State lawmakers urge Ohio Medicaid director to designate Summa Well being a ‘distressed hospital’ and supply cash for hiring extra workers

CLEVELAND, Ohio – A group of state lawmakers sent a letter on Wednesday asking the Ohio Department of Medicaid for more resources for Summa Health to hire more nurses to alleviate care bottlenecks caused by a surge in coronavirus cases Omicron variant were caused.

The letter to Ohio Medicaid director Maureen Corcoran said Summa Health, which operates two hospitals in Akron and Barberton, should be viewed as a “distressed hospital” eligible for more state and federal aid to help more nurses to adjust. The hospital system manages nearly 60% of all emergency rooms in Summit, Stark, Portage, and Medina counties.

The eleven lawmakers, seven Republicans and four Democrats, urged Corcoran to allocate money from the US dollars passed by lawmakers that year to help coronavirus.

“The Summa health system is in a state of crisis,” the letter said. “We urge you to use the resources that we supported in HB 169 to create the necessary state labor incentives so that our region can cope with this crisis.”

Summa Health President and CEO Cliff Deveny said he was aware of the letter and was in regular contact with four counties’ lawmakers and state officials. The strain on Summa Health’s ability to care for patients – both with and without coronavirus – has been caused by two main factors.

“It really is a function of the exposure to the number of COVID patients,” he said. “They stay about twice as long as a typical patient, so they use up a lot more resources. Since everyone has a problem with staffing, we spend a lot more on bonuses, overtime and temporary work. “

In the letter from the legislature, the fluctuation rate in the care sector was highlighted, which is almost 15.6% and is thus well above the fluctuation rate of 9.4% in 2019 before the start of the pandemic.

HB 169 provided US $ 124 million for “hospitals with critical access, rural hospitals, or hospitals in distress,” according to Corcoran. Summa Health manages more than 68% of all inpatient care for Medicaid recipients in the four counties.

The hospital system is also so overloaded that 30% of inpatient beds are occupied by coronavirus patients. The hospital system paused dialing operations December 6, redirecting its staff to emergency, surgical and critical care. Emergency room patients wait an average of 48 hours before bed.

According to the letter, the hospital system also manages 35% of positive coronavirus cases in hospitals across the region, 49% of patients in intensive care units, and 58% of patients who require a ventilator.

“You are essentially at a turning point,” said US State Representative Casey Weinstein, a Hudson Democrat. “It’s a combination of a surge in COVID patients, the vast majority of whom are unvaccinated, which honestly means that I am close to tending to my constituents.”

State Rep. Bill Roemer, a Republican from Richfield, said he hoped the letter would convince Corcoran to send additional money to offset Summa’s cost of hiring temporary nurses.

“We need the right funding,” he said. “Summa spends $ 180 an hour on visiting nurses. That’s the problem. We want to make sure that we can attract, retain, and adequately pay the current workforce we have so that we can address the problem. “

Deveny didn’t speculate on what could happen without help, but said Summa would expect even more hospitalizations, the peaks of which tend to lag behind the daily case numbers. The state reported more than 12,800 newly confirmed coronavirus cases on Wednesday, beating the daily record of 12,500 set on Tuesday. The hospital brought refrigerated trucks in case they needed extra space in the morgue.

“We are anticipating a larger wave of patients than we have now,” said Deveny. Plain Dealer has contacted Corcoran and the Department of Medicaid for comment.

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Fresno Hearth Division hiring 42 firefighters with new grant cash

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) – The Fresno Fire Department will soon have over 40 new firefighters on its team.

The much-needed help is thanks to a scholarship that the department just received this week.

Almost 32,000 service calls and 5,000 fires – that is what the Fresno Fire Department has been confronted with since the beginning of 2021.

“This fire department is a great group of men and women who answer calls every day, regardless of their size,” said Kerri Donis, Fresno chief fire officer.

With only 81 firefighters on duty every day, they work with almost the same number of staff as in 1980, but a newly awarded SAFER scholarship adds 42 recruits to the team.

“The SAFER grant will cover 100% of the salary and social benefits of the fire fighters over a period of three years,” explained Donis. “To give the city time to cover these costs.”

This also increases the daily workforce to 95 firefighters on duty.

“Moving the needle to 95 is a big leap forward,” said Donis. “Most subway fire departments our size run around 120-140 a day, so we still have a long way to go, but that’s a big leap.”

The department applied for the $ 12.6 million grant earlier this year and says the additional funding will allow them to better serve their citizens and protect the safety of firefighters.

“By May 2022 we will all have 42 in the field and deploy more emergency teams, more firefighters and better reaction times,” Donis continues.

You went through the application process with the first grade from October.

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Leisure Complicated brewers Cisco Black Whale proprietor hiring individuals

NEW BEDFORD – As Cisco New Bedford nears its “most anticipated” opening on Memorial Day, the owner says the company is pulling out all the stops to hire 164 team members.

“We probably have about 50% of our needs,” said the owner Stephen Silverstein said. “But it was a 24/7 fight to get people. It was difficult to fill our rosters anywhere. “

Silverstein, founder of Not Your Average Joes Restaurants and owner of The black whalecalls his new company “An entertainment complex” and the “largest venue in the south coast”.

The building is located at 1480 Rodney French Boulevard in the former Davy’s Locker / The Edge and has been under construction since April 2019.

