YouTube’s outline-style icons arrive on Android TV participant

YouTube’s updated outline-style icons were introduced to the Android and iOS apps last year and are now available in the main player view of the Android TV version of the streaming platform.

Over the past few months there has been a steady rollout of YouTube outline style icons, first with the above mobile apps for iOS and Android, then with the YouTube Music app and desktop versions, and now with Android TV. It’s a subtle tweak that ties all of the different platforms and the main user interface together.

The YouTube sidebar has been showing the new icons for a while, but the actual video player icons have been updated across a variety of devices over the past week and brought to our attention by the at team Android police. We’re seeing the new icons on YouTube for Android TV on multiple Chromecast with Google TV devices and some generic Android TV set-top boxes. It’s a humble change that you may not even have noticed before.

In the main view of the player, when you expand the on-screen menu, new icons and a direct display for video resolution and frame rate are now displayed, which updates one. introduced in 2020 to quickly find out what quality the YouTube video in question is being streamed in. This saves a lot of time, especially when troubleshooting or tweaking settings for the best experience.

The thinner symbols look particularly sharp on a 4K UHD television, but can be harder to see from a normal viewing distance of a few meters. That’s pretty much the only thing we can really say about this very small UI change, as it has very little effect beyond adding that resolution switch.

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Here is why Rachel, Monica, Phoebe are nonetheless thought of as fashion icons

Kids of the 90s will understand when we say we grew up with Rachel, Monica and Phoebes Styles from FRIENDS and still today.

Here are some of the show’s most iconic looks.

The involvement of Phoebe’s husband

With the combination of miniskirt and stockings, nobody was proud to show off a Rachel Green outfit the way they were in the 90s. Phoebe also looks stylish and classy despite her Barbie-like, 60s-inspired pink and white shift dress.

The engagement photo

Monica’s clothes were seamless and tasteful throughout the series, but her look for this episode was effortless and chic. The style is more modern, elegant and edgy and goes well with fall outfits, whether for engagement photos or not.

The one that everyone finds out about

The bright red and orange coat made Phoebe look loud, amusing, and ridiculously sexy!

The one where no one is ready

Rachel could have looked good in a turtleneck at Ross’s soiree; she just attended his soiree in that hoodie, and it seemed pretty good.

The one with GDR detergent

With its high waist and twisted tank top style, this denim is not out of place in today’s fashion world.

The one on the beach

Despite their similarities, Monica’s bespoke denim is a fantastic reinterpretation of the Canadian body.

The one with Ross’ wedding

Rachel’s slip dress and all the outfits in her pockets are redefining fashion.

The one with Chandler in a box

Rachael’s mini-skirt and boot combo was one of her favorite outfits throughout the show and is now one of the favorites among fashion enthusiasts. Monica’s outfit, which includes Chuck Taylor sneakers, denim and a flannel jacket, would also be appropriate in this day and age. Your styles may evolve as fashion changes and you may be able to incorporate a little glamor into the 2021 costumes.

The story goes on

The one Rachel finds out on

Monica’s girl next door look in her Urban Outfitters maxi dress from head to toe gives the fashion world an “oomph”.

The one with Rachel’s crush

Rachel’s ornate dress and tights ensemble makes us ask for more!

The one after the superbowl

Phoebe showed us that an oversized hoodie or sweater can be worn with any outfit and looks elegant.

The one with the flashback

Monica reminds us that all we need to do for a girls night out is a lovely pair of Levi’s and a crocheted tank top. Additionally, the oversized suit jacket was a fashion trend in the early 1990s and is mentioned in it because one of Joey’s college roommates was wearing one. You may now be able to buy an outfit that is too big and still trendy.

The one where Paul is the man

A Hawaiian shirt is not only worn by fathers during the spring break or when they have a cold. For styling ideas, check out Rachel’s clothes; Go for a white tank top and cargo shorts for a casual, laid-back day.

Gary Lineker on soccer kits all through the many years, film star fashion icons and his worst style catastrophe

Gary Lineker swaps football for fashion with his latest eyewear project.

Cary Grant was the first person who showed me how cool you can look with glasses, ”says the Match Of The Day presenter and former English soccer player who comes with a number of specs. revealed Vision Express “In this tortoiseshell frame, if anyone can remember? I think I’ll show my age a bit here … “

More than two decades since retiring from football, the 60-year-old says he’s been inspired by on-screen style icons and vintage fashion, but admits that there are some outfits from his own past that he’d rather forget …

The glasses shoot goes back to different decades, how does retro fashion influence your style?


“I would like to think that I am a long way from some of the retro fashion trends of the seventies and Eighties – the shell suits and the bright colors, although they were fun back then. I think retro fashion had an impact on my style, but mostly on items I know I can wear rather than entire looks.

