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From Katie Laughridge Tribune News Service

Another magical Christmas season is coming to an end. The holidays may not feel “normal” yet, but I still enjoyed bringing out my favorite decorations from Halloween to Thanksgiving to the Christmas finale. Having Christmas decorations all over the house adds an extra dose of serenity, and I think that was especially popular this year.

But now it’s time to put all that glitter and glitter back in the basement by next year. I’m always a little melancholy when I see the vacation scraps leave my room. The house has never been as lively as I remembered it from a pink September. I always think I’ll be thrilled – finally a clean house! – but somehow it feels a bit empty after all the pomp of the past few months. This dilemma drives me to freshen up my rooms to start a new year full of good vibes and happy feelings. I tend to use a few tried and true methods of redesigning my space. I call this system (jokingly) “tidying up, then tidying up again”.

The first step towards an overhaul is the clearing out phase. I wrap my seasonal delicacies (sort by tree or vignette and room if possible), remove holiday illusions from pillow inserts and dust the glitter from the mantelpiece. Next, I look around the room with fresh eyes. You might find your color palette stagnant; maybe the walls aren’t popping as hard as you’d like. There’s even a chance the green hid a chip on your second favorite ginger jar. Now is the time to remove anything that seems unnecessary or doesn’t match your vision for 2022. While you’re at it, move the sofa to the other side of the room – you know you’ve been wondering if that would open up the room. Once your room is ready, it’s time to freshen up and “clean up” which is just my naughty way of adding some new additions to your space.

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Sometimes all that’s missing is a fresh coat of paint for an old-fashioned home. A new wall color can bring new life to textiles that feel flat by bringing out new and exciting hues. Or, if that requires too much exercise, bring fresh fabrics for an energy boost. I love changing my pillow cases and throwing a new throw in to brighten up my rooms and change my aesthetic.

New art and accessories can create a brand new space. As we all spend more time in our homes during the coming cold (and COVID) season, it’s always fun to bring new items for the eyes. Create a visual wonderland of fabulous art to fill the void of the Christmas exhibition and transform your room from drab to cheerful. Or rearrange your shelf displays for a refreshed #shelfie that will add a new dynamic to your space.

When the winter chill hits us, we’ll be spending a lot more time at home (it’s hibernation, after all). What better time to have a home rejuvenation than when we are stuck in it?

(Adapted from nellhills.com. Katie Laughridge is the owner of Nell Hill’s, an interior design establishment in Kansas City. For more information, contact Katie at info@nellhills.com.)

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Breaking down the 2021 holidays Dickens-style – Marin Unbiased Journal

Frankie Frost / IJ Archives

Jeff Burkhart

The drinks menu clacked in its printed edition, barely audible over the holiday music even though the holiday had come, and immediately caused problems. It said, “Tequila, soda, chilled, up.”

“What does that mean?” asked my co-bartender.

“What does that mean?” I asked the server.

“That’s what he said,” she replied.

The problem was twofold. Firstly, “up” means shaken with ice and then strained into a cocktail glass, and secondly, you never shake a drink with carbonated water as it loses its fizziness almost immediately.

“He says he gets it here all the time,” added the server.

I looked at the waiter and bartender and realized that the three of us had worked every shift in the restaurant. Everyone who walked through these doors came through us, so the chances that we had never heard of this drink were slim.

But there are still some people who yearn for the “customer is always right” restaurant business. This year’s Christmas celebrations have clearly shown that. The holidays are still amateur lessons, but luckily this year instead of the amateur lesson on steroids, it was amateur lesson on mute.

Technically, we’re in the middle of the 12 days of Christmas (even though it’s after New Year’s Eve) which means a Dickensian Christmas carol might still be appropriate. With that in mind, let’s break down the 2021 holidays in Dickens style.

• The Spirit of Jacob Marley:

Marley is Ebenezer Scrooge’s stingy partner, who warns him not to change his ways or risk wandering the spirit world shrouded in chains and lamenting his choices. Apparently, even in Victorian times, valuing money above people was a thing. The impetus for Scrooge’s nightly “ghostly” visits is that Scrooge does not want to give his employee Bob Cratchit off on paid Christmas days. One hundred and eighty years later, not much has changed. Nobody in the catering industry gets Christmas free, let alone paid. In fact, few people do this. So I ask you, are things getting better or worse?

