And Simply Like That: Lisa Todd Wexley Is Our New Type Icon

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If you stop reading the comments And just like that Costume Instagram Page, operated by extraordinary wardrobe Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago, Lisa Todd Wexley (aka LTW) is fast becoming the new breakout style star of the HBO Max reboot series everyone talks about it. Played by Nicole AriParker (also famous for her roles in boogie nights, Think of the titans, and Showtimes soul food), Lisa is Charlotte’s newest boyfriend and undoubtedly best dressed according to many eagle-eyed fans.

“On her third adjustment, she would say, ‘Oh, let me double the necklace.'”

“Please tell me about the gorgeous bracelet she wore on her left wrist to the fundraiser?” One user posted below a still from episode seven. “You could dress her anything and she would look amazing,” wrote another under a chic YSL look from an adaptation that ended up being an outtake.

International recognition for her fashion sense was actually part of her character’s story, according to Santiago. People are quick to embrace her taste for bold, chunky jewelry, and these accessories – many of which have intriguing backstories – were specifically sourced based on the beginnings of her mood board.

“Once we saw [Nicole Ari Parker] and we saw her build and how she could handle clothes, we put all that stuff in the dressing room and it just all came together. We knew we wanted bold pieces, but sometimes that can be overwhelming for the actress, but she really felt it. She put it on and said, ‘Oh yeah, give me more.’ She would go and get more rings,” Santiago told POPSUGAR.

Rogers agreed, joking, “I think we kind of created a monster with her. On her third adjustment, she would say, ‘Oh, let me double the necklace.’ She really started charging it.”

Image source: Getty and Courtesy of Molly RogersAbove: Nicole Ari Parker and her jewelry on set And just like that.

Much of LTW’s jewelry comes from Patricia von Musulin, an internationally renowned designer who has set out to redefine the term accessories, and money, a Danish family business, was founded in the 1970s. And then there is Ana Srdic, a designer, anthropologist and entrepreneur from South Africa who has provided many of the stunning gemstone rings you wear with her. While many of their pieces cost a pretty penny, some of them can truly be considered capital goods and are still commercially available. Below we will break down LTW’s luxurious outfits one by one.

Peter Bogdanovich, Fashion Icon and Oscar-Nominated Critic-Turned-Filmmaker, Dies at 82

Peter Bogdanovich died at the age of 82.

According to his Daughter Antonia, Bogdanovich died of natural causes at his LA home

The filmmaker-turned critic (who also happened to be a theater director, historian, tie-lover, and actor talented enough to slip into an ensemble like the Sopranos) is best known for his Oscar-nominated sophomore feature: The last picture show. The black and white Texas drama remains a thoughtful and powerful snapshot of a community where Jeff Bridges, Cybill Shepherd, Ben Johnson, Cloris Leachman and Timothy Bottoms are bringing to life a small town on the edge of vast cultural change. But beyond his days as a child prodigy (he made the film when he was only 31), his loving retrospective cinema continued to win over critics, displaying its unique blend of Golden Age worship and New Hollywood innovation.

What’s up Doc? and Paper Moon showed a comical streak, while later careers like the Palme d’Or nominated Mask and the Tom Petty documentary Runnin ‘Down a Dream showed its versatility.

Meanwhile, Bogdanovich was engaged in professional and personal evangelism for the movie greats before him. As Orson Welles’ mentee (he also helped bring The Other Side of the Wind finally to screen in 2019) and John Ford’s biographer, Bogdanovich turned his critical obsessions into fruitful artistic inspiration after making his way through Roger Corman School of Low had made budget films. He admired Hollywood, he understood Hollywood, and became Hollywood.

He recently got the biography treatment himself in the first season of the extensive TCM podcast The Plot Thickens.

Bogdanovich leaves behind his daughters and grandchildren.

