Extra reduction cash heading to Midstate counties devastated by flooding | Information

Waverly, TN (WSMV) – More help goes to flood-ravaged Midstate Counties.

It comes in the form of grants to nonprofit and religious organizations from the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.

News4 spoke to Casey Johnsen when she was picking up supplies at Waverly First Baptist Church on Friday.

She and her husband moved to the area just before the Wisconsin flood disaster. You live with friends now.

“I remember the night before we were in Waverly looking at properties for sale,” said Johnsen.

Less than 24 hours later, Waverly was under the water.

“You just see water everywhere. It was just quick,” said Johnsen.

Emergency grants worth $ 200,000 will go to 11 area agencies. The grants come from the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee to help those affected by the deadly floods.

The money will help with food, financial aid, temporary housing, and rubble removal when needed.

“Well, I appreciate all the help we can get if we have a long-term plan,” said Pastor Scott Brown of Waverly First Baptist.

Brown said he was grateful that the church will receive a $ 10,000 grant.

“It’s really just about meeting people where they are and helping them get where they want to be, but our goal is to put 100% of that money back into the community, back in The people. We don’t want to keep a dime of it, “said Brown.

For three weeks, Pastor Brown and Church volunteers spent long days serving their ward.

“Sometimes it feels like everything we do is just a drop in the ocean, but the truth is, if there are enough drops, it can fill this bucket,” Brown said.

The aid money is part of the foundation’s first funding round.

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Fashion at Dwelling: Bedding, pillows good for heading again to varsity | Siouxland Properties

With the rare opportunity to add paint or even your own furniture to a room, it can be difficult to truly feel at home. A proposal for a solution? Fabulous fabrics and linens.

Finding bedding that is both luxurious and stylish is not always easy, especially in a twin size. This is where tailor-made bed linen comes into play.

From Katie Laughridge Tribune News Service

When I think back to my college days, I remember a lot of different emotions. The first time away from home is an eye opener!

One of the hardest parts is leaving the comfort of your home and setting out to find your own way. I remember thinking I had spent 18 years curating my nursery and now I had to leave it behind.

It is not always easy to make a dorm or rental bedroom like your own room. With the rare opportunity to add paint or even your own furniture to a room, it can be difficult to truly feel at home.

My suggested solution? Fabulous fabrics and bedding, of course. With limited furniture and space, I found myself on my bed doing much more than just sleeping – this was where I studied, nibbled, and chatted with my roommate before bed. Whenever I help clients prepare for this particular step, I always try to encourage them to make this area as special as possible.

Finding bedding that is both luxurious and stylish is not always easy, especially in a twin size. It seems like everyone happens to run into the girl at the end of the hallway. One of our bedwomen, Jill, took the opportunity this year to send her daughter to college in style with a beautiful, bespoke bed linen look. She and her daughter visited our design library to look at fabrics and picked out some cute textiles in soft pinks and spring greens (two of my favorites!).

Pike Place-style market heading to well-liked Hill Nation vacation spot

A village market, borrowing elements from Seattle’s Pike Place Market and Waco’s Magnolia Market, moves to Fredericksburg’s Hill Country Hot Spot.

Known as Grand Central in Milam, the market is being developed on the 1.6 hectare former site of a Super S market. Austin-based St. Croix Capital Corp. develops the property at 206 N. Milam St.

“The idea is to provide customers and community members with a single location for multiple dining and shopping opportunities – coupled with unique areas to sit, relax and recharge your batteries,” said St. Croix Capital in a press release.

St. Croix Capital recently started remodeling and adaptive reuse of the Super S building, which has been vacant for more than a decade.

When completed, Grand Central in Milam will have nearly 16,000 square feet of retail space for eight concepts. There is already a market, a restaurant and a distillery as tenants.

“With a location just a three-minute walk from Main Street towards the most budget-friendly part of Fredericksburg, we know our concept is appealing to residents and visitors alike,” said Ken Satterlee, founder and chairman of St. Croix Capital . “That’s why we’ve studied other successful indoor / outdoor concepts and are working on transferring their best elements to Fredericksburg in an authentic way.”

Satterlee expects the outdoor common areas to be as appealing as the retailers. An enclosed garden with picnic tables, garden games, a fireplace, a small stage for performances and food stalls is planned. The outdoor area will be available for community organizations.

Grand Central in Milam is hosting a $ 8,500 cash art competition, with the winner receiving $ 5,000 and the opportunity to paint their mural on an outside wall of the project.

