Bent Paddle Serving to Increase Cash, Consciousness of Psychological Well being Providers with New Beer Launch Thursday

$ 1 for every pint and $ 5 for every growler or crowler of the new Pay It Forward Pale Ale purchased goes back to Amberwing.

DULUTH, Minn .– Experts Say Mental Health Problems in Children and Adolescents are On the Rise. So an organization and a brewery are working together to promote a new beer that is raising money for mental health resources.

Bell Bank’s Pay-It-Forward Launch Party at Bent Paddle Brewing this Thursday is raising funds for Amberwing, a Duluth-based center for the wellbeing of youth and families.

In a survey sent by the organization, the results showed that the prevalence of depression in the Duluth area has increased by 25% among those under 35 since the beginning of the pandemic.

Experts there said it is important to spot signs that your child is suffering from depression and anxiety, such as: For example, staying home from school more, isolating yourself, or feeling more sad or anxious in general.

“The earlier the intervention, the more effectively the children can learn the skills that we teach at Amberwing and apply them in everyday life,” says Becky Hoversten-Mellem, Clinical Supervisor.

They say one of the barriers was that it was embarrassing to seek help, and even 18% reported the cost of treatment or didn’t know where to go.

Organizers say everyone should know about the mental health resources in the city and reach out to them when needed.

“It’s important for the community to know that it’s okay to ask for help,” said Hoversten-Mellem. “Don’t hold back when you’re having trouble, let an adult know you need help.”

Bent Paddle’s new Pay It Forward Pale Ale will be unveiled at Thursday’s event. $ 1 for every pint and $ 5 for every Growler or Crowler purchased goes back to Amberwing for approximately the next month.

“We’re always looking for ways to bring people together and solve problems, and for many, many, many eons a lot of this has been done over a pint,” said Pepin Young, director of the taproom and retail operations.

The event runs from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Manitoba non-profit serving to 2SLGBTQ+ neighborhood overcome limitations in fashion

WINNIPEG – A new not-for-profit based in Manitoba is looking to provide a new wardrobe for members of the 2SLGBTQ + community facing economic barriers to feel comfortable in.

Transforming Style offers free fashion and styling services to members of the 2SLGBTQ + community.

“It’s really about finding out who you are and re-introducing yourself to the world with your (true) identity and being really comfortable and confident in your own skin,” Samuel Braemer, co-founder of Transforming Style, told CTV News .

On Thursday, the non-profit organization held its kick-off event with a virtual fashion show and benefit concert.

Braemer said more than 300 Canadians attended the event. He said Transforming Style has been inundated with email since the event, with people from other cities, including Toronto and Vancouver.

“These people say that it can be very overwhelming to go into a store or boutique, large store, mall and feel comfortable trying on clothes that you want to wear,” he said.

“This service is really a one-on-one, where we put the personal stylists at their disposal in this inclusive environment to make these people comfortable and then get a wardrobe that represents who they are.”

Braemer said the website allows people to contact and book a virtual consultation. After consulting, Transforming Style curates a collection of special clothing for this person. You can then meet in person with a personal stylist.

For more information, see Transforming style Website or social media.

Two Defendants Plead Responsible for Their Roles Serving to Cybercriminals Launder Cash as A part of the QQAAZZ Group | USAO-WDPA

PITTSBURGH – Two people have pleaded guilty to their roles in cybercriminal money laundering organization QQAAZZ. On August 6 and July 13, two of the accused, Arturs Zaharevics and Aleksejs Trofimovics, pleaded guilty to money laundering conspiracy in the Western District of Pennsylvania. QQAAZZ was a Europe-based money laundering organization that made illegal withdrawals and cryptocurrency transactions possible for computer hackers and their employees. A total of 20 people were charged under this ruling.

