Santa Ana will spend federal pandemic cash on a number of fronts, together with a memorial for COVID-19 victims – Orange County Register

Santa Ana is spending $ 80 million on the first phase of a major pandemic recovery plan that could boost the city’s economy by distributing federal funds to residents, businesses, and nonprofits and launching several long-term projects, such as new open spaces , expanded public libraries, and Orange County’s first memorial to people who have died of COVID-19.

The plan, which was approved late Tuesday, called Revive Santa Ana, would send food vouchers to people living in the hardest hit neighborhoods, create new programs for young children, and upgrade some community centers. In addition, the city is planning new recreational opportunities, including a winter ice rink near the Civic Center that will serve as a roller skating rink in the warmer months.

And in what is possibly the most comprehensive pandemic relief plan unveiled in Orange County to date, Santa Ana will also look into setting up its own Department of Health.

These are just a few of the items funded primarily from the first part of $ 128 million that the city received under the U.S. bailout bill, approved by Congress earlier this year. The second half comes next year. Other funding – approximately $ 32.1 million – comes from federal housing and rental grants.

The city administration described their plan as a unique opportunity.

“We are all very blessed. Other municipalities do not have the opportunity to do so, ”said Mayor Vicente Sarmiento. “And we deliver it to the families who need it most.”

Many details still have to be ironed out. For example, the council has allocated $ 4 million to help some residents with local stimulus checks but has not yet decided which census area is eligible. Likewise, the city has not set the amount for the “basic income” checks.

How created that Spending plan breaks down into five categories:

• $ 5.4 million under a bucket called “Recovery from the pandemic“That includes $ 2 million for digital signs in parks, information kiosks, and a translation subscription service, $ 1 million for community mental health services, and $ 200,000 for a feasibility study to investigate the pros and cons of setting up a Santa Ana Health Department, which could help the city rely less on the Orange County Health Care Agency.

• $ 26.8 million in direct assistance programs. That includes $ 14 million in case of emergency Rental assistance – which lasted during the Santa Ana pandemic – and $ 3 million to help troubled small businesses and nonprofits. (Some of the money in this category comes from other sources.)

• $ 16.35 million for health and safety. This includes $ 7.8 million for the expansion of open spaces and parks, $ 3 million for a pedestrian protection project on First Street and Grand Avenue, and $ 1 million for a central farmers market and new community gardens.

• $ 21.25 million for critical infrastructure. This includes $ 7 million for “Central Library Remodeling Including Focus on Early Childhood Education Activities”; $ 3.5 million to investigate and address broadband deficiencies in the city and $ 1.5 million to modernize six community centers: Corbin, Logan, El Salvador, Sandpointe, Santa Anita and Delhi.

• $ 10.18 million to support the city’s public finances. Most of the money in this category – nearly $ 9 million – would go into the city’s reserve to offset hotel and business tax revenues lost during the pandemic

The rescue plan funds are intended to support measures to respond to COVID-19, replace lost revenue, support economic stabilization of households and businesses, and “address systemic public health and economic challenges that have contributed to the unequal impact of the pandemic “, So a. Employees report.

The funds give local governments “significant flexibility” to meet local needs, including “support for households, small businesses, affected industries, key workers and the communities hardest hit by the pandemic. These funds can be used, among other things, to make necessary investments in the water, sewer and broadband infrastructure, ”says an employee report from the city.

Santa Ana spokesman Paul Eakins said the planned spending was in line with guidelines for the funds. City officials, he said, are taking a comprehensive approach to improving the community’s health needs by looking at the bigger picture of Santa Ana, one of the densest cities in the country and also hardest hit by the ongoing pandemic.

“The idea behind many of these is that they address health and economic needs,” Eakins said, referring to the variety of elements in the plan. “It’s not just about responding to the pandemic in a reactionary manner. It addresses the more general issues raised and made clear during the pandemic, such as lack of access to green spaces, health care and internet, or being able to stay safe at night in a neighborhood – many issues that ultimately affect people’s health and makes them more prone to things like a pandemic.

“There’s the economic part too,” added Eakins. “Anything we can do to make companies easier to do business and more accessible to the public will have economic benefits.”

Councilor Phil Bacerra said Wednesday that the priorities defined by Revive Santa Ana are linked to COVID-19. Santa Ana has few parks, so “any opportunity to add parking space or improve the parking space we have is absolutely related to Covid,” he said. And improvements in broadband, Bacerra added, will be highlighted in the new plan after learning during the pandemic that the city “did not have adequate infrastructure to help our children (with online learning)”.

