Malcolm Gladwell on his new narrative type in The Bomber Mafia | The Hindu On Books podcast

Malcom Gladwell’s latest book tells the story of a squad of US Air Force pilots who idealistically wanted to reinvent war with pinpoint bombing

Malcom Gladwell says that The Bomber Mafia is stylistically a departure for him as a writer, as he has never told a story before that was just a narrative without social science. But there is a common thread in Gladwell’s books, namely his fascination with the way the human psyche deals with conflict; and this book has that in spades. The Bomber Mafia is following the competition between the two men in “one of the grandest and most momentous periods of World War II,” says Gladwell, hoping the book will invite people to look at how society works along the lines of Dividing Lines now.

Guest: Malcom Gladwell, journalist and author

Host: Divya Kala Bhavani

Hindu Cultural Heart of North Alabama raises cash for India COVID-19 reduction efforts

HARVEST, Ala. – While the pandemic is on its way to get under control here in the United States, it is still devastating populations elsewhere around the world.

Right now India is devastated and a harvest-based organization is doing its part here at home to help those thousands of miles away.

The Hindu Cultural Center in Northern Alabama is holding a fundraising campaign “Pray for India”.

The aim is to raise as much money as possible from community members to donate for the purchase of vaccines and oxygen for COVID-19 patients in India. They have raised $ 3,000 so far, but organizers said they are hoping for more.

“It’s been so bad in the last few weeks that people need a lot of help. In a country with so many people, it was difficult for the government and the communities and we thought we would do something and raise funds to help them, ”said Dr. Subir Paul.

Dr. Paul is a nephrologist who sits on the HCCNA Board of Trustees.

For members of the HCCNA community, the devastation is personal as many have family members or friends who are sick or have died from COVID-19 complications, including Dr. Paul.

The organizers have not set a deadline for the fundraiser but will continue to raise funds as long as there is an interest in helping.

Click to contact HCCNA Here.

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