Metropolis of Charleston allocating extra money to tear down deserted properties

CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – The city of Charleston has hundreds of abandoned houses and people are tired of looking at them.

Charleston begins demolishing abandoned houses

There are complaints about squatters, fires and drug use and they want the city to take action.
The city of Charleston says they have addressed the problem, but now they can do just a little bit more.

Last week on the west side, a bulldozer was a welcome sight for homeowner Jim Eblin, who says the abandoned house next to his property was an “eyesore”.

“There were drug addicts and all of that and mostly for safety reasons,” Eblin said.

“I complained a lot and so did the other neighbors here,” he said.

But it’s one thing and a lot more for the city of Charleston, which has nearly 100 homes on its teardown list, and more that are on the pike.

While most of the homes on the city’s demolition list are on the west side, there are also a few in the East End and Kanawha town.

Over at the City Services Center, they say it’s not that easy to tear them all down. There’s a process and average cost of $ 8,500

“We try to rate the houses as worst to best and we will look for the worst first when we burn out or something breaks down, something that is super dangerous or whatever it’s top of the list” said Tony Harmon, Charleston Building Commissioner.

According to Harmon, often the hardest part of finding the owner is because they have passed away or cannot be found.

“We have an older population and as they die there is no one to replace them,” he said.
If so, they’ll need to get a search warrant to document the house.

The good news is that the city has allocated more money to house collapse. About $ 960,000 in recent budget, nearly three and a half times more than $ 260,000 in previous years.

“We’re trying to prepare for that when we bring the population back and so on. There will be a lot of land for people to build on,” Harmon said.

It will still take some time to bring them all down, but for homeowners like Jim Eblin who have waited three years, it is worth the wait.

The Charleston Buildings Department can be reached at (304) 348-6833.

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Arlington ISD’s New Band Trailers to Parade Previous Leisure District Landmarks to Their Future Houses – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Price

Six new high school band trailers will roam the Arlington entertainment district on Tuesday before finding a new home at Arlington ISD.

The parade will bring supporters past AT&T Stadium, Globe Life Field and Globe Life Park, the school district said.

Arlington ISD said the school brand’s new trailers, designed to carry instruments and equipment for each of Arlington’s award-winning bands, were funded over $ 966 million for 2019 under the bond.

Arlington ISD is a nationally recognized school district for its commitment to the fine arts as students participate in the fine arts from kindergarten through graduation, the school district said.

The police escort to the parade begins at 1:50 p.m. and trailers arrive at the Arlington ISD Center for Visual and Performing Arts at 2:00 p.m.

At the parade, the ISD Superintendent of Arlington, Dr. Marcelo Cavazos, and the Director of Fine Arts, Dr. Christopher Anderson, attend.

Band directors and drum majors from all six traditional high schools will also be in attendance.

Blue Examine Houses installs Twitter-style blue checks on homes for “genuine public figures” | Information


Image via

According to its satirical official website, BLUE CHECK HOMES offers customers a verified blue badge on their homes. “The blue verified badge on your house shows outsiders that you are an authentic public figure. To get the blue check crest, someone has to live in the house authentically and remarkably,” the website explains.

Just include your first name and all of your social media accounts, and BLUE CHECK HOMES await a review and interview with the company’s board of directors. If approved, pay the fee and have a coat of arms installed.

Pricing? For verified homeowners, “the BLUE CHECK HOMES installation team will secure your house’s own plaster baronial coat of arms for a fee of USD 2999.99.”

The prankster behind it is the artist Danielle Baskin. In a postscript on the website, she writes, “If you thought this was a full-fledged service please investigate the things you read on the internet! And if you are an artist joking on the internet we should add disclaimers like this because not everyone understands your comment and shares your jokes as fact. “

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Superb Northern Michigan Houses: Craftsman-Model House on the Ridge in Bay Harbor

Whitney Amann and photojournalist Jeremy Erickson are bringing us to a gorgeous artisan-style home with amazing views and world-class amenities for this week’s Amazing Northern Michigan Homes.

Perched high on the ridge, this beautiful home offers spectacular views of the deep blue waters of Lake Michigan, as well as access to incredible shopping, dining, golf courses, entertainment, and more in Bay Harbor Village.

“This home has four bedrooms, each bedroom is a suite that is great for family entertainment,” said Patrick Leavy, owner of Kid Levy Real Estate. “It has formal dining with great views of the water.”

The formal dining room borders one of the most distinctive features of the home: the beautiful, custom-made kitchen.

While you wait for summer, there’s plenty of room to spread out and entertain in this nearly 4,000 square foot home.

