Landmark Victorian-Model Home Torn Down To Construct New Properties

ARLINGTON, VA – A large Victorian house on Washington Blvd., where the first chairman of the Arlington County Board once lived, was demolished earlier this month to make way for new homes to be built on the site.

The Fellows-McGrath House, built in 1889, was formerly the residence of Harry Andrew Fellows, who was Mayor of Falls Church and who became the first chairman of the newly formed Arlington County Board in 1932. The house, 6404 Washington Blvd., later became a bed and breakfast known as the Memory House.

With land large enough to build two new homes, the Fellows McGrath home buyer likely got a bargain when they paid just over $ 1 million for the home.

The land that is currently being assessed is set to become the site for two new homes. With Arlington being the hottest housing market in Northern Virginia, the new homes could easily sell for $ 2-3 million each.

Conservation Arlington is tracking demolition permits and by late September the group found that more than 15 other homes on individual lots in Arlington had sold for more than $ 1 million in 2021 and then demolished. However, the Fellows-McGrath House was on a double lot, as were several other homes in 2021 that sold for over $ 1 million.

Many Arlington residents and heritage officials had hoped the county would do more to save the Fellows McGrath House.

Arlington County approved approved land disruptive activity for the Fellows McGrath house in August and approved a demolition permit in September. The house was demolished on December 6th.

Arlington County approved land disruption activity permit for the Fellows McGrath house in August and approved a demolition permit in September. The house was demolished on December 6th. (Mark Hand / Patch)

“I wish the county were more willing to invest in saving historic homes as they have in the past,” said Charlie Clark, columnist for Falls Church News-Press, who also chairs the Arlington Historical SocietyThe Preservation Committee said in an email to Patch. “But elected officials still feel burned by what they ultimately saw as the lavish 2001 Reeves Farmhouse purchase.”

After purchasing the Reeves Farmhouse 20 years ago, Arlington officials could not find adequate use for it.

“While activists cannot completely override the laws of market supply and demand, conservationists, both county and volunteer workers such as the Arlington Historical Society and Arlington Preservation, can monitor developments and raise early warning signals when important property is threatened.” said Clark, whose new book “Lost Arlington County, “offers readers a glimpse of the businesses, homes, and amusements that have come and gone in Arlington as the county became a vibrant suburb of the country’s capital in the 1900s.

After eight months in the market, the Fellows-McGrath home was sold to FNM Investments LLC in February for $ 1,088,295, according to Arlington County’s real estate records.

Manassas’ agent Masum Kahn, who owns FNM Investments, bought the house building modern homes, Clark reported in a column for the Falls Church News-Press.

Demolish the house “would be a pityClark wrote.

“The green and red house (3,221 square feet, with built-in china cabinets) is not just a landmark, it was the home of the only man who was executive director for both Falls Church and Arlington County for 43 years,” he wrote.

Harry Andrew Fellows bought the house in 1900 with his wife Alice. Harry died in 1943 while Alice died in 1971 at the age of 105, according to Clark. The house was then bought by John and Marlys McGrath.

“Most builders (most Arlington people, in fact) aren’t that interested in history,” Clark said in his email to Patch. “So the trick is to network and find the right buyers and contractors, while maybe educating to change some minds along the way.”

WOW Home: Resort-Type Residing In The Greenwich Backcountry

GREENWICH, CT – Whether you are looking for primary residence or a country retreat, 1127 Lake Ave. offers a unique lifestyle rarely found in Greenwich.

This home was designed by renowned architect Robert AM Stern, winner of the prestigious Driehaus architecture award with top notch projects such as 15 Central Park West, 520 Park Ave. and 220 Central Park South on Billionaire’s Row in Manhattan. 1127 Lake Ave. is one of the few single family homes Stern designed, and the only one in Connecticut, making it a true rarity with brilliant architectural significance.

