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From Katie Laughridge Tribune News Service

Another magical Christmas season is coming to an end. The holidays may not feel “normal” yet, but I still enjoyed bringing out my favorite decorations from Halloween to Thanksgiving to the Christmas finale. Having Christmas decorations all over the house adds an extra dose of serenity, and I think that was especially popular this year.

But now it’s time to put all that glitter and glitter back in the basement by next year. I’m always a little melancholy when I see the vacation scraps leave my room. The house has never been as lively as I remembered it from a pink September. I always think I’ll be thrilled – finally a clean house! – but somehow it feels a bit empty after all the pomp of the past few months. This dilemma drives me to freshen up my rooms to start a new year full of good vibes and happy feelings. I tend to use a few tried and true methods of redesigning my space. I call this system (jokingly) “tidying up, then tidying up again”.

The first step towards an overhaul is the clearing out phase. I wrap my seasonal delicacies (sort by tree or vignette and room if possible), remove holiday illusions from pillow inserts and dust the glitter from the mantelpiece. Next, I look around the room with fresh eyes. You might find your color palette stagnant; maybe the walls aren’t popping as hard as you’d like. There’s even a chance the green hid a chip on your second favorite ginger jar. Now is the time to remove anything that seems unnecessary or doesn’t match your vision for 2022. While you’re at it, move the sofa to the other side of the room – you know you’ve been wondering if that would open up the room. Once your room is ready, it’s time to freshen up and “clean up” which is just my naughty way of adding some new additions to your space.

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Sometimes all that’s missing is a fresh coat of paint for an old-fashioned home. A new wall color can bring new life to textiles that feel flat by bringing out new and exciting hues. Or, if that requires too much exercise, bring fresh fabrics for an energy boost. I love changing my pillow cases and throwing a new throw in to brighten up my rooms and change my aesthetic.

New art and accessories can create a brand new space. As we all spend more time in our homes during the coming cold (and COVID) season, it’s always fun to bring new items for the eyes. Create a visual wonderland of fabulous art to fill the void of the Christmas exhibition and transform your room from drab to cheerful. Or rearrange your shelf displays for a refreshed #shelfie that will add a new dynamic to your space.

When the winter chill hits us, we’ll be spending a lot more time at home (it’s hibernation, after all). What better time to have a home rejuvenation than when we are stuck in it?

(Adapted from nellhills.com. Katie Laughridge is the owner of Nell Hill’s, an interior design establishment in Kansas City. For more information, contact Katie at info@nellhills.com.)

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Landmark Victorian-Model Home Torn Down To Construct New Properties

ARLINGTON, VA – A large Victorian house on Washington Blvd., where the first chairman of the Arlington County Board once lived, was demolished earlier this month to make way for new homes to be built on the site.

The Fellows-McGrath House, built in 1889, was formerly the residence of Harry Andrew Fellows, who was Mayor of Falls Church and who became the first chairman of the newly formed Arlington County Board in 1932. The house, 6404 Washington Blvd., later became a bed and breakfast known as the Memory House.

With land large enough to build two new homes, the Fellows McGrath home buyer likely got a bargain when they paid just over $ 1 million for the home.

The land that is currently being assessed is set to become the site for two new homes. With Arlington being the hottest housing market in Northern Virginia, the new homes could easily sell for $ 2-3 million each.

Conservation Arlington is tracking demolition permits and by late September the group found that more than 15 other homes on individual lots in Arlington had sold for more than $ 1 million in 2021 and then demolished. However, the Fellows-McGrath House was on a double lot, as were several other homes in 2021 that sold for over $ 1 million.

Many Arlington residents and heritage officials had hoped the county would do more to save the Fellows McGrath House.

Arlington County approved approved land disruptive activity for the Fellows McGrath house in August and approved a demolition permit in September. The house was demolished on December 6th.

Arlington County approved land disruption activity permit for the Fellows McGrath house in August and approved a demolition permit in September. The house was demolished on December 6th. (Mark Hand / Patch)

“I wish the county were more willing to invest in saving historic homes as they have in the past,” said Charlie Clark, columnist for Falls Church News-Press, who also chairs the Arlington Historical SocietyThe Preservation Committee said in an email to Patch. “But elected officials still feel burned by what they ultimately saw as the lavish 2001 Reeves Farmhouse purchase.”

After purchasing the Reeves Farmhouse 20 years ago, Arlington officials could not find adequate use for it.

“While activists cannot completely override the laws of market supply and demand, conservationists, both county and volunteer workers such as the Arlington Historical Society and Arlington Preservation, can monitor developments and raise early warning signals when important property is threatened.” said Clark, whose new book “Lost Arlington County, “offers readers a glimpse of the businesses, homes, and amusements that have come and gone in Arlington as the county became a vibrant suburb of the country’s capital in the 1900s.