Repelled:The opening date of Cisco New Bedford has been postponed due to a pandemic

Partnership with Jay Harman from Cisco Brewers In Nantucket, the three-acre entertainment center will have a brewery, distillery, winery, 300-seat restaurant, outdoor grill, raw food bar, clam shack, outdoor kids’ area, fire pit, five harbor bars, moorings and a dock for arriving customers bid by boat and an open-air stage with live music daily from 3pm to 10pm

In May 2020, the opening was delayed due to COVID-19.

“There was no loss of enthusiasm or excitement,” Silverstein said in one 2020 interview with the Standard Times. “This has always been a long-term project anyway, it is not the end of the world that it will take another year.” Silverstein confirms it’s on its way to the opening of Memorial Day.

A massive job hunt

Last week Cisco New Bedford posted vacancies for chefs, managers, park attendants and restaurant professionals. On Saturday, April 17th, an interview process called the “job fair” took place. Silverstein said there will be another on May 1st.

“The American workforce, and certainly the restaurant industry, are trying to recruit new employees. But there just aren’t enough workers out there. “

Silverstein says that while he knows what the government had to do to help Americans through the COVID-19 pandemic, he believes this has now become “counterproductive” in getting people back to work . He never had to advertise for job vacancies.

The three hectare Cisco New Bedford entertainment complex is being built on 1480 Rodney French Boulevard.  The opening is scheduled for Memorial Day.

“In the past we were able to find people we need. In this case, however, we had to look up and down with the help of advertising and employment agencies, ”said Silverstein.

New look:Davy’s locker site for new life thanks to Not Your Average Joe’s founder and Cisco Brewer

Separately, Silverstein said that even if they fail to meet the hiring goal, it won’t delay the scheduled opening. “This could affect the number of hours we are initially open. For example, we could be open from Wednesday to Sunday, ”he said. “We’ll get around it.”

On Thursday, Rhode Island Governor Dan McKee announced plans to “phase out business restrictions and other mandates” by Memorial Day weekend. Silverstein is optimistic that Massachusetts will soon follow suit.

The three hectare Cisco New Bedford entertainment complex is being built on 1480 Rodney French Boulevard.  The opening is scheduled for Memorial Day.

However, aside from Cisco New Bedford’s 6,000-square-foot restaurant, the venue is entirely off the beaten track. Guests are still required to wear masks and social distancing within six feet, but he expects them to be at full capacity.

Nomination for Newsmaker of the Year:Stephen Silverstein has big plans for New Bedford

“I think it’s going to be amazing,” said Silverstein. “At 61, it’s kind of the high point of my life in the restaurant business and I just hope it comes out half as cool as I think it will.”

Individuals interested in applying for a job with Cisco New Bedford can contact or visit their official Facebook site.

United Airways tells workers it is hiring lots of of pilots for journey restoration

A United Airlines Boeing 737 Max 9 aircraft lands at San Francisco International Airport.

Justin Sullivan | Getty Images

United Airlines On Thursday, staff told staff they would soon be hiring hundreds of pilots – a process the airline had to stop when the coronavirus pandemic destroyed demand for travel last year. This comes from an internal email that has been checked by CNBC.

The Chicago-based airline is the first of the major US carriers to announce that it will resume hiring pilots. This is the latest sign that she is preparing for a recovery. The airline will begin hiring approximately 300 pilots who had contingent vacancies or training scheduled last year before the airline abandoned the hiring.

Over the past year, airlines, including United, have urged thousands of workers to take advantage of buyouts, early retirement packages, and leave of absence in an effort to cut costs during the pandemic. United and its pilots union – the Air Line Pilots Association – reached an agreement last year to avoid vacationing with their pilots, including reduced hours for some junior pilotsHowever, these lower guarantees are suspended due to state aid.

Congress included a third round of federal payroll for airlines that bans downsizing through September 30 as part of coronavirus aid worth $ 1.9 trillion Package last month. As of March 2020, lawmakers have provided $ 54 billion in grants and loans to airlines to pay workers during the crisis.

US airlines combined lost $ 35 billion last year, but expect bookings to grow steadily as more people are vaccinated and more comfortable boarding planes.

“With vaccination rates increasing and the demand for travel increasing, I am pleased to announce that United will resume the pilot recruitment process that was halted last year,” wrote Bryan Quigley, United’s senior vice president of flight operations on Thursday in a staff note watched by CNBC. “We’re starting with the 300 or so pilots who either had a new recruitment class appointment that was canceled, or who had a conditional vacancy in 2020.”

The demand for air travel has increased recently. The Transportation Security Administration examined an average of 1.2 million people a day last month, up 15% from last year when the pandemic and stay-at-home orders halted almost all travel.

Last month’s volume is still below half of March 2019 levels, with business and international travel still largely stalling, but demand for recreational activities is starting to rise. Scott Kirby, United CEO, told an industry conference on Wednesday that domestic leisure demand has recovered almost entirely.

“I’m particularly pleased that we were able to project our staff during this disaster,” said Todd Insler, chairman of the United Chapter of the Air Line Pilots Association and captain at United, of the pandemic. He said if the company had been on vacation it would have been much harder to capitalize on the recovery of the trip.

Like United, other airlines see a need for additional staff, especially pilots, whose training is costly and time-consuming.

Spirit Airlines Last month, hiring of pilots and flight attendants resumed while other low-cost airlines Allegiant Air and Sun Country Airlines Also expect to rent this year.