Fully fenced and perfectly situated on a 13 acre park, the property offers an abundance of privacy and amenities. The waterfall pool, fireplace, spacious terrace, and picturesque grounds are all exceptional, but it’s the lake that makes this offer even more special.

Take a meandering hike to your own private dock, where you can kayak, canoe, paddle-board, and swim. You will be remembered for a lifetime with family and friends as this house will be the destination of all vacation and summer get-togethers.

The interior of this remarkable property compliments the lifestyle of the exterior. Inside, you’ll be amazed by the awe-inspiring grandeur of all the rooms with architectural details, double-height ceilings and walls perfect for even the most impressive art collections.

Listed by: Clifford Smith, The Agency

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Labor unions push White Home so as to add employee protections to Biden vaccine mandate

President Joe Biden watches as AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler speaks during an event honoring the unions in the East Room of the White House in Washington, DC, on September 8, 2021.

Oliver Contraras | AP

Some of the largest unions in the country are urging the Biden government to expand its vaccine mandate to private companies to include additional protection for workers, including masking requirements and other safety measures to minimize the spread of Covid-19.

The AFL-CIO and about two dozen other major unions representing teachers, service workers, meat processors, auto and steel workers, spoke with the Biden government on an October 18 conference call with White House officials from the Office of Administration and Budget.

“We emphasized the importance of mitigation measures,” Rebecca Reindel, who represented the AFL-CIO on the call, told CNBC. “We really need to be one step ahead of the transmission part of the virus. It takes a while to get vaccinated – we need protection in the meantime, ”said Reindel.

Three of the largest unions, notably the AFL-CIO, the Service Employees International Union and the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, told CNBC that they had asked the administration to expand worker protection and urged employers to stop ventilation improve and enforce the mask and social regulations distance. Reindel said companies should also be required to conduct a risk assessment in consultation with workers to determine what combination of mitigation measures are needed to best protect their employees in the workplace.

president Joe Biden ordered the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Department to draft a rule requiring private companies with 100 or more employees to ensure that they are all vaccinated or tested weekly Covid-19.

OMB and Labor Department officials have held dozens of calls and meetings with industry lobbyists over the past two weeks while OMB is reviewing the mandate, OMB records show. The vaccine and weekly testing requirements will go into effect shortly after the OMB review is complete.

The AFL-CIO has called for comprehensive measures to protect workers from Covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020. However, OSHA, which oversees workplace safety, has not yet enacted broad-based Covid safety rules.

Instead, OSHA enacted Restrictions in summer limited to healthcare workers. Most healthcare providers have had to develop plans to mitigate the risk of Covid, ensure employees wear masks indoors that keep people 6 feet apart indoors, install barriers in workplaces when employees are less than 6 feet apart , and ensure adequate ventilation – including a number of other requirements.

The AFL-CIO and United Food and Commercial Workers sued the Biden government, arguing that the OSHA standard “does not protect employees outside the healthcare industry who are at a similarly grave risk from occupational exposure to COVID-19” . The unions specially quoted meat packaging, groceries, transportation and corrections as industries where workers need the Department of Labor to issue an enforceable safety standard for Covid.

The unions and the Ministry of Labor tabled a joint application in September pause the case until the vaccination and weekly test mandate is granted to the Biden administration. The court will ask the parties to submit a joint status report on Monday.

“The harsh reality is that current COVID safety guidelines just aren’t enough and have left millions of key workers to their own devices,” said Marc Perrone, President of United Food and Commercial Workers. said in August after OSHA issued voluntary guidelines recommending masks for vaccinated employees working in areas with high transmission. “What we need now is a clearly enforceable COVID safety standard in the workplace that will protect America’s vital workers who are still at the forefront of this deadly pandemic.”