Meanwhile, Santa Ana appears to be the first in Orange County to provide money – $ 200,000 – for a kind of memorial to honor those who died of the virus.

“Over 800 residents in Santa Ana lost their lives to COVID-19. And that number has increased in the last few weeks, ”said Councilor David Penaloza.

“I know seven personally, whether they are close relatives or friends of my family, who have died of COVID-19.

“Because Santa Ana was hit so hard, it warrants a memorial,” added Penaloza. “We need something that gives families a place to mourn and remember loved ones. You deserve it.”

Neighborhood Notes: Vandalism at Cash Mart, unlocked tax credit, and lots of occasions— together with Carnaval

What’s going on in the neighborhood?

Vandalism at Money Mart on the 16th and Valencia

At around 7am on May 26th, a Money Mart employee discovered nine broken windows on May 16th and Valencia. While you might think a place called Money Mart was being looted, you would be wrong. Police officers said when they walked around the premises just before 8 a.m. that morning, they concluded that nothing was stolen and the suspect never bothered to enter the building. An incident report has been drawn up, but the investigation is ongoing. If anyone has information about what happened, the police recommend calling the 24-hour number at 1-415-575-4444 or sending a message labeled “SFPD” to TIP411.

Clara Sophia Daly contributed to this report.

The money market on Valencia St. had nine broken windows, but police reports said nothing was taken. Photo by Julian Mark. Recorded on May 26, 2021.

After a robbery, the artist from Bernal Heights needs help improving home security

John Rampley, an 84-year-old painter who has lived in Bernal Heights for years, was robbed on May 18, 2021. Allegedly, a robber broke a window in the garage, snuck through an open bathroom window, and then discreetly grabbed Rampley’s wallet and cash and a painting from the wall – while Rampley slept. Rampley is “understandably very traumatized and worried about his finances as he lives off SSI,” said his daughter Genveive on a donation page about the incident. She created a GoFundMe page requesting $ 5,000 to help improve security upgrades in the house. So far, the site has raised about $ 2,806.

“I went to sleep around 10 p.m. and watched a show on Channel 9. I assumed they were trying to get out through the bathroom window, which was wide open when I woke up,” Rampley told Mission Local. “I have secured the door and install surveillance cameras. The fear is overflowing. “

In the past, Rampley said he had street pictures in the de Young Museum and Fort Mason. More recently he had his work at the Far Out Gallery on Taraval Street.

“John Rampley is a wonderful person and artist who lived forever in Bernal Heights,” wrote a neighbor Vanessa in an email to Mission Local. She hopes others will donate to his fund. If you are so willing to help them achieve their goal, donate Here.

Self-help for the elderly and Veritas are expanding the senior support program for Asian elders

At a time of increasing anti-Asian violence, many in San Francisco and the Bay Area are scared. Since then, anti-discrimination groups such as Stop AAPI Hass, which have some roots in the city, have emerged across the country.

The movement to end this damage has also paved the way for new action by famous nonprofits. In a recent effort to fight Asian fear, Self-Help for the Elderly, a San Francisco nonprofit that works with many Asian seniors, has partnered with an unlikely partner: Veritas Investments, the real estate company that works with several Lawsuits were faced, the wrath of many tenant rights organizers. The two groups will announce the expansion of a senior care program on Friday May 28, where volunteers can choose to enter a retirement home if they feel unsure about going to the doctor or buying groceries on their own. Jeff Jerden, COO of Veritas, said the company has pledged $ 30,000 for these efforts, in large part to the company’s CEO, Yat-Pang Au, who identifies himself as Asian-American and contrasts Asians as “personal.” “looks at.

In addition, Veritas will display some of the Stop Asian Hate signs that ushered in advertising “Rent SF Now,” a subsidiary of the company. These new bright orange signs contain a QR code that links to the Stop AAPI Hate website, where users can report hate crimes or sign up for other measures to combat Asian violence.


Heads up: Hundreds of dollars could get in your way

According to a study by United Ways of California, a non-partisan government agency focused on health, education, and financial policies, around 7,100 low-income San Francisco residents missed the chance to get some moolah. Taxpayers have missed two programs that offer tax credits, the California Earned Income Tax Credit and the Golden State Stimulus. You can continue to claim this tax credit if you were employed last year and earned $ 30,000 or less annually and potentially up to $ 3,000 back. You can still receive the Golden Gate Stimulus if you have earned $ 75,000 or less and have an individual tax identification number (ITIN). This golden ticket gives you a one-time payment of $ 600 or $ 1,200.

