Laborious Cash Lenders Arizona Now Providing Promote & Keep Choices To Help Throughout Time Of Want

PHOENIX, August 3, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Hard Money Lenders Arizona continues efforts to provide access to real estate and financial services for their Arizona clients. In an effort to provide more offers and support, Hard Money Lenders Arizona is expanding their programs to offer Arizona residents options to sell and stay in homes as they may face short term funding problems. These new programs are designed for homeowners seeking access to their home equity while having the flexibility to buy back their home at a later agreed date.

Given the combination of the economic impact of COVID-19 and soaring house prices, millions of Americans are real estate rich and cash poor. As a result of the recent credit crunch, lenders have strict policies that keep many homeowners from applying for refinance and equity lines. With no viable alternative options, many Arizona Homeowners are being forced to sell their homes and move. In response to this new and unique challenge many Arizonans faced, and as a trusted lender in the Valley for over 30 years, Hard Money Lenders Arizona decided to introduce several sell and stay options that will help people stay in their homes while they get the money they need now.

The company was built on the foundation and mindset that just because a person may not have traditional documents such as proof of work and high credit does not mean they should not be able to obtain credit or financing on all real estate Purposes. All of the specialists employed at Hard Money Lenders Arizona have mastered this mentality in a quick and efficient manner, providing clients with a wealth of knowledge about loan and home purchase programs.

For more information on Hard Money Lenders loan programs, please visit

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Boston Beer CEO acknowledges Q2 arduous seltzer gross sales miss – ‘we don’t look very good’

Boston beer CEO David Burwick said Friday the company was surprised by the Truly Hard Seltzer sales disappointing in the second quartersaid CNBC in an interview that management doesn’t “look very smart” according to its previous forecast.

“The trade-off between buying grocery and liquor stores and consuming it at home in bars during this time, especially since the summer hit really hit us,” Burwick said “Closing bell.” “And to be honest, it hit us hard and fast. … We don’t look very smart if we miss these instructions. “

Boston Beer shares plunged Friday to close 26% at $ 701 apiece as Wall Street reacted negatively to the company’s worse-than-expected quarterly results Thursday night. Boston Beer reported earnings per share of $ 4.75 on sales of $ 603 million, while analysts surveyed by Refinitiv reported earnings per share of $ 6.69 and sales of $ 658 million. Dollars were looking for. The lower than expected demand for Truly was a major reason for the loss of profits.

Goldman Sachs said in a message to his customers Thursday that the decline in the second quarter raised questions about the company’s long-term growth plans and its ability to correctly predict its results, although the hard-seltzer category was expected to follow theirs glowing growth in recent years. Analyst Bonnie Herzog downgraded the stock from Buy to neutral.

Boston Beer owns brands like Samuel Adams, Twisted Tea, Truly Hard Seltzer, Angry Orchard Hard Cider, and other local craft beer brands.

Burwick said the company felt “very confident” in the tough seltzer category through mid-May and Memorial Day, with the unexpected slump not becoming apparent until later and in June when further Covid-related restrictions were eased.

“One of the things that is going on here, different from the March-April period, is that the country opens in May and people go to bars and restaurants. Hard Seltzer is not that well developed in these channels.” yet, “said Burwick, adding,” It will be and it will arrive. “

However, the company made no advance notice to alert investors and analysts to worrying sales developments that the executive said could be a point “for us to learn in the future.”

Despite the poor numbers for the second quarter, Burwick believes hard seltzer is a category that will continue to grow – even if the category has certainly slowed from its old triple-digit growth rate.

He believes the fall of the Hard Selters is actually a “positive sign of reopening” as people move from grocery stores to bars, preferring draft beer to Selters.

“We’re going to win a stake. The question is where the category goes. And you know, if someone out there can give a better feel for it, we’re all ears but we can’t control it,” said Burwick, who has been since 2018 President and CEO of the company and on the Board of Directors since 2005.

Boston Beer’s Truly Hard Selters and Twisted Tea brands remain the two fastest growing brands in the hard seltzer category, Burwick said. He also said the company expects the category to consolidate in the future after many new brands have entered, which would help Truly.

Overall, the company’s revenue increased 33% year over year in the second quarter.

