Domino’s Pizza elevating cash for Domino’s Village, housing facility at St. Jude

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – How would you feel if every box of pizza you bought helped a child with cancer? Help them keep families close together at a time that can be difficult.

Domino’s Pizza makes sure that they are doing something to help the families who are going through the challenging childhood cancer situation. The company is soon to offer housing on its Memphis campus to solve another problem.

“The first way people can raise funds is to just round up their checks,” said Steve Covey, development director for Domino’s Dream Team Pizza.

Every year Domino’s runs his “Thank you and give” Campaign for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

“You know, two cents here, 30 cents there,” said Covey. “Doesn’t seem like much at the time, but it adds up.”

Now the pizza chain is doing things differently and using the campaign year round to help build the Dominos village. Domino’s Village is used to give families the opportunity to stay close to their child for free. Families like Kris Myers-Trysla.

At seven months, Myers-Trysla’s son Clayton was confronted with a rare cancer diagnosis.

“They scanned him and he was diagnosed with a primitive neuroectodermal tumor,” she said. “Stage Four Brain Cancer.”

Her family had to get up and leave their Kansas home to move to Memphis to receive treatment for Clayton. At that time they were housed in the target house on the St. Jude campus.

“There are different apartments. There is the Tri Delta House, the Ronald McDonald House and then there is that Target house. The target house is intended for families who know that they will be there for more than three months. “

Finding Housing for Another Financial Hurdle St. Jude didn’t want families to worry about it.

“Cancer is expensive,” said Myers-Trysla. “Nobody can afford cancer. But for those families who would say: “I absolutely … I have no insurance, I cannot get my child treated”. I mean, it’s such a gift for so many people. “

This is where Domino’s Pizza comes in as, with your help, they prepare to begin building Dominos Village.

“Obviously, you must have loved ones around when your kids are in the hospital,” said Covey. “Domino’s Village will be a place where families can stay for free while their children are looked after. And that’s supposed to open in 2023. “

You can help a family and their child get through the tough battle against childhood cancer with every slice and piece of cheese at Domino’s to make sure no one sees a bill in St. Jude.

Across the country, one of Domino’s Pizza in Topeka took second place to raise the most money for St. Jude in 2020. In total, all of the stores in the US raised more than $ 13 million.

Suffolk, Franklin to obtain cash for inexpensive housing improvement – The Suffolk Information-Herald

The Suffolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority is receiving more than $ 1 million in federal funding to support affordable housing.

Sens. Mark Warner and Tim Kaine announced more than $ 46 million in federal funding granted to 26 communities through the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s public housing fund. According to the HUD, the money can be used for “the development, financing and modernization of public housing estates and for management improvements”.

SRHA will receive $ 1,229,244 while the Franklin Redevelopment and Housing Authority will receive $ 179,216. Among the surrounding locations, the Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority received $ 8,426,268, the Newport News Redevelopment and Housing Authority $ 3,672,566, the Portsmouth Redevelopment and Housing Authority $ 1,729,133, the Hampton Redevelopment and Housing Authority $ 1,675,827 and the Chesapeake Redevelopment and Housing Authority $ 1,327,337.

In a joint declaration, the senators praised the award.

“Access to safe and affordable housing is critical to the health and stability of a family,” said the senators. “We are pleased that these federal dollars will support the housing authorities as they continue to provide the Virginians with the help they need in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The capital fund provides public housing authorities with federal funds for the development, financing and modernization of improvements in the development and management of public housing.