• The spirit of the past Christmas season:

Remember a time when there was a serious impact if someone hit or pushed a flight attendant or service agent? It is now a weekly release. Where’s the outrage that sparked Zsa Zsa Gabor when she slapped a cop in Beverly Hills in 1989 after being pulled over for a routine traffic violation? Or the legal anger that was directed against Jim Morrison 20 years earlier when he was drunk on the way to a Rolling Stones concert and “disturbed a flight crew” and threatened him with up to 10 years in prison? I don’t know what’s happening these days, but it doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

• The spirit of the Christmas present:

According to the Associated Press, unemployment claims for the United States nationwide are just under 200,000 from 1.7 million in March last year, meaning 1.5 million people are no longer receiving benefits. Can we please stop hearing how unemployment insurance is fueling labor shortages? Every restaurant I know is still looking for people. Obviously something else is going on. Maybe people just don’t want to work for people like Scrooge anymore. Just a thought.

• The spirit of the Christmas future:

“Everywhere people confuse what they read in newspapers with news,” wrote journalist AJ Liebling. And that is even more true today. Everything has become famous. Instead of Julia Child we now have Gordon Ramsay, instead of Walter Cronkite we have Tucker Carlson. Bravery and loudness are a big part of the news these days, and it’s embarrassing to see it. Instead of real stories about real things, it’s all clickbait. Social media sites have made a lot of people think they are more important than anyone else. And once you think that, anything is possible.

However, there are still bright spots for the future. I applaud the man on this plane who confronted the so-called “Delta Karen” and received a slap in the face. (She was arrested.) We need more people like him.

Leave me with these thoughts:

• “The only thing we learn from history is that we do not learn anything from history,” wrote the German philosopher Georg Hegel.

• “Humanity was my business. The common good was my business; Charity, Compassion, Forbearance, Benevolence were all my business. The business of my trade was just a drop of water in the vast ocean of my business! ”Spoke the spirit of Jacob Marley, as it was written by Charles Dickens in” A Christmas Carol “.

• Saying “I come here all the time” sounds hollow to those who are actually always there.

• Let’s hope for a happy new year. I think we could all really use it now.

Jeff Burkhart is the author of Twenty Years Behind Bars: The Spirited Adventures of a Real Bartender, Vol. I and II“, The host of the Barfly podcast on iTunes and an award-winning bartender at a local restaurant. Follow him below jeffburkhart.net and contact him at jeffbarflyIJ@outlook.com

Make Napa Valley-style mulled wine for the vacations

Whether Glögg, mulled wine or mulled wine, this aromatic sipper is a holiday classic and a great winter warmer. If you’re looking for a good guide, CK Mondavi and Family Winery, the fourth generation of Napa Valley winemakers, share their favorite recipe, that of Derek Kwong of. was created Bartender SF, for Mondavi mulled wine.

If you’re looking for even more holiday wine cocktail inspiration, you can find recipes for candy cane winetinis and mulled wine sangria at www.ckmondavi.com/ckm-pairings.

Mondavi mulled wine

Serves 4 through 5


1 bottle of CK Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon

5 whole cloves

3 stars anise, plus more for garnish

3 Vietnamese cinnamon sticks, plus more for garnish

2 tablespoons honey (Mondavi uses the Wild Mountain brand)

2 blood oranges, shared use


In a medium saucepan over medium heat, mix the wine, spices, and honey.

Cut 1 blood orange into thin slices and place in a saucepan. Slice the second blood orange and set aside.

Bring the contents of the pan to a simmer. Reduce heat to medium to low and simmer gently for 10 minutes.

Carefully ladle into serving cups as the contents are hot (and tasty). Garnish each with a blood orange slice, a cinnamon stick and a star anise and serve immediately.