In order to promote the QQAAZZ criminal conspiracy, Trofimovics registered a mailbox company in Portugal under his own name that was not doing legitimate business. Trofimovics then opened at least thirteen corporate bank accounts in Portugal on behalf of the mailbox company to enable QQAAZZ to receive and launder money stolen by cyber criminals from victims and their respective financial institutions. Several of these Portuguese accounts received or were designed to receive funds stolen from US victims.

Arturs Zaharevics was successfully delivered from the UK in April. To encourage QQAAZZ’s criminal conspiracy, Zaharevics set up a mailbox company under a false name and set up foreign bank accounts on behalf of this mailbox company that sought to receive or accept funds stolen from US victims.

The acting US Attorney Stephen R. Kaufman for the Western District of Pennsylvania and the responsible FBI Pittsburgh Special Agent Mike Nordwall announced today.

“Transnational money laundering organizations like the QQAAZZ Group play a critical role in helping cybercriminals benefit from their systems. The guilty confessions announced today reflect our continued commitment to crush these harmful groups by working with our overseas partners. The guilty confessions further demonstrate our commitment to prosecute such criminals in other parts of the world and to ensure that they are brought to justice in our US courts, ”said Acting US Attorney Stephen R. Kaufman of the Western District of Pennsylvania.

“These people operated a money laundering system that worked with cyber criminals who stole unsuspecting victims in the US and around the world,” said Mike Nordwall, the FBI Pittsburgh special agent in charge. “Your confessions of guilt are proof that no one can hide behind a computer or an international border. The FBI goes into numerous efforts to combat cyber threats, from improving threat detection and information sharing to examining how we operate to disrupt and mitigate them. Partnerships are an integral part of our daily work, and the global partners in this research have enabled us all to combine tools, skills and knowledge to form a stronger team to put these criminals out of business. “

According to the factual bases for the two admissions of guilt and the various instruments of prosecution in this case, QQAAZZ members, in collaboration with cybercriminals around the world, conspired to launder money stolen from computer fraud victims in the US and elsewhere. More than 40 house searches were carried out in Latvia, Bulgaria, the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy, with prosecutions initiated in the United States, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom. Most of the searches and arrests in Latvia were carried out by the Latvian State Police (Latvijas Valsts Policija), and an extensive bitcoin mining operation related to the group was seized in Bulgaria. Europol and several law enforcement agencies across Europe worked with the United States to develop parallel investigations and prosecutions against QQAAZZ members in their own countries.

The investigation was carried out by the FBI. The Department of Justice’s International Affairs Bureau and law enforcement partners in the UK and Latvia secured the arrest of the accused abroad.

The case is being prosecuted by trial attorney Michael Parker of the Department of Money Laundering and Asset Recovery of the Department of Justice of the United States Department of Justice, U.S. Assistant Attorney Charles A. “Death” Eberle, director of national security and cybercrime for the Western District, of Pennsylvania and U.S. Assistant Attorney Brian Czarnecki of the Western District of Pennsylvania.

Aahana Kumra welcomes digitisation in leisure trade: It’s serving to us archive our work | Net Collection

Because of the pandemic restrictions, the entertainment industry has seen sporadic work over the past year and things have mostly evolved the digital way. The actress Aahana Kumra sees this as a good sign, as it enables a lot of work to be preserved.

“One thing that we recognized [in this pandemic] is that anything can happen in our lives and the entire digital revolution has made things better. It has its own advantages. It helps us to archive our work, otherwise no one will remember what we did. How will future generations know what we’ve done? ”Says the actress, adding that sometimes she wants to see an old show,“ but it’s nowhere available ”.

Kumra, 36, is one of the few actors who consistently dealt with the OTT and the big screen long before the pandemic broke out.

The actress from Khuda Haafiz (2020) praises the OTT boom and shares her love for web space: “I don’t think people are watching performances now. The type of actors who have become known on OTT over the past two years is amazing. I see a lot of change now. People recognize talent and not just popularity. “

Although the actress finds there is still a long way to go, she is quick to acknowledge that the pandemic has got things moving.

