Grant cash will broaden well being entry in Indianapolis’ Burmese neighborhood – WISH-TV | Indianapolis Information | Indiana Climate

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – New grant funds will help improve the health outcomes of the growing Burmese population in Indianapolis.

Franciscan Health says it has worked with the community for more than 10 years. The new funding will enable better individual support.

Around 25,000 Burmese refugees live in the Indianapolis area. According to Franciscan Health, Burmese have some of the highest poverty rates and lowest rates in English proficiency at the national level, and both are often incorporated into medical access. Removing these barriers, the organizers hope, will result in longer and healthier lives.

Burmese refugees made their way to Indianapolis in large numbers about 10 years ago. Many chose to live on the south side of Indianapolis. But coming from Burma, health care was often not a priority or easily accessible.

“Back in Burma there was no health care. In general, medical care was not available. So there is no annual or just general screening, ”said Burmese health advocate Nancy Sui.

Sui is from Burma. She said that access to health care can be difficult for everyone, but especially the elderly.

“Of course there is definitely a language barrier in the community because many older generations don’t speak.”

At the start of the new year, Franciscan Health received nearly $ 185,000 to improve health care. The money will provide culturally appropriate personal support by helping patients gain access to health and human services. Support will also come from Burmese health workers and other agencies, including the Burmese American Community Institute and the Indiana Chin Community.

“Like many Catholic hospitals, Franciscan Health is truly committed to the health of the most vulnerable in all of our communities,” said Kate Hill-Johnson, administrative director for community health improvement at Franciscan Health.

Representatives said the hospital has served the Burmese community since the arrival of the largest groups of refugees about 10 years ago, and needs have changed over time.

“Now let’s look at these traditional chronic diseases that occur in old age,” said Hill-Johnson.

With the list of asylum seekers, the Burmese population should continue to grow. Lawyers said the time has come to strengthen health systems.

Mental health, like some other communities, remains a taboo subject. In addition to the grants, Burmese advocates will increase mental health support.

Lucci’s Home Bully Rescue elevating cash by means of bike experience – WISH-TV | Indianapolis Information | Indiana Climate

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Motorcyclists will be setting off on a ride in Southport on Sunday to help out local misfits.

The Mars Hill Charity Riders will take to the sidewalk to support Lucci’s House Bully Rescue.

Laurie Collins started Lucci’s House Bully Rescue after her dog died from being mistreated by a veterinarian.

“When [my dog] was killed, we promised no tyrant would be left and now we’re just trying to save as many worries as possible, “said Collins.

The group website says her mission is “to help as many pit bull breeds as possible and to clear up and prevent the widespread misconceptions about bully breeds. Lucci’s House will fight until no tyrant remains. “

The charity ride starts around noon. Registration begins at 10 a.m. at Southside Harley Davidson (4930 Southport Crossing Place).

If people can’t make it or don’t ride, they can still help by donate online.

In 2020, more than $ 7,000 was raised to help the group. The money raised on Sunday will help promote and pay the vet bills for pit bulls.

Circle Metropolis Wiffle Ball All-Star Evening raises cash for childhood most cancers fund – WISH-TV | Indianapolis Information | Indiana Climate

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – When Brendan Dudas first decided to do the Circle City Wiffle Ball League, it was just a way to keep in touch with some of his childhood friends.

In middle school, he invited friends to play in his parents’ garden.

Now, a few years later, his league has eight teams, sponsors, and the same field he grew up in is now called “The Dirtyard,” which has come to be known as one of the best in the country for the sport. During the season they compete against each other until they crown a league champion, but what Dudas can look forward to the most is what happens shortly afterwards.

They’ve been watching the league since 2014 All-star night grow with the thing behind it: “Wifflin ‘For Whitley”.

The fundraiser is named after Dudas’ niece, who died in 2015 fighting a rare form of brain tumor called DIPG. All of the money they raise at the event goes towards research and projects allocated to the Whitley’s Wishes Fund. Dudas says it is a way to make people aware of cancer while keeping their memories alive.

He says there were 18 people in attendance on their first All-Star Night in 2014, but in seven years he has seen support for the event and cause grow significantly.

“Now people are lining the fence with fireworks,” said Dudas. “It’s wonderful. I can’t put into words what it means, and it’s on the back of everyone in the community and all of the players who come here and really care about what we do.”