“You can sit on your deck and have a glass of wine or watch the sunset, but with nine restaurants in the community and so much to offer, this is a wonderful place,” Leavy said.

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Cuomo administration underreported Covid deaths in nursing properties, report says

A view of a patient being rolled out of a nursing home in Flushing Queens New York USA during the coronavirus pandemic on April 22, 2020.

John Nacion | NurPhoto | Getty Images

The New York Department of Health reported Covid-19 deaths in nursing homes by up to 50%, according to a new report released Thursday by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

The 76 page report comes after a month-long investigation by the attorney general’s office to allegations that nursing homes have not followed the security protocols for coronaviruses.

The investigation found that the number of Covid deaths among nursing home residents in some facilities has increased by more than 50% after counting residents who died in the hospital. The official Covid-19 state death toll in nursing homes excludes patients who have died after being transported to hospital.

Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo has Exposed to criticism for not disclosing the total number of nursing home residents who have died from Covid-19. In her comprehensive report, James, also a Democrat, noted that “many nursing home residents in hospitals died of Covid-19 after being transferred from their nursing homes, which is not reflected in the overall data on nursing home deaths published by DOH . “

Cuomo representatives did not immediately respond to CNBC’s request to comment on the results.

The attorney general’s findings put them directly in conflict with the governor, who often boasted of the state’s response to the coronavirus. Cuomo has also dismissed criticism of a policy by the Ministry of Health that directed nursing homes to accept residents who tested positive for the coronavirus. The governor has repeatedly defended his government’s response to the pandemic, stating that the state was poorly supported by an inept federal government that was caught by surprise by importing the virus.

James’ results are based on a survey of 62 nursing homes, or approximately 10% of nursing homes in the state. She said her law firm is continuing to investigate inconsistencies in the data reported by the Ministry of Health and the numbers reported to the Attorney General.

The investigation also found that a number of nursing homes did not adhere to “Critical Infection Control Guidelines”; B. Failing to isolate residents who test positive for the virus.

“As the pandemic and our investigation continue, it is imperative that we understand why New York nursing home residents have suffered needlessly so alarmingly,” James said in a statement. “While we cannot bring back the people we lost to this crisis, this report aims to provide transparency the public deserves and encourage increased action to protect our most vulnerable residents.”

This is the latest news. You can find updates here.

Georgia Home needs extra state cash for public well being, nursing properties

The moves don’t suggest new government spending, so the state’s bottom line is $ 26.6 billion. However, the proposals move the money by moving savings that were often made due to vacant employee positions or blocked programs.

Kemp had already proposed adding $ 567 million back to the state’s K-12 funding formula and giving more money to universities and colleges as tax revenues are hundreds of millions ahead of this year’s forecast. The House subcommittees ratified these steps on Tuesday.

Of the public health money, $ 18 million would be used to upgrade and replace the computer system that tracks vaccinations across the country. That system, the Georgia Registry of Immunization Transactions and Services, has been in the spotlight in recent days as the state struggled to keep up with the number of coronavirus vaccines being administered by health care providers.

The state would also allocate $ 286,000 to strengthen the leadership of the Department of Health, including hiring a chief medical officer, an assistant commissioner, and a chief data officer. The department has repeatedly complained about how it publishes data during the pandemic and has subcontracted much of its public data presentation.

Public health would also receive an additional $ 15.4 million to increase support for the AIDS drug relief program, which provides HIV / AIDS drugs to people on low incomes.

Also, under the House of Representatives’ proposal, Georgia would spend $ 19.3 million more on subsidizing nursing homes.

“Occupancy has decreased significantly in the Qualified Care Centers, resulting in large lost revenue and higher costs related to wages, hazard payments, overtime, PPE, cleaning and testing supplies,” said Parrish.

Members of the House of Representatives approved plans proposed by Kemp to shift funds in the state prison and juvenile justice system to allow guards to increase by 10% from April 1.

Kemp had already proposed spending tens of millions of one-time cash on new vehicles, but the House upped the ante by proposing $ 38.6 million to buy around 500 new school buses nationwide.

Some of the moves have been to restore funds that were cut by lawmakers in June when they feared revenue would be worse. Many agencies have cut around 10%. The House proposes to allocate $ 8.1 million to agricultural and research units at universities, which are heavily reliant on government funding as they have no students paying tuition. The house would also return money for the judicial system operating budgets and set aside new money to attract forensic pathologists to perform autopsies for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

A new 10-bed emergency facility for mentally challenged adults with mental health problems would open with $ 1.8 million in federal funds.