“We’re still trying to find out our identities and our voices, but Covid has given us massive clarity. Clarity also for the audience who used to go to the multiplexes to see popular cinema. But when these popular theaters were released on OTT platforms, things didn’t go well. Smaller films with performance-oriented roles received praise. The audience spoke quite loudly, I think, ”says Kumra, who has also made digital pieces like Sar Sar Sarla.

Like last year, many films have been selected by OTT players for web release, but when theaters finally reopen this year, Kumra believes there would still be some films that would prefer to be shown on the big screen.

“I would also like to see a movie like Sooryavanshi in the cinema. I would love to see how it fares at the box office. I can’t watch a movie like that in my house, it totally ruins the experience, ”said the actor who would next be seen in Madhur Bhandarkar’s India Lockdown.

TikTok person serving to to lift cash for LA avenue distributors

A California man uses the power of social media to help others.

Jesus Morales, also known as Juixxe, used his over a million followers on TikTok to raise money for street vendors. He’s been giving cash to hardworking street vendors in the Los Angeles area. He says he started doing this after seeing videos of street vendors being attacked.

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved giving back when I see someone in need or someone in trouble. I’ve always felt something in my heart,” Morales told FOX 11’s Susan Hirasuna.

In August 2020, he was fired from his gym job and opened a TikTok account. At first nothing on the floor trembled, but then things began to accelerate.

“The first donation was $ 100 that actually came out of my pocket, hoping to just post it on TikTok and hopefully inspire others to donate or do something bigger,” he added.

The 24-year-old San Diego man distributes cash about two to three times a week, mostly in the LA area.

“When I have a donation in hand and drive around and see a seller, I just get a feel and drive over and make the donation. It’s very random.

His motivation for helping street vendors stems from his parents’ story.

“My parents came here with nothing. They were literally sleeping on cardboard in a basement when they first came to this country. They worked hard, worked a lot of different jobs to have a roof over their heads,” he explained.

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His greatest gift was to a seller who sold corn in the Inland Empire. A video harassing the Elotero went viral and soon after, Jesus raised $ 20,000 to help him.

“I don’t want people to glorify me in any way, honestly, everything is community driven. It’s not me, it’s a bunch of angels coming together to make this possible.”

The recipients are surprised and overwhelmed by his generosity.

Jesus does not want to embarrass the seller or expose him to a higher risk of theft so that he never reveals faces.

A “tidal wave” of an issue | New cash for lease help helps comprise tense housing state of affairs in East Tennessee

Legal Aid of East TN helps connect people with aid. Lawyers say it eases tension between landlords and tenants. Here is how they can help you.

KNOX COUNTY, Tenn. – During the pandemic, millions of people in the US were late on rent or utility bills, straining tenant-landlord relationships.

New federal funds, some of which are provided by the American rescue plan that came into force in March, as well as expanded evacuation protection, help tenants and owners to experience a little less stress. For some people, it comes just in time.

“It’s barely in there right now,” said Holly Fuller of East Tennessee’s Legal Aid, a nonprofit law firm that helps low-income clients. “We have had the feeling for some time that this time of year is likely to be very difficult.”

The American rescue plan denotes approximately $ 40 billion for total housing allowance. More than $ 20 billion of this will go to state and local governments to meet rental and utility costs owed for low-income households.

The city of Knoxville and Knox County announced the new one Knox Housing Assistance Program that does exactly that.

CONNECTED: Knoxville officials announce the Knox Housing Assistance program

Both the renter and landlord must file an application for funding, but officials say the money can be used to pay rent or utilities up to 12 months overdue, and in some cases even future rent payments.

If you do not live in Knox County, there is a similar application process on the state housing website. Legal Aid of East Tennessee said if this money is approved it will go straight to the landlord.

If you do not have access to a computer or if you have a language barrier, you can call (844) 500-1112.

With this new aid and a year into the pandemic, Fuller said the number of people coming to aid at Legal Aid in East Tennessee has increased, especially because tenants know that eviction protection will expire in late June.