“I don’t think there is another listed beverage manufacturer [alcoholic] or not alc, that’s close to that kind of top-line growth, “said Burwick.” We’re running the business long term and it’s obviously not a good day for investors, but we’ll be back, “he added.” In fact, we’re nowhere going with the same Gone company that we were two days ago. We are just as confident about our future. “

MotoGP, Taramasso: “Do the riders like exhausting tires? Extra leisure within the race.”

Michelin arrived at Assen with doubts about the new asphalt as they were unable to test it. But it went even better than expected as the track’s great grip enabled all the mixes to work optimally, so much so that manager Piero Taramasso I didn’t expect that many drivers would choose the hard tire.

“Yesterday, during FP4, I said that I was surprised to see so many riders trying the hard rear tire and that I didn’t think they would choose it for the race. The reason is simple. Soft and Medium performed well with no wear issues. The drivers often prefer aggressive decisions so we thought they would orient themselves by these“, Piero explained to us.

Instead, many drivers seem to prefer the hard tire.

Even the tough ones showed it worked well. It works on the bikes that need more stability“, Taramasso continued. “After all, we have been saying since the beginning of the weekend that thanks to the new asphalt, all the tires are working well. You can race with all options. I think we’ll see several opportunities during the race. It’s no surprise that the hard tire can be a good choice for the race. Fifteen drivers chose this mixture for the GP two years ago. We know it works well. “

This is not the first time that a less attractive tire on paper has proven to be the right choice for some drivers

I was surprised here as I was in Barcelona when Oliveira took the hard front and then won the race. This is all good news for us. The more specific these seem, the better it is for entertainment, because you can see different strategies,” he concluded.

Laborious seltzer’s reputation propels the rise of the canned cocktail

This summer’s hottest cocktail comes in a can.

Between 2019 and 2020, the premixed cocktails category in the US grew by 50%, according to industry tracker IWSR. The segment is still relatively small, accounting for only 3% of US spirits volume, based on data from the United States Distilled Spirits Council. However, companies and industry experts expect enormous growth after the pandemic boom. Bank of America Securities predicts the category will generate revenue of $ 3 billion to $ 4 billion over the next few years.

The rise of the tough seltzer has fueled the growing popularity of canned cocktails. Ready-to-drink vodka sodas or gin and tonics appealed to consumers looking for a stronger flavor or a more alcoholic beverage, and the category has expanded with greater variety.

Canned cocktails, like Hard Seltzer, appeal to consumers who choose their alcoholic beverages based on convenience and taste. However, ready-to-drink cocktails are usually of higher quality because their base is made from real spirits, not the sugar or malt found in hard seltzer or lemonade. A six-pack of hard seltzer usually brings back about $ 10 for consumers, which is also the starting price of a four-pack of canned cocktails.

Canned cocktails can also be harder to find outside of liquor stores, as states regulate them differently than flavored malt beverages.

In a March report to customers, Bank of America’s beverage analysts chose Anheuser-Busch InBev and Diageo as two companies that will emerge as key players. Currently, some of the standout brands are E. & J. Gallos High Noon, Monaco, AB InBevs and Cutwater Spirits Beam Suntory’s According to analysts on the rocks.

Alcohol giant AB InBev entered the segment in 2019 by purchasing Cutwater, a San Diego-based craft distillery. Cutwater is the second best canned cocktail brand in US dollar sales, accounting for 10% of the ready-to-drink cocktail segment based on IRI data for the 13 weeks ended May 9th.

For the Budweiser brewer, the acquisition was an opportunity to enter new categories, as beer consumption has declined in recent years. Fabricio Zonzini, president of the company beyond the beer division, said that his division’s first priority is ready-to-drink beverages.

“I think Covid was a propeller for ready-to-drink products because it brought the convenience of the bar to your home,” he said. “And we’ve seen that growth. Thank goodness we had Cutwater.”

In addition to Cutwater, AB InBev has also partnered with a Canadian distiller for Nutrl, a line of vodka beverages. Zonzini said the company will be testing the beverages in the U.S. to appeal to consumers who want a lighter, more refreshing cocktail, similar to the taste profile of a hard seltzer. Last year the company released flavored vodka under its Natural Light brand, which could mean the brewer will get canned vodka cocktails from the brewer if the liquor sells well.