Larry David, Fashion Icon? How His Boring-Dad Look Obtained Fashionable

On September 12, Larry David, the eye-catching star of HBO’s longtime awk-com “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” sat in the front row of the Staud fashion show in New York City. He didn’t seem to be enjoying himself. As models in cheerful primary colors rushed by, the 74-year-old comedian leaned over, plugged his ears, and stared straight at the floor. In an October Appearance at Jimmy Kimmel Live! Mr. David explained that the music on the Staud Show was just too loud for him. (Through an HBO representative, Mr. David declined to comment on this item.)

“Me, a fashion show … that’s a bit out of place,” he said to Mr. Kimmel after explaining that he was there because his friend, Hollywood super agent Ari Emanuel, with Sarah Staudinger, the designer of. who is engaged Staud.

Mr. David didn’t look too pleased at the Staud catwalk show during New York Fashion Week in September.


Getty Images

Mr. David may be selling himself on the fashion front. In recent years he has become an unexpected fashion icon with his dedication to straight-cut khakis, thin V-neck sweaters, navy blue blazers and practical sneakers. In September, when the paparazzi caught Mr. David getting drinks with 25-year-old “Dune” heartthrob Timothée Chalamet, some joked on social media that it was just a meeting of two contemporary gods. “He wears what he wants,” said Usmaan Razzaq, 23, a college student and big “curb” fan in New York. “The way he puts things together, even though he doesn’t care, you can still tell that he looks well put together,” he said.

Mr. David is so adored that fans wear photos of him on their own clothes. In in the run-up to the premiere of the 11th season of “Curb” on October 24, the New York streetwear empire Kith released a collaborative collection with HBO that included a $ 70 t-shirt and $ 165 sweatshirt that featured Mr. David in one of his patented navy blue outfits and “woe is me” expressions. The entire slate sold out online within hours of its launch.

Larry is “a perfect example of what fashion could be as a tool for self-expression,” said Ronnie Fieg, founder and creative director of Kith, who said he was “one of the biggest fans of all time” of the show. Indeed, Mr. David is a prime example of steady, confident clothing that ignores all current trends. “Larry never tried to be fashionable in any way,” said Mr. Fieg.

‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ actor JB Smoove models the Kith collaboration.



Mr. David’s humble attire is miles away from the trend-boggling excesses of New York Fashion Week, but that’s exactly why people admire him. “I like his style. I think he uses a lot of classics, ”said Dewey Bryan Saunders, 38, a graphic designer in Los Angeles. He says he can go after anything Mr. David wears except his rag trainers – Mr. Saunders would advise swapping them for real loafers.

The appreciation of Mr. David as a seventy-year-old style icon has its roots around five years ago, when “Normcore”, a trend based on deliberately simple clothing, emerged. (Mr. David’s clothes, often from high-end labels like Armani and Zegna, are not always easy to price.) In 2020, GQ Magazine ran a Fashion shoot styled by Mr. David in his own so-ordinary-they-are-extraordinary clothes like gray theory t-shirts,

Polo Ralph Lauren

Khakis and dingy Ecco shoes.

“We are drawn to authenticity,” said Emilia Petrarca, senior fashion writer for New York Magazine’s “The Cut” style site, who sat across from Mr. David on the Staud show and a perfect one 40 second video clip the short-haired comedian in all his misery. Ms. Petrarca posted the clip on her Instagram and within moments her “phone” crashed when the crowd commented on “Mood” or republished the clip with “Me”. It has been viewed more than half a million times since then.

From Ms. Petrarca’s point of view, the charm of the clip lies partly in the steadfast demeanor of Mr. David. He has a front row seat for the latest fashion trends but is more concerned with keeping his eardrum intact. “Someone who doesn’t care has something so tempting, especially at Fashion Week where everyone is so interested,” said Ms. Petrarca.