Need Help Submitting? If you’ve made less than $ 66,000, you can have another file with you

Do you need rent relief? Apply for a rental of up to six months today

It has been a tough and stressful year for many in the mission and beyond. We asked, and you told us, rent is the biggest worry in your brain space. The mayor announced this week a total of $ 90 million to reduce some of that debt – up to six months’ rent, to be precise. Applications Open on Friday May 28th. If it’s inconvenient to apply virtually, you can contact one of the nonprofits that are working for help at 311.

Meanwhile, Supervisor Dean Preston has passed laws to prevent a local rental moratorium from expiring as the state moratorium ends on June 30th. If you pay 25 percent of your owed rent and can officially declare it to your landlord, you are safe from evictions without payment.

What to do this weekend


The latest addition to “Indómitas”, a monthly live podcast featuring “fierce artists and activists”, will take place this evening at 6:00 pm. This edition was moderated by Chelis López from KPOO and Radio Bilingüe interview a poet and writer Lucha Corpi in Spanish. Turn on Facebook Live through this shortcut. The conversation can be heard free of charge, but donations are always welcome. To do this and to support the Brava Theater that supports this presentation or to support Indómitas, go Here.


It’s the little things, right? While not quite returning to its former glitz of costumed parades, Carnaval at least got its start back in May 2021 after postponing the pandemic last year. And maybe the streamlined agenda is best as the community is still suffering immensely from the economic impact of covid and prioritizing resources for rent and work.

And this year’s edition has a lot of fun and resources for the community. For example, the leaders of Carnaval and Mission Hiring Hall host a job fair, health and wellness pavilion, Covid-19 vaccinations, and cultural exhibits. If you visit all eight stands and hold them in a “Carnaval Pass” (marked with stickers instead of postage stamps), you qualify for a raffle in August.

And the prizes your friends will envy: Bad Bunny Concert tickets, San Francisco Giants Swag, and gift cards. When you’ve completed the rounds, stop by the booth on Calle 24 on the 19th and Harrison to enter your name before 4pm

Other local restaurants offer discounts for the celebration. Get 2 USD tacos from La Palma or a 10 USD breakfast burrito and a drink combination from the Sun Rise Restaurant. You can find more information on Instagram at Calle 24 Latino Cultural District.

Are you ready to participate? Come to Harrison Street May 18-20 through May 29-30. The spectacle is open on both days from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

looking ahead

Pass the popcorn on

I never thought staring at a screen was a particularly meaningful social experience, but being locked out changed my mind. Last weekend, the Roxie Theater invited a personal audience for the first time since the pandemic began. In honor of the special occasion, the theater premiered a film “Paradiso” selected by the audience.

In addition, the Roxie Theater promises a number of summer specials like the SF Docs Fest (which is celebrating its 20th anniversary!). The opening night of the festival kicks off on June 3 with “Summer of Love”, a documentary about “an epic event that celebrated black history, culture and fashion”. Also have an after party at the Church of the 8 Wheels.

To see what else to see at the Roxie Theater, see the full lineup for the SF Doc Fest Here.

The Palacios sisters

To our artists in the Bay Area we say Brava. The Brava Theater is hosting a special screening of “The Palacios Sisters,” a radio novela written by playwright Cristina García, who currently works as a playwright in Berkeley. The story is inspired by Chekhov’s “The Three Sisters” and adds a modern and Latin American twist. This iteration of the story takes the main characters Olga, Maria and Irinita Palacios and their brother Andres straight to Miami in 1985 amid the cocaine crisis and growing AIDS epidemic. The family wants to steer their new lives as new immigrants from Havana and as visual artists in America.

In addition to García, the Radionovela was created thanks to the director Adrian Alea, the musicians Omar Sosa and Greg Landau, as well as numerous other speakers from the Bay Area. When you want to tune in, buy a ticket online from the Brava website. Ticket prices range from $ 10 to $ 12. Once you’ve claimed yours, you can listen to the piece as many times as you’d like between June 4th and June 30th at midnight.

Volunteers needed for Tucans weekend

The neighborhood remembers Sean Monterrosa, a resident of Bernal Heights shot dead by Vallejo police on the grounds of a suspected Walgreens looter on June 2, 2020. Last year, loved ones threw one Block party for him in his honor – with a concert of local musicians and decorations with toucans in honor of Sean’s beloved nickname – and declared it an annual celebration.

This year’s reminder is called “Tucan’s Weekend” and will take place on June 5th and 6th. According to a social media page, volunteers are needed to staff the event. If you’re interested, fill out the form at If you want to check out and register for the events, go Here.

‘Nomadland’ wins four BAFTAs together with greatest image, director | Leisure

Hosts such as Hugh Grant, Tom Hiddleston, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Priyanka Chopra Jonas announced the winners from the stage at London’s Royal Albert Hall, but the recipients accepted their honors from afar and there was no black audience to cheer them on.