Currently, in addition to in-house attorneys, the organization is using grants to hire private attorneys to help with case loading.

“Tensions may have eased a little. Resources have started flowing, which gives some people a little breath. However, if nothing changes by the end of this month, the term we have used in our organization from the start will be a tidal wave. Said Fuller.

Fuller said the goal is to help clients come to an agreement that will benefit both the renter and the landlord – whether it be to get financial assistance or to work out an agreement to keep an eviction out of the renter’s records. In addition, she said her lawyers will guide people through the process if their landlord has already started the eviction process in court.

“Landlords are also in a tough spot and need some relief too. That is why it is so important to use the resources so we can solve the problem at both ends to try to accommodate our vulnerable people,” she said.

Legal Aid of East Tennessee can also help people move into safer, different living conditions or connect them to other community resources.

Fuller said her biggest advice was not to wait to get help.

“Call us as soon as you get a notice that something is going to happen,” she said. “It is so traumatic to think that you may be homeless. One stress response is to simply ignore it. Do not do that. We can help your stress, we can talk you through. “

Fuller said she has seen cases of tenants losing their homes because they didn’t apply for help on time or didn’t know how to get the money. She also said that in some cases, tenants are being represented late.

“Call us, call us quickly. We are here, we are here for you. The sooner we can start our relationship, the better, ”said Fuller.

To get in touch with Legal Aid from East Tennessee, you can call one of the offices at the end of their website.

Different scholarships allow them to serve people who fall into different categories.

In Knoxville, they are located at 607 West Summit Hill Drive SW or by calling (865) 637-0484.

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How Sacramento area utilities are serving to residents get monetary savings

Here are some programs that can help you save the most money while helping the environment.

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA. – After this Department of Water ResourcesSnow cover in the northern and central Sierra is again low, making this the third driest year in the state.

Everyone can do their part to help save water in California. Here are some programs that can help you save the most money while helping the environment.


Sacramento County Water Authority (SCWA) offers a voluntary discount program for modifying existing grass or turf with native and drought tolerant landscaping.

Customers can receive up to $ 1,000 per household.


The Placer County Water Agency (PCWA) offers a variety of discount programs to help homeowners install new and more water efficient home appliances.

The discount programs include:

  • Discount for irrigation efficiencies – Residents can get up to $ 500 off when they upgrade existing ground irrigation systems with new high-efficiency equipment or install an EPA Water Sense-approved weather-based irrigation controller.
  • Lawn replacement discount – Residents can get up to $ 500 discount for converting water-thirsty lawns to water-efficient landscaping.
  • Discount program for highly efficient toilets (HET) – A new toilet can help you save water and make some money. Residents can get up to $ 100 off a toilet when they replace old toilets with new, highly efficient ones.
  • Highly efficient discount program for washing machines – Get up to $ 150 off when you replace an old laundry washing machine with a new, heavy-duty machine.


The city offers a discount program similar to Sacramento County Cash for Grass program. A resident can convert grass into a water-efficient landscape for a discount of up to $ 1,000 per address.


The city of West Sacramento has a huge list of tips and discount programs available to save water as well Lower your water bill. The programs include:

  • Smart Irrigation Controller Discount – The city is offering $ 150 to replace your existing traditional irrigation controller with a “smart” irrigation controller. These controls use local weather reports and landscape conditions to change the irrigation schedules.
  • Water wise home visit – Not sure whether your landscape is drought-friendly? Would you like more information on how to use water wisely? The city offers residents a free overview of their landscape, as well as an indoor installation manual and landscape guide.


The city of Elk Grove is part of the Sacramento County’s water rebate program. Rather than offering their own discount program, residents can contact the Sacramento County Water Agency to participate in the program.

There are also strict watering days to save water in the moose grove. Residents can click here to view the watering schedule for their address.