‘American Idol’ Prime three Are Revealed Heading Into the Finale (RECAP) | Leisure

The top 4 on american idol had one last chance to impress the audience and be voted into the final. Caleb Kennedy left the competition after an old video of him with someone who appeared to be wearing a Ku Klux Klan hood emerged.

The quartet opened the festivities by choosing a song inspired by their personal idol. This week the hopefuls were looked after by FINNEAS and later put together in pairs to perform two of his own creations. The Grammy-winning songwriter, producer, and artist also took the stage with Ashe on “Till Forever Falls Apart.” Idol 2019 winner Laine Hardy and Michael J. Woodard, 2018 alum, were in to follow the finalists’ current harvest.


In one (n idol First, the hopefuls went to the studio with top producers Tricky Stewart, Ross Copperman and Ian Fitchuk to record original singles, which they sang live on the show. Judge Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel RichiWe gave the up-and-coming talent good grades. Luke also showed how to do it with his latest hit “Waves”.

At the end of the night, Ryan Seacrest announced that Chayce Beckham, Grace Kinstler and Willie Spence would advance to the finals next week. Casey Bishop, a favorite, reached the end of her journey on the show.

Did America make the right decision? Let’s look at the highlights.

Casey Bishop

Casey tells FINNEAS how much his sister Billie Eilishs Music means to them. That’s why she chose Billie’s “I wish you were gay”, which FINNEAS wrote down, for the idol round. He was impressed with the 16 year old’s talent, especially at a young age. Luke felt her squash it and called it her best performance. Lionel said she now owns her person and killed her. Katy said she found her stardust and instant identity. Casey next sang her original “Love Me, Leave Me” and revisited her bedroom audition “Live Wire” by Mötley Crüe. Lionel was overwhelmed by their reach. Katy agreed and felt herself checking all the boxes. Luke rocked out.

Chayce Beckham

FINNEAS sensed Chayce’s tone and described him as serious. His advice to Chayce was to focus on the lyrics and the camera without letting the band overtake you. The 24-year-old played “Colder Weather” from Zac Brown Band for his personal idol song. Katy said the guitar suits him well and he was born on idol Stage. Luke values ​​his reality. Lionel wanted Chayce to know that people really like him. In the next round, Chris Stapleton played his original single “23” (number one in the country charts) and “You Should Maybe Leave”. Luke especially liked the production on the original. Lionel said he went through a complete transformation. Katy called him a rock star.

Grace Kinstler

FINNEAS liked to hear Grace’s voice. She picked the original idol winner Kelly Clarkson “A Moment Like This” as her personal idol song. The 20-year-old named Kelly an inspiration that didn’t fit into a certain shape. Lionel said there are many young women who just need them to tell them it’s okay to be themselves. Kelly thought it was a cool song choice and that it was very similar to Kelly Clarkson. Luke called her voice Vocal Pyro. Grace played her original single “Love Someone”, followed by Demi Lovato’s “Father”, which was dedicated to her late father. Luke felt that the demi song was made for her to sing, and the melody on the original. Lionel sees craftsmanship, star power and a bright future. Katy liked the original song and was touched by it.

Willie Spence

FINNEAS told Willie that he has one of the best voices he has ever heard. Willie’s personal idol song is “Glory” by John Legend. There was one LOL moment when FINNEAS said, “You know [John Legend] is on The voice“Willie replied,” I know, but I like this show more. “In the judge’s eyes, it turned out to be a good song choice. Katy felt like she was brought to church. Luke told Willie that he was literally using his voice to save people’s lives and get them out of dark places Lionel said he was so uplifting it gave him the chills and premiered his original “Never Be Alone” along with a cover of “I Was Here” from Beyoncé. Lionel said he was a giant with voice and presence. Katy said she has this connection and is stepping into his power. Luke said he was a teddy bear who would go into beast mode when the cameras are on so he can perform.

Idol duets

FINNEAS told Grace and Willie how he wrote the 2020 single “What They’ll Say About Us” as a tribute to the late Nick Cordero. The two powerhouses recognized the important importance. Casey and Chayce later took over “Break My Heart Again” from FINNEAS ‘2019 debut EP Blood harmony. FINNEAS mentioned that he heard a lot from Frank Sinatra during this time. Casey and Chayce undoubtedly finished the jam-packed show on a high note.

american idol Season finale, May 23, 8 / 7c, ABC

Federal stimulus cash heading to Danbury space ‘surprising’ however ‘welcome’

The federal stimulus package, which is slated to enter law this week and will provide more than $ 2.6 billion to Connecticut cities, is welcomed by leaders in the Danbury area, though some details, including how the funds will be spent are still unclear.