Check out the videos to learn more from Dudas and League Deputy Commissioner Rudy Lyon, who also got to test some of his best pitches at News 8’s Randall Newsome.

click here to get tickets to the Circle City Wiffle All-Star Night.

Indiana directs cash to enhancing state’s well being | State

(The Center Square) – Indiana plans to spend $ 50 million in government funds to find ways to make Hoosiers healthier.

Governor Eric Holcomb signed a bill setting out a state health improvement plan to combat declining public health by providing $ 50 million in grants over two years to programs to address health inequalities .

“The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the need to look more closely at health disparities across the state,” said Rep Steve Davisson, R-Salem. “We need to invest in the well-being of all Hoosiers, and these grants provide our communities with additional tools to address common health problems.”

Rep. Karen Engleman, R-Georgetown, said the grant program will prioritize proposals that focus on improving chronic health problems such as diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease.

A recent United Health Foundation report showed that more Indiana residents smoke more than most other states, and it’s among the worst for physical activity.

Fully electronic government meetings will have to end when the Indiana COVID-19 emergency expires

Indiana is closing some COVID-19 test sites due to reduced demand

Indiana’s health problems were also evident in other areas. The state is on the low end of public health funding and air pollution.

Only 21.1% of Hoosiers get either 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise each week. That’s compared to 23% of all Americans. Vermont leads the nation with 28.5%.

The foundation found a study that shows those who spend less time exercising spend about $ 920 more per year on health care.

The annual report found that 21% of people in the state have depression, while 11.7% have multiple chronic conditions and 27% have arthritis. Also, 35.3% of Hoosiers are obese.

Indiana Jones to shoot at ‘Britain’s most haunted fortress’ | Leisure

The shooting of the new film “Indiana Jones” is to begin at Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland in the north-east of England.

Stars of the highly anticipated film – including Harrison Ford – will set foot on the historic landmark in the coming weeks, with experts already calling it Britain’s most haunted castle.

A source explained, “It sounds silly, but before we even start filming we’re all just talking about the ghost. It’s a really scary place.”

The film crew is said to be afraid of meeting the ghostly Pink Lady who is said to be patrolling the corridors.

Legend has it that it threw itself from the battlements in the Middle Ages when her lover left it for someone else, and the crew is already concerned about filming the landmark.

The insider told The Sun newspaper’s bizarre column, “A surprising number of the crew really believe in this stuff and it has shaken everyone. Some of the team are reluctant to even go to the oldest part of the castle, it really shook them.

“Aside from the ghosts, it’s a huge production and great news for the UK film industry that has been on its knees for 18 months. It’s great to see such a big blockbuster take off.

“It’s a top priority for the studio, so it has to get going – ghosts or not.

“The team will have to overcome it, even if some of them want to avoid certain places.”

In the upcoming film, Harrison, 78, will repeat the role of Henry ‘Indiana’ Jones for the latest installment in the money-spinning franchise.

The Hollywood icon is joined by the likes of Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Mads Mikkelsen, although the studio remains silent about the plot.

Echoing QAnon boards, Michael Flynn seems to recommend Myanmar-style coup ought to occur in United States – WISH-TV | Indianapolis Information | Indiana Climate

(CNN) – Michael Flynn, the first national security adviser to former President Donald Trump, appeared to be supporting a Myanmar-style coup in the United States on Sunday.

For months now, QAnon and Trump supportive online forums have been celebrating the deadly military coup in Myanmar, suggesting that the same should happen in the United States so that Trump could be reinstated as president.

Flynn made the comments at an event in Dallas on Sunday that attended prominent peddlers of the QAnon conspiracy theory and Big Lie.

“I want to know why what happened in Minamar (sic) can’t happen here?” Asked a member of the audience who identified himself as a Marine, Flynn.

“No reason, I mean it should happen here. No reason. That’s right, ”Flynn replied.

A message posted on Monday to a Parler account used by Flynn claimed Flynn’s words were twisted and he was not calling for a coup.

Attorney Sidney Powell, who has represented Flynn in the past, said Monday that he had in no way promoted “acts of violence or military uprisings.” She claimed the media “grossly skewed” Flynn’s comments. She didn’t explain why Flynn had answered the question the way he did.

Powell was present at a meeting in the Oval Office in the last few weeks of Trump’s presidency at which Flynn suggested that Trump could call martial law as part of his efforts to overturn the elections, CNN has reported. It wasn’t clear if Trump supported the idea, but others in the room forcibly pushed them back and shot them down.

Some QAnon followers are obsessed with the idea that the U.S. military will somehow get Trump back in office. Some believed and hoped that Trump would proclaim martial law on inauguration day to prevent Joe Biden from entering the White House.

Earlier this weekend at the same event in Dallas, Flynn falsely claimed, “Trump won. He won the referendum and he won the election of the electoral college. “

GOP Representative Liz Cheney from Wyoming, for whom Republicans recently voted in the House of Representatives, to be removed from their leadership position after publicly and repeatedly denying Trump’s election claims, tweeted Monday afternoon: “No American should advocate or support the violent overthrow of the United States.” A link to an article with the news of Flynn’s Sunday utterances accompanied the tweet.

Rep. Elaine Luria, a Virginia Democrat who is vice chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, said later Monday that Flynn’s comments were “dangerous” and “incredibly worrying,” adding that she believed official measures were taken against him should be considered.

“Flynn’s remarks border on rebellion. There is certainly some behavior that is inappropriate for an officer. These are both things that can be attempted under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and I think as a retired military man this should certainly be a route that we believe has ramifications for those kinds of words, “Luria, a retired Marine commandant, said CNN’s Anderson Cooper on “AC360”.

Flynn is considered the hero of the QAnon movement. Last summer, Flynn posted a video with QAnon slogans. In a recent interview, Flynn tried to distinguish between the QAnon movement, known for outlandish conspiracy theories, and its followers: “What I tell people is to look at the people involved. Look at the values ​​they represent and let’s move on. “

The event in Dallas, entitled “For God & and Country Patriot Roundup,” had been planned for months. Concerns about the event contributed to the decision by the Department of Health and Welfare to transfer unaccompanied migrant children from a nearby location in the city, CNN Reported at the beginning of the month.

Powell, who has often spread the lie that Trump was re-elected, also appeared at the event, saying Trump should “just be reinstated” and that a “new inauguration day” will be set.

Talks among Trump supporters about a coup are not only taking place online; CNN spoke to supporters of the former president in Ventura, California in February who said they wanted to see a Myanmar-style coup d’état here.

Grant cash accessible for Indiana non-profits that assist U.S. veterans

Nonprofits can apply to the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs for grants to assist veterans with a variety of services.

The application deadline for the Veteran’s Service Grants is June 14th. Eligible applicants must be a nonprofit registered with the Indiana Secretary of State and use the money to assist veterans in any of the following areas:

-Work to eradicate homelessness

-Avoid short-term homelessness

– Provide help with regard to safe living conditions

– Support for veterans transitioning from public housing programs to home ownership or long-term rental status

– Assistance in finding available state and federal resources

-Provide therapeutic services

– Providing on-the-job training and job search assistance

The department awards grants between $ 25,000 and $ 150,000, depending on the number of eligible applicants, applicants’ needs, and the availability of funds.

“IDVA’s previous GVS awards focused on veteran homelessness,” said Dennis Wimer, IDVA director. “We are pleased to continue this work and provide grants to other areas of critical need for Indiana’s veterans, including therapeutic services, connecting veterans with their state and federal benefits, and training and job search assistance.”

Applications are due by June 14 at 5:00 p.m. EST.

The grant period begins on July 1st.

FEMA begins providing cash to households to pay for funerals of COVID victims – WISH-TV | Indianapolis Information | Indiana Climate

INDIANAPOLIS (WUNSCH / CNN) – The Federal Agency for Disaster Protection pays up to $ 9,000 for a funeral and nearly $ 35,000 for families who have buried multiple people who have died of COVID-19.

The money is intended for families who have paid the funeral expenses out of their own pocket. However, the program’s debut on Monday was marked by busy signals and “technical issues,” the agency said on Monday, noting that it had received “thousands of calls” on the first day of operation.

“We ask applicants to be patient as we work to fix these issues and have all relevant documents ready when they call to apply,” said FEMA. “Please note that there is no application deadline and that applicants have the opportunity to open a case.”

More than 562,000 people in the United States had died from the coronavirus as of Monday Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering Dashboard. A total of 12,746 Hoosiers have died of COVID-19 as of Monday. according to Indiana health officials.

Amy Sloan buried her father Charlie in April 2020. Charlie Sloan had a modest life insurance policy to cover some of the costs associated with his death. Amy, her sister, and her mother had to pay a few thousand dollars in funeral expenses that were not covered by the policy.

“Is my mother entitled to get some of this money back because the wording is very vague?” Sloan asked News 8.

When Charlie Sloan was hospitalized last year, his family was told that he was infected with the virus. Charlie Sloan’s family received a call in the middle of the night that it was time to take him off life support.

“The entire funeral was covered for the funeral home because the funerals were so small at the time that we technically didn’t have to pay for a service because there weren’t enough people to hold a service, and then we interfered for the entire funeral . the land cost for the cemetery and its stone, ”Sloan said.

FEMA assumes the costs for the coffin, the funeral, the transport of the deceased, the burial site and the burial or cremation for people who died of COVID-19 after January 20, 2020 The death must have occurred in the United States or in the US territories. The person seeking assistance must be a U.S. citizen, non-citizen, or a qualified alien or immigrant.

Andy Clayton, the managing director of Indiana Funeral Directors Associationsaid his group provides information to funeral homes and families. FEMA funeral aid money is paid directly to families, not funeral homes.

Clayton said, “You don’t have to be a citizen of the United States to be eligible if someone is in this country on a work visa or may be illegal and has died of COVID and it is listed on your death certificate as a contributing factor.”

People cannot apply for assistance online. You have to call 844-684-6333 and FEMA warns that there is already fraud;; Nobody is going to call to offer people to sign you up. The TTY number is 800-462-7585. Both numbers are open to callers on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET.

While FEMA has a history of helping families with disaster-related funeral expenses, CNN reports, the COVID-19 effort is the largest of its kind. Approximately $ 2 billion was raised from the $ 900 billion Congress approved in December, while the Democrats’ $ 1.9 trillion package last month backed the agency with an additional $ 50 billion in coronavirus costs.

Some downtown bars made more cash in March than earlier than pandemic – WISH-TV | Indianapolis Information | Indiana Climate

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Cheering fans from all over the country can still be found in the bars of Indianapolis.

District Tap general manager Jeff Huron said the bar made more money in March than it did before the pandemic.

He said the business tripled weekly.

Now the bar, along with other downtown businesses, is preparing for a loss of revenue after the NCAA tournament ends on Monday.

Huron said after the teams and their fans packed and left town, he was counting on his local customers to fill the void.

“We’re going to see a bath, you know it won’t be an event anymore. But we’ve tidied it up a bit, it’s safer, a lot of people are out and about. I think it’s a really good time to get back downtown and show people that downtown Indy is a safe and fun place, ”said Huron.

Fans from other cities seemed to believe, Huron said, that lines took to the streets for several weeks in a row.

“We had a good hour, an hour and a half waiting. I hate keeping our guests waiting, but with limited capacity people want to stay and watch the game as soon as those seats are full, ”said Huron.

Huron believes visitors enjoyed more than just the games and hopes it won’t be long before another big event hits town.

“I hope we’ve been a good example to the rest of the country in the rest of the sports world that you can run these big events that you can open. You can have guests in the stands and still be safe and I think we did, ”said Huron.

Employees at other companies downtown couldn’t meet up on News 8 because they were so busy on Sunday. However, some told us over the phone that they were also concerned about what will happen when the tournament ends.

MAGIC returns to Indy Model and Indy Fringe this spring! – WISH-TV | Indianapolis Information | Indiana Climate

How does he do that?!

That was a big question for Randy and the Indy-style crew this morning when Brendon Ware, Indy Fringe Magic comic book, “Read Randy’s Mind!”

Take a look as Indy Magic’s Taylor Martin shares more about how magic is BACK in Indy! Here’s more:

Taylor Martins Indy Magic returns to the Indy Fringe Outdoor Theater, 719 E. St. Clair, Indianapolis on April 6th at 7pm. The show, which began on April 1, 2008, April Fool’s Day, will be a celebration nearing the end of the pandemic that ended the show last year. Two of IM’s most popular cast members are planned.

Ryan Siebert, one of the most accomplished magicians in Indiana, will make headlines with his street-savvy magic style and amazing card tricks. You can see Brendon Ware, who, although he has only been performing for a little over 5 years, has toured nationally with some of the great magicians of our time. And a special surprise guest is opened who will surprise everyone. Hosted by Taylor Martin, producer, creator and 15 year veteran of the Indy Fringe, the evening brings magic back to a very bleak year of sadness.

A souvenir program drawn by Lydia Burris will also be available, as will Lydia with her new graphic book of her art called “Darkness Dreaming”. Get your tickets at