After eight months in the market, the Fellows-McGrath home was sold to FNM Investments LLC in February for $ 1,088,295, according to Arlington County’s real estate records.

Manassas’ agent Masum Kahn, who owns FNM Investments, bought the house building modern homes, Clark reported in a column for the Falls Church News-Press.

Demolish the house “would be a pityClark wrote.

“The green and red house (3,221 square feet, with built-in china cabinets) is not just a landmark, it was the home of the only man who was executive director for both Falls Church and Arlington County for 43 years,” he wrote.

Harry Andrew Fellows bought the house in 1900 with his wife Alice. Harry died in 1943 while Alice died in 1971 at the age of 105, according to Clark. The house was then bought by John and Marlys McGrath.

“Most builders (most Arlington people, in fact) aren’t that interested in history,” Clark said in his email to Patch. “So the trick is to network and find the right buyers and contractors, while maybe educating to change some minds along the way.”

Take KARE of Your Cash: Professionals and cons of submit body properties

Local builders say they have received a huge surge in calls about so-called “house barns” or “barn dominions”.

WYOMING, Minnesota – A unique new home trend is emerging in Minnesota. People build single story houses with large garages called post frame houses.

Dean and Shirley Erickson took us on a tour of their post-frame home in Wyoming, Minnesota.

“Living room, kitchen area, dining room area … Dean basically designed the house for us,” Shirley said.

It is a typical two bedroom house, but with a few surprises. Like a large art and craft room for Shirley to work on her projects.

“That was part of the deal. I have to have a seat, ”said Shirley.

And right next door … a special place for Dean.

“As my friends would say, this is the palace entrance to the ‘Garage-Mahal’. Lots of space, concrete floor, high ceiling,” said Dean.

The garage has space for a dozen vehicles and every imaginable project.

The couple came up with the idea of ​​a new home about five years ago while visiting a family abroad.

“We were driving on a road and he said ‘stop’ and I’m fine and we stopped and he said, ‘that’s it,'” said Shirley.

It was a post and beam house that is all the rage in the south.

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Without a basement, post-and-beam houses have no foundation. The walls and the frame are usually cheaper compared to a normal Bauhaus.

However, Dean and Shirley quickly learned that building a post-frame home in Minnesota wasn’t going to be easy.

Many cities and counties do not allow them.

The counties that allow post and beam homes usually have many building restrictions and rules that you must follow.

Here in Wyoming, Minnesota, Dean and Shirley had to buy $ 4,000 storm shelter in the event of a tornado.

Later they ran into some other problems that also cost them more money.

“We ended up adding up all of our receipts and everything. It was kind of, uh, maybe a wash,” said Dean.

But saving money was the biggest selling point … but they quickly fell in love with the style of the house and all it had to offer.

So … you don’t regret your decision a bit.

Meanwhile, Dick and Roxann Johnson also built a post-and-beam home in Columbus, Minnesota that they love.

They liked the idea of ​​living on one level and having enough space for the home office.

CONNECTED: Timber prices are falling, but home prices remain high

They also built a huge garage. “It gave us the opportunity to be all on the same level. I mean, you get out of the car in your garage, that’s the end of your steps,” said Dick. But like the Erickson, Dick and Roxann ran into some roadblocks.

“Some cities have this preconceived notion that it’s a tin shed and we’re not going to let you live in a tin shed,” added Dick.

Some counties rejected it and many builders will not build a post house.

“We got a little disaffected,” said Dick.

And then they found one – and the price was about two thirds of what a normal Bauhaus would cost.

“We looked at the price and said, ‘Yeah, we can do that,'” added Dick.

Dick says they ended up saving a lot of money, but most of it went back into the house.

Local builders say building a post frame home can save up to $ 40,000 compared to building a regular building.

But here, too, not every city or every district will allow this.

And builders say that because the houses are so unique it might be difficult to find a lender.

Or sell your home if you decide to move.

The building process is not straightforward and is generally not recommended for first-time buyers.

Fashion at Dwelling: Bedding, pillows good for heading again to varsity | Siouxland Properties

With the rare opportunity to add paint or even your own furniture to a room, it can be difficult to truly feel at home. A proposal for a solution? Fabulous fabrics and linens.

Finding bedding that is both luxurious and stylish is not always easy, especially in a twin size. This is where tailor-made bed linen comes into play.

From Katie Laughridge Tribune News Service

When I think back to my college days, I remember a lot of different emotions. The first time away from home is an eye opener!