Director Remi Weekes, who won the UK Debut Award for his first feature film, “His House”, noticed the surreal feeling of receiving the award while sitting in his living room in a tuxedo.

British film awards

FILE – In this file photo, director Chloe Zhao (left) appears with actress Frances McDormand on the set of Nomadland. “Nomadland” won four awards, including best picture, at the British Academy Film Awards on Sunday, April 11, 2021. The film’s director, Chloe Zhao, was only the second woman to win the Best Director trophy, and star Frances McDormand was named Best Actress. “Nomadland” also won the cinematography award on Sunday. Emerald Fennell’s revenge comedy, Promising Young Woman, was named Best British Film, while 83-year-old Anthony Hopkins was named Best Actor for playing a man who struggled with dementia in The Father. A recent #BAFTAsSoWhite-labeled event rewarded a diverse group of talent during a pandemic-slowed ceremony at the Royal Albert Hall in London. (Searchlight images via AP, FIle)


“Nomadland” plays McDormand as a middle-aged woman who travels the American West while living in her van and taking up short-term work.

Zhao, who lived among real American travelers for the film, thanked “the nomad community who so generously welcomed us into their lives.”

“How we treat our elders says a lot about who we are as a society, and we have to do better,” she said.

The only previous director was Kathryn Bigelow in 2010 for “The Hurt Locker”.

The UK Film Academy expanded its voting rights and changed its rules last year to address an apparent lack of diversity in nominations. In 2020, for the seventh year in a row, no women were nominated for best directors, and all 20 nominees in the Lead and Support Performer categories were white.

Under new rules that, among other things, made viewing all long-list films mandatory for Academy voters, this year’s list of nominees for acting was noticeably more diverse, and four of the six filmmakers nominated for best director were women: Zhao, Sarah Gavron (“Rocks” “), Shannon Murphy (” Babyteeth “) and Jasmila Zbanic (” Quo Vadis, Aida? “).

Proactive information headlines together with Jack Nathan Medical, Esports Leisure Group, Marble Monetary, INDVR Manufacturers and TechX Applied sciences

New York, March 4, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – – Mawson Gold Limited (TSE:THROAT) (OTCPINK: MWSNF) (FRA: MXR) funded by drill assays from the South East Mount Isa Project, Australia Click here
– Nextleaf Solutions Ltd (CSE: OILS) (OTCQB: OILFF) (FRA: L0MA) to supply its Rapid Emulsion Technology to cannabis-infused beverage company BevCanna Enterprises Click here

– NetCents Technology Inc. (CSE: NC) (FRA: 26N) (OTCQB: NTTCF) recorded a transaction volume of more than 6.7 million CAD in cryptocurrency in February Click here

Subsidiaries of FansUnite Entertainment Inc (CSE: FANS) (OTCQB: FUNFF) (FRA: 4UY) apply for UK gaming licenses Click here

– Great Panther Mining Limited (TSE:GPR) (NYSEAMERICAN: GPL) (FRA: G3U) reports record operating results and cash flow for 2020 despite pandemic challenges Click here

– Jack Nathan Medical Corp (Jack Nathan Health) (CVE: JNH) (OTCQB: JNHMF) makes its debut on the OTCQB Venture Market Click here

Empower Clinics Inc. (CSE: CBDT) (FRA: 8EC) (OTCQB: EPWCF) to receive more than $ 10.5 million from the exercise of warrants Click here

Loop Insights Inc (CVE: MTRX) (OTCQB: RACMF) has named veteran global e-commerce and brand manager Ian Cameron as its new vice president of marketing Click here

– Esports Entertainment Group Inc (NASDAQ:GMBL) (FRA: 40Y1) to cancel official sponsorship of the New England Patriots esports tournament and the New England Revolution Click here

– Pure Gold Mining Inc. (CVE: PGM) (LSE:WHILE) (OTCMKTS: LRTNF) indicates high grade gold mineralization on three targets outside of the current Red Lake resource area Click here

TechX Technologies Inc (CSE: TECX) (OTCMKTS: TECXF) (FRA: C0B: FF) signs an LOI that could potentially result in the acquisition of all of the outstanding share capital of CryptoBuddy Technologies Inc. Click here

– GR Silver Mining Ltd (CVE: GRSL) (OTCQB: GRSLF) (FRA: GPE) encounters high-grade near-surface mineralization on the Plomosas project in the San Juan area Click here

