KSP Trooper eats 21 hotdogs in 10 minutes to lift cash to feed youngsters

CAVE CITY, Kentucky (WBKO) – Bartley Weaver and the SOKY Patriots teamed up at The Dog Pound in Cave City on Saturday to feed children for the “Backpack Program”.

Trooper Weaver tried to eat as many hot dogs as possible in 10 minutes.

The donations go to the backpack program, which provides children with food during the school year.

KSP Trooper Bartley Weaver spoke to WBKO News after the challenge.

“Well, God gave me a strange talent, which is to eat a lot. So I always say, you know, we have to use your talents as best we can. So instead of doing a food challenge somewhere and making money for myself, I figured it would be cool if I could make money for kids who need it, ”says Weaver.

Tim Allen from SOKY Patriots explained what the “Backpack Program” does.

“The backpack program serves the children in such a way that they provide a bag with groceries with about 12 items, which is put into the child’s backpack once a week on Fridays to go home with the child, to help this child through the weekend to help, ”says Allen.

Weaver destroyed 21 hot dogs and raised a total of US $ 1,552 to benefit the schools in Caverna.

The hot dogs were donated by The Dog Pound Restaurant.

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