Hannah Block Historic USO celebrates 80th anniversary in fashion

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – At the Hannah Block Community Center, people partied in Wilmington on Fridays like they did in 1941, encouraging people to take their dance shoes and jitterbug for a good cause.

The center celebrated its 80th birthday in style and hosted a World War II USO dance from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. All proceeds go to the Hannah Block Historic Community Arts Building conservation fund.

The building is an important part of the local art community and hosts numerous types of events, including ceramic sales and children’s musicals.

Susan Habas, executive director of the Thalian Association, said the USO Center hosted concerts, dances, and basketball games in the 1940s that drew thousands of people.

“At the height of the war, 63,000 soldiers came into this building every month,” says Habas, “and in that context we can now see 63,000 a year.”

More than 100 people attended the dance on Friday, helping to preserve the history of the Hannah Block and secure its future.

Feds will ration water from Colorado River amid historic drought

The US government on Monday declared the first water shortage in Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the country by volume, after the water level fell to a record low amid a decades-long drought.

The water cuts will go into effect for Arizona, Nevada and Mexico in January, the Bureau of Reclamation said on Monday. Arizona will be hardest hit, with roughly 18% of the state’s annual allotment cut.

The Colorado River provides water and electricity to more than 40 million people in the west, while also providing approximately 2.5 million acres of farmland. Among the cities it serves is Phoenix, which according to the US newspaper has been the fastest growing city in the US for the past decade Arizona Republic, and is now the fifth largest city in the country.

Earlier this summer, reservoirs in the Colorado River Basin fell to their lowest level on record after 22 consecutive years of drought. In just five years, Lake Mead and Lake Powell have lost 50% of their capacity.

Officials believe Lake Mead’s water level is just below 1,066 feet on Jan. 1, which is about nine feet below the trigger level of 1,075 feet.

At a press conference following the announcement, officials said “additional action is likely to be required in the near future” as the situation worsens. More than 98% of the western US is currently in drought, 64% in extreme drought conditions.

“We are seeing the effects of climate change in the Colorado River Basin through prolonged drought, temperature extremes, widespread forest fires, and in some places floods and landslides, and now it is time to take action to respond,” said Tanya Trujillo. Deputy Secretary for Water and Science in the Ministry of the Interior.

Lake Mead was created through the construction of the Hoover Dam and extends over more than 750 miles of coastline.

Lena group donates money and time to revive historic F-Four Phantom Jet

LENA, Ill. (WTVO) – A local veterans group has been working on an ambitious program over the past several years. They want to erect an aerial battle memorial in the village of Lena.

We covered the long list of challenges they faced. We met with organizers who say their dream is coming true.

“It’s taking a little longer than we originally thought,” said Robert “Bing” Wells, VP of the NW IL F-4 Jet Memorial Project.

For more than three years, a group of veterans in Lena have worked tirelessly to turn their vision for a Northwest Illinois Aerial Combat Memorial into a reality.

The proposed memorial will be placed across from the village’s American Legion Hall and centered around an F-4 Phantom jet.

“It’s a piece of history. Our slogan is ‘Honor, Educate and Inspire’ and this aircraft and aircraft like it are history, ”Wells said. “One of the gentlemen on our committee flew an F-4. Several of us worked on it. And for the committee it is an affair of the heart. “

The aircraft was initially transported 1,300 miles from Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico to Lena in January 2019. Since then it has been prepared for the exhibition.

“For example, securing the flight control surfaces so that nothing moves when we touch down the jet. There are many inlets and inlets that have to be honestly sealed to keep the birds out, ”Wells explained.

VP Wells informs us that community members donated both time and talent for the restoration. For example, a mechanic on site helps seal the jet, while a Lena body shop provides a free repainting.

“We can see that there is work going on here and it’s all volunteer work,” added Wells. “It’s a bit like coming full circle in your life, going back to something you were working on when you were 19, 20, 21.”