“When we see the results, if it connects the way we believe it will open another door,” said Zonzini.

Johnnie Walker owner Diageo is now making its own push into the segment. In April it bought Loyal 9, which mixes vodka and lemonade in a can. Before the purchase, the company had already launched cocktail offshoots from Crown Royal, Ketel One Botanical and Tanqueray.

“The category did really well. It’s the fastest growing part of [total beverage alcohol] and just accelerates quickly, “said Jay Sethi, senior vice president of North American convenience food for Diageo.

Sethi said consumers are starting to look for more premium canned cocktails, which means they are ready to spend more too.

It’s not just the alcohol giants who want to capitalize on the growth of canned cocktails. Smaller upstarts like the Cardinal Spirits craft distillery have also released versions.

Zing Zang, who has cult following for his Bloody Mary blend, launched its first line of canned cocktails in the alcoholic beverage market last year. The move took several years as he perfected the recipes and found vendors who could easily carry alcohol, but the drinks have been good so far, according to CEO Brent Albertson.

Albertson, who spent three decades at Diageo before joining Zing Zang, said the company’s market research found that 25- to 37-year-olds were the target market for the beverages.

“You don’t drink it to get drunk,” said Albertson. “They want to do it on boats, on golf courses. They want that convenience and portability.”

Even if consumers return to their favorite bars, the canned cocktail trend cannot be expected to wear off. Brandy Rand, chief operating officer for America at IWSR Drinks Market Analysis, said she expects more ready-to-drink beverages to appear on the menu.

“Consumers like them and offer local operators a viable option when faced with capacity and staffing issues, tighter margins and leaner menus,” said Rand. “Canned cocktails are also a great option for Take away beverages in states where legal. “

’90 Day Fiancé: Fortunately Ever After?’: Dangerous Information Hits Onerous (RECAP) | Leisure Information

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Season 6, Episode 3 “Forgiving Is Not Forgetting.”]

It’s been a rough week for the 90-day fiancé: Happily Ever After? Pairs, one that some leaves on shaky ground.

Brandon and Julia’s interview with Immigration does not go as planned, while Angela and Michael still disagree about their operations. Plus, Andrei will likely never get along with Elizabeth’s family. But who plans life without her husband (just in case)? Read on to find out what drama happened in the third episode of season 6.

Elizabeth and Andrei

As you will recall, Elizabeth’s family reunion didn’t go well over her husband Andrei’s entry into the family business – and there’s little chance he will sit down with her brother Charlie. (Andrei hasn’t forgotten Charlie’s toast, which he says ruined their second wedding anniversary, especially since the other man didn’t apologize.)

It’s pretty much going as expected, although we think things could have gotten worse since they met in a brewery of all places. Charlie admits that he indulged in too much vodka at the wedding and expressed his feelings at the wrong time, but he only feels bad when he’s disrespectful to Elizabeth, not Andrei. As for working in the family business, Andrei believes he can only work with Chuck, while Charlie says his father told him to show his brother-in-law the ropes. The only thing they can agree on is that both of them are involved in making money. The hatchet isn’t exactly buried.

Jovi and Yara

Jovi and Yara get used to parenting a four-year-old baby, and that means choosing the right diapers and buying fruit and vegetables (“I have lemonade,” he says, “it’s like fruit”). Another problem: he feels that his opinion needs to be taken into account while she thinks he is going to do stupid things. His mother Gwen comes over to help (and insists that her daughter has to be in a blanket, not one), and Yara doesn’t want her to tell her what to do.

This could become a problem if Jovi has to go to work in Guyana for two months and Yara cannot go home as planned to visit her family in Ukraine due to COVID and a lack of documentation. Gwen might be the only help Yara will have.

Angela and Michael

The evening before Angela’s weight loss surgery, her good friend JoJo comes to her hotel. She will be there to support her after the surgery and serve as another person telling her to stop smoking. (Angela doesn’t; she even smokes a cigarette the morning of the procedure.)


