Kate Middleton’s parenting fashion ‘immaculate’ whereas Pippa ‘extra sensible’

Kate Middleton and Prince William are the parents of three young children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. Meanwhile, Kate’s younger sister Pippa Middleton has two children, Arthur and Grace.

On the rare occasions when she is seen with her three children, the Duchess of Cambridge appears to be a warm and loving mother.

However, their approach depends on keeping all eyes on them – and on their parenting style.

Sister Pippa can enjoy a more “down to earth” life, far from criticism and public scrutiny.

According to body language expert Judi James, the parenting style of Kate and Pippa is completely different, as the latter has the privilege of leading a semi-normal family life.

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The Duchess of Cambridge will never show that, at least not in public.

Judi explained, “There seems to be a world of difference between Kate and Pippa when it comes to their parenting poses.

“Pippa appears to have inherited Middleton’s talent for looking serene calm and beautiful, despite the fact that she is laden with a small child walking beside her clutching the stroller; a baby in the stroller and a whole load of luggage on the stroller.

“The sign here is that this is also your very own balancing act.”


Judi stated that Kate could “envy” Pippa’s way of raising her children and her more “practical” parenting style.

“While Kate, as the future queen and mother of a future king, is the consummate professional when it comes to showcasing the perfect, flawless moments for the royal family, it is easy to suspect that she might actually envy Pippa for her ability to walk in comfort Running out of sneakers, Macs and sunglasses, “she said.

Like her sister, Pippa Middleton leads a very privileged life, which also includes 24-hour help with the upbringing of her children.

However, you can usually see her in her neighborhood in Notting Hill, London, where she walks with her children like any other mother. Something Kate will never be able to do.

Although Pippa and the children were sometimes accompanied by a nanny, she was sometimes seen “pushing luggage and children as many other parents have to do every day of their lives,” Judi explained.

In comparison: “Kate’s elegant appearance suggests the swan in the water comparison; looks calm and beautiful on the surface while furiously paddling away underneath to achieve this effect.

“Her royal role shows that she is leading two, or possibly three, young children dressed in heels and stylish outfits that are not kid-friendly.”

Judi continued, “Even so, she seems intent on being a face-to-face mother who bows down to the size of her children when speaking to them and even half kneels to give them her full attention and focus on their feelings and emotions.

“With the children who are shown so publicly, in addition to the normal royal requirements, she has to create a tactile, first-hand approach that is fun but does not have tantrums.”

Judi stated that Kate “uses rituals of touch and eye contact or face observation as her tie signs and this can be a constant form of non-verbal reassurance, control and communication that will help her adjust to her children when they appear on the show publicly.

“For Pippa, the bond looks a lot more relaxed.

“When she looks down on her young child with pride, she has fewer eyes on herself and less public scrutiny, which allows for a more practical approach, with her hair tied back and an affectionate smile on her face.”