The ongoing challenge of getting the memorial across the finish line is to raise funds. Wells says the project managers are selling engraved paving stones to be displayed at the memorial in an attempt to raise some of the money they still need. So far over 100 stones have been bought.

“After the COVID slowdown, we’ve seen donations go up, which we’re excited about,” Wells said.

Wells hopes construction of the pylon the jet will sit on can move forward quickly with more money coming in. He believes the jet could be installed in its final location as early as the fall.

“If not, we’ll stick with it until we do it,” Wells explained. “To finally see it in place, I’m sure there will be hugs everywhere.”

Find out how you can support the project by visiting the project’s Facebook site.

Historic Council Grove Washunga Days options elite nation music leisure

Frank J. Buchmann
From June 18 to 19, Washunga Days will be entertaining young and old in historic Council Grove on the old Santa Fe Trail.
“The annual festival celebrates both past and present cultures in Council Grove and Morris Counties,” says Daedranite.
“This is a festival for the Kaw Indians, community and family,” said Knight on behalf of the Washunga Days Story Media Company.
Top musicals entertain you all day Friday evening and Saturday. “There’s KawNationPowwow, flea markets, parades, car shows, kids games, food stalls, and more,” says Knight.
Activities are planned for Neoshaw Riverwalk Park along Main Street, the high school parking lot, and throughout the area.
“You can visit more than 12 Council Grove historic sites like the Washunga Days schedule wasn’t enough,” Knight said. “In addition, all joint ventures will be opened with many special and unique services.
“We’re delighted that Farmers & Drawbar Bank sponsored Washunga Days and added three dozen donors,” Knight admitted.
Read the headlines for the South Hole Band and Shane Smith & Saints on Friday and Saturday at 10:00 PM, respectively.
Ian Munsick is an additional musical feature with performances starting at 7.30pm on Fridays and Saturdays.
The Read Southall Band was formed when four like-minded Oklahomans from different backgrounds just wanted to make music. In 2018 we released “Borrowed Time” with “Don’t Tell Me” and “Why”. It has made it to the top 10 on multiple streaming charts.
Shane Smith & The Saints is a five-person Texas tour group that operates in 40 states and three continents. Shane Smith & The Saints have released three albums in their 10 year career and are looking forward to their next album “Hail Mary”.
Ian Mansick brings the air of Rocky Mountain to the music of Nashville and pioneered a new nation. A Wyoming born singer-songwriter training was a combination of working on a ranch and working in a crowd. With a successful personal release, Munsick signed a major label deal with Warner Music Nashville.
Additional Friday entertainment includes the Lazy Wayne Band (5:30 am) and Savannah Chestnut (7:30 am). Saturday’s bonus roster includes Box Turtles at 11:30 a.m. Graceful Grain, 1:30; Derek Calvin & The All Nighters, 3:30 am; and block car, 5:30.
The Kaw Nation Washunga Days Powwow will be held on both Friday and Saturday in Alegawaho Park south of Council Grove. Arbor, used for dances and ceremonies, is a sacred place that is blessed by spiritual guides. All powwow dancers, with the exception of young children, will wear full regalia. There is no entry fee to participate in any of the Kaw activities.
This year’s Washunga Days Flea Market, hosted by the Council Grove Disc Golf Club, is taking place at Council Grove High School. On Fridays and Saturdays there will only be an outdoor stand from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
The auto show is scheduled for Saturday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. All entries were greeted with the first 75 entries of the Dash badge and goody bag. Door prizes are awarded every hour with special prizes for the best vehicles on display.
This year’s Washunga Days Parade will take place on the main street on Saturday morning at 10 a.m. All participants are welcomed with the pre-approval required to be eligible to win. The Grand Marshal are Bob and Christia Alexander, and Jolly Ziegler is the Junior Grand Marshal.
Special children’s activities such as rubber dinghy and drum safaris, face painting and climbing are planned for Saturday.
CG Stars & Stripes Fireworks will once again light up the skies over the Neo Show Riverwalk on Saturday evening. The choreographed music that accompanies the 20-minute show promises to make it unforgettable.
Grocery vendors will return to Neoshaw Riverwalk Park from 4:00 p.m. on Friday night and 11:00 a.m. on Saturday.
Bracelets can be purchased from the County Globe / Mori County Chamber of Commerce office and can attend Washunga Days on both days.
More information is available at www.washungadays.com.