“Sometimes I try to combine more classic items or vintage clothes with modern pieces, for example a leather jacket with a white top. I recently bought a Seventies-style All Saints jacket that I love. “

Gary Lineker wears glasses from the Lineker Edit for Vision Express

Who are your personal style icons?

“Outside of the sports world, I take a lot of style inspiration from movies or television, or at least I’ve tried over the years. I would say the likes of Sean Connery, Paul Newman and Don Draper from Mad Men are all style icons.

“Whether they are dressed in sharp, well-fitting suits or casual polo shirts, shirt and pullover layers or neutral slim-fit chinos, they look elegant, self-confident and timeless.”

Gary Lineker wears glasses from the Lineker Edit for Vision Express

Football shirts have developed a lot over the decades, which epochs did you like the most?

“Well, I went through the eighties when very short shorts were introduced. Some people definitely weren’t that keen on it, but I like a bit of freedom to walk around. Then we went into a phase of long shorts – I think we were the first team to wear them when I was at Tottenham.

“I really like retro football shirts and I think some of them are really cool, especially some of the lesser known ones. When I was in my early twenties we had an awful green striped one in Leicester, sponsored by Ind Coope. But one of my favorites would be something like an old classic 1970 World Cup Brazil [shirt]which is now probably a real collector’s item. “

Tottenham’s Gary Lineker speeds away from Arsenal’s David O’Leary during the 1991 Charity Shield match

What did you wear during the lockdown – did you get into the loungewear trend?

“Like most of the nation, I spent most of the lockdown in tracksuits. I didn’t just sit around in pajamas all day, I wore lots of sweatpants.

“Since playing soccer, I haven’t worn any tracksuits or sportswear, probably because it felt like I was wearing my old work clothes, and usually I mostly relaxed in jeans and t-shirts or jeans and casual shirts. But now it’s all about comfort, so tracksuits are again my first choice for relaxing. “

Do you have any fashion regrets from the past?

“My worst fashion disaster that I was thinking about recently was an outfit from the 1990s. After we lost to Germany in the World Cup semi-finals, I stayed in Italy to take the Fair Play Award trophy with Bobby Robson on behalf of the English team and for some inexplicable reason I went for a jacket that was really strong Stripes and then paired it with a big, noticeable, stained tie … It’s pretty appalling to say the least. “

In his role as Vision Express brand ambassador, Gary Lineker is launching Lineker Edit, an exclusive eyewear collection handpicked by Gary, available in-store and online from June 9th.

Ravens’ 2021 draft class tries to call ’90s leisure icons

The Baltimore Ravens have had a lot of fun with their Draft Class 2021 over the past few weeks. From their first briefing on the building to OTAs, every rookie gradually got a feel for the NFL.

One thing the Baltimore creative team did is put out a series of draft class videos trying to name things from the 90s. First, the rookies were tasked with naming items from the 90s, followed by naming artists from the period. Now they have been asked to name entertainment icons some consider a long time ago and they did not disappoint with their responses.

To be honest, the rookies did a little better here ??

Name the entertainment icons of the 90s ?

– Baltimore Ravens (@Ravens) May 28, 2021

It seemed like some players knew almost everything they were getting, including Daelin Hayes and Ben Cleveland. Most of the rookie class, however, could guess things like “Remember the Titans”, “Friends” and even “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” correctly.

Many know what the Ravens rookies can do on the field, but these videos and activities are a great way to get a look at what each of them looks like with it. It seems like Baltimore has drafted players who fit their culture and have great personalities, which the team greatly appreciates.

Macy’s Celebrates Black Creatives With Icons of Model

NEW YORK–() – Macy’s (NYSE: M) celebrates black creatives with today’s launch of Icons of Style, a collaboration with five black visionaries to advance the fashion world. With exclusive designs for ready-to-wear, men’s and footwear by Zerina Akers, Misa Hylton, Aminah Abdul Jillil, Allen Onyia and Ouigi Theodore for brands that can only be found at Macy’s, every creative artist artfully designed a fashionable must-have capsule for spring items , inspired by her unique perspective and dynamic style. Icons of Style is available now and choose branches across the country.

“We are excited to celebrate Black Excellence and reinforce the voices and exceptional talent of five Black creatives,” said Durand Guion, vice president of Macy’s Fashion Office. “We use this moment to tell their stories and to offer our fashion-conscious customers exclusive, unique pieces with which they can express their personal style.”

Zerina Akers for Bar III

Zerina Akers for Bar III was developed with functionality, versatility and a touch of statement moments in mind. The capsule consists of mixed media suits, full body suits decorated with chain links, strong shoulder knitted dresses and a new game of proportions for the classic sweatshirt. True to the aesthetics of Bar III, the capsule is the perfect blend of feminine and modern components.

