Orchid Gala will increase cash for homeless ladies veterans

Ashley White stump

The seventh annual Orchid Gala will raise money for homeless veterans in honor of a soldier killed in action.

Villagers for Veterans will host the event on August 7th at 5:00 p.m. at the Brownwood Hotel & Spa in The Villages. Tickets are $ 75 each and can be purchased at www.villagersforveterans.org or by phone (516) 220-5068. The theme will be “Havana Night”. There will be a performance by Hula Hands in Aloha and there will be music by Latin Ambition.

The event will raise funds for Ashley’s House, a 4,000-square-foot transitional home to be built on Grove Street, Eustis, to commemorate Ashley White-Stumpf, who was killed by an improvised explosive device during combat operations in Afghanistan.

“The home will be an all-female veterans transition home that provides temporary safe haven for female veterans while providing professional training, counseling and much-needed female camaraderie as they work toward self-sufficiency in a safe and loving environment,” says Marie Bogdonoff, Founder and CEO of Villagers for Veteran.

Grand Rapids approves $546M finances with cash for youth summer time jobs program, Homeless Outreach Group

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – The leaders of Grand Rapids have said goodbye a spending plan of $ 546 million for the period 2021-2022 This includes investments in the homeless outreach team and further funding of the Youth Summer Jobs Program and about $ 670,000 more to the police.

The budget, which comes into effect on July 1st, has largely been billed as a “going concern budget” by the city administration as it maintains the current level of services and staff.

With an estimated income tax shortage of $ 36 million in the coming and final fiscal year, the planned spending of around $ 92.3 million in U.S. bailout dollars will be carried into the city, with the first half expected to arrive this summer .

Local income taxes averaged 70% of the General Fund’s income. The proposed general expenditure for the new budget will be US $ 156 million.

The city commission unanimously approved the budget on Thursday morning, May 20th.

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“This has been a challenging year for everyone.” Mayor Rosalynn Bliss said. “I am grateful for the federal funds that will enable us to press ahead with stabilizing our budget and hopefully survive this financially sound pandemic. In addition, this budget is in line with the priorities this Commission discussed and set during our mid-year retreat and moves us forward in each of our strategic priority areas. “

The six short-term priorities of the city commission, which were set for the budget last autumn, are: Housing and homelessness; COVID-19 Relief and Economic Recovery Including Health Effects; Public security reform; Crime prevention / violence reduction; and tax sustainability and discipline.

The budget for the Homeless Outreach Team is $ 1.5 million to maintain the current level of police and fire services. The team was formed in April 2020 in collaboration with Netzwerk 180 to help the city’s homeless population cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the past year, expanding the scope and mission of the team was discussed.

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City officials announced efforts in March Doubling the number of young people employed in the summer career program launched last year. The budget for the GRow1000 youth initiative, which includes private investments, is US $ 1.2 million. The city is donating $ 250,000. Last year, companies in the city and the region temporarily employed 350 young people between the ages of 15 and 24.

Some of the other highlights in the budget are $ 1.74 million for service line replacement in the third division, $ 2.2 million for lead refurbishment in homes, and $ 405,000 for the Office of Supervision and Public Accountability.

Starting this summer, the city commission will look for ways to add another $ 10.2 million to the American bailout plan.

City Manager Mark Washington recommended the following investments with these dollars:

  • $ 2 million for Focus Third Division and / or Neighborhoods;
  • $ 1 million for healing from violence;
  • $ 1 million to implement a behavioral medicine practitioner response to police calls regarding mental health;
  • $ 5 million to create affordable housing; and more.

Washington has also proposed allocating $ 2 million to a “participatory budgeting process,” in which residents have some direct say in the investment of the US dollar.

Washington’s recommendations would provide the city with approximately $ 19.3 million in federal funding over the next three fiscal years that is outside of budget deficit coverage.

For nearly a year as widespread protests against police brutality and racial injustice gripped the nation, there were some activists and parishioners have asked the city guides to devalue the Grand Rapids Police Department.

Connected: Opinions for and against “defusing the police” were voiced to Grand Rapids city commissioners

Defunding usually meant cutting the Police Department’s share of the General Fund’s budget to the minimum of 32% required by the Charter and reallocating that cut to social assistance and community investment.

The division’s share of the General Fund will decrease from 38.6% in the current budget to 35.8% in the budget from July 1st.

However, the department’s spending will actually increase by about $ 670,000 to about $ 55.81 million in the upcoming budget, even if several unworn employees are removed from the department.

The main reason the department’s share of the budget has decreased, but not its spending, is that overall fund spending is growing faster than the department’s spending.

In the upcoming budget, capital expenditures will increase by approximately 27% from approximately USD 75.16 million to USD 96 million compared to the current budget.

Capital investments include projects such as converting all street lights to LED, repairing roads and sidewalks, and repairing and upgrading urban facilities.

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Large Metropolis Mayors coalition desires state cash to fund homeless housing applications

FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE) – The California Coalition of Metropolitan Mayors, a group of 13 of California’s largest cities – including Fresno – has come together to demand that $ 20 billion of the state budget be used to provide permanent housing for people with Homelessness will be provided across California.

