HOLLIFIELD: Larry King will miss the Robotic Apocalypse | Leisure

“A super-intelligent machine that controls the world sounds like science fiction,” said Manuel Cebrian, co-author of the study and head of the research group. “But there are already machines that do certain important tasks independently, without programmers fully understanding how they learned to do it.”

According to this theory, the Great Robot War, the Robot Apocalypse, and the Robot Order of the New World lie before us.

My biggest grief when this happens is that Larry King is unable to record the event in his own style. Maybe, maybe there is another columnist out there who could fill his shoes and braces.

“Angelina Jolie, who was seriously injured when an X950 combat robot broke into her fortified compound, tells me she has nothing on the way … I want to say hi to our new robot overlords and let you know if it’s you Looking for people to work with, my good friend Charlie Sheen says he’s ready, willing, and able … These Kraft macaroni and cheese are good things! I lived on it for a week while crouching in the dark … I never knew you could shine a compound fracture with a Lifetime Achievement Emmy, but it seems you can … when does J-Lo leave her latest Publication drop? … “

Thank you Larry King. They showed the rest of us how to do it. We will miss you in the bleak and bleak robot future.

Scott Hollifield, a humor columnist, is the editor of McDowell News in Marion, NC. Write to him rhollifield@mcdowellnews.com.