One of the hardest parts is leaving the comfort of your home and setting out to find your own way. I remember thinking I had spent 18 years curating my nursery and now I had to leave it behind.

It is not always easy to make a dorm or rental bedroom like your own room. With the rare opportunity to add paint or even your own furniture to a room, it can be difficult to truly feel at home.

My suggested solution? Fabulous fabrics and bedding, of course. With limited furniture and space, I found myself on my bed doing much more than just sleeping – this was where I studied, nibbled, and chatted with my roommate before bed. Whenever I help clients prepare for this particular step, I always try to encourage them to make this area as special as possible.

Finding bedding that is both luxurious and stylish is not always easy, especially in a twin size. It seems like everyone happens to run into the girl at the end of the hallway. One of our bedwomen, Jill, took the opportunity this year to send her daughter to college in style with a beautiful, bespoke bed linen look. She and her daughter visited our design library to look at fabrics and picked out some cute textiles in soft pinks and spring greens (two of my favorites!).

New app creates professional-style child pictures from the consolation of mother or father’s houses

News 12 employees

July 8th, 2021, 02:33 am

Updated on: July 8th, 2021, 2:33 am

There is a long tradition of parents taking their babies for professional photos – and an equally long tradition of these children not cooperating.

Westchester photographer Mary Jane Farnsworth and her business partner Yvonne Tully have found a way to take professional photos of your baby with a new app.

The couple say they made it Baby box studio after a less successful session with an exhausted mother and her newborn baby.

“I kept thinking, ‘Why can’t I take all these little tools that I have in my everyday parenting kit so they can bring it out when the baby is at its best,'” says Farnsworth.

And she did.

Proud parents just have to take a few pictures of their little angel with their smartphone at will and simply run the pictures through the app to choose a professional looking background.

“You don’t need to have great photographic skills to use this. This is for beginners who know how to use a smartphone, ”says Tully.

Plumber: Select one of the best soaking tub type to suit your toilet area | Houses & Backyard

Q: Dear Ed: I am planning my new bathroom. Space is a little tight, but I want a separate shower cubicle and bathtub. What are some basic bathtub style options that I can look at to see what works best with my bathroom layout?

– Jerry, Washington State Washington

A: Different style bathtubs usually require different types of installations. So do some homework and choose the tub installation option that best suits your bathroom floor plan. With that in mind, I’ll go over a few popular soaking baths.

1. Corner bath

For smaller bathrooms with separate tub and shower fittings, a corner bath may be best to create a little more space. As the name suggests, they are designed to fit snugly into a corner, and many come with ready-made front aprons.

2. Inset or sub-construction baths

These trays are designed to be built into a custom base. The sub-frame type is installed under the finished plinth top, and the drop-in type has a finished rim and falls into the finished plinth opening.

3. Freestanding bathtub

These beautiful soaking baths are self-supporting, cosmetically refined inside and out and very flexible in the choice of the installation location.

However, a freestanding bathtub is anything but “free”. These are usually high-end faucets and can end up soaking up a good chunk of your bathroom budget.

Master builder / plumber Ed Del Grande is internationally known as the author of the book “Ed Del Grande’s House Call”, moderator of TV and Internet shows and LEED Green Associate. visit eddelgrande.com or write eadelg@cs.com. Always contact local contractors and regulations.

Purposes set to open for grant cash for coastal houses to arrange for hurricanes

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) – South Carolina Home Mitigation Grant Program applications will open in a few weeks, and South Carolina Department of Insurance officials are encouraging you to prepare for the application now as the money is being distributed quickly.

According to Ray Farmer, director of the SCDOI, the grant funding from this program will help homeowners along the coast retrofit their homes to prepare them for hurricanes and severe wind damage.

Farmer said the grant can be used for things like secondary water barriers, hurricane shutters, stiffening gable ends, and more.

“The most popular attempt is to build a fortified roof to make it stronger,” said Farmer. “Either the $ 5,000 or $ 4,000 grants, they won’t build a bunker for you, but it will go a long way in helping our consumers prepare for the upcoming hurricane season.”

According to the SCDOI, the amount of funds depends on the applicant’s income.

“If you hit certain low income levels, you can get a $ 5,000 grant,” Farmer said. “If you fail to meet these thresholds, you will still be eligible for a corresponding grant of up to $ 4,000.”

Farmer said they give away between $ 2 million and $ 2.3 million every year. This money will be split over two application periods, one from July 1st and one from December 1st. He encourages everyone to apply in July and again in December if they don’t get the money in the first round of applications.

According to the SCDOI, retrofitted or reinforced houses reduce the likelihood and intensity of storm damage, which ultimately leads to fewer and fewer insurance claims and ultimately lowers insurance premiums for citizens.