To Mr. David’s legion of fashion admirers, he’s a man worth emulating. “I think Larry is very practical and comfortable, and as I get older I definitely see myself going in that direction,” said Andy Rosenberg, 35, director of branding at Mack Weldon, a menswear startup in New York. Mr. Rosenberg was particularly inspired by Mr. David’s usual summer layering combination of a light V-neck sweater over a T-shirt.

As a “curb” superfan, Mr. Rosenberg appreciates how Mr. David, who is also the show’s creator and showrunner, uses the show to ponder those absurd dress puzzles we could all experience, like the unsightly (and perhaps offensive ) “Pants tent”. or the loss of our beloved item of clothing due to dry cleaning. “He’s probably thinking a lot more about his clothes than it may seem on the surface,” said Mr. Rosenberg.

Some who like Mr. Davids normcore Bona fides admitted that she was a little puzzled by the Kith collaboration, which stuck images of her slightly wrinkled, well-dressed hero onto the acclaimed streetwear. A hoodie with Larry’s face on it felt like a superficial fashion statement to Kevin Burns, 33, a project analyst in Albany, NY, who sees Mr. David as the epitome of personal, trend-immune style. (According to Mr. Fieg of Kith, Mr. David’s team approved all items in the collection.) Mr. Burns would have preferred to see Kith bring out khakis and a black t-shirt, just like Larry wears it. For him it would have been a real collaboration that fits this real style icon. Of course, these clothes already exist and can be had for around $ 19.99

The gap.

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Macy’s Stamps Misa Hylton As An Icon Of Model With A Fall Capsule Assortment

If anyone deserves to be an “Icon of Style” it definitely is Misa Hylton. The fashion architect has been at the forefront of fashion, music and culture for more than 25 years.

The mother of three is best known for reshaping the style of hip hop and R&B and bringing it to the looks we admire today. From Lil Kim’s daring purple clam pie to Mary J. Blige’s signature 90s homegirl hip-hop glam that we still love. In all fairness, as a true icon in the fashion game, Hylton has been signed, sealed and delivered.

Recognizing Hylton’s contribution to transforming fashion In something that is bold, relatable, and iconic, Macy’s has tapped black visionaries like Zerina Akers, Aminah Abdul Jillil, Allen Onyia, and Ouigi Theodore to create a fashionable capsule of must-have fall items that draw from their unique perspective and dynamism inspired are style.

“Fashion is constantly evolving,” Hylton says exclusively to ESSENCE. “I am delighted with the recognition, attention and opportunity that stylists and designers of color are now receiving. It is an honor to be named a style icon, it feels incredible to be part of fashion history. ”

Durand Guion, Vice President of Macy’s Fashion Office, highlighted the diverse creatives in the fashion industry: “We’re excited to celebrate black excellence and reinforce the voices and exceptional talent of five black creatives,” he says.

He continues: “We use this moment to tell their stories and offer our fashion-loving customers exclusive one-offs that help them express their personal style.”

Inspired by color, prints and hip-hop style, Hylton brings the volume up with upscale loungewear with bold, novel patterns and unmistakable energy. Hylton adds, “It was also important that I include my Japanese and Black cultures in order to express the aspects of my imagination.”

Take a look at some vibrant pieces that we will be adding to our collection.

Misa Hyltons Collection is available now at Macy’s at prices up to $ 150.


Comfortable Birthday, Gwyneth Paltrow! 20 Throwback Pictures of the Final ’90s Fashion Icon

I understand why it might sound strange to refer to Gwyneth Paltrow as “underrated”. After all, she’s one of our last real A-listers; Every move by the Goop founder devours daily headlines, regardless of whether it is a Scented vagina candle or say that she believes “Water has feelings.” Paltrow has been playing for so long, even she does Lost track how many Marvel films she starred in at the time.

But with the Goop brand claiming the majority of their attention for the past decade, it’s been a minute since Paltrow sank her teeth into a role that matches her talents. Aside from Marvel and TV projects, her last big movie was in 2015 (before: 2012). Paltrow is known more as a fabulous contactless entrepreneur now than an actress, and she seems to like that completely. Recently called that she will “literally never again” appear in any other film has Paltrow almost retired from the job that made her a star in the ’90s – which, frankly, is our loss.