Mayors say this is an important and feasible request given the $ 26 billion the state received from the US bailout, as well as the record surplus in California.

Funding, which Fresno Mayor Jerry Dyer said is badly needed in the city where they have already bought five motels to be converted into temporary homes under the state’s Project Home Key program.

To continue those efforts, Dyer said they need more money to pay outreach workers, provide security in these transitional housing units, and provide support services.

“Mental health, alcohol and substance abuse addiction services to appeal to the growing population of domestic violence victims and their families who roam our streets, our veterans who are often abandoned,” said Dyer. “All of these services need to be provided, not in the short term, but in the long term.”

According to Dyer, the next step is to create permanent housing solutions and vocational training to keep people off the streets.

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo says the state will decide how the money will be distributed among counties and major cities.

“The allocation is usually based on a formula that combines both the number of homeless people at a given point in time and the population, so we expect these formulas to continue,” Liccardo said.

“And we will certainly work to ensure that the cities that have been hardest hit – after all, it is the big cities that have suffered the most from homelessness – are actually at the fore and in the center.”

Fifth-grader raises cash for people who find themselves homeless

I am a fifth grade student at Riverview Elementary School. For my community improvement project, I chose homelessness. Helping homelessness is important to me and 85% of the others who took my survey.

Lots of people came up with ideas to help, but in the end I decided to raise money and then donate. In my survey, 95% of people said they volunteered and helped. This is proof that helping homelessness is important to our community.

The reason I would work and help homelessness is because I am personally very happy and often take food, water and a home for granted, even though many people can barely afford enough food for themselves and / or their families.

In my survey, many people came up with ideas for addressing homelessness. While they were all great ideas, almost all of them were out of my reach with, for example, a better medical system. That would be a good idea, but I could just email or call the health system.

Since I didn’t have too many ideas within my reach, I decided to come up with my own idea. I will raise money to donate to food rides and homeless shelters like Manna Soup Kitchen or Durango’s homeless shelter. Now that you know why we need to take action and help the homeless population lose weight, I hope that you will take action and help with homelessness or any other issue that you are patient with. Thank you for reading.

Kalia loveDurango

Inslee calls on lawmakers to allocate more cash for homeless disaster – KIRO 7 Information Seattle

OLYMPIA, Washington – Governor Jay Inslee urged lawmakers to allocate more money to address the homeless crisis.

Inslee pointed out that the COVID-19 pandemic has left more people homeless and that the federal US rescue plan package now includes new resources.

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Without asking for a specific amount to be spent, the governor urged lawmakers to go beyond what they already budgeted to provide housing and clean public spaces for storage.

Inslee also stated that he hopes it will be closer to the hundreds of millions than it is to the tens of millions.

Inslee believes lawmakers will require local governments to play some kind of investment game.

Group braves harmful temps to lift cash for homeless vets

The group brave dangerous temperatures to raise money for homeless vets

The second annual sleepout for veterans in the American Legion in Hartland continued on Saturday – sleeping outside for two nights, even if it’s below zero.

Dangerously cold temperatures resulted in many people canceling outdoor activities for the weekend, but a group in Hartland continued their event on Saturday, February 13th.

On a night like Saturday when Temperatures were approaching zero Degree, it was cold even when a big fire roared. Even so, a group of men chose to sleep outside to honor those who had no choice – and cancellation wasn’t an option.

For around 20 people, tents and boxes are the place to sleep or at least try to sleep on Saturday evening. It was the second annual sleepout for veterans in the American Legion in Hartland – sleeping outside for two nights, even if it’s below zero.

“We want to create real awareness of what our veterans go through when they’re homeless,” said Mark Pape, American Legion’s sons in command.

Sleepout for veterans in Hartland

The event raises funds for various organizations that help homeless veterans. It involves collecting a truckload of donations for the Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative.

“When we come across a veteran who is homeless, who may be living in his car or outside, like the weather we are experiencing today, we take that financial resource and bring it to a hotel while we work to find a permanent partner Finding shelter for them, “said Debbie Buchanan, the initiative’s executive director.

Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative

Buchanan said the need would be even greater after a year like 2020. The number of veterans who came through their doors increased by 30%.

As a result, some of the coldest nights of the season didn’t freeze the Saturday night event.

“We won’t cancel because of the weather, will the homeless cancel because it’s cold?” Said Pape.

Sleepout for veterans in Hartland

The event will raise funds through Sunday, February 14th, 12:00 noon.

ON Wind Chill Advisory is in effect for all of Southeast Wisconsin Saturday through Sunday noon. During this time, bitter cold swings through, when temperatures drop well below -5 ° F and wind chill exceeds -20 ° F or colder.

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West Virginia organizations serving to the homeless obtain cash | WDVM25 & DCW50

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WDVM) – A recent audit found that the state of West Virginia lost more than $ 25 million to a business loan program administered by the state economic development agency.

The loans were made almost 20 years ago under the administration of former Governor Bob Wise and former Treasurer John Purdue. However, the new state treasurer, Riley Moore, says he is putting new security measures in place to secure such loans. Moore, who was elected in November, insists that lawmakers report quarterly on the status of the loans, that these loans meet certain certification requirements, and that the state treasurer is in control of loan spending.