“For every dollar we spend on containment upfront, it will save six dollars after a storm,” Farmer said. “It certainly makes sense to make our houses more resilient, also against flooding.”

More information on applying for the grant Visit the SCDOI website.

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Lady decorates houses for Indy 500 to boost cash for Gleaners Meals Financial institution

SPEEDWAY, Ind. – Homes on the speedway are outfitted with Indy 500 gear ahead of the big race, but one thing is more than just a sight – it raises cash for the Gleaners Food Bank.

Brenda Hamm says people come to their corner of the world for the race once a year. While visitors are here this year, they are drawing attention to their “Nobody Runs Empty” campaign.

“I see people from all over the country every year,” said Hamm.

Brenda lives just around the corner from Indianapolis Motor Speedway and lets people park in their house for a fee on race day.

“They always say, ‘What can we do, what can we do? ‘and this year it’s like,’ Hey, I have something you can do! ‘

This year part of their parking fees will go to Gleaners. She also has a bucket in her garden for donations. It shows a link on Gleaner’s website that people can access donate on-line.

“For every $ 5 donated, you can buy 25 meals,” said Hamm. “When I found out that they had the ability to do that and help so many people.”

She said she got the idea when she found out that Marco Andretti would drive with the Gleaners logo.

“When I saw that Marco was the speaker and that Gleaners was going to be in the car … I mean, Gleaners helped so many people in our community and so many people need it now.”

Last year, when fans weren’t allowed to race, drivers showed up on the doorstep of long-time ticket holders. Both Marco and Mario Andretti visited Brenda.

“I thought last year was a bad year for everyone and I was lucky enough to have a driver visit at Speedway so I wanted to give something back.”

Sarah Estell of Gleaners says this reveal is a great way to raise awareness of her “Nobody Runs Out” campaign and to help those in need.

“What Brenda did here is precisely the heart and spirit of the initiative,” said Estell.

“We wanted people to understand the role nutrition and safety play in everyday life.”

If you want to donate to the campaign, click Here to learn more.

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Prince of Wales plans to open royal houses to the general public | Leisure

The Prince of Wales has plans to open royal houses more to the public when he becomes king.

Prince Charles is reportedly planning to tap more areas of the current royal residents – including Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Balmoral, Sandringham and Clarence House – when he ascends to the throne with the blessing of his mother Queen Elizabeth and consults his son The Duke of Cambridge and his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Speaking to The Sunday Times newspaper, a royal source said: “The prince wants people to connect with the institution. He realizes that it needs to evolve, and in modern times people want access to their palaces.

“He accepts that and sees them as public places more than private spaces.”

Meanwhile, it has been announced that William “respects Protocol” but plans to “modernize” certain aspects of the British royal family and make them more “relatable” when he becomes king.

The 38-year-old king plans with his wife Catherine how to change the monarchy to make it more accessible to the public and abolish an outdated protocol.

A source said: “William is already thinking about the future of the monarchy and the changes he will make. While respecting the protocol, he plans to modernize some aspects and makes it his business to be more reliable than previous generations …

“He and Kate have successfully struck a healthy balance of openness [in the public eye] while keeping the sense of the mystery that surrounds and preoccupies the royal family. William accepts that being in the spotlight is part of the job, and it’s okay with that. He takes his future role as king seriously and regards it as a great honor and privilege to be in his position. The monarchy and its family will always come first. “

Biz Bits: Cash in cell houses proven in Lincoln sale | Native Enterprise Information

Pandemic Pole Position

Last weekend, Lincoln gave a taste of what a post-pandemic recovery will look like, with more than 30,000 fans at the Nebraska Spring Game and thousands more in town for NU baseball and the Lincoln Marathon.

While we are far from getting back to normal, Lincoln has in some ways recovered more from COVID-19 than any other city in the US

According to personal finance website WalletHubLincoln had the best employment recovery out of 180 cities surveyed.

Single Barrel doubles in a new location in downtown Lincoln

The study, which was based on March numbers, showed that Lincoln had the second lowest unemployment rate overall, along with the fourth best rate compared to March 2019 and the fifth best rate compared to January 2020 (the last full month most of them had The U.S. was unaffected by the pandemic. Omaha ranked third in the same report, which likely contributed to Nebraska as a whole ranking fourth in overall recovery from COVID-19 in a separate report WalletHub study.

Hardworking Husker women

One factor that could make for a strong recovery in Nebraska is the work of women.

According to a Study by SkynovaNebraska mothers, a company that makes small business invoicing software, spent more hours at work between January and September 2020 than their peers in any other state.