What JoJo won’t do is talk to Michael about the breast reduction that Angela will do for her friend. Angela’s husband is not happy as she expected, but she knows that the risk of this second operation depends on the size of her breasts. She worries about what this will mean for their relationship, and she isn’t the only one.

Michael worries that other men will notice Angela’s new body after talking to his brother Yekini after the operation. If Michael can’t trust his wife, they shouldn’t be married, says Yekini.

On the way to her appointment, Angela calls her clairvoyant, who appeases her fears with a reading – and also tells her not to smoke. But she only feels better for so long; When she tries to reach her family, no one answers. And given the risks she faces in the surgeries, she’s upset that she can’t talk to them before she goes down.


Kalani and Asuelu

Kalani’s sister Kolini comes and sees the “new” Asuelu. He tries to get along with his wife’s family and leave the past (like his and Kolini’s previously explosive confrontation) behind. But Kolini worries that he will come off a little wrong, and she’s not the only one. Kalani shares her concerns with her sister, but she tries to give her husband the benefit of the doubt.

It only gets worse when Kolini finds out they are planning to buy a house. Sure, it might help if they have their own space – he’s uncomfortable living with Kalani’s family – but she suggests they look into six-month leases. What if they don’t stay together? Asuelu doesn’t even want to hear about the possibility of a divorce. Kalani tells him that she’s good at moving out and having a space of her own when he’s really changed, but they won’t work if that isn’t the case.

Brandon and Julia

Brandon and Julia are preparing for what they hope to take as the final step in getting their green card: an interview. (She hasn’t quite let go of her dream of living in Las Vegas, either; she really hates the farm.) What he didn’t tell her is that she should have records that prove she lives with him, as her name is on a bill, but they don’t. Things get tense when she wonders if he’ll be coming to Russia with her if she doesn’t get her green card and he is reluctant to take that step.

90 days fiance happy until after Brandon Julia


After the interview, they reveal that their application was not approved. It wasn’t denied either. There is a new document they may need, although the immigration officer doesn’t even know what it is. You will know in two weeks whether your application has been approved or whether you need to provide additional evidence.

Tiffany and Ronald

After this Cancellation of tickets for you and your children To visit Ronald in South Africa, Tiffany used the money on bail at her home so they could move out of her mother’s house. Fed up with putting him first and focused on her own happiness.

And if you ask her mother, Maggie, Tiffany won’t find that in her husband. That’s okay, she says to her daughter. Sometimes people are not meant to be. Tiffany refuses to give up yet, but having her own place gives her a backup plan. Will she need it?

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After ?, Sundays, 8 / 7c, TLC (Fridays before premiere, Discovery +)

815 Leisure to buy Giovanni’s for non permanent Exhausting Rock On line casino web site

ROCKFORD (WREX) – 815 Entertainment, the group bringing a Hard Rock Casino to Rockford, will acquire the restaurant and convention center from Giovanni to renovate the space for a temporary casino location once approved.

Last week, the Illinois Gaming Board turned down an application to license a casino operator after Giovanni tried to withdraw his application a few days earlier. Under the Illinois Gaming Law, applicants cannot withdraw without the consent of the ITUC.

Illinois Gaming Board administrator Marcus Fruchter said employees recommended denying the supplier’s license “based on behaviors and associations that compromise the integrity of gambling and discredit or tend to discredit the state and gambling in Illinois, discredit it. ” However, Administrator Fructher did not elaborate on this at Wednesday’s meeting.

The rejection sparked a clause in the rental and ownership agreements that would allow 815 Entertainment to acquire Castrogiovannis’s ownership and interest in the company, Terence Dunleavy, attorney for the company, told 13 WREX media partners at the Rockford Register Star. 13 WREX asked Dunleavy for comment, but we haven’t heard from it. Details of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Dunleavy informs the Register Star that this will not affect the timeline of the casino process.

“We are aware that the current owners of the temporary casino website will sell the site to existing investors. We don’t think this change of ownership will slow down the casino process, “Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara said in a statement to 13 WREX.

In February, the Illinois Gaming Board unanimously approved a preliminary suitability study for the Hard Rock Casino, an important step in the process.

