Trevor Zegras provides ‘Michigan’-style lacrosse aim to spotlight reel

In the most famous goal Trevor Zegras was involved (so far) he set up Sonny Milan for an alley-oop goal, essentially reshuffling the goal “Michigan” or lacrosse style. But, hey, you gotta keep the defense honest by making sure they know* you can pull off the actual move, right?* During Thursday’s game against the Canadiens, the Ducks’ rising star Trevor Zegras actually added a lacrosse-style goal from “Michigan” added to his already growing highlight role.

Trevor Zegras of the Ducks scores a Michigan lacrosse-style goal

Choose how you really want to watch Trevor Zegras take off on Michigan. Just make sure you watch it.

If you like, check out the video above the title of this post. If you prefer to go the GIF/Twitter embed route, go here:

.@tzegras11 DO THIS MICHIGAN!!

– NHL GIFs (@NHLGIFs) January 28, 2022

That raises some burning questions.

  • Which goal is better, Zegras scoring that “Michigan” goal or Zegras fielding Sonny Milano with his own version of the lacrosse style setup?

  • What tricks will Zegras have up its sleeve? for the upcoming Breakaway Challenge during NHL All-Star Weekend 2022?
  • Will we see another spate of lacrosse-style goals? Nice way to shake things up as we are in the dog days of the NHL season.

As of this writing, Zegras scored twice against the Canadians, which put him on 12 goals and 32 points in 40 games – assuming he doesn’t add more on Thursday.

While the habs get beat up Jake Evans added a big goal of their own, so enjoy this as a bonus:

* – At this rate, defenses are likely assuming that Zegras can work wonders. They just don’t know how to stop him.

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New theater, golf equipment spotlight Resorts World’s leisure choices

Ask Bobby Reynolds if he’s slept a lot lately.

“Eh, no.”

The senior vice president of AEG Presents Las Vegas was in the driver’s seat as the local concert industry sped from idle to idle at a COVID-19 stop sign to brick-on-the-gas pedal speeds.

Not only is Reynolds directing the new theater at the Virgin Hotels and the first concert at Allegiant Stadium when EDM star Illenium christened the venue next month, he is also leading one of his most ambitious projects to date: the opening of the luxurious The Theater at Resorts World.

“Since I’ve been in town, and it’s been 16 years, nothing like this has opened up – or really nowhere else in the world,” says Reynolds, his lively voice revealing, despite the aforementioned lack of nightly “The level of sophistication,” that Level of class – it’s just a higher experience than anything else. It’s a more luxurious feel than anything else on the strip. It’s easy.”

The 4,700-seat venue – with a potential capacity of 5,000 – shines with mostly gold and silver-colored décor that deserves a walk-in jewelry box, and aims to set a new bar for concert generosity. A four-story lobby, which is illuminated by a large modern chandelier, opens into the main hall with two balcony levels, where no seat is more than 50 meters away from the stage.

While The Theater won’t open until later in the year, four residencies have been announced, including country superstars Carrie Underwood and Luke Bryan, popster Katy Perry, and one of Vegas’ most popular artists of all time, Celine Dion.

What was Reynolds looking for when booking resident acts?

“We were looking for what we got, honestly,” he says. “We don’t just want to identify a genre, but also recruit artists who have a legacy in Las Vegas. There is no one with a greater, richer, or more impressive legacy than Celine.

“And then we wanted to get artists who didn’t have a legacy in Las Vegas and build that legacy with them in Las Vegas,” he continues. “All three other artists fall into this category.”

When said artists perform at The Theater, they perform on a 13,550-square-foot stage, one of the largest and tallest on the Strip.

“We’ll be able to do major arena-sized productions,” says Reynolds. “The nice thing about these residences is that you load them once and unload them once. During this time you will receive X shows. We have the ability to keep all those massive, massive, massive shows going and amortizing those costs over a certain number of shows.

“We also have one of the largest stage lifts in the world,” he adds, “with this we have the option of assembling set pieces, placing them directly on the lift at stage level and bringing them up or down.” Two stories. So if we wanted to bring a late night comedian or get creative at a corporate event or something like that, we could mix the pieces. We don’t just have to take these set pieces apart. “

The video presentation of the theater should be just as flexible.

“The video isn’t just a huge screen,” explains Reynolds. “We can put many different screens together into one giant screen, or split this screen and move it into different pods to have different looks throughout the show or different looks at the same time during the show.”

When Reynolds tells it, it all boils down to “wow”.

“In fact, I think it’s the most technologically advanced and production-wise advanced venue in the world,” says Reynolds. “People will walk in there and be overwhelmed by the aesthetics and the first look you get when you see something.

