vice President of Interactive Gaming, a division that Mohegan Digital is now taking over. As the driving force behind the company’s iGaming efforts, Alroy’s contributions and leadership helped lay the groundwork for an incredible opportunity in many states and jurisdictions.

In his new role as Vice President Product, Alroy will be responsible for product strategy and the development and launch of online sports betting, iGaming solutions, websites and mobile apps on behalf of MGE and its brand partners.

“It’s an exciting time to be in the iGaming industry, especially now with more states including Connecticut go live along with sports betting and iGaming, “said Aviram Alroy, Vice President Product, Mohegan Digital. “My years of running Mohegan Gaming and Entertainment Interactive Gaming have given me the skills and vision necessary to usher in a new era for the brand, now that we are planning on not just stepping in Connecticut, but also Washington, Pennsylvania, the province Ontario and further federal states in the future.

To learn more about Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment, please visit:

About Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment
Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment (MGE) is a master developer and operator of leading global integrated entertainment resorts, including Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Connecticut, Inspire in Incheon, South Korea and Niagara Casinos in Niagara, Canada. MGE owns, develops and / or manages integrated entertainment resorts everywhere The United Statesincluding Connecticut, New Jersey, Washington, Pennsylvania, as well as North asia and Niagara Falls, Canada, and Las Vegas, Nevada. MGE is the owner and operator of Connecticut Sun, a professional basketball team from the WNBA. You can find more information about MGE and our properties at

Contact: Kayla Frauenheim,

Aviram Alroy

Aviram Alroy

Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment (MGE) (PRNewsfoto / Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment)

Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment (MGE) (PRNewsfoto / Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment)



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SOURCE Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment

Leisure trade enterprise house owners regulate to lifted COVID-19 precautions

MARQUETTE, Michigan (WLUC) – The entertainment industry has been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, but business owners in the industry are already seeing the effects of the end of Michigan’s indoor capacity limitation and mask mandate.

Edge of Reality VR Arcade Owner Robert Shirlin said the past year has been difficult.

“We’re still not quite down to our 2019 numbers, but we’re seeing an upward trend. We’re starting to see people come in now. They’re still worried about masks and safety, ”he said.

No masks are required in the arcade, but Shirlin said additional precautions are still being taken.

“Not only do we clean everything with Clorox disinfectant, we also use UVC light to ensure that all of our equipment is clean and ready for the next customer.”

Reservations for individuals and groups are still being accepted, but walk-ins are allowed if space is available.

In the parish of Marquette, Superior entertainment center Manager and mechanic Terry Kirkum said summer is the bowling alley’s slow season, but visitor numbers have been increasing throughout the week and safety is still the center’s top priority.

“We don’t need masks anymore. It is up to the customer whether they want to wear one or not. We still sanitize every single bowling ball, all video games. We disinfect everything we can to keep our customers as safe as possible, ”said Kirkum.

The bowling alley is currently understaffed, so limited opening times still apply.

“We are currently only open from Tuesday to Friday. We can make exceptions for the weekend if it rains and has bad weather or if we have enough lead time for a larger group, ”said Kirkum.

Both the bowling alley and Edge of Reality recommend reserving or calling in advance if possible.

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Aviation trade faces problem that inflow of federal grant cash will not have the ability to clear up, professional says

The grants aim to keep airport workers busy, get construction projects off the ground and help airports recover from a pandemic that is severely dampening air traffic. Airports can also use the money to grant rent relief for retail and concession companies in terminals.

Dan Akins, an aviation economist at consultancy Flightpath Economics, said MSP’s cut in grant money was more or less proportional to its share of air travel. He also said total funding might seem like much right now, but it’s based on March estimates.

“It seems big now because I think back then the light at the end of the tunnel was so small that it was hard to know when this was going to end,” Akins said. “And when it arrives it seems like we need less and less of it, but that is the price of a lengthy process to distribute money to airports and other commercial interests that have suffered during the pandemic.”

But Akins said the aviation industry’s biggest problem right now isn’t money – it is Shortage of staff.

“There aren’t enough people. There aren’t enough planes moving,” Akins said. “Demand has dropped so much that in the past few weeks you’ve seen Delta struggling, Americans struggling, Southwest struggling to keep their schedules because there isn’t enough manpower to provide the talent that they need Things to get an airplane from A to B. “

He said some airlines may have been too aggressive in firing highly specialized personnel like pilots and it will take a long time to regain that talent.

“Maybe they let too many pilots go with early retirement packages, as I think, as is the case with Delta, which seemed in a crisis when all airlines went over the waterfall,” Akins said. “‘Let’s get rid of the most expensive senior pilots and this will save us.” That was real short-term thinking. “

In other cases, Akins said, airlines are pulling managers off their officers and allowing them to get into day-to-day operations.

Right now, as airlines have been caught unprepared for a sudden surge in demand for air travel, air fares are rising, Akins said. And the generous refund policies that some companies put in place during the pandemic could also be dropped.

Karan Johar units up Yash Johar Basis to assist leisure trade amid pandemic

To the members of the Indian Entertainment industry amid the coronavirus pandemic, filmmakers Karan Johar founded a foundation on Friday named after his late father, film producer Yash Johar. In a social media post, the 49-year-old director said: Yash Johar The foundation was established with the aim of studying the financial well-being, health, and education and training of people in industry. He said the initiative will work to improve the quality of life for people in the area Indian Entertainment industry.

” My father understood that it is difficult to be in the film business, which is why we are announcing the establishment of the foundation, taking into account the current scenario and taking into account the effects and aftermath of COVID-19 that we have initiated YJF 2021 COVID Responding to issues such as food, shelter, medication from those in the entertainment industry negatively affected by the pandemic, ” Karan Johar said. The director of ” Ae Dil Hai Mushkil ” announced the initiative with a video that shows photos of his father and behind-the-scenes moments from the making of various films that he and his father have produced under their Dharma Productions banner.

