Pony Specific elevating cash for Horses Assist

PHOENIX – The Pony Express began its two-day journey from Phoenix to Prescott on Friday.

The trip brings in money for Horses help an equine therapy organization that helps community members with special needs.

Eight year old Levi Araiza had the honor of delivering the mail to Phoenix JC Comancheros. From there the group will deliver it by horse to the Post Office in Prescott.

The Phoenix JC Comancheros have been recreating the historic Pony Express for many years. The Pony Express was a mail delivery service with riders that operated from 1860 to 1861.

The Phoenix JC Comancheros raise money by selling letters for $ 5 and then carrying the mailbags on horseback. The money earned goes to organizations like Horses Help.

“The physical therapy this group does for all children, first responders and adults here is phenomenal, so every year we try to raise as much money as possible for individuals like Levi,” said Rick Moebs, director of the Pony Express Trails .

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“After the Race” elevating cash for horses

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) – We’re only a week away from the 147th round of the Kentucky Derby.

A new charity event called “After the Race” was launched on Saturday to help raise awareness of what happens to racehorses when the festivities are over.

The fundraiser will help find a home for horses forever.

There was a silent auction, competitions, special guest appearances and new jockey signings

“Kentucky, you know the thoroughbreds, but sometimes people have forgotten the smaller ones. You know, the fair walking horses, the casual horses that you know every day and who need to find a home just like the thoroughbreds,” said Meghan Adelman of Kentucky Equine Adoption Center.

The Kentucky Equine Adoption Center, Old Friends Farm, and the Permanent Disabled Jockey Fund will share the money raised at Saturday’s event.

Woman Louise Windsor to inherit Prince Philip’s carriage and horses | Leisure

Lady Louise Windsor is said to be inheriting Prince Philip’s carriage and horses.

The 17-year-old King, who is the daughter of Prince Edward and his wife Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, was coached by their late grandfather and shared his passion for the sport. Now it is said that she will take care of his. The legacy lives on in the future.

Sources told the Daily Mail that Louise will inherit the dark green aluminum and steel car made eight years ago to the Duke of Edinburgh’s specifications and will continue to lead his two ponies, Balmoral Nevis and Notlaw Storm, through their ponies in steps Windsor Castle.

The two fallen ponies were seen at Philip’s funeral on Saturday (04/17/21) pulling his cart on which was his driving cap, gloves, blanket and even the plastic tub with the red lid in which he kept their sugar lump rewards.

The Duke, who died earlier this month at the age of 99, started horse-drawn carriage driving in 1971 after wrist arthritis put a strain on his polo match days.

He is credited with shaping the sport in Great Britain and he represented Great Britain at six world championships and three European championships, which he competed professionally until his 80s.

Philip previously wrote of his love of the sport: “I’m getting old, my reactions are slowing and my memory is unreliable, but I’ve never lost the joy of driving a team through the British countryside.”

Louise paid tribute to her and her grandfather’s shared passion at his weekend funeral by adding a rider’s brooch to her outfit, which contained a horse’s head and a ruffled whip.

In 2019 Philip was proud to see Louise finish third in the Private Driving Singles’ carriage ride during the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

Sophie previously said of her daughter’s talent in horse-drawn carriage: “Of course she’s so good at it that she really is. It’s something that she has received very well.”