Perrone said his union is now waiting to see if mitigation measures are included in the vaccine and testing mandate. “If we still have concerns, we will move on,” he said, referring to the trial. The group represents 1.3 million employees in the food, retail, meat packaging, food processing, cannabis, chemical and distillery sectors, including employees from Tysons Food, Kroger, Macy’s, Cargill and Pfizer. People in these industries are largely viewed as key frontline workers by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The UFCW warned in a letter to the Department of Labor in August that vaccinations – even if important – cannot remove the danger posed by Covid to workers as the highly transmissible Delta variant spreads the effectiveness of vaccines over time subsides and new mutations of the virus emerge.

The AFL-CIO, in a May report, found 1,833 Covid outbreaks, nearly 90,000 infections and 378 deaths in the meat packaging, food processing and agriculture industries from the start of the pandemic in April 2020 to April 2020. A report by the House Select subcommittee on the coronavirus crisis found infections among meat packing workers almost three times as high as previously reported.

“There will be certain people who won’t take [the vaccine] and get tested, and if you don’t have mitigation measures like masks then you’re defeating your purpose, “Perrone told CNBC.

The Service Employees International Union asked the von Biden government in September to add additional protective measures to the vaccination mandate. The union represents 2 million workers in basic services such as janitorial, health and other professions.

“Layered mitigation measures, including but not limited to masking and distancing, as well as quarantine after exposure or positive testing, are still necessary to protect against outbreaks,” wrote Leslie Frane, the union’s executive vice-president, in a letter to the union in September OSHA chief James Frederick.

The SEIU and UFCW have also called for paid vacations for workers to get vaccinated and recover from the shot, paid vacations for workers to quarantine and recover from the virus, and free Covid tests for Workers with testing facilities at the workplace. The Biden government said in September that it would also require companies with more than 100 employees to provide paid time off for vaccination and recovery.

The United Auto Workers declined to expressly comment on whether the vaccine and test mandate should include measures to contain Covid. The big three automakers have already implemented extensive security protocols against Covid. While the union is generally in favor of vaccination, it rejects it under federal or employer mandate. The union will review the vaccine and testing mandate when it is released, UAW spokesman Brian Rothenberg told CNBC.

“We’re waiting for the standards because we have over 700 contracts and we need to go through them and see how they affect our contracts,” he said.

Wow Home: $6.8M Trendy Barn-Type Compound

EAST HAMPTON, NY – This is a beautiful modern barn area in the heart of the Hamptons.

  • Address: 26 Bull Run, East Hampton, NY
  • Price: $ 6,850,000
  • Bedroom: 8
  • Bathroom: 8.5
  • Property Description: Barns Crossing – Minutes to East Hampton Village & Beaches The main house, built in the style of a modern barn building, has a fieldstone base, slate roof and stucco walls as well as a 28-foot timber frame barn structure that is the centerpiece of the house. A 36 foot square-cut Pennsylvania fieldstone fireplace with a custom-made steel beam over the large fireplace stands at the end of the main room, and its towering stone chimney rises high from the living room window wall. While the main structure houses the main living room, kitchen, den, butler bar, and a master bedroom upstairs and downstairs, two other connected barn-style buildings house guest wings, pool cabanas, offices, and utility areas. In total, the 8-room facility is approximately 9,000 square meters, with an additional 3,100 square meters on the unfinished lower floor. Outdoor amenities include a Gunite pool and hot tub, Har-Tru tennis court, dining area with a professional grill, and so on

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Biden’s laid-back fashion helped him win the White Home however could also be beginning to put on skinny

Regardless of whether it is a grim turn in the coronavirus pandemic, another obstacle to his congressional agenda, the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan or a supply chain crisis that chokes the economy, Biden’s public reaction is often similar – and it keeps him out of the sight of ordinary Americans whose support he needs raise its agenda through Congress. He has fallen into the pattern of making short televised speeches from one of the state rooms in the White House or elsewhere in the presidential complex Non-partisan infrastructure plan worth $ 1 trillion and $ 3.5 trillion spending plan Failing to get through Congress earlier this month, Biden vowed to tour the country to sell his vision to Americans. He’s made several trips lately – to Michigan to solicit large investments in the economy and Illinois to advance its spending plans and vaccine mandates – and on Friday he goes to Connecticut. But there’s no sign of a wild coast-to-coast presidential tour or relentless, daily coordinated messaging push to get the Democrats out of the country Schism over his agenda this raises doubts about the leadership ability of the party. While trying to get two moderate Senate Democrats, Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, to deal with the frustrated progressives of the House of Representatives, the president has failed to do what would help him most : Finding the popular support needed for a deal.