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China’s transportation business leaders weigh in on Covid-19 influence

The coronavirus pandemic could boost newer modes of transport in China, such as making autonomous driving more mainstream, a panel of industry leaders told CNBC.

The Covid-19 outbreak accelerated the commercialization of autonomous aircraft – or driverless drones – used to transport goods, medical supplies and even passengers in and out of quarantine zones, Edward Xu, chief strategy officer at the Chinese drone maker Ehang, told Arjun Kharpal during the virtual CNBC Evolve Global Summit On Wednesday.

Headquartered in Guangzhou, the company made headlines in 2016 when it announced: Passenger drone concept. self-driving cars drive on a road during a test run on February 1, 2018 in Guangzhou, China.

VCG | Visual China Group | Getty Images

“In the future, we will be working with … Chinese government officials to expedite the commercialization of our product,” said Xu, adding that the company had two meetings with regulators and intends to have its passenger drones certified within two years.

The Chinese driverless car start-up has sent some of its unmanned vehicles to transport medical personnel to Covid-affected areas and to transport urgently needed goods. It showed people how new technologies can be used to fight a pandemic, according to founder and CEO James Peng.

“We can imagine that after the post-pandemic era people will become more familiar and comfortable with fully driverless vehicles and we are ready to move that forward,” he added.

Growing demand in urban mobility

While the pandemic made many commuters suspicious of public transportation, some turned to personal mobility devices for their travels.

Chinese electric scooter manufacturer Niu technologies According to CEO Yan Li, saw “great demand for individual urban mobility devices”. He said the company was about to deliver 150,000 units of e-scooters in the first quarter.

Read more about electric vehicles from CNBC Pro

Even after the pandemic, the trend should continue, according to Li. He said people in China would likely continue to commute on scooters as they offer more freedom compared to public transportation.

“We don’t see the trend of people using public transport again. A lot of people are starting to get used to these custom mobility devices and I think that’s a good trend for us, ”added Li.

Future challenges

According to industry leaders, the general adoption of autonomous vehicles faces a number of challenges. boss Peng listed three topics: technical progress, regulation and consumer acceptance.

It takes time for customers to get used to and understand that autonomous driving is indeed a safer and more convenient way of getting around.

“I think from a technical point of view we have made leaps and bounds in the last few years,” he said. Peng added that the company has received a fully driverless test permit in California and will soon also be granted in China.

Driverless vehicles have come a long way over the years as companies have repeatedly tested their technology to fix potential problems and prevent accidents. Still, public and regulatory safety issues remain a major hurdle on the road to mainstream adoption.

According to Xu from EHang, regulation is the “biggest bottleneck” for unmanned passenger drones.

An Ehang 216, a two-seat autonomous aircraft from the drone manufacturer EHang, can be seen at its presentation in Vienna on April 4, 2019.

Leonhard Föger | Reuters

“Because there is no regulation so far. There is no precedent in the past that allows the AAV to fly over the city area,” he said.

“Right now the situation is getting more and more convincing because we have carried out the test flights over 43 cities in 8 countries with more than 4,000 flights carried out,” added Xu.

Convincing passengers to take either driverless cars or autonomous passenger drones also remains a major obstacle.

“On this front, it takes time for customers to get used to how it feels (and understand) that autonomous driving is actually a safer and more convenient way to get around,” Peng said.

Leisure business will get well from Covid

BEIJING – Chinese dancer and TV presenter Jin Xing is confident that the entertainment industry will return to normal and that the arts will be more valued after the pandemic.

In China, where tight lockdowns helped control the spread of Covid-19 within months, Jin’s private dance company resumed national tours last year, she said Tania Bryer as part of the virtual CNBC Evolve Global Summit.

The troops are now in “very good condition,” said Jin. She expects all of China’s theaters to open this year, followed by live stadium concerts.

While most of China has resumed normal business for more than a year, the country has had to deal with small coronavirus outbreaks. most recently in the southern export center of the city of Guangzhou. The uncertainty as well as the continued spread of the virus overseas have become one restrained recovery in Chinese consumer spending.

Jin has seen the ups and downs of China’s development since the 1960s.

She became a award-winning military dancer as a teenager, then had similar successes as a dancer in New York before returning to China. Jin is best known today as China’s earliest open transgender star who also hosts television shows.

Audience becomes “super calm”

In the wake of the pandemic, new protocols like virus testing and face masks have created a new dynamic between performers and their audience – especially when they’re allowed to meet offline instead of online.

Jin Xing (in red) appears for the first time in over 20 years and for the first time ever as a woman during a dress rehearsal on January 31, 2012, before it opens at the Joyce Theater.

Timothy A. Clary | AFP | Getty Images

At a recent performance in Nanjing City, near Shanghai, all 1,900 spectators wore masks, Jin said.

That meant the audience was “super calm” and “focused on what was happening” rather than chatting to each other, she said. That creates a “fantastic” environment for an artist on stage, she added.

Another TV show starts

Jin is also enjoying success with young people online.

This spring, the first season of their reality TV dating show “Ni hao ling yi ban” aired on the video platform iQiyi. The show’s name roughly translates to “Hello, (my) other half” and focuses on Chinese people who graduated from top foreign universities before becoming entrepreneurs in China.

“They are doing very well professionally. But there is still (a) huge void in their personal lives,” said Jin, noting that regardless of their education, participants are faced with the same question of what kind of family to raise.

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The matchmaking show is slated for another season later this year, she told CNBC.

Whether on stage or online, Jin hopes her work can help keep viewers calm, especially after the shock of the pandemic.

People can never make enough money, she said, but people can “slow down”.