Expensive Annie: Our good friend is deep in debt, requested us for cash and hasn’t instructed her husband. What ought to we do?

Dear Annie: My wife and I are in a pickle. We are friends with another couple, “Josh” and “Vanessa”. Vanessa happens to be a teacher at our children’s school. One day I picked up my offspring and started chatting with them. I noticed that she was sad and asked her about it. Then the locks opened.

She started telling me about how she ran up credit card debt and she said Josh didn’t know about it. Josh is under a lot of stress and she doesn’t want to tell him. I comforted her and asked how much, thinking maybe a few hundred dollars.

You: “17.”

Me: “A thousand?”

You: (nods slowly)

I lied and told her it was okay. I also told her to tell Josh. She agreed and said she plans to do it next month after he hits a deadline on the job. Then she asked if my wife and I would loan her $ 500 for the time being so that she could pay the minimum. I told her we would talk about it.

So now we have two questions. Shall we give her the money first? Second, should we ever tell Josh sometime? If we told him, Vanessa would hate us. But otherwise Josh would hate us after he finally found out. What would you do? – couple in a riddle

Dear couple: put this one off.

Don’t give Vanessa the money. This would only enable her to maintain her spending addiction.

Don’t talk to Josh. Let Vanessa be the one to tell him. She’ll have to do it soon anyway if you don’t loan her the credit card minimum.

I know you want to help, but defend yourself. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions and has an expressway for people who get right in the middle of their friends’ relationship problems.

Dear Annie, backseat drivers are an absolute nuisance to me. I’ve been driving a car for 20 years and have never had an accident except once when my side mirror hit a mailbox and I never had a ticket except once in New York State.

I am not an aggressive driver. I keep people in my lane. I’m not trying to drive fast, but I’m busy (and often late) trying to keep up with the other cars around me.

But the way some friends react when they’re in my car, you might think I’m Danica Patrick. And my husband is the worst. He keeps making comments: “Stop dragging.” “Slow down.” “You’re driving really fast.” And when he’s not voicing his thoughts, I can see him preparing for the impact by grabbing the handle over the car door.

The constant feedback from people about my driving gets on my nerves. How can I give them the confidence to enjoy the ride when I’m behind the wheel? — Makes me mad

Dear Car Driving: Well you can start by being a better driver because I doubt anyone who drives your car is overreacting. They’re sending your passengers into survival mode and they’ll burst out in self-defense and not pick on you.

Consider signing up for a defensive adult driving lesson. Many insurance companies even offer discounts for attending such courses.

At the very least, I suggest that you reconsider the basics of Driver ED: adjust your mirrors (while the car is still parked) to avoid blind spots; Leave a length of car in front of you for every 10 mph, etc. And get out early so you are not in such a rush to get seats.

The backseat drivers like to hand over their keys, so to speak, when they see that you can get them to safety.

Dear readers, today’s column originally ran in 2016.

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Moderna says it hasn’t discovered a hyperlink between its shot and coronary heart irritation

A healthcare worker stops during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) in New York on Jan.

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Modern has found no link between its Covid-19 vaccine and rare heart inflammation cases reported in young people who received the vaccination, the company said on Friday.

The Massachusetts-based biotech said it reached the conclusion after “carefully reviewing the safety data previously available for the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine for cases of myocarditis and / or pericarditis”.

“The company will continue to monitor these reports closely and is actively working with public health and regulators to further evaluate this issue,” said a statement.

A spokesman for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A CDC advisory panel is holding an emergency meeting on June 18 to resolve rare but unexpectedly high levels Reports of inflammation of the heart in 16 to 24 year olds after receiving the second dose of Pfizer‘s or Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccines.

A CDC official said Thursday that by May 31, the agency had received reports of 275 cases of myocarditis or pericarditis in this age group, up from the 10 to 102 expected cases. The condition includes inflammation of the heart muscle or the lining around it.

“We clearly have an imbalance,” said Dr. Tom Shimabukuro of the CDC’s Immunization Safety Office on Thursday at a meeting of the FDA’s Advisory Committee on Vaccines and Related Biological Products. The group met to discuss safety issues related to the use of Covid-19 Vaccinations for children from 6 months.

The CDC’s vaccine safety group said last month it is studying heart infections in “relatively few” people who have received Covid vaccinations. Officials say they still don’t know if the condition is really related to the vaccines.

Some of the reported cases could be something other than myocarditis or pericarditis upon further investigation, Shimabukuro said Thursday.

Men make up the majority of reported cases and most cases appear to be mild, officials say. Of the 270 people who developed the disease and were discharged, 81% made a full recovery, according to a CDC presentation at Thursday’s meeting. By May 31, 15 people had been hospitalized, three of them in intensive care, the agency said.

Although no link has been found between the vaccines and the disease, health experts say side effects occur rarely once a vaccine or drug is administered to the general population. The US has distributed millions of Covid vaccines which have helped contain new cases and hospital stays across the country.