Biden’s lack of visibility worked better than expected during the 2020 campaign as he largely stuck to choreographed, virtual events in the first year of the Covid-19 crisis. His statesmanlike demeanor contrasted with the wild super-spreader rallies of then-President Donald Trump, which were the key to alienating moderate, independent and suburban voters who helped shape the election. At the start of Biden’s presidency, the contrast with Trump and Biden’s reluctant leadership resulted in a $ 1.9 trillion bailout plan for Covid-19 to crown its first 100 days.

But with the economy struggling to get Americans back to work after the Delta variant sparked a resurgence of the virus, many Americans are battling inflation, and their own approval ratings are weakening after staying consistently strong early on, it is fair to ask if the president’s method is to start wearing thin.

Biden made it clear all along that he wanted to restore the dignity of his office after the tumult of Trump’s tenure. In contrast to Trump, he has little reason to attack the American psyche 24 hours a day. If he can finally get the spending bill and infrastructure package passed, he will have two pillars of what may be an impressive national heritage. When the economy finally shakes off the pandemic next year, his wealth could rise.

But there’s a growing sense of drift, especially on the legislative agenda, as progressives and moderate Democrats arguing over the composition of the spending plan are getting no closer to an agreement. If the impasse persists well beyond the end of the year, it would hamper Democratic candidates who need a strong record to show to voters in mid-term elections, which are historically brutal for first-term presidents.

And warnings from important legislators – and a new poll from CNN – Propose that even after months of debating, many Americans do not know what is on the massive Biden congressional agenda.

“There is a messaging problem and we keep trying to move it back. What are the elements we are talking about?” Rep. Pramila Jayapal, chairwoman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, said on Wednesday. In an appearance on CNN’s Newsroom, the Washington state Democrat listed measures including universal childcare, affordable housing, hearing and dental services for the elderly, and lower prices on prescription drugs. “The minute you tell someone that’s in there, they say, ‘Oh, that would make a transformative difference for me,'” she said.

New poll has bad news for Democrats

A new CNN / SSRS poll released Wednesday found that only 25% of Americans believe their families will be better off with Biden’s $ 3.5 trillion in welfare bills and a $ 1 trillion infrastructure move would. About 32% said they would be worse off and 43% said they would do the same. Majorities of major constituencies in the democratic coalition – including independent women, blacks, Latinos, and those under 35 – say they will not be affected by these laws.

Biden played an intense role behind the scenes in trying to bring the Democrats together to finally pass extremely ambitious laws to reshape the economy in favor of working Americans. The bipartisan action would repair roads, bridges and transportation systems. The larger proposal, rejected by the GOP and likely scaled back to appease moderate Democrats, would provide universal pre-K, improve home health care for sick and elderly Americans, add Medicare hearing and teeth protection, and reshape the economy, to fight global warming.

The sense of urgency grips the White House as Biden faces crises on many fronts

The White House often points out that key parts of Biden’s plan, such as expanding health care, upgrading infrastructure, and improving paid vacation and college access, are popular when they are in the spotlight themselves. But so far the go-big approach doesn’t work.

“Most voters couldn’t tell you what’s in these laws,” said Kristen Soltis Anderson, a Republican pollster and strategist, in The Lead with Jake Tapper.

“It’s not because they’re stupid. It’s not because they’re lazy.

In particular, the Democrats’ difficulty in figuring out the purpose of the spending bill has focused the Washington political struggle on total cost. That played into the hands of moderate Democratic senators like Manchin and Sinema. It has also opened an opening to Republicans who are already waging a mid-term election campaign, partly rooted in their claims of runaway “socialist” spending by the Democrats. Because of this, House Spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi stresses that it is time for her party to focus on the contents of the expense report, not the dollar figure.

A bright spot for Biden

Confusion over the programs uncovered by the CNN poll may also reflect voter disinterest in weeks of haggling over the proposals within the Belt. Some Democrats have blamed the media for focusing on the drama of the battle in Congress and pit factions of the party against each other. However, the mainstream media has disseminated a lot of information about the content of the bills. At some point it is up to the political party to pass the bills in order to sell them.

While some observers were shocked at the boldness of the Biden proposals as they were piled together, details were often touted in his 2020 campaign speeches and on his website. So he can argue that he built his presidency on seeing it off. But in order to enforce their priorities, the presidents have to spend the capital they have won in the election campaign and replenish it in office – a much more difficult task.

That month, Biden made this trip to Michigan on October 5 to visit the precinct of the endangered Democratic MP Elissa Slotkin. A later visit to Illinois was mainly to promote vaccine mandates. He has raised the benefits of his White House programming on television events. In a speech on Wednesday, for example, in response to the supply chain crisis that is boosting inflation and hurting the economy, Biden said, “I’m pushing for a one-time investment in our infrastructure and our people with my infrastructure bill and my Build Back Better Act.”

Biden's “tough month” faces the Democrats' campaigns in 2021

“Those bills would change our ports, there are … billions of dollars for ports, highways, and rail systems that are in desperate need of upgrading and get products from factories to stores to your home faster and more efficiently,” Biden said.

Biden isn’t the first president to be accused of falling short in sales. His former boss, President Barack Obama, faced similar criticism as he struggled to pass the Affordable Care Act, and the Democrats in Congress suffered a bloodbath shortly afterwards. But in the years that followed, this law became more popular as Americans began to experience its role in their lives. Many Democrats believe that something similar could happen to the Biden – if his agenda goes through – and that it will prove so popular that future Republican Congresses will have no choice but to stick with many of its proposals.

There is a notable ray of hope for Biden in the CNN poll. His approval rating is still 50% – higher than some recent polls after a tough summer that marked a chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan and a furious resurgence of the Delta variant of Covid-19. That’s not good for an incumbent going into a mid-term election year. But it is not catastrophic given the strong divisions in the country. And it suggests the president still has some political juice left to garner support for plans that will define his legacy.

Weekend automotive present raises cash for Pathway Home | Information

Local motorcycle ministries and auto clubs come together for a car show on Saturday to raise funds for the Greenwood Pathway House.

The auto show Righteous Rods, Rollin for Jesus takes place on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Wilbanks Sports Complex, the former site of the Greenwood Civic Center. If the show is canceled due to rain, the show will be postponed to September 25th.

For information about the auto show, call 864-396-8477.

Jamie Starnes and his wife Christie organized the car show. The couple are part of a local motorcycle service and have helped support the Pathway House homeless shelter.

“We were in there and there are 40 or 50 people, not just from Greenwood,” Starnes said. “There are people from all over the world who get help there.”

Starnes said he was moved by the work Pathway House does to help homeless youth and single parents and wanted to help. He said this car show is a way to help people by just showing off their cars and trucks. People showing a car on Saturday paid an entry fee of $ 20, with each dollar going towards the Pathway House.

There will also be food trucks and trailers, live music, raffles and other vendors at the auto show, along with voting in four competition areas – antique vehicles, show cars, show trucks and motorcycles. Starnes said the show will also feature jeeps, and several auto clubs from the area have been invited to participate.

“That’s what it’s about, you only help when you can,” said Starnes. “Sometimes there is your money, sometimes there is only your time.”