“The ‘wow’ factor will not only exist through the property,” he adds, “but if you cross the line from the property to the theater, that ‘wow’ factor will only increase in my opinion.”

From A to Z: New night club and day club bring big names to Resorts World

He was used to arranging meetings.

He just wasn’t used to one of those.

Ronn Nicolli explains.

“In my previous life, a design meeting started in a room and everyone was looking at Pinterest boards and things they were printing out,” said Nicolli, a longtime Vegas nightlife executive who spent over 13 years at the Wynn Las Vegas .

And then he was hired as vice president of Zouk Group Las Vegas, which oversees Resorts World’s nightlife.

“My first day at the company began with a trip to Bali,” recalls Nicolli of a work trip that was supposed to catalyze ideas for the Resorts World day club. “On this trip, the design was based on what inspires you. One of the most prominent words was “authenticity”.

“How do we bring a Balinese-inspired paradise to Las Vegas Boulevard, a place that feels transformed when you step into it?” He continues. “Basically a second trip on a trip, a destination and a trip.”

The result: Ayu Dayclub, whose Southeast Asian island theme should be exotic and inviting at the same time.

Well-known DJ producers such as Tiesto and Zedd will set Ayu to music, who also offer nightly shows.

Later that summer, Ayu’s counterpart, the “Boutique Megaclub” Zouk, will open.

The 26,000-square-foot, multi-room nightclub will be positioned on a free-running musical aesthetic, and its residents will include hip-hop (G-Eazy), country (Dee Jay Silver), Latin (Becky G), and deep house (Disclosure). along with the required EDM stars.

“There are different genres, demographics, and audiences that want different experiences night after night,” notes Nicolli, who is also Vice President of Lifestyle Marketing at Resorts World. “Suddenly the Latin artists came into play and the hip-hop artists came into play and the deep house artists came into play. When you looked at it all on a whiteboard, it felt more like a crazy, haunted festival than a Las Vegas nightclub. “

The emphasis on diversification depends not only on genre, but also on gender.

“There are a lot of talented female artists out there and many of them had never played in Vegas before,” says Nicolli. “Peggy Gou is one that I got to see first hand during my trip to Bali. How do I get you to do a residency with us?

“It was meaningful because it was something else,” he continues. “She hadn’t played a show in Vegas before. One of the personal goals in trying to create this really well-curated line-up is to get those pieces that are very different from the competition. “

Although the Zouk brand is new to Vegas, the company has a remarkable 30 year history in Asia.

This became an advantage in recruiting artists.

“My knowledge base of how much the talent industry knew about Zouk was a cause for concern,” Nicollia admits. “Suddenly I started talking on the phone. Tiesto says, ‘Oh, my first show in Asia was in Zouk.’ This became very common in discussions with the management teams. Not only did they know Zouk, they also knew the high standards and notoriety Zoul had in the market. It was credible almost immediately. “

Now is the time to put that credibility to the test here.

The plan?

So that one club feels like several.

“Think about the opportunity to be at the Zouk club on a Friday night performing G-Eazy, and the visuals make you feel like you are in something different and new,” says Nicolli. “And then, on Saturday, Tiesto suddenly appears – different visuals, different music styles, different performance styles.

“In the same room, we have the opportunity to convey two different experiences that make you feel like you are in two different places,” he continues. “That was the goal.”

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Is Spotlight Occasion and Leisure AG’s (VTX:HLEE) Inventory’s Current Efficiency Being Led By Its Enticing Monetary Prospects?

Highlight Event and Entertainment (VTX: HLEE) has had a good run on the stock market. The stock rose a whopping 9.0% last month. Given the company’s impressive performance, we decided to take a closer look at its financial indicators, as a company’s long-term financial health usually determines market results. In this article, we’ve decided to focus on Highlight event and entertainment ROE.

Return on equity, or ROE, is a key measure used to assess how efficiently a company’s management is using the company’s capital. In short, the ROE shows the profit each dollar makes on its shareholder investment.

Check out our latest analysis for Highlight Event and Entertainment

How do you calculate the return on equity?

The ROE can be calculated using the following formula:

Return on Equity = Net Income (from continuing operations) ÷ Equity

Based on the above formula, the ROE for Highlight Event and Entertainment is:

8.8% = CHF 32 million ÷ CHF 358 million (based on the last twelve months up to December 2020).

The “return” is the annual profit. This means that the company made a profit of CHF 0.09 for every equity worth CHF 1.

What does ROE have to do with earnings growth?

So far we have learned that ROE is a measure of a company’s profitability. Depending on how much of those profits the company reinvests or “retains” and how effectively this is done, we can then assess a company’s earnings growth potential. Assuming that everything else stays the same, the higher the ROE and profit retention, the higher the growth rate of a company compared to companies that do not necessarily have these characteristics.