“This collection is probably the most special because it’s my first design collaboration. As a result of my styling work, I have designed many things, but never anything under my own name. This is something very special, ”said Zerina Akers.

Misa Hylton for INC International Concepts

Misa Hylton for INC International Concepts is inspired by her personal style and love of fashion. The collection features bold, vibrant prints that take shape in feminine suits, printed blouses, and their love of kimono. a symbol of their black and Japanese heritage. Misa’s extraordinary vision is known for creating iconic looks for some of the music industry’s biggest stars. It goes well with INC’s focus on showing the latest trends.

“My designs vibrate at a high frequency. They bring happiness and excitement to the people who want to see and wear them, ”said Misa Hylton.

Aminah Abdul Jillil for INC International Concepts

Aminah Abdul Jillil from INC International Concepts expands her love of creative self-expression and bold fashion moments and brings out the power of the statement heel. Using her background in the performing arts as inspiration, Aminah mixes unexpected shapes and dramatic details to instill confidence in every step. The collection uses golden hearts and chunky chains as signature details and offers a variety of styles that are timeless, versatile and collectable.

“This collaboration is exciting for me because for me personally it means that dreams come true. This hard work pays off. It’s okay that it’s different and not like everyone else, ”said Aminah Abdul Jillil.

Allen Onyia for INC International Concepts

Allen Onyia from INC International Concepts pays homage to Macy’s traditions as a leading department store that combines iconic details with a modern, trend-oriented look. The men’s collection is a nod to his personal style and focuses on accessible design. Allen effortlessly uses his extraordinary eye to combine the dynamic use of colors, patterns and silhouettes into instantly desirable items, all geared towards a meaningful style.

“This is a collection that celebrates this amazing opportunity Macy’s presented me, and I wanted to bring that celebration and feeling back into the collection and pay homage,” said Allen Onyia.

Ouigi Theodore for Sun + Stone

Ouigi Theodore for Sun + Stone combines heritage and authenticity to create an iconic collection that tells a compelling story. Dedicated to his mother, Ouigi’s collection draws inspiration from the past, present and future to create a refreshingly updated menswear aesthetic that is rooted in fashion history. Ouigi pays homage to his personal experiences through the symbolic use of personally meaningful dates, hand-drawn artwork, and vintage military references.

“This collection is special because it matches my approach to design, which has many hidden references and details and is dedicated to my mother, who was born in 1945,” said Ouigi Theodore.

Macy’s is stepping up its commitment to growing and developing black-owned businesses and developers by introducing more diverse design talent into its range and helping various brands grow on scale. Icons of Style offers three seasonal must-have collections with later capsules that hit the market in May and September.

About Macy’s

Macy’s is America’s department store. For more than 160 years, Macy’s, Macy’s, Inc.’s largest retail brand, has served generations at every stage of their lives. Through a digitally guided shopping experience powered by, our award-winning mobile app, and a nationwide portfolio of stores, Macy’s customers come to us for fashion, value, and quality products. We are proud of our heritage and the unique role we play in American culture and tradition. We celebrate big and small occasions and have created decades of unforgettable experiences through Macy’s Fireworks® on July 4th and Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade® as well as spectacular fashion shows, culinary events, flower shows and celebrity appearances. With the mutual support of our customers and colleagues, Macy’s helps make a difference in every market we serve and supports local and national charities through funding and volunteering. Using fashion, value, and celebration as a guide, Macy’s makes the lives of our customers, colleagues, and communities shine brighter. For more information, please visit

Define-style icons showing in YouTube Music for Android

According to a Quick test earlier this week The main YouTube Music for Android website is now increasingly displaying outline-style icons.

This change starts at the bottom bar, with Home, Explore and Library slightly tweaking to suit the new style. The top app bar shows thinner cast and search icons. On the Library tab, the icons for downloads, playlists, albums, songs, artists, and subscriptions are updated.

Various overflow menus throughout the app have also been updated. Finally, this change modernizes the Now Playing screen with Like / Dissimilar, as well as modifying anything that appears when you tap Cover Art.

YouTube TV has yet to be updated, but the direction towards consistency and consistency is clear. With YouTube Music, the outline style doesn’t make a significant difference other than making the app feel lighter – and a bit more general. For some, the lines are a little too thin, but it doesn’t affect muscle memory. Visibility is improved in one respect because the stronger outline against a dark background is much clearer than the previous gray.

These outline style icons aren’t widely used yet, but they’ll show up for more YouTube music Android Users today after a server-side update. Try stopping and reopening the application.

New symbols

Ancient icons

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