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I run the Newton Nomadic Theater. Our theater and all other local arts, music and entertainment organizations have mostly closed for the last year.

We held a few online events at the beginning of the pandemic, but we’ve since lost our motivation to hold more online events. In warm weather we were able to bring people together for some events (Secret ride in concert, and Waiting for Godot – Covid 19 Edition). While these were both major events, they were seriously constrained by the necessary health and safety restrictions during the time of the pandemic.

Here is my question. How long do you think it will take before 50 or 100 people are ready to share the same narrow space for an evening of music, theater, etc.? I’m sure this won’t be all or nothing. It will undoubtedly be done in incremental steps.

How long will it take to be us? Celebrate like 1999. A couple of months?, Six months?, A year ?, never?

Once you have a shot of vaccine in your arm, will you be thinking of being in a crowd again in the not too distant future, or will this year’s lockdown keep you cautious for some time in the future?

I itches more than going back to the real world. So how long before:

  1. They believe that all restrictions on public gatherings are lifted
  2. Personally, you think you are ready to crowd into a small space for good music or theater

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