– Courtesy of Derek Kwong, Barkeep SF and CK Mondavi and family

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DVIDS – Information – Humphreys Troopers kick off the vacations Korean fashion

Sgt. Courtney L. Davis
U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys Public Affairs Office

CAMP HUMPHREYS, Republic of Korea – The holidays can be a happy time but also a tough time for soldiers thousands of miles away from family and friends. To beat the blues, they went to the field – the soccer field.

Headquarters and Headquarters Company, U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys, in association with the garrison’s Religious Support Office, hosted a team building soccer game and Thanksgiving lunch at the Four Chaplains Memorial Chapel on Nov. 24.

Korean expansion of the U.S. Army and American soldiers crowded the center of the green for kick-off. When the ball flew into the air, both teams raced across the field, left their holiday blues behind and whetted themselves a hearty appetite.

After the game, Col. Charlie Lee, the garrison chaplain, blessed the food and thanked everyone for coming to the game and dinner. Together, KATUSAs, soldiers, civilians and soldiers of the Republican Army ate the Thanksgiving dinner with a Korean torch and basked in the afterglow of the athletic competition.

“The soccer game was pretty good fun,” said Sgt. 1st Class Michael Dominguez, HHC facility manager. “Our team won. It was definitely a sport to keep us warm about how cold it is outside and then the food was great. I am very grateful to get a taste of Korean culture, the food and everything, very grateful for the KATUSAs and the soldiers. That was definitely what you needed for the season. “

During lunch, Pfc. Jordan Nutter, a ground approach controller, spoke to fellow combatants about how cool it was to see the KATUSAs and Soldiers play together.

Pfc. Maeng Chang-yong from the Department of Emergency Services said he was glad that the KATUSAs and soldiers were able to come together as a team. He also compared Thanksgiving to the Korean holiday Chuseok because of the delicious food and family feel.

“Many of us are not with the family and do not have the opportunity to sit down with loved ones,” said Kalisha Killens, a military personnel specialist. “So we have to gather together with our military family and friends here in Korea.”

The participants enjoyed plates filled to the brim with japchae, bulgogi, kimchi, rice and other traditional Korean dishes. Discussions about the game, the food and the holiday week were held at each table, which was strategically a good two meters apart.

“Despite the ongoing pandemic, we are able to sit down and have a proper conversation with soldiers, civilians and Korean colleagues, and sample delicious Korean food,” said Racine Gillado, site manager for the military division. “We share a lot of good things while we are all sitting at the table.”

Pfc. Reynaldo Sandoval, a postal worker, and Pfc. Park Chang-jun of the Department of Emergency Services agreed that it was a good day for the soccer game in good company.

“I like that the company brought the KATUSAs and American soldiers together,” said Park. “I was excited to have this delicious meal, and I am grateful and blessed for another Thanksgiving.”

Recording date: 03/12/2021
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2021 Holidays New Orleans Model

NEW ORLEANS (press release) – French Quarter Festivals, Inc. (FQFI) proudly announces details of the 37th Annual Holidays New Orleans Style (HNOS). A collaboration between FQFI and New Orleans & Company, HNOS is a collection of the city’s most famous traditions. Throughout the season, Holidays New Orleans Style Réveillon has celebratory dinners in over 25 of the best restaurants in town, nearly 40 special holiday events including the return of free live concerts from FQFI, Papa Noël discounts for affordable stays in the best hotels in town , and a shopping guide to help guide gift givers through the many options local businesses have to offer. The festivities begin on November 10th with the decoration of Jackson Square and last until January 6th, 2022 when the Krewe de Jeanne d’Arc roams the French Quarter.

