Vince McMahon’s sincere opinion on Shayna Baszler’s in-ring type

In a recent interview with, Shayna Baszler said she effectively managed to combine her MMA background with professional wrestling. She said that too WWE Chairperson Vince McMahon seems to be a fan of her in-ring style.

At first, Shayna Baszler had doubts about her in-ring style, as The Queen of Spades couldn’t find a good balance between MMA fighter and professional wrestler.

However, in the course of time she “found the merger between the two”:

“My style in the ring – people think,” I don’t know, man, she left the side and did something there. ” Vince likes it a lot. There are times when he says, “It looked like you were just fighting. I thought, “Yeah …” For a while it was hard for me to find the balance between “Am I a fighter now or am I a professional wrestler?” Even in the ring. I think I really found the fusion between the two, it was good, ”said Baszler.

Shayna Baszler highlights the role of Nia Jax in her transition to the main WWE lineup

In the same interview, Shayna Baszler mentioned that she learned a lot from former WWE star Nia Jax at RAW.

The Queen of Spades stated that while Nia Jax is more experienced in one-on-one combat, she has had better main line-up experience in WWE.

“As experienced as I am in one-on-one combat, she was much more experienced on Raw and SmackDown. So she would really help me:” You should maybe try it instead, “” Baszler said.

During Nia Jax’s last run at WWE, she was on a tag team with Shayna Baszler. Together, the two won the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships twice. Baszler is also a former two-time NXT Women’s Champion but has yet to win her first single title in the main squad.

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Jessica Alba sees subsequent stage of development forward for The Sincere Firm

Actress and founder Jessica Alba said the Honest Company’s public debut on Wednesday will usher in a new phase of growth for the consumer goods company.

“I think this is really where we are really looking at this next phase of growth and this is the beginning for us in many ways,” said Alba at CNBC “Squawk Box.”

She started the company a decade ago, starting with baby products. Since then, the company’s product portfolio has been expanded to include make-up, sunscreen and cleaning products – all with the promise of transparency with regard to its formulas. This promise has made it a target of criticism in the past not to meet this standard.

Last year, Honest’s net sales increased 27.6% to $ 300.5 million, and the company reduced its net loss to $ 15 million.

Around 55% of sales come from digital orders, CEO Nick Vlahos told Andrew Ross Sorkin. Honest’s use of social media, especially on Alba’s own accounts, has helped drive this digital growth.

“Social media has been a strategic marketing channel for us,” said Alba, who is known for her roles on the television series “Dark Angel” and in films such as “Fantastic Four”.

“This is where we build a community and from day one, community engagement is at the core of one of our values ​​for what we build.”

The IPO was priced at $ 16 per shareThis gave the company $ 1.44 billion in value and grossed $ 412.8 million. According to regulatory filings, Honest plans to use the proceeds for general corporate purposes, including acquisitions. It is traded on the Nasdaq with the ticker “HNST”.

Somebody in Toronto is making Sincere Ed-style buttons calling out anti-vaxxers

A Toronto artist tries to tackle COVID-19 misinformation with a new collection of buttons telling people to ignore the conspiracy theories on Youtube and get vaccinated out of the love of God.

Chris Aslanadis from the Button Machine, same artist behind it the Turunno shirt, just published a Trio of buttons called Honest Buttons, made in the style of Honest Ed’s iconic characters.

“I have been vaccinated, you are welcome!” says an honest button. “They call it social control, I call it social responsibility,” says another.

A third meets conspirators directly online with “YouTube deals”. Aslanadis makes the buttons with an old fashioned manual machine. The buttons are $ 2 each Honest Buttons Page.

Aslanadis, who has been making Toronto-themed merch on the Button Machine for 10 years, says the idea for his new buttons came from “a frustration with smug COVID denialists”.

He says he’s fortunate not to have had a lot of personal experience on his own network, but Aslanadis is aware that there are people in Toronto who are spreading misinformation across the city, including “that annoying” dude bro “with the veneers that are always with the lockdown protests. “

That type of brother had his Instagram account was deleted earlier this week after the spread of harmful vaccine misinformation on the platform.

“They will tell you that you have been brainwashed, call you sheep while using bad logic and quoting bad information about why COVID is not real or not a real threat,” Aslanadis says.

“And that’s annoying because most of us are having a hard time with this pandemic. We don’t wear masks or hug our friends and family. We take our precautions because it’s the right thing to do. It’s a social responsibility!”

In his Instagram post, Aslanadis encourages anti-Vaxxing theorists to turn their attention to more important conspiracies like the construction of the LRT.

“Honestly, if people think this is some kind of large-scale government plot they should look at the Eglinton LRT construction.”