Borsalino appears to be like forward with cool bucket hats, baseball caps | Leisure

“The hat is no longer a tool to cover yourself but to discover yourself,” he told The Associated Press.

The company, which restarted three years ago, was in the process of increasing production from 150,000 hats a year to a goal of half a million when the pandemic broke out.

“To be honest, it is such a small company that it is very easy to respond,” said Santucci, who is also the current president of the Italian Buyers’ Association. “The smaller you are, the more reactive and faster you are.”

Beyond new styles, this means getting people to talk. Santucci, who was Gucci CEO during the Tom Ford era, created a new film for this season with Milanese women choosing hats that matched their style and striding through the center of the city. Last season’s film featured dancers from Alessandria, the location of the original Borsalino factory, dancing through the factory floor.

“I firmly believe that fashion is becoming more and more a topic of discussion,” said Santucci.

New social media platforms like Clubhouse offer people the opportunity to form a limited and select group to discuss relevant topics. Santucci said this was key during the isolation caused by the pandemic.

He has also worked with clothing brands like Borsalino X Valentino.