Just in time for the holidays, the city of New Orleans is sure to reopen so everyone can gather in the Christmas spirit. “We are very much looking forward to kicking off this 2021 season in a big way,” said Emily Madero, President and CEO of FQFI. “Last year, many of us couldn’t celebrate together. This Christmas season is going to be very special and we welcome our locals and visitors to make new memories by enjoying everything that Holidays New Orleans Style has to offer. “

“We haven’t had a vacation season like this in several years, and I know everyone is excited to spend it with their friends and families,” said Mayor LaToya Cantrell. “Take this time to shop and eat locally. All along, our local economy has suffered during the pandemic, so now is the time to give something back. I hope everyone enjoys this Christmas season, spreads the mood and stays healthy! “

“No other city offers what New Orleans does during the Christmas season, and we are excited to partner with FQFI to bring Holidays New Orleans Style to you,” said Mark Romig, senior vice president and chief marketing officer, New Orleans & Company. “It is a wonderful opportunity for our hotel industry – our partners in the restaurants, shops, the convention center, the city park, the cathedral and St. Anne, and our hotels – more than 40 with Papa Noel tariffs – to welcome locals and visitors equally, enjoy all they have to offer and win back business we have all missed. “

Dozens of activities are planned, with plenty of dining, shopping, and culture options throughout the season for all ages. Our youngest vacationers can enjoy events like Santa’s Pajama Party and Holiday Movies on the Mississippi. Welcome newcomers like WinterJAM include a 12-room exhibit that promises a fun photo experience for all ages with over-the-top Christmas decorations, while cherished traditional specials like the Algiers Bonfire and Celebration in the Oaks return to light up the nights. History lovers will appreciate the new virtual and personal art and garden tours that transform homes into winter wonderland. The sounds of the season will fill St. Louis Cathedral and St. Anna’s Episcopal Church with nine free performances including The Zion Harmonizers, Susan Cowsill, Vivaz and more during FQFI’s concert series. As the weeks progress, the excitement mounts with options for Hotel Hopping for the Holidays and Big Night New Orleans on New Year’s Eve.

Costco, Nike and FedEx are warning there’s extra inflation set to hit shoppers as holidays method

A worker wearing a protective mask removes

David Paul Morris | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Delivery bottlenecks, which have led to rising freight costs, are a vacation headache for US retailers.

Cost co This week joined the long list of retailers on the alert about rising shipping prices and the associated supply chain problems. The warehouse clerk who a similar cautionary note in MayThe sportswear giant joined her Nike and economic pioneers FedEx and General mills when discussing similar concerns.

The cost of shipping containers overseas has increased in recent months. Getting a 40-foot container from Shanghai to New York cost about $ 2,000 a year and a half ago, just before Covid pandemic. It is now around $ 16,000, according to Bank of America.

In a conference call with analysts Thursday, Richard Galanti, Costco’s chief financial officer, called freight costs “permanent inflationary items” and said these increases are being combined with things that are “somewhat permanent” to add to the pressure. This includes not only freight, but also higher labor costs, increasing transport and product demand as well as scarcity of computer chips, oils and chemicals and higher raw material prices.

“We can’t hold onto all of this,” said Galanti. “Some of it has to be passed on, and it is passed on. We are pragmatic about it.”

To quantify the situation, he said inflation is likely to be between 3.5% and 4.5% for Costco. He noticed that Paper products saw cost increases of 4% to 8% and cited shortages in plastic and pet products that are driving prices up from 5% to 11%.

“We can hold the line on some of these things and do a slightly better job – hopefully a better job than some of our competitors and even more extreme than value,” said Galanti. “So I think all of these things have worked a little in our favor so far, at least despite the challenges.”

Prepare for the holidays

However, the timing is not good.

Persistent inflationary pressures come at a time when retailers prepare for the Christmas shopping season – Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, then the New Year. The pandemic brought it about a relentless array of factors After a generation of mostly moderate price pressure, this has made inflation an economic catchphrase.

Companies are forced to deal with the situation before a critical phase.

“We’re approaching the holidays, we’ve worked with retailers, and we see that # 1 they need to be flexible with their supply chain,” said Keith Jelinek, executive director of global retail practice at consulting firm Berkeley Research Group. “We noticed an increase in the cost of goods, especially for clothing, including the cost of inbound shipping with the cost of containers, increases in transport, truck transports to get to distribution centers.”

“All of these costs will weigh on operating profit,” he added. “Retailers are currently facing the challenge of how much I can pass on to the consumer, or how I can get other efficiencies out of my operations to meet my overall margin.”