Anthony Price, executive director of the Pathway House, said the shelter is building the first set of five cottages due for delivery in October that will provide shelter for single parents and their homeless children.

“The problem we have in Greenwood is that we only have one bed for 100 homeless children in Greenwood County alone,” Price said.

When all the planned cottages have been built, 60 additional beds for parents and children will be provided in addition to the men’s and women’s shelters in the Pathway House. These tiny country-style buildings have bunk beds, a sink, and a bathroom area. The nonprofit plans to build a central dining and kitchen area that will serve as an activity center for parents and children, Price said.

“It offers them a safe place to stay. The biggest challenge parents with children face is safety, ”he said. “This brings families out of an insecure situation with a lot of trauma and gives them a safe place to live.”

The auto show, Price said, will help Pathway House run costs as fall approaches, when the nonprofit opens its cold weather shelter.

“I can’t say enough about Anthony Price and all the people over there,” said Starnes. “You really have my heart.”

Anyone who would like to volunteer or donate to support the Pathway House can find at or by calling the shelter at 864-223-4460.

Contact author Damian Dominguez at 864-634-7548 or follow @IJDDOMINGUEZ on Twitter.

Home capital positive aspects tax higher for the tremendous wealthy than Biden plan

NICHOLAS COMB | AFP | Getty Images

The super-rich could cheer the Democrats’ proposed tax reforms on investment income versus the Biden government’s earlier plan.

The White House asked for a top tax rate of 39.6% on long-term capital gains and dividends – almost double the current 20%.

Long-term capital gains tax applies to assets such as stocks and homes that have grown in value and have been owned for at least a year; Taxpayers owe money to increase in value when they sell an asset. A dividend tax applies to profit distributions that companies make to their shareholders.

Biden’s policies would only apply to the richest Americans – the top 0.3% or those with incomes of $ 1 million or more. It would be among the highest rates for capital gains and dividends in the developed world.

But House Way and Means Committee legislation unveiled Monday would tax capital gains and dividends at a much lower top rate of 25%. The House of Representatives proposal would apply to single parents with an income of at least $ 400,000 and married couples to $ 450,000.

Put another way, Biden’s plan would have increased the highest federal tax rate for the richest Americans by 98% (compared to current law), while the House of Representatives proposal would have increased it by 25%. The House of Representatives plan would also raise taxes for a wider segment of the population.

“This change is AWESOME for the super-rich,” wrote Jeffrey Levine, an accountant and certified financial planner who serves as the chief planning officer at Buckingham Wealth Partners, in a tweet.

“But for the ‘just’ wealthy taxpayer? Not so much,” he added.

An existing Medicare surcharge of 3.8% and government taxes would come to any change in the federal rate.

Investment income

Compared to low and middle earners, the wealthy generate more income from investments than from wages.

For example, the top 0.1% who earn $ 3.4 million or more get more than half of their annual income from capital gains, dividends, and interest; a quarter comes from wages and benefits, according to a tax policy center analysis from 2019.

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For comparison: According to the analysis, wages and social benefits make up around 60 to 70% of annual income for taxpayers outside the richest 1%.

“[The House proposal] is obviously not as punitive in their view as the original proposals, “said James Hines Jr., economics professor and research director for the University of Michigan Office of Tax Policy Research, of the rich.

Of course, wealthy Americans do not cheer for any of the proposals; They would probably prefer their tax rate not to be increased at all, Hines said.

Capital gains in the event of death

The plans also differ in how they would tax inheritances that have greatly appreciated in value.

Biden’s plan would be tax the increase in the value of an asset at the death of its owner. This is to prevent the super-rich from constantly passing on stocks and other financial assets to the next generation for little or no tax.

(Capital gains less than $ 1 million for single parents and $ 2.5 million for married couples would be excluded.)

The house plan preserves the status quowho does not collect this tax on death. Applicable law also allows heirs to receive an asset at its current value, which erases the paper profit and thereby dilutes their future tax bill when they sell.