Held in Council Grove June 18-19, many of Washungaday’s activities take place in the elaborately developed Neoshaw Riverwalk Park.

Read Southall Band will star all of Washunga Days entertainment at Council Grove June 18-19.

Kaw Nation Washunga Days Powwow takes place Friday and Saturday 18-19. June, in Alegawaho Park south of Council Grove. Arbor, where dances and rituals take place, is a sacred place that is blessed by spiritual guides. Farmers & Drawers Bank, which has operated in Council Grove and Morris Counties for over a century, sponsors Washunga Days. The bank building, built in 1892, is an example of eclectic architecture with brick and stone masonry, arches and domes. In 1981 the bank was expanded to include an adjoining display building from 1902.

Packers to put on new type of ‘historic’ alternate uniform throughout 2021 season

The Green Bay Packers will wear a new style of “historic” alternative jersey for a home game during the 2021 season.

Team President Mark Murphy confirmed that the Packers will soon unveil a third kit, the color green, to be worn at Lambeau Field for the coming season.

“Yes, Bryce, after a year of not wearing alternate uniforms, we’re going to wear a historic third uniform at a home game this season,” Murphy wrote in his monthly question and answer post on Packers.com. “We’re not ready to fully roll out the uniforms yet, but I can say they will include a shade of green. Stay tuned as we get closer to the season, we will reveal these uniforms with a packers.com video and several social media posts. “

The Packers last wore a blue-yellow-brown throwback variant during the 2019 season, but did without an alternative uniform in the 2020 season.

Murphy’s inclusion of the word “historic” pretty much confirms that the third uniform will be based on an earlier look from the franchise.

During the team’s 100th anniversary celebration, Packers.com produced one Infographic with all the team’s previous jerseyswhich may provide a clue or two of what an alternate uniform with a shade of green might look like in 2021.

The Packers have not worn a green retro uniform since 2001.

Sizzling Springs historic constructing will get grant cash to make repairs

HOT SPRINGS, SD – After traveling to the Black Hills from Colorado for many years, the Alleys began looking for a way to move here and saw the potential of a building that was up for sale around that time last year.

Fargo Mercantile, hot springs

Kimberly Alley, co-owner of Fargo Mercantile, says, “We love the story. We fell in love with it as we walked through the building. “Jeff Alley, the other owner of Fargo Mercantile, says,” I’ve always loved antiques and I really appreciate everything that is old and really old. and the stone work on the outside of the building was just spectacular. “

They quickly applied for a History Preservation Grant to aid the restoration or redevelopment of historic properties to protect the culture and history of South Dakota. The program is funded by Deadwood gaming revenue, which is provided under state law for historic preservation projects across the state. The program is administered by the company State Office for the Preservation of Monuments at the Heritage Center in Pierre.

Fargo Mercantile, hot springs

Fargo Mercantile, hot springs

They learned about the story from the collection of the Helen Magee Heritage Room in the local library.

Fargo Mercantile, hot springs

Fargo Mercantile, hot springs

It was built in 1910 and has seen a handful of owners since then, with Killinger Furniture being the longest from 1912 to 1969.

With over 10,000 square meters, the building includes a second floor with six suites.

Fargo Mercantile, hot springs

Fargo Mercantile, Hot Springs (old photo)

The building is known as the Smith Fargo Suites, or to some as the Fargo Mercantile, among others. But preservation goes hand in hand with everything historical.