Many companies have signaled that consumers are ready, at least for now, to accept higher prices. Trillions of government incentives during the pandemic helped increase personal wealth Household net worth increased by 4.3% in the second quarter.

In the company’s conference call on Thursday, Nike CFO Matthew Friend referred to the price increases in the second half of the year, as well as “more than expected full price realization” and “additional transportation, logistics and air freight costs to move inventory in this dynamic environment”.

Nobody knows how long consumers will be willing to pay higher prices. Jelinek said he anticipates the current situation will last at least during the holiday season and until early next year

“There is only a limited amount that you can give to consumers,” he said. “What most retailers do is think about theirs [profit and loss statements] and they want to improve performance and optimize efficiency. That means really focusing on your supply chain. “

It also means raising prices.

Corporate warnings

FedEx announced this week that it will add 5.9% to the shipping cost for domestic services and 7.9% for other offers. The company said it was hit by labor shortages and “costs related to the challenging operating environment”.

The head of the company’s main competitor admitted the hurdles the business is facing.

“The job market is tight and in certain parts of the country we have had to make some market price adjustments to respond to market demands.” UPS CEO Carol Tome said on CNBC’s Thursday, “Closing bell. “

She added that the company was also affected by supply chain issues.

“I’m afraid this will continue for a while. These problems have been a long time coming and we must all work together to remove these blockages, ”said Tome.

Federal Reserve officials this week admitted that inflation will be higher in 2021 than they expected. However, you can still see that prices will settle in a more normal range of just over 2% in the years to come.

But Cleveland Fed President Loretta Mester said in a speech on Friday that she saw “upside risks” for the central bank’s inflation projections.

“Many companies report that cost pressures are mounting and consumers are willing to pay higher prices,” she said. “The combination of strong demand and supply chain challenges could last longer than I expected, leading people and businesses to raise their expectations of future inflation more than we have seen before.”

Fed officials said they were ready to withdraw monetary stimulus They provided during the pandemic, but prices are unlikely to increase anytime soon. However, if prices and expectations stay higher, Mester said, Fed policies would have to be “adjusted” to control inflation.

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Goal so as to add greater than 100 Disney retailers to shops forward of holidays

A child holds a Walt Disney Co. Pixar Cars toy in a Target Corp. store. in Chicago.

Daniel Acker | Bloomberg | Getty Images

target said Monday that the number of will roughly triple Disney Doing business in its stores, helping to increase foot traffic as the holiday season approaches.

The national retailer with around 1,900 stores in the USA began 2019 with the opening of Disney stores in select locations. With the expansion, more than 160 Target stores will sell Disney merchandise, from toys to costumes, by the end of the year.

In a sense, Target’s partnerships transform its stores into mini-malls where shoppers can conveniently browse a variety of products under one roof. Buyers can get a vaccine or fill out a prescription in a reduced form CVS health. You can have a frappuccino at a. order Starbucks Coffee shop. You can find dedicated displays from Apple Gadgets and Levi Strauss Denim. And with mini. try a lipstick sample or get beauty tips Ulta beauty Shops that started opening in select stores earlier this month.

The retailer’s expansion of Disney stores comes before Christmas time – an important time for toy sales. Macys recently announced that it will also expand its toy range. It Made a deal with Toys R Us To open shops in more than 400 branches of the department store chain and online. A larger selection of Toys R Us merchandise is now available on Macy’s website.

Steve Dennis, a retail strategy analyst, said the Toys R Us shutdown “had market share and many retailers wanted to recapture it.” That has led to increased competition between retailers like Walmart, Amazon and Target – and made toys an appealing product category for Macy’s.

He said the Disney stores could help Target stand out and raise the price of its toy department.

“One of the trends I think you are leaning on is ‘how do you create more uniqueness and differentiation for your brand’ and somehow differentiate it from the typical type of merchandising?” he said. “What is that additional reason to go to the store, or website, or maybe buy something else on your trip?”

Toys were a growth category for Target and continued to show momentum in the second quarter that ended July 31, according to Christina Hennington, chief growth officer. She said on the company’s conference call that toy sales were up the low 20% year-over-year over the three-month period.

