Sondheim Finished Indi Model By Eleri Ward – Occasions Sq. Chronicles

Ghostlight Records will release the new album A Perfect Little Death by SUF / SOND – the brainchild of New York singer / songwriter Eleri Ward – in streaming and digital formats on Friday June 4th. SUF / SOND is a swirling combination of Ward’s two deep loves: the expansive, unique canon of Stephen Sondheim and the ethereal, melancholy sounds of Sufjan Stevens. Eleri blossomed out of a spontaneous Instagram cover of “Every Day a Little Death” entitled “Sufjan on Sondheim” in 2019 and has now made SUF / SOND their own niche at the intersection of musical theater and indie folk music embodied by swirling harmonies and their original point of view. The album contains 13 songs, ranging from “The Ballad of Sweeney Todd” to “Loving You” to “Take Me to the World” and takes you through an acoustic Sondheim journey that evokes the golden hour. A Perfect Little Death is produced by Eleri Ward.

Eleri recorded all of the songs in the closet of her apartment during the lockdown after making many requests for a SUF / SOND release after posting a video of “Johanna (Reprise)” on TikTok. With over 42,000 views, she was immediately inspired to expand and share this project, and the album was ready within a month. Each arrangement is unique, thoughtful, and moves in and out of darkness and light.

Kurt Deutsch, the label’s founder, says: “Eleri Ward’s SUF / SOND is simple, haunting and beautiful. I was deeply moved by the creativity of this project and how it combines Sondheim with a singer / songwriter aesthetic in a completely modern way. A perfect little death is one of the discoveries of the year and Ghostlight Records is excited to release such a distinctive recording. “

Eleri Ward is a New York-based actress, singer, and musician who makes pop music herself, having released her first release in May 2020. She has been singing and performing since she was eight and has always tried to carve out her own space with the uniqueness that she brings to the theater. Eleri studied songwriting at Berklee College of Music before moving and graduating from the Boston Conservatory with a BFA in Musical Theater and an emphasis in songwriting, which is clearly evident in the way she has recorded the Sondheim canon. @eleriward