While Paltrow may not be known for acting in 2021, she’s always been a natural. The daughter of actress Blythe Danner and producer Bruce Paltrow, she made an impact with small roles in Hook and Malice when she barely left high school. Then Paltrow’s high-profile relationship with Brad Pitt made her a tabloid favorite, and her roles quickly began to garner the attention it received: she worked with writers such as David Fincher (Seven) and Paul Thomas Anderson (Hard Eight) later for critical acclaim her breakout role in Emma. Harper’s Bazaar called her “Hollywood’s newest and most promising star” and Vogue made her a cover girl in August 1996. “Gwyneth is known as the actress every designer wants to dress,” Anna Wintour wrote in her letter to the editor in this issue, in which she noted that the actress was “chic, approachable, natural, kind and warm at the same time.”

Paltrow hardly felt like that. “They say I’m definitely a nineties-style lady, but at the time I thought I was just wearing minimalist things with brown lip liner and lots of powder,” she said recently told Fashion. “[My daughter] I’ll sometimes find old pictures of me on Instagram and say ‘You’re iconic, mom’ in a very bizarre way. “

In case she needs further proof, we’ve put together a tribute to some of Paltrow’s most iconic style moments in honor of her 49th birthday.

Omm Launches Decentralised Cash Markets on ICON

Dunedin, New Zealand, August 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – (via Blockchain wire) Omm ( today announced the launch of its decentralized money market at the ICON blockchain. Omm allows anyone to lend or borrow digital assets and earn interest, and includes bridge as a login option and Fiat on / off ramp.

In traditional finance, money markets provide short-term funding and liquidity to borrowers. They are attractive to investors because of their relatively high interest rates and instant liquidity, making the money market a cornerstone for retail investors, small businesses, and corporations.

With $ 80+ billion Now locked into DeFi, money markets are becoming just as important in the blockchain ecosystem. However, they are not easily accessible to people unfamiliar with crypto due to foreign concepts such as private keys, gas charges, and slow transaction speeds. Omm simplifies the process of decentralized lending / borrowing and liquidity generation through direct fiat onboarding and offboarding through bridge. When people sign up with Omm, they have the option of depositing USD directly from their bank account via Bridge and Stable, or to connect a wallet that already contains supported assets.

“Omm will begin as a pillar of the ICON DeFi ecosystem, but plans to develop as a cross-chain money market. Our big vision is to create an open money market that drives the mass adoption of DeFi by allowing anyone around the world to experience it – without having to know they are interacting with a blockchain service, “said a former employee of Omm.

Omm consists of two market participants: lenders and borrowers. Once enrolled, participants can provide assets to earn interest and borrow (pay interest) assets, with interest rates automatically adjusting for supply and demand. Participants earn Omm Tokens (OMM) as a reward and can use them or provide them as liquidity Balanced to earn even more. OMM gives the holders governance authority and allows them to vote on the future of the protocol.

Bridge allows Omm users to borrow funds and then transfer them directly to their bank account. In addition, people with no blockchain knowledge can liquidate Omm tokens and participate in governance. ICON native cryptocurrency holders, ICX, can also use Omm to borrow stablecoins against their ICX to trade and continue to earn staking rewards.

Omm is the result of a collective effort by ICX station, iBriz, and PARROT 9. Hashed, CMS Holdings, FBG Capital and several renowned personalities are there strategic partner. The protocol was checked by Slowmist. To find out more, check out the Omm websitejoin in Omm Discord Channel, or follow Omm on Twitter.