A side-by-side comparison of the profit growth of Highlight Event and Entertainment and the ROE of 8.8%

First of all, the ROE from Highlight Event and Entertainment looks acceptable. When compared to the industry, we found that the average ROE for the industry is similar at 8.0%. As a result, this likely laid the foundation for the decent 8.9% growth that Highlight Event and Entertainment has seen over the past five years.

As a next step, we compared the net profit growth of Highlight Event and Entertainment with the industry and happily found that the company’s growth is higher than the average industry growth of 4.0%.

SWX: HLEE Past Earnings Growth May 14, 2021

Earnings growth is an important metric to consider when valuing a stock. It is important for an investor to know if the market has priced in the company’s expected earnings growth (or decline). This then helps them determine whether the stock is placed for a bright or bleak future. A good indicator of expected earnings growth is P / E, which determines the price the market is willing to pay for a stock based on its earnings outlook. You might want to too Check if Highlight Event and Entertainment is trading at a high or low P / E ratioin relation to its branch.

Does Highlight Event and Entertainment use the retained earnings effectively?

Given that Highlight Event and Entertainment does not pay its shareholders a dividend, we conclude that the company has reinvested all profits to grow its business.


Overall, we are of the opinion that Highlight Event and Entertainment performed quite well. We particularly like that the company is reinvesting heavily in its business with high returns. Unsurprisingly, this has resulted in impressive earnings growth. If the company continues to grow earnings the way it has, it could have a positive impact on its share price, as earnings per share affect long-term share prices. Remember that the price of a stock also depends on the perceived risk. Therefore, investors need to be aware of the risks involved before investing in a company. Our risk dashboard would have the 3 risks that we identified for Highlight Event and Entertainment.

When you choose to trade Highlight Event and Entertainment, you are using the lowest cost * platform ranked # 1 overall by Barron’s. Interactive broker. Trade stocks, options, futures, forex, bonds and funds in 135 markets from a single integrated account.

This article from Simply Wall St is of a general nature. It is not a recommendation to buy or sell stocks and does not take into account your goals or your financial situation. We want to provide you with a long-term, focused analysis based on fundamental data. Note that our analysis may not take into account the latest price sensitive company announcements or quality materials. Simply Wall St has no position in the stocks mentioned.
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Welcome to the Cash Difficulty of The Spotlight

As 2020 came to an end, unemployment soared to a worrying 9.8 million jobs, with 40 million Americans on the move Abyss of Evictionand the leaders of the nation’s business juggernauts rejoiced in theirs unusually successful year.

With every surge and lull in Covid-19 over the past year, the seams of the American economy parted a little more. The rich – including nearly all of the 50 most successful companies in the country, according to the Washington Post – got exponentially richer. Everyone else became unemployed, economically more unstable, more fearful, poorer.

The highlight’s cash issue is not necessarily about Covid-19. It is about everyone else, however – those for whom debt is an oppressive force, those whose only way to stay employed was to risk their health, those whose only attempt to stop sliding down the economic ladder was to intervene Government is, and excluding this, luck.

Their instability affects the phenomenal wealth created during the pandemic all the more. The American economy today feels like obscene wealth and debilitating debt and nothing in between.

At the center of this tension is the March issue of The Highlight.

With a keen understanding of the growing inequality, employees at Amazon Bessemer, Alabama, quietly began organizing the fulfillment warehouse during the pandemic last year. To the our cover storyLabor reporter Kim Kelly traveled to Bessemer to meet with workers to understand why this southern spiritual city is the first to get this far in its organizational efforts – a struggle that the e-commerce Goliath is mightily waging. Workers and organizers told Kelly that a wage of $ 15 or $ 16 doesn’t move them – even though Amazon founder Jeff Bezos made $ 75 billion in 2020 – but morals. However, unions tend to keep wages higher; Cities like Bessemer urgently need stability. In just a week, their votes on whether to unionize will be counted. If successful, it will be a landmark milestone for workers that is likely to spark similar efforts among technicians across the country. But at the moment there are only Bessemers.

The word “inheritance” sounds like something for the very wealthy, but the truth is that for a fifth of Americans, a small gift of $ 10,000 or $ 20,000 from a loved one is all that will help them maintain their economic status in the world To get a grip. As the boomers get older, that number could increase. It is expected that trillions of dollars will be passed on from one generation to the next in the years to come “The great transfer of wealth.” But who can inherit all the money and what can they expect? Vox’s Meredith Haggerty spoke to several people who have inherited (or are expecting) wealth about the emotional and economic costs of making money.