Kimberly says, “We (hot springs) are known for sandstone buildings and the one next to us burned down, so it would be nice to bring this back to its old beauty.” Jeff adds, “It’s very important to keep this in good shape. It’s how the On brings its face forward, it’s what it’s known for.”

Fargo Mercantile, hot springs

One of 6 suites on the upper floor of the Mercantile Building

They received equivalent funding worth just over $ 16,000. The mortar that needs repairs is a top priority in order to preserve the building, as well as repairs to sandstone and fire damaged on the side of the building and work on the roof.

Jeff & Kimberly Alley, owners of Fargo Mercantile, Hot Springs

Jeff & Kimberly Alley, owners of Fargo Mercantile, Hot Springs

With a restaurant and real estate background, the alleys recognized the potential of the commercial building, but initially wanted to bring it to snuff.

Future plans might include leasing or partnering with someone to run a restaurant, and upstairs might include a plan for an Air B&B or Bed and Breakfast down the street. They are happy to be part of the Hot Springs Community.

Jeff & Kimberly Alley, owners of Fargo Mercantile, Hot Springs

Jeff says, “The people are extremely friendly and it’s a wonderful, small, close-knit community that is just growing, but I think the feel and make-up of the community will stay as it is, regardless of how she is growing. “

Jeff & Kimberly Alley, owners of Fargo Mercantile, Hot Springs

Jeff & Kimberly Alley, owners of Fargo Mercantile, Hot Springs

They will start the renovations soon. Within a few years, the street they are on will have a facelift. So you are aware of the construction on US Hwy. 385, which is planned for the future.

Jeff & Kimberly Alley, owners of Fargo Mercantile, Hot Springs

Fargo Mercantile, hot springs. Sheet metal ceiling

A fun fact is that the sheet metal ceiling is 100% original and is the largest continuous sheet metal ceiling of any building in South Dakota.

Jeff & Kimberly Alley, owners of Fargo Mercantile, Hot Springs

Fargo Mercantile, hot springs

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Merkel’s CDU/CSU bloc hits historic low in voter ballot

BERLIN, GERMANY – APRIL 23: Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) sits at the Bundestag on April 23, 2020 in Berlin. Germany is still at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic and will have to live with it for a long time, said the Chancellor.

Maja hitij

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ruling conservative alliance has hit an all-time low, deepening an obvious shift in electoral trends in Germany.

Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union and its Bavarian sister party, the Christian Social Union, recorded a drop in popularity to 23% in the latest voter poll conducted by Kantar for the Bild am Sonntag newspaper.

The poll of 1,910 Germans found that support for Merkel’s CDU-CSU bloc had fallen again, from 24% the week before, to hit the lowest level in the history of the weekly poll.

In the meantime, the Green Party remained in the lead with 26% of the vote, although its rating was also down 1 percentage point from the previous week. In third place in the survey was the Social Democratic Party, the current junior coalition partner of the CDU-CSU, with 16%.

The center-left SPD announced on Sunday that the current finance minister, Olaf Scholz, would lead his election campaign. In the vote in September against Annalena Baerbock from the Greens and the candidate of the center-right CDU-CSU, Armin Laschet, he will stand to replace Merkel.

Honeymoon of the Greens?

To show how much voter trends are changing, the Green Party has moved from a fringe movement to a contender for governance. If current polls are confirmed in the elections, the German government will do so, very likely with one or two coalition partners.

The economists at Deutsche Bank, led by Stefan Schneider, stated that with coalition options “(at least arithmetically) nothing is impossible”.

“Annalena Baerbock and Armin Laschet’s nominations as candidates for chancellor clearly helped the Greens to gain ground. Not only could they be the kingmaker for the next government, but they could now even appoint the next female chancellor for a whole range of coalition options,” said economists in a note on Friday.