About Omm

Omm is a decentralized money market on the ICON blockchain. Omm enables anyone to loan or borrow digital assets and earn interest with direct fiat onboarding and offboarding. Omm is made up of two market participants: lenders and borrowers. Lenders receive interest and borrowers pay interest, with interest rates automatically adjusting for supply and demand. Participants earn Omm Tokens (OMM) as a reward and can use them or provide them as liquidity Balanced to earn even more. Omm is a fair launch protocol and its tokens give holders governance powers that allow them to vote on the future of the protocol.

Raffaella Carrà, Italian leisure icon, dies aged 78 | Pop and rock

Raffaella Carrà, the pop singer and actress who was an entertainment icon in her homeland Italy, died at the age of 78.

Her longtime partner Sergio Iapino announced her death and said: “Raffaella has left us. She has gone to a better world where her humanity, distinctive smile, and extraordinary talent will shine forever. ”He said she had struggled with a nameless disease for some time.

Carrà is best known in the UK for her single Do It, Do It Again, which peaked at number 9 in 1978 and spent 12 weeks in the charts. It was much more successful in Italy, where it was described in 1984 by L’Espresso magazine: “More applause than [president] Pertini, more expensive than [football player] Michel Platini, more wonderful than [modern saint] Padre Pio. “

Born in Bologna in 1943, Carrà studied dance and first became an actor in the “peplum” genre of the Italian historical epic. Inspired by her success, she moved to the United States and played alongside Frank Sinatra and others in Von Ryan’s Express (1965), but soon returned to Italy and became a presenter on the television variety show Canzonissima, which frequently performed songs and dance pieces were from her.

She was occasionally censored with her outfits and routines considered racy by the standards of the era, but her career lasted through the 1970s. She also became very popular in Spain with another variety show, La Hora de Raffaella, and in South America after moving to Buenos Aires in 1979.

She was a gay icon across Europe and was also seen as a feminist icon: In the original Italian version, Do It, Do It Again encourages women to take control of sex. “I think Raffaella Carrà did more to free women than many feminists,” said Francesco Vezzoli, Curator of an exhibition on Italian television from the 1970s for the Fondazione Prada in 2017.

Carrà returned in 1983 with Pronto, Raffaella? returned to Italian television and continued her TV career until 2019, including as a juror for the Italian edition of The Voice. A Spanish musical based on their songs, Explota Explota, was released in 2020.

During her career she released 25 studio albums, most recently in 2018 “Whenever it’s Christmas”.

Mysterious and spooky: how Wednesday Addams grew to become the type icon for our instances | Vogue

B.Rooding, Maudlin, woe: Wednesday Addams is an icon for pandemic times. Who better to express our existential malaise in a world that went terribly wrong than the seven-year-old antihero of Charles Addams’ beloved television and film franchise? If it were Wednesday today, she would likely infect her brother Pugsley with Covid and then watch him get sick with clinical distance. And she would do it in her signature uniform: black lace dress, white collar, and braided hair.

These are bitter days indeed, and fashion has moved on to the dark side. The eagerly awaited collection by Simone Rocha for H&M – with gothic ball gowns made of black tulle and a children’s collection modeled by teenagers with Wednesday braids – was sold out a few hours after its launch on March 11th. Lisa from the K-pop supergroup Blackpink appeared on the cover von Elle in September 2020 in a high-necked black dress with a white collar and an irritated, Wednesday-like expression on her face. And the blood-red cherry on the Black Forest cake: it has just been announced that Tim Burton will lead a live-action reboot of the Addams family for Netflix, which will spin itself on Wednesday. Wednesday is all around us, our own toxic little sister. But what is driving this macabre revival?

Simone Rochas from Wednesday inspired A / W 2021 show. Photo: Andrew Nuding

“Daria, Wednesday Addams and Emily the Strange have long been the beloved figureheads – and style icons – of madmen and oddballs everywhere, so it’s interesting to see the masses prevail,” he says Emma Davidson, Digital Fashion Features Editor of the Youth publication Dazed. She says the current trend is a nod to the vintage look of the early 2010s: Peter Pan collars, mini kilts, and the like.