If approved by the gaming board, there are plans to open a temporary casino at Giovanni’s with 736 slot machines, a snack bar, a casino bar, and a legacy restaurant that already exists. Plans released by Hard Rock indicate that it will be open for 18 to 24 months while construction of the Hard Rock Casino is underway.

The owner, Joe Castrogiovanni, says he will work with Hard Rock on the project after deciding to remove himself and his wife from the casino licensing process.

“I have decided to remove myself and my wife from the IGB licensing process and work with the Hard Rock staff to make the project easier. I know they will offer a wonderful product for future employees and customers. The Rockford City deserves nothing But the best, and we will continue to be proud to support this project and everything it brings to our region. “- Joe Castrogiovanni, Owner / Giovanni

Brooke Shields: My fame made college arduous | Leisure

Brooke Shields had to win over her classmates because of her career in Hollywood.

The 55-year-old actress was only 12 when her groundbreaking lead role in “Pretty Baby” hit the big screen in 1978 while she starred in “The Blue Lagoon” just two years later, and her dazzling teenage life meant other kids took some time to warm up.

As she appeared on the Tea With Twiggy podcast, she said, “Ninth grade was tough, just as it was tough being a freshman … I went to high school and had just done Blue Lagoon or something They weren’t afraid to get up at lunch when I sat down in unison to move around en masse … Then they get bored when they’re difficult or caring.

“Then we started studying together, or if I did well on a test, I showed them that I didn’t get any special treatment.”

She revealed how the turning point came when her mother, Tina Shields, threw a “whole class” roller skating party, which was a wake-up call for the other kids.

She explained, “The kids I thought were so cool, but what they saw when we were at this event was how much I had to work.

“So they all dance and I have to take pictures and do soundbites.

“And then I got to dance with them, but I think they saw that I wasn’t stuck. I didn’t think I was better than them.”

“And then I had to do this math test on Monday. It evened out!”

Meanwhile, Shields has also pointed out the difference between her personal life with actress and model mom Tina and her father Francis, who was a businessman.

The couple split when Brooke was only five months old, but she said, “So I had this seemingly fabulous life with my mother, but it was a whole different world with my father.

“My dad never saw my films, he didn’t see anything I did, they didn’t acknowledge that I was an actress or that I was famous or anything.

“It sounds tough, but it actually balanced everything.”

Cornershot: Classes of onerous work discovered early | Leisure

Ann Hale’s story of her late friend picking suckers from tomato plants [Cornershot, Jan. 29] reminded me of my own experiences with them.

My grandfather grew tomatoes, sweetcorn, and cucumbers to supply merchandise stalls in Montgomery County, Maryland. My job was to cut the suction cups, and last summer when I worked for him in 1964 he had 1,000 plants in four rows of 250 each, all in 5 foot wire cages. When I got through it all, it was time to start over.

I turned 14 the next March and was able to get a work permit. That summer I got a job at an Esso station pumping gas, washing windshields, checking oil and tire pressures when we really had gas stations.

I still have the original social security card that I was asked to get, with my name and address entered on a manual typewriter. Every time I see it it reminds me of those long hot summer days when I bent down to cut suckers and get the green juice on my hands until they looked like a monster’s.

Like Ann’s friend Kathie, I’ve learned that I can do hard things.

– Bill Bestpitch, a reader in Roanoke

Do you have an interesting story or observation to share? Write it in less than 200 words, include your name and place of residence, and email it to Your CornerShot may appear in an extra area in the future.

Capitol – Your Illinois Information Radar » Kelly needs to know why 1,000,000 {dollars} in DPI’s federal laborious cash was transformed into gentle cash

* Letter to the members of the DPI Central Committee …

February 25, 2021

Members of the committee:

In my conversations with all of you, I have emphasized transparency, inclusiveness and accountability. These are our common values, and so the first thing I would ask for is a full financial audit of the Illinois Democratic Party. Our statutes stipulate that the chairman “can request an annual audit of the Central Committee’s funds by an auditor and provide the members of the Central Committee with complete annual accounts with income and expenses”. Rules of the Central Committee of the Democratic State, Art. VI.22 (“Annual Accounts”). I’ll make sure we do that – and more.