The economists at Deutsche Bank stated that they still consider a black-green government (a coalition with the Greens led by the CDU-CSU) to be slightly more likely than a Green-led traffic light coalition with the SPD and the Liberals (the FDP -Political party). Only the right-wing AfD was excluded from everyone else as a partner.

“It remains to be seen whether the honeymoon for Ms. Baerbock and the German voters will last until election day in September, as the green candidate for chancellor will now have to explain to the voters how exactly she intends to implement her political proposals,” they added.

Covid crisis

Merkel’s departure after four terms heralds a change in German politics. However, the coronavirus crisis could also have resulted in the CDU-CSU bloc falling out of favor for dealing with the pandemic – a challenge for any government.

While Germany’s initial handling of the public health crisis has been praised – it managed to keep the initial spread relatively under control with a robust track and trace system and modern hospital infrastructure that kept deaths low – it is as the third wave of infections in Europe stalled earlier this year.

In addition, the country’s vaccination campaign was sluggish. Only 9.7% of Germany’s adult population have received two doses of a coronavirus vaccine, 34.3% have reportedly received at least one dose of a shot from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control. France, Spain and Italy have given higher numbers of people two doses, ECDC data shows.

As of Sunday, Germany has eased restrictions on people who have been vaccinated or who have recovered from a recent Covid-19 disease, which means that the rules for social contact, quarantine after travel and a nightly curfew for these people no longer apply.

To date, according to the Johns Hopkins University, Germany has recorded over 3.5 million infections and 84,844 deaths.

Historic Cuyahoga Falls Theater reimagined as leisure heart The Workz

It’s been 30 years in the making, but the Falls Theater is now a new look – and concept.

CUYAHOGA FALLS, Ohio – It started with a vision a few years ago. Tim Frankish and family members viewed the historic Falls Theater, which has stood empty for nearly 30 years, as something else: and as a family entertainment hub.

“When we saw the floor plan, when we saw the sights, we fell in love with the look and the location. And downtown Cuyahoga Falls is beautiful down here, there is so much to do,” Frankish said.

“There is finally a safe and fun place for families to come out and enjoy an evening. Play games, bowl, eat phenomenal food and finally get out of the house,” said Frankish.

The Workz has something for everyone and features duckpin bowling, an arcade, and virtual reality games. Plus, a full service restaurant.

And open soon? A speakeasy with some old, classic drinks.

“We have really unique cocktails, really good little plates of food. You know, just a different atmosphere and mood,” Frankish said.

Safety is a top priority. Staff regularly clean the arcades, bowling, and virtual reality games area. There are hand disinfection stations around the building.

“We also follow all government guidelines for barriers, limited capacity, and the like,” Frankish said.

It is a family business that prides itself on reinterpreting history here in Cuyahoga Falls.

“The community has been incredibly supportive. Every time I come in here I get excited,” said Frankish.

For more information on The Workz, see HERE.

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Mayor Fulop Proclaims Main Partnership with Leisure Large; $72M Restoration Plan will take Historic Loew’s Theatre to the Subsequent Stage

Mayor Fulop Announces Major Partnership With Entertainment Giant; The $ 72 million restoration plan takes the historic Löwstheater to the next level

Devils Arena Entertainment, operator of world renown Prudential Center and home of the New Jersey Devils, selected to restore and maximize music, performance and live event bookings at the 3,300-seat Iconic Theater

For renderings click on Here.

JERSEY CITY – Mayor Steven M. Fulop today announced a new partnership with Devils Arena Entertainment (DAE), the largest entertainment provider in New Jersey and operator of the Prudential Center, one of the ten most booked arenas in North America, to sign a unique $ 72 million agreement for the transformative restoration of the historic Loew’s Theater. The revitalization aims to transform the centuries-old theater into a state-of-the-art, 3,300-seat venue that will attract superstars and emerging artists, act as the engine of economic development and hub for the local Journal Square community, and expand Jersey City’s growing reputation as an unparalleled arts destination in the New Jersey.