“It feels like a lot of people are just looking back,” agrees Ione Gamble the intersectional feminist publication polyester“Because we haven’t been looking forward to something for so long. And that’s reflected in the clothes we wear. “

I’ve always looked for alternative symbols when constructing my personal style, and Wednesday definitely feeds into thatIone Gamble

It’s daunting to realize that a trend that you clearly remember the first time – the early 10’s penchant for vintage-style blouses – is already back in style. Above that lies the Little House on the Prairie Revival, evoked by puffed sleeves, large collars, and voluminous dresses from brands like Batsheva and The Vampire’s Wife. This is the popularity of the big collar trend including brands including 46 stitch, La Veste and Ganni even sell stand-alone collars that jumpers and tops can be fitted with.

Wednesday Addams’ modern look is based on both trends: the pinafore dresses of the vintage trend of the early 00s and the modern, large prairie collar that is so popular in a Zoom call world where a snippet is the main event. Gamble himself is a fan of the Wednesday look: A recent picture on Instagram shows her in a vampire woman’s smock with long braids. “I always looked for alternative symbols when constructing my personal style,” explains Gamble.

A vampire’s wife’s smock with a view of Wednesday.

The Fashion PR Daisy Hoppen, who represents clients such as Molly Goddard, Shrimps, The Vampire’s Wife, and Rocha, has long favored the Addams aesthetic. “Wednesday and Morticia,” says Hoppen, “they are my most iconic mother-daughter duo.” Hoppen will pair a black smock dress by Molly Goddard with sneakers and long braids for a contemporary, elegant Wednesday aesthetic. “It’s a feminine look,” she says, “with a bit of toughness.”

Wednesday Addams memes are omnipresent on social media. “They definitely embody the malaise of everyday life,” says Davidson. In the slang of the Internet, Wednesday is “a mood” in this pandemic in which many feel apathetic and negative towards the outside world – more precisely like on Wednesday. “Addamses have been around since Tumblr on Wednesdays and have now found their way to Instagram. Wednesday lives very unusual, and people can relate to it [now]. ”

In truth, the resuscitation on Wednesday was long before the coronavirus arrived. The creative consultant and fashion writer Kate Finnigan identified the resuscitation on Wednesday in one piece for UK Vogue in 2019, citing Miuccia Prada’s AW19 presentation which featured gritty looking goth girls in black with – you guessed it – braids.

“The style on Wednesday was cool after working with Charles Addams pen a couple of times,” says Finnigan. “The braids, the black dress, the white collar. It is a design classic. “She notes that Simone Rocha’s AW21 presentation, shown in February, “immediately made me think of Wednesday Addams”. Davidson brings the enduring appeal of Wednesday to a woman’s influence. “Never underestimate the power of Ms. Prada. After setting out her intentions almost two years ago, it is now trickling into the mainstream. “

And let’s not forget most of the Wednesday aesthetic: it’s accessible. All you need are a pair of hair ties, a black dress, a white collar, and a setting. Easy.

Steve Kornacki on Election 2020 Protection and Turning into a Model Icon

Your coverage of the marathon elections was legendary. Are you still recovering

We started at 6pm on Tuesday evening. I slept a couple of hours from Wednesday to Thursday, then went straight back inside. Thursday through Friday we worked around the clock again and I was out all night. That was the night Biden took the lead in Georgia. It was three or four in the morning. There’s a board that I use in the air, and right behind it we had a couple of folding chairs and a table. I would come out of the air and sit down and my eyes would be so heavy I could have fallen asleep. But as soon as we got an update I got an energy boost and had no problem. I didn’t feel tired in the air. The election was finally scheduled on Saturday around 11:30 am and I was out of the studio by noon.

You have suddenly become a style icon for your uniform of gap khakis, white shirt and tie. Did you have to wear a uniform to school as a child?

