Helena Center Faculty trainer adjusts her instructing type

HELENA – Michelle Johnson has been a teacher for 32 years and in one short school year her teaching style was turned upside down by the pandemic.

Helena Middle School English teacher Michelle Johnson says, “With some of these new technologies, I’ve never been on Microsoft teams, never headed Zoom, and now of course we’re using these great online curricula that are great and good.”

Mrs. Johnson’s positive attitude shines through the computer screen as she tells me all the good things that came out of a school year during a global pandemic.

Michelle adds, “It’s wonderful to have the interactions we have with the kids. I mean, I think you really appreciate this because you really love having her. If you only get them two days a week, those two days will be great! “

Johnson is the teacher in her classroom, but unforeseen circumstances force her to study with her students. These shared experiences helped keep the connections with their students alive.

Michelle says, “We use chat in Microsoft teams to just talk to the kids and sometimes have these funny little conversations with kids.” It was a wonderful experience.

All of the new changes she made were not exactly easy.

Michelle says, “We all had to stretch what we were used to and of course as a veteran I’m used to doing certain things. I really had to stick to an agenda that I send out to the kids at the beginning of the week and that’s not my favorite thing, but it’s a necessity. “

After this school year Michelle is looking forward to a certain normalcy and to being able to rebuild personal relationships with her students.