GM to begin delivery $113,000 electrical Hummer pickups to prospects

DETROIT – General Motors begins shipping its GMC Hummer EV pickup truck to customers, marking a major milestone for the automaker and its next-generation electric vehicles.

The new truck is the first to integrate that of the Detroit automaker Ultium platform, Engines and batteries, all of which GM developed in-house and will serve as the basis for dozens of new electric vehicles in the years to come.

“We are very happy for our customers,” said GM President Mark Reuss on Friday during an interview with Phil LeBeau of CNBC during the “Quack on the street.”

GM is investing around $ 30 billion in the production and development of electric vehicles like the Hummer Pickup and an upcoming SUV variant of the vehicle by 2025. The company also confirmed the first deliveries of a new electric vehicle on Friday commercial delivery truck to FedEx.

Production is now set to begin at the former Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant, less than two years after GM announced a massive $ 2.2 billion investment to fully renovate the facility to build a variety of all-electric trucks and SUVs.

Photo by Jeffrey Sauger for General Motors

The first series Hummer EV was auctioned for $ 2.5 million, with proceeds going to the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, an organization set up to commemorate first responder Stephen Siller on September 11th.

GM’s shares fell about 7% Friday morning after the company announced the abrupt departure on Thursday afternoon by Dan Ammann, CEO of the majority-owned autonomous vehicle unit Cruise. The stock closed at $ 55.16 per share on Friday, down 5.5%.

GM hasn’t confirmed how many reservations it has received for the Hummer EV pickup, which will initially be selling a special “Edition 1” version for about $ 113,000 before cheaper versions go into production. The company previously announced that reservations for the new Hummer will be fully booked until next year.

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Reuss said the company plans to build around 1,200 “Edition 1” Hummers before switching to cheaper variants. He said GM has around 17 of these vehicles ready to be shipped to customers.

“They were sold out here in no time,” said Reuss on Friday.

The Hummer EV is the second all-electric pickup truck to break into the untested but still emerging segment. It follows the R1T from EV startup Rivian, which began building the vehicle at a factory in Illinois in September.

The two pickups are expected to be the first of a handful of new electric pickups in the years to come. They should be followed by one in the next year Electric version of the Ford F-150 in spring and Tesla’s cybertruck At the end of next year. GM has also confirmed that electric pickups will be launched for its Chevrolet and GMC brands in the coming years.

GM unveils electrical Hummer SUV topping $110,000

The 2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV and the 2022 GMC Hummer EV Sport Utility Truck or SUT.


DETROIT – General Motors unveiled an all-electric Hummer SUV on Saturday that will exceed $ 110,000 in sales in 2023. The vehicle becomes the stable companion of one upcoming lobster collection It should go on sale in the fall.

“The GMC Hummer EVs should be the most powerful and compelling electric supertrucks ever,” said Duncan Aldred, GMC’s global vice president, in a statement.

The 2024 Hummer EV SUV has the same jaw-dropping torque of up to 11,500 foot-pounds as the pickup truck. However, it’s estimated to be 50 miles less range, 170 horsepower less, and a half a second slower than the pickup’s battery size.

The range of the SUV is estimated at 250 to more than 300 miles, depending on the model. The 0 to 60 mph is as fast as about 3.5 seconds. According to GM, it has up to 830 hp.

The Hummer EV SUV made its debut during an ad narrated by NBA star LeBron James during the NCAA Final Four game between the Baylor Bears and Houston Cougars on CBS.


Full price for the SUV ranges from approximately $ 80,000 for a base model to $ 110,595 for a special “Edition 1” starter model with an “Extreme Off-Road Package” available. Prices vary depending on the range, performance and battery size of the vehicle.

GM said it will start producing the highest priced models in early 2023, followed by cheaper versions in spring 2024. The automaker is taking reservations for the vehicle on its website.

The pricing and tiered production are similar to GM’s introduction of the Hummer pickup. The Hummer EV pickup will be available for the first time in the fall Start at $ 112,595 for an “Edition 1” that is sold out. A year later, a version valued at $ 99,995 will be available, followed by models valued at $ 89,995 and $ 79,995 in the springs of 2023 and 2024, respectively.

The exterior of the vehicles looks the same except for the locked back of the SUV compared to the open bed of the pickup. Both feature a new version of Hummer’s traditional slotted grille with “HUMMER” backlighting on the front of the vehicles.

The 2022 Hummer EV features a new version of the vehicle’s traditional slot grill with “HUMMER” light lighting on the front of the truck.


Both also offer a variety of off-road parts and features like adaptive air suspension and “crab mode” This allows all four wheels to turn at the same time, so that the truck can move almost diagonally.

Like the pickup, the SUV is also available GM’s Super Cruise driver assistance system This enables hands-free calling on more than 200,000 miles of restricted-access freeways in the US and Canada.

Revive Lobster

The Hummer and SUV are manufactured at an assembly plant in Detroit. They are the first Hummers since GM discontinued known gas-guzzling versions of the vehicles in 2010.

GM President Mark Reuss previously told CNBC that the Decision to revive lobster for electric vehicles was made after a discussion between him, GM CEO Mary Barra and at least one other executive in early 2019 on redesigning Hummer for a new generation of buyers.

“We just wanted to do it. We saw the opportunity for trucks,” Reuss said during GM’s EV Day earlier this year. “We always wanted to do this with Hummer, but it had so much baggage from the gas eater’s point of view that we turned it upside down.”

The Hummer pickups, which GM calls the Sport Utility Truck or SUT, will be the first vehicle to feature the automaker’s next-generation electric vehicle platform and batteries under one $ 27 billion plan Switch to electric and autonomous vehicles by 2025.

Army Model Hummer EV Imagined In New Renderings

Already in July 2020 GM Authority exclusively revealed that a military version of the coming GMC Hummer EV was not excluded.

At the time, GM Defense President David Albritton told us in an interview that the all-electric pickup “could offer a great base platform for an electric vehicle in a military context”. He also said there were no plans to produce anything like this yet, but added, “We want to position ourselves as the company that can provide these types of capabilities when or when they are needed.”

Now the artists are with have taken this up and made renderings of a military Hummer EV in three colors and two body styles. Two of the renderings have the same shape as the civilian vehicle, which is expected to be available this fall in the highest-priced Edition 1 configuration, priced at $ 112,595. The other body style, which is practically painted a brown shade, has a hard top cover over the bed, which would probably be more useful in military applications.

All three have black wheel arches, custom front bumpers and two hugely long rear antennas so the crew can stay in radio contact with the rest of the team. Fittingly, they also sit on no-nonsense steel wheels that carry seriously chunky off-road tires.

A military Hummer EV would close a historic automobile circle. The original Hummer, later named H1, was the civilian version of AM General’s High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV), known colloquially as the Humvee. The H1 was introduced in 1992 and remained in production until 2006. General Motors acquired the rights to the Hummer brand in 1999, although AM General was responsible for producing the H1 and later the H2, which GM manufactured from 2002 to 2009, Hummer closed during Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings.

Hummer H3

A smaller Hummer, the H3, was introduced for the 2006 model year. It was a completely genetically modified product with no involvement from AM General. It was also produced by The General in three plants: Shreveport, Louisiana, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, and Kaliningrad, Russia (operated by Avtotor).

Should it ever go into production, the military Hummer EV presented by would, in fact, be the first military Hummer ever built. Although clearly derived from Humvee, the actual Hummer nameplate has so far only been used for civil vehicles.

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