It was a very strange thing to see the attention my clothes got just because it was so inversely related to the amount of thought I put into them. I went to a public school so we didn’t have to wear a tie. I still couldn’t even tie a tie if you asked me to. When it comes to pants, they say that consumption habits are established at a relatively young age. Well, about 20 years ago I wore these pants and said, ah, this works for me, and out of habit I just keep buying them and never think about them.

Wait, you don’t know how to tie a tie?

I learned that all you need to know is people who know how to tie ties and they will tie them for you and you can put them on and off easily. I have a shelf in my office that has three ties on it right now and they’re all tied so they’re ready to go.

How does it feel to become such a beloved public figure? You have People’s “Sexiest Man Alive!” List, celebrities have your name screaming and have been on all talk shows.

Since this is all happening during the pandemic, I don’t really feel it. It’s not like I’m going anywhere. Seeing some of the stuff online was flattering, but strange. I also think these things come and go.

What’s the strangest thing a fan sent you?

I received a couple of ties. And as I said, I can’t really tie them.

They crack statistics and data. Were you good at math in school?

I was probably the worst calculus student in my high school history. To this day I have stress dreams that I am back to trigonometry or calculus, trying to figure out the volume of a cone or sphere. But for whatever reason, I’m good at computer math, adding and subtracting on the fly. And I actually did statistics for my high school basketball team.

What was it like going from the election to the NFL playoff probability breakdown for Sunday Night Football?

It flowed naturally. I played Road to 270 on the board for two months – “If Biden wins this state but if Trump wins this state” – and it’s the same for playoffs: “See if the Steelers lose this game next week and The Bills.” win this game, it’s going to change the playoff picture so much. ”I’m a huge sports fan and follow this stuff at first so it was a really similar approach.

You wrote a book in 2018, The Red and the Blue, about the birth of tribalism in our political parties. Do you see an episode between sport and politics these days?

The tribalism of sport invades our politics. In sport, if the referee makes a call and goes against the home team, it doesn’t matter if the call is right or wrong, the crowd will make fun of it. And if the call goes in favor of the home team, the crowd will cheer, and again, it has nothing to do with whether the call itself is right or wrong. It has to do with it, did it help or harm the team we’re cheering for? It’s a healthy thing in sport, but I don’t think that’s a healthy thing in politics.

What does the rest of 2021 have in store for you?

I’m as curious as anyone about what American politics will look like in a month, three months, six months from now. There will be mid-term elections next year. There will be some gubernatorial elections this fall. The New York Mayor’s race will take place later this year. I’m sure there will be some high stakes special elections. I know wherever they are, whenever they are, whatever they are, I’ll cover them live when the voices come in.

I Dressed Like a Completely different Model Icon Every Day for a Week

Welcome to I tried this monthwhere we will publish a new fashion, beauty or Wellness Every day in January, an article telling firsthand how to shake up an old habit, step outside a comfort zone, or just try something new. Follow storytelling for 31 days, from 40 days without a cell phone to the polarizing trend of low-top pants.

I think I’ve made it clear enough here that I have an avid love of pop culture. Whether it’s the latest music trend blowing up on TikTok (Have you heard of Olivia Rodrigo’s driver’s license? If not, please) or the cool TV show everyone is watching (Hi, Bridgerton), I like it, keep an eye on him all. Some might say I have problems, I like to think it’s just a hidden talent. What many may not know is that my love of pop culture also stems from my love of fashion, because it’s no secret that there are a multitude of stars and fictional characters that create the game of style that people will cling to forever recall.

In high school, I loved saving scenes from my favorite shows and movies to recreate their looks. (I was extra, I know.) With myself still in quite a fashion slump in 2020, I thought I’d go back to my roots and mimic outfits from different style icons with what I have in my wardrobe. It can be easy to get into the routine of carrying similar items. Trying to play with different characters definitely helped me remember what I loved about clothes and styling in the first place.