The downside of inheriting money is of course the knowledge that there is no such transfer of wealth, no significant generational wealth, no family support at all. In a personal essay, Lynette Khalfani Cox, a writer and money coach, examines the struggle to be the first in her family to be wealthy, and she own relationship to the so-called “black tax” – the money black Americans often have to put aside to help family members. For many African Americans, she writes, the cycle of low prosperity, low income, and family dependency continues to be a barrier to prosperity.

For many people of color, that path begins with taking on student loan debt. This is one of the reasons some are calling on the Biden government to cancel some or all of federal student debt so that tens of millions of people’s economic futures don’t start so deep in the hole that they’ll never dig themselves out. “The scale of the problem and its life implications have made student debt relief a much more important conversation in mainstream politics,” writes Emily Stewart of Vox. But will those drowning in tens of thousands of dollars in student debt drown? really benefit if it is wiped out en masse? And does forgiveness mean more money to buy home, family life, or entrepreneurship? The answers, economists of all kinds tell Stewart, are surprisingly complex.

Finally, Joyce Rice and Kevin Moore take a close look How debt can shatteringly unravel a life, including adding debtors to the prison pipeline. The Founding Fathers purposely tried to end the old-time “debtor prisons”, but a new, more virulent version of them has re-emerged, and the Rice and Moore comic explains how.

Andi Rice for Vox

An unholy union

With a tough economy and few job prospects, Bessemer, Alabama, has been labeled an “unlikely” location for an epic union battle with Amazon. You don’t know Bessemer.

From Kim Kelly

Francesco Ciccolella for Vox

The effects of inheritance

As the boomers get older, a “great wealth transfer” could emerge. Will a gift from grandma save the middle class?

By Meredith Haggerty

An illustration shows an African American family stacking stones together and the older generation has fewer stones in this picture about wealth.

Helene Baum-Owoyele

Here’s what the “black tax” is doing to so many families – including mine

As a money coach and black woman, I’ve seen racial differences firsthand.

By Lynnette Khalfani-Cox

This student debt illustration depicts a diverse group of people at various underwater levels.

Michelle Kondrich for Vox

There are no easy answers to student debt settlement

From mental health to home buying, there are myriad ways that education loans can affect life. That is why it is so difficult to come up with a uniform solution, say economists.

By Emily Stewart

Joyce Rice

How an unpaid bill can lead to jail

The debtor’s prison may sound mysterious. But this comic explains how forms of them exist in America today.

By Joyce Rice and Kevin Moore

ACWC to focus on the work of Perry Excessive college students | Leisure

PERRY – Perry High School art students are the focus of a Spring 2021 exhibition at the Arts Council of the Wyoming County Main Gallery, 31 South Main St.

The opportunity for these students is due to the cancellation of ACWC’s All County High Schools annual exhibition, over 25 years old, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For most students, this is their first gallery show.

“We are very happy to be able to give you the experience and visibility that comes with it! Not to mention the honor of introducing artists at the start of their working lives, ”said the ACWC.

The ACWC / Perry High School Art Show opens on Friday and late March 26th with a closing reception at 6:30 p.m. in the main gallery of the ACWC. Those who want to participate should get in touch. The ACWC limits participation due to COVID-19 restrictions. Also, no refreshments will be served and all social distancing protocols will be followed.

Not only were two Perry High School students the only Wyoming County’s high school exhibited in the Arts Council Gallery that year, but they were also selected to receive the ACWC’s top two youth scholarships:

Youth artist and student Lauren West was selected to receive the ACWC & Creekside Fabrics Visual Arts Scholarship for Young Artists. This award gives her the opportunity to study with a master artist for a year. The training ends with a solo exhibition in May 2022 at the ACWC. This scholarship is aimed at students who want to continue their studies in fine arts: photography, fiber art, ceramics, carpentry, drawing or painting. The $ 900 ACWC & Creekside Fabrics Visual Arts Young Artist Scholarship is made possible through a partnership with ACWC and Creekside Fabrics in Arcade.

The young performing artist and student Emma McLaughlin will use her Young Performance grant from the Balus Foundation to promote her interest in music theater. This scholarship is made possible by the Balus Foundation and is awarded each year to one or two Wyoming County students who wish to pursue their studies in the performing arts. The scholarship (up to $ 500) can be used to support fees for summer music camps or ongoing lessons with a professional teacher or institution. In addition to other selected performances. Emma will be giving a solo concert at the ACWC this fall.

“The ACWC congratulates these two youth artists from Perry Central High School on their hard work and new accomplishments,” said the ACWC.

For more than 40 years, the ACWC has provided opportunities to bring art to their rural communities through programs, grants, and arts events. Located on Main Street in Perry, the ACWC produced the Letchworth Arts and Crafts Show, one of the largest and highest rated shows in the area.

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