The city of Sacramento There are several ways to help residents save water in their homes. The programs include:

  • Turf conversion discounts – Residents can receive up to $ 3,000 to replace their lawns with low-water-consuming crops and drought-tolerant landscapes.
  • Smart controller discount – Sacramento is offering discounts of up to $ 400 for installing a weather-based smart controller in their home and upgrading their irrigation system.
  • Rain barrel discount – The Rain Barrel Rebate saves water by storing rainwater during rainy events for dry periods. The city grants a discount of up to $ 150 for the installation of rain barrels.
  • Laundry-to-Landscape Discounts – With this gray water system, the wastewater from your washing machine can be directed into your garden for irrigation. Residents can receive a discount of up to $ 100 on materials required to install the system.
  • Highly efficient toilet discounts – Replace your older toilet with a new high efficiency toilet and get a discount of up to $ 125. However, be sure to do an inspection before removing the old toilet to make sure it is fit for the program. There is no limit to the number of discounts that can be requested for this program.
  • Discounts for highly efficient washing machines – In partnership with the California Water Efficiency Partnership, residents can get a discount of up to $ 125 when they replace a washing machine with a new, highly efficient one.
  • Repeat the loo program – For multi-family residents only within a deprived community, the city is offering a discount of up to $ 250 to replace older toilets.

Fountain of Youth: The Benefits of Magnesium Water

Former leisure reporter Rona Barrett now dedicates her life to serving to seniors

SANTA YNEZ (KABC) – In the television reporter world, Rona Barrett started it all on ABC7 many years ago.

She’s working hard these days to make life easier for our seniors.

She created something in Santa Ynez that she believes can be recreated across the country.

The Golden Inn & Village is now celebrating five successful years.

It wasn’t easy to achieve.

“I’ve seen everyone under the sun,” said Barrett. “Everyone said, ‘No, you can’t. No, you can’t.’ I said, ‘Yes we can.’ “

It took her seven years to convince the Santa Barbara Housing Authority to work with her. The result: the Golden Inn & Village, affordable housing and support services for low-income seniors. It is now considered a model for caring for our aging population.

“It has to be combined with your community, your government, locally and nationally, and it has to be the people who are really big money in this country and interested in being philanthropic,” Barrett said.

The past year has been tough due to the pandemic, and the nonprofit Rona Barrett Foundation reached out to Mailer for help. And it worked. “All of a sudden people would call and say, ‘How can I help? How can I help?’ And I would say, send the money because I have to start a nutrition program here. I have to make sure my people don’t go hungry, “she said.

They now offer three hot meals a week for residents.

In Rona’s previous entertainment reporter career, she interviewed Hollywood’s biggest stars and made many friends in the process.

Among them: Cher stepping straight on the plate, doing a PSA for the foundation, and asking the audience to “please contribute in any way they can”.

Barrett said, “I don’t care if you send me two dollars or two pennies as long as you send me something, and I can make life better for someone I know is not at their best at this point in life Constitution was. “

The seniors who live at the Golden Inn & Village pay 30% of their social security. About 60 seniors are currently residents, but Barrett’s vision is to add another building to help at least 60 more.

Barrett said, “You bought me a shovel of gold by the way, and I can’t wait to put that shovel back in the ground. That’s all I have to say.”

One of the Rona Barrett Foundation’s missions is to ensure seniors know that there is a future for them and that more good times are to come.

Barrett had a lot more to say. You can see more on our free ABC-7 Los Angeles app. You can find it on Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, and Android TV.

Copyright © 2021 KABC-TV. All rights reserved.

Lengthy Island Cares Serving to Struggling Leisure Trade Professionals With Music Containers Of Meals – CBS New York

WANTAGH, NY (CBSNewYork) – Concert venues and live theaters are still closed so local musicians and performers, stage workers and others in the industry are struggling.

On Tuesday there was help for these people in the form of much-needed food.

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Like Carolyn Gusoff from CBS2 before pandemic The Liverpool Shuffle booked 60 live gigs a year. COVID Turn them off for all but a few virtual concerts.