“The restoration of the Löw is decades in the making, so I am encouraged and excited to work with Devils Arena Entertainment, a respected entertainment company and operator of the globally successful Prudential Center, to advance this monumental step in our commitment to restoring Löw Theater to its former glory, revitalizing Journal Square and growing our art community, ”he said Major Fulop. “This unique partnership signifies our long-term planning for a post-pandemic future in which we are confident that art and culture will be a staple of life.”

The majestic Loew’s Jersey will be an integral part of the revitalization and redevelopment of Journal Square – Jersey City’s historic downtown and one of the busiest transportation hubs in the area. Called once

When the Loew’s Theater opened in Jersey City more than 90 years ago, it was underutilized for decades after various roadblocks until the Fulop administration stepped in and worked with local residents and the community group Friends of the Loews (FOL) with the common goal to revive the local gem and discover its untapped potential.

Construction is expected to start in 2022 with an expected opening in 2025. Part of the agreement ensures that priority will be given to hiring local MWBE companies to revitalize the regional economy and get people back to work.

“Loew’s Jersey Theater is a cult community treasure that has long played a prominent role as the premier arts and entertainment venue in Jersey City. We are privileged to have the opportunity to work with Mayor Fulop, the Friends of the Löws and the local Journal Square community to bring this historic venue back to life, ”he said Hugh Weber, President of Devils Arena Entertainment. “As operators of the nearby Prudential Center, one of the top entertainment destinations in the United States, we understand the importance of live performance in electroplating communities and stimulating business. We envision Loew’s Jersey Theater as a catalyst to help the citizens of Northern Jersey literally get back on their feet to celebrate world-class art and music. “

“We look forward to actively working with JCRA to create a detailed restructuring agreement that leverages DAE’s expertise in commercial show management and marketing while implementing all of last summer’s RFP guaranteed by FOL” , he said Colin Egan, founder of Friends of the Loew’s. “This agreement will continue FOL’s role as a non-profit branch of the Lions. We will therefore continue our voluntary activities that enable direct community participation in the life and maintenance of this landmark, maintain our support for local arts and develop other non-profit groups, and offer affordable programs. Perhaps most importantly, we continue to ensure that as many people as possible have the opportunity to enjoy and benefit from the Löws, ”said Colin Egan, founder and director of the Friends of the Löws.

The Rehabilitation and Operations Agreement ensures that DAE, a trusted owner and operator of industry-leading venues, will work closely with Jersey City and Friends of the Loew to restore the iconic theater to a world-class arts and entertainment hub. The $ 72 million deal aims to optimize the venue’s performance for both artists and audiences, including:

  • Modernization of technology with state-of-the-art visual and acoustic improvements, as well as concessions and ticket sales areas;
  • Reconceptualization of entrances and exits at the front and rear of the house to meet ADA requirements and expand audience capacity;
  • Major infrastructure improvements (HVAC, plumbing, code requirements, electrical upgrades); and
  • Historical preservation of the control lamp for the stage lighting, the pop-up microphone and the orchestra and organ lifts.

Once opened, DAE will continue to work with Jersey City to provide yet another exceptional resource in support of the surrounding community.


About Löws Theater

Loew’s Jersey is one of five “Wonder Theaters” built in the Tristate area in the late 1920s by Loew’s Corporation, which founded and owned MGM Studios and was one of the most important presenters of live stage shows and films at the time were. The five theaters were film palaces – a unique type of building that, as the name suggests, combined large seating capacities and some of the most elaborate architecture ever built with state-of-the-art film projection facilities, as well as stage and backstage facilities, and supported large-scale tours. Loew’s Corporation saved little money in building the five wonder theaters and made them exceptionally richly decorated and functional compared to many other film palaces. Loew’s Jersey cost $ 2,000,000 to build – a very large sum at the time.