Target’s mini Disney stores and website can be used by shoppers to find items from popular Disney items, including Star Wars and Raya and the Last Dragon.

Together with Disney, Target announced that it would be working with the well-known toy retailer FAO Schwarz for the second year in a row. There will be an exclusive 70-piece toy collection with FAO Schwarz, including items from Barbie and Paw Patrol. It will also have a pop-up shop inside The FAO Schwarz flagship store in New York City.

Target’s shares are up around 43% this year. The enterprise Last week’s earnings expectations exceededas it saw a strong start to the back-to-school season.

Airways altering enterprise to reply post-pandemic demand for holidays

A picture taken on February 28, 2021 shows palm trees on the empty “Promenade des Anglais” in Nice on the French Riviera.

VALERY HACHE | AFP | Getty Images

LONDON – Airlines in Europe see sunshine and beaches as their way to make money again.

The sector has been badly hit by the coronavirus pandemic and people have been advised to stay home. Lufthansa said On Thursday, the number of passengers saw a 75% decrease between 2019 and 2020. This underscores the devastating impact many airlines have seen since then Covid beat.

However, they are currently examining ways to adjust business models as economies seek to reopen in the coming months.

“European airlines will focus on vacation travel,” Adrian Yanoshik, a stock analyst at Berenberg, told CNBC on Wednesday. “This is a tactical answer. You follow the flow of people,” he said.

Given the easing of restrictions in European economies, people are expected to try to go on vacation as soon as possible after about a year at home. In contrast, it takes longer for business trips to recover.

I think we’ll see a little less business travel and more vacation travel.

Rickard Gustafson

CEO of Scandinavian Airlines

“Will I be making the one-day trip from London to New York for a three-hour meeting? Probably not, so this will have some impact on business travel,” Keith Barr, CEO of IHG Hotels & Resorts, told CNBC’s “Squawk” Box Europe “last Month.

Rickard Gustafson, CEO of Scandinavian Airlines, also expects “some significant changes in the dynamics of the (airline) market”.

“I think we’ll see a little less business travel and more vacation travel,” he told CNBC. “We have to adapt our operations more to the seasonality than we do today,” he added.

Low cost airlines like Ryanair and easyJet I’ve always enticed customers to take breaks in sunny European locations like Greece, Spain and Italy. However, more airlines could do the same, such as Lufthansa and British Airwaystraditionally intended for those who travel for work purposes.

“Business travel will be above 2019 levels by the end of the decade,” Stephen Furlong, senior analyst at wealth management firm Davy, told CNBC on the phone, adding that “leisure (travel) could snap back very quickly.”

Another mix of cabins

Business travel has led airlines to develop business class, premium seats and loyalty cards. However, as part of a new focus on leisure, analysts expect a different aircraft layout.

“You will get a cabin reconfiguration,” said Furlong, mentioning that business class will be a much smaller part of the aircraft. “The size of the plane is (also) smaller,” he added.

When you consider how low-cost airlines have traditionally organized their aircraft, the focus is far less on premium customers. In fact, for example, Ryanair does not have a frequent flyer loyalty card.

People sit on the “Castel” beach along the “Promenade des Anglais” on the French Riviera in Nice, southern France.

VALERY HACHE | AFP | Getty Images

“This is probably a temporary phenomenon. You will focus on business (travel) again,” said Yanoshik from Berenberg.

However, as more airlines focus on vacation travel in the short to medium term, he added that ticket prices “will be weak”.

Vaccination records

European airlines hope so Vaccination records will be used this year as a means of restoring lost businesses.

The idea of ​​a vaccination pass is still debated by European politicians, but the travel industry sees it as a must that some trips can return during this summer season.

“IATA is pushing extremely hard within the industry,” Andrew Lobbenberg, equity analyst at HSBC, told CNBC.

The International Air Transport Association is currently working on a passport, a digital platform where passengers can upload their health information. She has asked the EU heads of state and government to introduce vaccination records so that customers can feel safe again.

vaccine Passports “will be part of the reopening of air traffic,” Lobbenberg said.