The richest families receive the largest inheritances – an average of $ 719,000 at the time of inheritance. according to to the Federal Reserve’s Survey of Consumer Finances. (The average for all Americans is $ 46,000.)

The inheritances are not necessarily due to capital gains. But a significant portion of the economic gains made by the richest Americans come from unrealized capital gains, according to the Federal Reserve. About 41% of the top 1% have an unrealized capital gain.

Of course, the final legislation could ultimately change from both House and Biden proposals as Democrats try to raise up to $ 3.5 trillion in funding for education, healthcare, childcare, climate, paid vacation, and other measures collect.

“We’re in the second or third inning now,” said Leon LaBrecque, accountant and certified financial planner with Sequoia Financial Group.

68 Home Democrats urge extra reconciliation cash for Inside

In an Aug. 24 memo by staff on the House Natural Resources Committee, members were advised that the panel would propose to spend $ 5.5 billion to $ 6 billion more than the $ 25.6 billion it has in its Had assigned instructions for his part of the Budget Adjustment Act.

The memo also included a list of 26 “revenue participants” to make up for the additional expenses, although it did not include dollar numbers with them. They include a fee for carbon pollution, fees for pipeline owners, royalties for methane emissions, and royalties for mining hard rock minerals such as gold, copper and silver.

Projects and programs targeted by the spending plan include funding tribal lands in Arizona where a copper mining project has put ceremonial land at risk, nearly $ 10 billion to restore oceans and coasts, bans on offshore and arctic drilling, and funds for dozens of other programs, according to the note.

The letter comes because about 99 percent of the American West is in drought, the forest fire season has become longer than it was decades ago, and scientists are warning of what is known as the sixth mass extinction of plant and animal species due to human impact on the earth.

47 percent of the country is in drought, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced in mid-August, and on August 16, prompting the US Bureau of Reclamation to declare the first federal water shortage for the Colorado River will cut water volumes for two states and Mexico .

Lucci’s Home Bully Rescue elevating cash by means of bike experience – WISH-TV | Indianapolis Information | Indiana Climate

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Motorcyclists will be setting off on a ride in Southport on Sunday to help out local misfits.

The Mars Hill Charity Riders will take to the sidewalk to support Lucci’s House Bully Rescue.

Laurie Collins started Lucci’s House Bully Rescue after her dog died from being mistreated by a veterinarian.

“When [my dog] was killed, we promised no tyrant would be left and now we’re just trying to save as many worries as possible, “said Collins.

The group website says her mission is “to help as many pit bull breeds as possible and to clear up and prevent the widespread misconceptions about bully breeds. Lucci’s House will fight until no tyrant remains. “

The charity ride starts around noon. Registration begins at 10 a.m. at Southside Harley Davidson (4930 Southport Crossing Place).

If people can’t make it or don’t ride, they can still help by donate online.

In 2020, more than $ 7,000 was raised to help the group. The money raised on Sunday will help promote and pay the vet bills for pit bulls.

Ronald McDonald Home Telethon appears to lift cash for good trigger

GREENVILLE, NC (WNCT) – The 5th Annual Ronald McDonald House Telethon takes place on Friday. It’s your chance to donate to a good cause.

The Ronald McDonald House supports your neighborhood and helps families with seriously ill or injured children to find a place to stay. The goal is to raise $ 25,000 or more during the telethon.

You can call 888-558-1878 from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. to make a donation. You can also send “WNCT25” to 44321 to donate.

Online Originals: The Ronald McDonald House of ENC staff take care and support the next level

Ronald McDonald House Telethon: The Story of the Middletons

Check out the stories of Emily Cervarich and Caroline Bowyer which provide more details about working at the Ronald McDonald House. Below you will also find two testimonials about the good that is done every day at the Ronald McDonald House in Greenville.

Find out more about the Ronald McDonald House competition.