The Loew’s early years hosted stage shows starring some of the greatest stars of the 1930s, including Cab Calloway, George Burns, Gracie Allen, and Duke Ellington. Movie stars like Judy Garland, Humphrey Bogart and Jean Harlow appeared there. In 1967 the four seasons gave a concert in the Löw.

In recent years, stars like Patti Labelle, Kurt Vile and Courtney Barnett, Yo La Tengo, Sufjan Stevens, the Neutral Milk Hotel, the Decemberists, The Duprees and Beck have taken the stage of the Löws. Authors George R. Martin and Stephen King and stars Nick Offerman, Anna Faris and Bryan Cranston all sat down to discuss their new books.

More recently, the theater has become a filming location for movies, television shows, and music videos. In 2018, the lion was used for scenes in the film The Joker, in which Joaquin Phoenix stars in an Oscar-winning performance.

Via Devils Arena Entertainment and Prudential Center

Devils Arena Entertainment is a subsidiary of the New Jersey Devils of the National Hockey League, which is responsible for the leasing, operation and maintenance of the Prudential Center. The Prudential Center is a premier sports and entertainment venue in downtown Newark, New Jersey. The state-of-the-art arena opened in October 2007 and is home to three-time Stanley Cup champion Devils of the National Hockey League (NHL), Seton Hall University’s NCAA Division I men’s basketball program, and more than 175 concerts of family shows and special events each year. The arena is also home to the GRAMMY Museum Experience Prudential Center, which opened its doors to the public in October 2017. The 8,200-square-foot experience marks the first outpost of the GRAMMY Museum on the East Coast and features a dynamic combination of educational programs and interactive permanent and traveling exhibits, including a look at legendary GRAMMY winners from New Jersey. Voted in the top 8 nationwide by Pollstar, Billboard and Venues Today, the Prudential Center is considered one of the premier venues in the United States and receives over 2 million guests annually. For more information about the Prudential Center, visit PruCenter.com. Follow the arena on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @PruCenter.

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Emagine Leisure acquires historic downtown Birmingham theater

Emagine Entertainment Inc. has acquired Birmingham 8 and plans to reopen the historic theater over the next three months.

The Troy-based chain owns both theaters in downtown Birmingham and a total of 15 screens through Emagine’s purchase of the theater, which is known for both art house films and blockbusters. The company took over the currently open Palladium in 2015.

Birmingham 8 has been closed since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and will be renamed Birmingham 8, Powered by Emagine. Paul Glantz, chairman of the company, said Emagine bought the company and signed a long-term lease at 211 S. Old Woodward Avenue with owner Ted Fuller.

The terms of the contract, which Glantz described as “win-win”, were not disclosed.

“I think Ted can do what Ted does best again,” said Glantz. “Ted is a great landlord and a great developer. It enables us to operate with our leadership skills.”

The deal brings the company’s theaters to 22 in the Midwest, including 11 in Michigan. Glantz has told Crain’s that the company is on track to lose $ 40 million in revenue due to the coronavirus and government-mandated shutdowns, which he firmly opposed and struggled in one unsuccessful way legal action versus Gov Gretchen Whitmer.

Despite the tough times for cinemas, Glantz has doubledExpand chain and plan $ 10 million to bring more theater under the Emagine umbrella.

“For better or for worse, I’m an optimist,” Glantz told Crain on Tuesday. “I’m optimistic about the future of film.”

Emgine said no changes will be made to Birmingham 8 other than an expanded concession menu, craft beer and cocktails. The theater’s iconic marquee will remain, as will its reputation for making independent films that are unique in the market.

The 1920s theater was last renovated in 2015 with luxurious seating that has become the industry standard.

“The Birmingham community is comfortable knowing that we want to keep all of its charm in our possession,” Glantz said in a press release. “We understand the value this theater has in the community and are committed to continuing that legacy while enhancing the customer experience with all of the virtues our brand will bring.”