U.S. officers say China hasn’t been ‘fully clear’ in Covid probe

During the visit of the World Health Organization (WHO) team tasked with investigating the causes of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, on February 3, 2021, security guards will be on guard in front of the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Thomas Peter | Reuters

White House officials told reporters Tuesday that China has not been “fully transparent” in its global investigation into China’s origins Covid-19and that a full study is needed to determine if the virus that has killed nearly 3.5 million people came from nature or a laboratory.

“We have to get to the bottom of whatever the answer,” Andy Slavitt, senior advisor to Covid-19 at the White House, told reporters at a briefing in Covid on Tuesday. “We need a completely transparent process from China, we need that [World Health Organization] to help on this matter, and we don’t feel like we have it now. “

The theory that Covid-19 escaped the Wuhan Institute of Virology was initially dismissed as a conspiracy theory by most medical experts and health officials, but credible scientists continue to question the true origin of the disease.

Members of the World Health Organization (WHO) team investigating the causes of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic leave the Jade Hotel on a bus after completing their quarantine in Wuhan, China’s central Hubei Province, on Jan. 28, 2021.


A previously unpublished US intelligence report found that researchers at the institute in Wuhan, where the outbreak began in late 2019, were seeking hospital care for an illness “with symptoms consistent with both Covid-19 and common seasonal illnesses.” . The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday, quoted from the report.

While it is more likely that the coronavirus jumped from animal to human, “we don’t know 100% the answer to that,” said White House chief medical officer Dr. Anthony Fauci, reporters at the same briefing on Tuesday. “We absolutely need to conduct an investigation.”

Last week director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Dr. Rochelle Walensky confirmed that there is “a possibility” that Covid-19 leaked from a laboratory.

Peter Ben Embarek and Marion Koopmans (R) come to a press conference on February 9, 2021 to conclude a visit by an international team of experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) to the city of Wuhan in the Chinese province of Hefei.


WHO has said the virus likely came from an animal host, but the agency hasn’t ruled out that it leaked from a laboratory.

“Some questions have been raised as to whether some hypotheses have been rejected,” said WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. “I want to make it clear that all hypotheses remain open and require further investigation.”

Alvin Kamara says he hasn’t spent any of his soccer cash

Getty Images

Like long-time NFL tight end Rob Gronkowski, four year veteran runs back Alvin Kamara found a way to pay his bills without touching his football money.

Kamara appeared on Uninterrupted’s Kneading Dough series and said he did none of the money spent yet He deserves to play professional football.

“I got my signing bonus and I went and got some wings and thought, ‘Man, I’m not spending any of this money. ‘. . . I still haven’t spent $ 1 of my football money – new money or rookie contract money, ”Kamara said of Bleacher Report.

A player like Kamara who makes money on advertising contracts can live on that revenue while transferring the football money. The challenge then is to get the football money to a place where it can earn good interest but the client remains safe.

It’s a good lesson for anyone who suddenly has a lot of money. It is very tempting to have a number of large expenditures. It is wise to save as much of it as possible, protect it, and invest it wisely and prudently.

Dominick Cruz’s Fashion “Hasn’t Modified A lot” In Final 5 to 10 Years

Las Vegas, NV – Your next fight is always your biggest, as the saying goes. But at UFC 259 on Saturday night, Casey Kenney’s next fight is really his biggest.

That’s because it goes against former bantamweight champion and future Hall of Famer Dominick Cruz.

Kenney (16-2-1) is the aspiring junior player. But after 3-1 in 2020 and three wins in a row, he has the chance of his life on Saturday evening. The chance to break into the mainstream and land yourself in the top 15 of the stacked bantamweight division for sure.

“Sometimes when an opportunity presents itself, you have to seize it, and I think I did in 2020,” Kenney said during UFC 259 media day. “So here we are.”

Much has been made over the years about Cruz’s unique fighting style and absolutely superb footwork. Even his Campaigners have taken note. Kenny agrees that Cruz is unique – but maybe a little less these days.

“Every fighter I prepare for prepares me first. Sharpen everything I have and everything I have worked for and what I am working towards. At that level, of course, we have to take into account the fact that people like Dominick Cruz are a little bit unique, “said Kenny. “I think it was very unique 5, 10 years ago, but guys who change their attitudes, do their footwork, all that stuff – that’s something I’ve seen most of my career.”

With that in mind, the road to victory for Kenney may have been laid by Cruz’s final opponent, Henry Cejudo. Cejudo had great success with kicks at the beginning. “Dominick, he didn’t look much different in his last few fights. Like the Garbrandt, the Cejudo, the Dillashaw [fights]It looks like the same guy compared to you 5 to 10 years ago, “noted Kenney. “Obviously he has a high Combat IQ. I might expect a few curveballs too. But Dominick has his style and not much has changed in the last 5-10 years. “

Casey Kenney will face Dominick Cruz at UFC 259 this Saturday, March 6th at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada.