Kaley Cuoco marks three years of marriage: ‘I am sincerely impressed’ | Leisure

Kaley Cuoco is “genuinely impressed” with her husband as they celebrate three years of marriage.

The Big Bang Theory star took to Instagram to celebrate three years of marriage to husband Karl Cook and five years since their first relationship.

And in her cute post, Kaley joked that she was surprised Karl stayed with her for half a decade.

She wrote, “NY June 30, 2016 is the year we met. 2 years to the day before we got married and now married for 3 years! Why have you been married to me for so long ?! I’m genuinely impressed @mrtankcook lol I love you so much, you have no idea … happy anniversary !!! (sic) “

Despite their third wedding anniversary, the couple only moved in together last year after the COVID-19 pandemic forced them to bubble.

She said, “We’ve been married a year and a half, together for almost four years, and now this quarantine has actually forced us to move in together.”

Fortunately, the couple is fine and they even discovered that they “like” each other.

Kaley added, “It’s been great for our relationship. And we like each other for how we’ve found which is even better.”

But the star of “The Flight Attendant” admitted they still haven’t unpacked properly.

She said, “I was filming in New York and was sent back here, obviously because of everything that was going on, and we had to move into the house together.

“So we moved in and I can’t find anything. But the house is great. I think Karl would love it if I found my make-up at some point. “

The couple spent their time in their new home “drinking” and attending to the needs of their many animals.

When asked how they had spent the time in isolation, she said, “Drank a lot and tried to keep the dogs busy.

“You know, we don’t have children, we only have 17,000 animals, so always try to keep them busy and happy.”

Felicity Jones impressed by highly effective Midnight Sky script | Leisure

Felicity Jones signed up for ‘The Midnight Sky’ because she loved the relationship between her and George Clooney’s characters.

In the film, Felicity, 37, plays the astronaut Sully, who learns on a trip back to Earth that humanity has been wiped out and whose only contact is the dying scientist Augustine (Clooney), and Felicity was particularly moved by the last scene between the two .

She told The Hollywood Reporter, “George had already shot his part, so I got to see what was really helpful and then let me know what I was doing on my side. It’s what I loved about the script, when I read it. It is. ” What made me do it was this central relationship the two had to find each other in.

“It was one that I thought about a lot, that I meditated on a lot to prepare. Fortunately, I shot it towards the end of our schedule so I really felt like I had Sully and I knew who she is and can give everything I have.

“In the beginning it was a meditation not only on Augustine’s relationship with Sully, but also on Sully’s relationship with her child. That is why blood is such a feature of the film Chemotherapy does. It’s a kind of understanding of those relationships, of what ultimately matters to us. “

George, 59, scripted Felicity’s pregnancy, and she feels it “should be”.

She said, “It feels like it should always be that Sully would be pregnant in it.”