In that regard, I just noticed that our Illinois Democratic Party (DPI) transferred $ 2,000,000 from our federal and non-federal accounts ($ 1,000,000 each) to the Democratic Majority on February 19, 2021. On February 22, 2021, the Democratic majority returned $ 2,000,000 to DPI.

Upon initial review, it appears that $ 1,000,000 from the DPI federal account – “hard” money collected under stricter, lower contribution amounts – has now been converted into “soft” non-federal dollars after being transferred back from The Majority.

If so, it raises serious questions about why DPI would have turned more difficult to obtain funds into government funds. Whatever the answer, I promise you, if I am lucky enough to be elected chairman, I will keep members of the state central committee informed of the party’s financial decisions – especially decisions of this magnitude.

Please do not hesitate to contact me on this or any other topic. I want the Illinois Democratic Party to be inclusive, transparent, and a place where we share ideas and information.

With best regards,
Rep. Robin Kelly (IL-2)
& State Central Committeewoman

There were some strange broadcasts that took place before Speaker Welch took over the democratic majority. I asked for an explanation.

9-year-old boy learns exhausting lesson after elevating cash for Tremendous Bowl journey to see Chiefs

by: Sherae Honeycutt,

Posted: Jan 30, 2021/11:35 AM EST
Updated: Jan 30, 2021 / 11:35 am EST

KANSAS CITY, Mon. (WDAF) – We all want to go to the Super Bowl, right? A 9 year old saved up all year but learned the hard way that it wasn’t going to happen.

Kobe Eyerly is a huge fan of the Kansas City Chiefs. He said he had loved the team all his life. It is something that the whole family enjoys together. Kobe and his father, Gabe Eyerly, watch the Chiefs together every week and always participate.

“We do this together every week and it’s our thing,” said his father Gabe.

Gabe Eyerly hailed from the Kansas City subway and now lives in Utah. However, he never lost his love for the chiefs and conveyed this to his children. His wife, Leslie Eyerly, said this was a big part of their family tradition.

This could be the most expensive Super Bowl ever, with ticket prices rising

When the Chiefs won the AFC Championship on Sunday, Gabe and Leslie said they spoke to their family about the Super Bowl while their kids partied. They talked about how expensive the tickets to the game were because of the pandemic. Prices started at $ 10,000 each.

The couple said they looked at the couch and saw 9-year-old Kobe tearfully.

“I looked over and saw him just crying,” said Leslie.

Kobe’s parents knew he had saved his money. Leslie usually said he’d spend it as soon as he got it, but this year he’d put it down and didn’t tell them what he’d been saving for.

“I was saving to get my dad to the Super Bowl,” said Kobe.

NFL offers cardboard seating for a fraction of the price of Super Bowl tickets

“He was really struggling to decide what to spend that money on and I didn’t know he planned it,” said Leslie.

With tears in his eyes, he told his father to take the $ 50 he earned to Tampa.

“I just choked on the idea. You know how my wife said it’s kind of funny. It’s a 9 year old idea of ​​what money is, isn’t it? “Said Gabe.

His parents had to tell him that hard work will help you achieve your goals, but sometimes even the things you want most are out of reach.

“How real is a 9 year old’s heart, right?” Said Gabe. “Understanding money is one thing, but in his world it was all money he had and being willing to do so is very special.”

How much does it cost to go to Super Bowl LV in Tampa to cheer on the Chiefs?

Now the family is talking about what is realistic and how Kobe can use his money for his favorite team. They plan to visit Kansas City this fall to see a regular season game by the Chiefs. Kobe said he’ll keep saving for the trip this year.

“It would be amazing to only see these players in real life,” said Kobe.

His favorite player is Patrick Mahomes along with Tyreek Hill. Kobe said if he could talk to them he would want to know what it’s like to play on a team.

FOX4 Sports: Read about the Kansas City Chiefs’ coverage

Gabe said his son learned a number of lessons from his experiences, but knowing how special their playtime is for both of them makes a father’s heart feel good.

“The Super Bowl is special and maybe something we put on a bucket list, but spending time together and seeing it is only important to us,” said Gabe.

The Eyerlys plan to enjoy this year’s Super Bowl together at home.