The US House of Representatives was ready on Wednesday to pass the American Rescue Plan bill, expected to be signed by President Joe Biden. In addition to helping towns and cities, the bill includes short-term reviews for many across the country, as well as funding for unemployment.

The funds for the local communities come as local leaders try to set their city budgets for the fiscal year. Many had spent funding on unexpected COVID-19 pandemic costs in the past year, including Bethel, which was spending an estimated $ 1 million on plastic barriers for the schools and community center, coupons for non-internet students, and part-time workers for staff at The COVID Vaccination Clinic, said First Selectman Matt Knickerbocker. The estimate does not necessarily take into account any deficits local cities had on the revenue side – due to permits, taxes, or other fees that the city charges.

Bethel officials are expecting $ 9.89 million for the city and schools between the package, which is expected to be approved on Tuesday, and a package, which will be approved in December and linked to the pandemic.

“I was thrilled to see recognition that this pandemic, while affecting the federal government, has also severely disrupted state and local funding,” he said. “We had to redirect resources to do other things as well.”

In Danbury, the city is getting roughly $ 71 million from this stimulus package and from last year. Mayor Joe Cavo said the funds were “unexpected and would certainly be welcome here”.

“I spoke to [city Director of Finance] David St. Hilaire on the money and the share the school gets, and I’m fiscal conservative when it comes to money, ”said Cavo. “We want to make sure we don’t go on a shopping spree that brings us to a money cliff that an administration falls from four years later.”

In Newtown, the combined money from the December package and the American rescue plan is expected to be $ 10 million – of which $ 1.9 million is earmarked for schools.

The city’s chief financial officer said his office was awaiting clarification from Washington, DC

“We heard a few different numbers,” said Robert Tait, Newtown’s finance director. “We have not yet received any instructions on how to output it.”

Newtown will be better able to plan once the government releases guidelines, Tait said

Lots of guidelines

With the bill not officially approved by Tuesday, the guidelines for spending remain unclear. Most guides waited to see how to spend it.

“Surely this money” will “come with a lot of federal guidelines that we can’t use on debt or pension obligations, so we’ll have to see how best to use it when it finally comes in,” said Cavo.

“I will definitely encourage the school board to do the same,” added Cavo. “You will have college expenses in a few years, and I would like to see you use that money for a one-off expense.”

Cavo will endeavor to support local businesses and other groups whenever possible.

In New Milford, schools are expected to receive approximately $ 11 million in grants, while the city is expected to receive approximately $ 7.9 million for a total of $ 18.9 million.

New Milford, expected to receive nearly $ 19 million from the federal government through two stimulus programs, is “grateful for the additional funding,” said Mayor Pete Bass. He intends to use the funds for one-off purposes, including the capital improvement budget.

One of the city’s main projects is to improve and update the city’s infrastructure. That could mean using the funds to build school roofs and work on some of the city’s 60+ bridges. After the incentive is complete, the mayor plans to sit down with various department heads to discuss which projects should have priority. These plans are then submitted to the city council and tax authorities for approval.

Bass said the additional funding would reduce the impact of future tax increases.

Although the city hadn’t yet made plans for the state funding, Bass said the increase “would definitely be welcome to help us get back on some of the projects that are urgently needed here in New Milford.”

“I think people are taking a wait and see attitude,” he said. “I know we’re just waiting on the city side to see if it comes to fruition.”

New Fairfield will receive $ 7.97 million between the two packages, with the amounts roughly split between the city and schools.

“I think there has been a financial impact on the city,” said First Selectwoman Pat Del Monaco. “That’s an appropriate number and we are grateful for that number.”

New Fairfield may use the money on some items of capital but is waiting for guidance from the federal government before deciding how the city would spend the funds.

“Without federal guidance, I don’t want to try to guess what we could possibly use that for,” said Del Monaco.

The Connecticut Conference of Municipalities – a non-partisan organization that supports cities – told leaders on a morning Zoom appeal that the money could likely be spent on lost revenue, unbudgeted COVID-19 spending, and some capital and infrastructure costs, it said Del Monaco.

If allowed, Bethel can provide grants to local companies or sponsored children who suffer from poor socialization to go to summer camps, Knickerbocker said.

“I base plans on the assumption that these funds will be as flexible as possible,” he said.

In Brookfield, First Selectman Steve Dunn said the city and schools would definitely be able to use the federal funds, but they are waiting to see the rules and regulations before deciding which projects to tackle.

“We have a general idea, but not enough to say that this is the case, it is not,” he said. “I need to know what I can use it for first.”

In Dunn there were “literally dozens of things” that the city used the funds for.

“The devil is in the details,” he said of the rules and regulations that govern how that money is used.