“It was just brutal and Long Island has been particularly hard hit. Long Island used to appear to be the center of the COVID universe, “said Joe Refano of the Liverpool Shuffle.

The first to close, the last to reopen, live musicians still have problems.

Are you eating?

Mulcahy’s in Wantagh has the dinner theater open, but many of their staff haven’t seen a paycheck in a year.

“Stage workers, lighting technicians, roadies, everything. Merch Sales, Managers … and they’re all unemployed, “said co-owner Tim Murray.

For her, Long Island takes care of it created an emergency response: Music Box of Meals. Several days of food, personal care products, even pet food.

SHORTCUT:: Long Island takes care of it

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“We will make sure they have enough food for their families and they can use this program as often and for as long as they need,” said Dr. Jessica Rosati of Long Island Cares.

Boxes can be picked up from places that have had so many benefit concerts to help others.

“Coming and asking for help may be embarrassing for some. You don’t want to admit that you need it, ”said Michele Rizzo-Berg of the Patchogue Theater.

Virtual events have paid some bills, but Long Island Cares predicts long-term help will be needed.


“This is the end of the line for many people in the entertainment and music business. No job and no feeling of hopelessness for more than 12 months, ”said Paule Pachter, CEO of Long Island Cares.

Long Island Cares, a natural partnership, was founded by the late, great Harry Chapin, who lived by the ideal of giving back.

“Music is in our roots and we want to make sure local artists and entertainers have the help they need,” said Rosati.

If you or someone you know in the industry needs assistance, you can call Long Island Cares at 631-582-FOOD. It will assess the need and direct you to one of the places where boxes can be picked up.

MORE NEWS: Feds: NYC Congestion Pricing Plan May Go Forward

Long Island Cares has so far fed an additional 270,000 people during the pandemic.

Hampton Roads Chamber serving to leisure venues shuttered throughout COVID-19 pandemic

NORFOLK, VA. – For nearly four decades, Hugh Copeland has been the “Hugh” behind hooray players, providing community theater around Hampton Roads.

“People like to be here,” Copeland told News 3. “It’s one of the things that draws people to an area – all of the arts.”

Seats at the Perry Family Theater in Norfolk’s NEON District may be empty now, but in a couple of weeks the hooray players will greet people for their first indoor public performance since March 13, 2020.

“Friday the 13th,” said Copeland.

It was an unexpected curtain for Copeland’s theater company when they performed Disney’s “Moana Jr.” opened.

“We were on stage at 5.15pm that night and got microphone checks, people warmed up, and someone came on stage and said, ‘I’m very sorry. The mayor and the governor have closed the city. There won’t be a show tonight, ”said Copeland. “Of course we were devastated.”

And when the pandemic started, questions arose too.

“‘What are we going to do? How are we going to go on?'” He said.

Your group turned to Live streaming, Outdoor appearances, and assistance from the Hampton Roads Chamber for Federal Aid.

“It was more than important,” said Copeland. “It was the key element.”

Jim Carroll, CEO of the Small Business Development Center for Hampton Roadsworked with local entertainment venues during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Some have been closed since March and some have been partially opened,” Carroll told News 3.

Lately he’s been providing information on funds, including the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant.

Carroll said it is supposed to help pay some operating costs.

“It’s a complement to what’s already out there,” he said. “If you lose your people, you’ve lost your people, and we’re talking about entertainment venues. These are not ordinary people; These are individuals with specific skills. “

It is a resource that Copeland is studying.

“It doesn’t pay the cost of producing the show,” said Copeland. “What it does is make it possible to keep everyone involved.”

A resource to consider as you prepare for your next gig inside the walls of the Perry Family Theater.

“I’m pretty sure if we play for a full house at the Roper or Sandler Center we’ll have the energy,” said Copeland. “It will remind us of what our mission was: to provide theater for the community that is affordable for everyone.”

Click here to view additional resources from the rebound.