– Marble Financial Inc (CNSX:MRBL) (OTC: MRBLF) (FRA: 2V0) announces pricing tiers for subscriptions to the MyMarble financial fitness platform Click here

– INDVR Brands Inc (CSE: IDVR) (OTCMKTS: CAAOF) (FRA: 3YX) to acquire cannabis-infused product facilities in Nevada and Colorado Click here

– Namaste Technologies Inc. (CVE: N) (FRA: M5BQ) (OTCMKTS: NXTTF) announces the appointment of Slava Klems as Chief Financial Officer effective March 3, 2021 Click here

– Arcadia Biosciences Inc (NASDAQ:RKDA) (FRA: 17D) issued a US patent for its high-fiber GoodWheat starch Click here

– HighGold Mining Inc (CVE: HIGH) (OTCQX: HGGOF) outlines the next steps in exploration for the Munro-Croesus gold project after the ground has been consolidated Click here

– PharmaDrug Inc (CSE: BUZZ) (OTCPINK: LMLLF) welcomes top gastrointestinal oncologist Yelena Janjigian from Memorial Sloan Kettering to its scientific and clinical advisory board Click here

– BioSig Technologies Inc (NASDAQ:BSGM) says US patent office allows utility models that its subsidiary NeuroClear had licensed exclusively from the Mayo Foundation Click here

– Loncor Resources Inc (TSE:LN) (OTCQX: LONCF) (FSE: LO51) announces additional positive results from the drill program at the Adumbi deposit Click here

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Susan Rovner Completes Leisure Content material Restructure; 50 Workers Together with Bruce Evans & Dan Shear To Exit In Layoffs – Deadline

The reorganization of NBCUniversalThe entertainment content team is complete with Susan Rovner Hiring the team and around 50 employees left as part of the changes.

Deadline understands that Bruce Evans, EVP, Current Programming and Dan Shear |, EVP, Comedy Development at Peacock are two of the most famous executives. It marks the most recent change as current programming is merged with development and comedy development under Jeff Meyerson.

The move came after Rovner assembled her leadership team in November and Lisa Katz became president for script content, dividing the scriptless team into two departments.

Cara Dellaverson and Alex Sepiol have been recruited to co-direct drama development and the current NBCU portfolio, including NBC, its cable networks and streamer Peacock. They have both been called EVP, Drama Series, Entertainment Content and report to Katz.

Grace Wu was promoted to oversee the casting on NBCUniversal Television & Streaming

Dellaverson has been with NBCU since 2015 and was previously EVP for drama programming at NBC Entertainment, where she directed shows such as This Is Us, Good Girls and New Amsterdam.

Sepiol, who started as an assistant in the USA, has been with the company since 2004 and was previously EVP for script development at NBCUniversal Entertainment & Lifestyle Group and Direct-to-Consumer, where he led script project development for USA, SYFY, Bravo, E ! and peacock. He has been credited with conducting shows such as Mr. Robot, Dirty John, and The Sinner.

Jeff Meyerson will lead the current and development of comedy as EVP, Comedy Series, Entertainment Content. Previously, he was SVP, Comedy Development at NBC Entertainment and directed shows such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Good Place and Mr. Mayor.

Michael Sluchan will direct films, children’s programming and co-productions as EVP, Current Series and Co-Productions, Entertainment Content. Sluchan has been with the company for over 20 years. EVP for Current Scripted Programming & Limited Series for NBCUniversal Entertainment & Lifestyle Networks and Direct-to-Consumer, where he is responsible for the current production for all Scripted series in the USA, SYFY, Bravo, E! and peacock

Under Jenny Groom, EVP, Unscripted Content, who oversees talent contest formats and game shows, Sharon Vuong will lead development as SVP, Unscripted Development, Entertainment Content and Shelby Shaftel as SVP, Unscripted Current Programming, Entertainment Content. Vuong, who joined from CBS last year, was previously SVP for alternative programming and development and led the development of shows like That’s My Jam with Jimmy Fallon and Small Fortune, while Shaftel was previously SVP for alternative programming and development for NBC Entertainment and is the lead took over The Titan Games, The Wall and Making It.

On the lifestyle and documentary side, Rachel Smith will lead development and Shari Levine will lead the current programming under the direction of Rod Aissa. Smith, who becomes EVP, Unscripted Development, Entertainment Content, was previously EVP of Development for Bravo and E !, where she worked for The Real Housewives Franchise, and Levine, who becomes EVP, Unscripted Current Production, Entertainment Content, was previously EVP of Production for Bravo, where she oversaw shows like Project Runway and Top Chef.

The majority of the exits take place within the content team with some additional exits in the areas of planning, acquisition and marketing.