Noel Clarke Accused of Sexual Harassment on Set of ‘Physician Who’ | Leisure Information

Noel Clarke is charged again with sexual harassment affecting the British actor’s time Doctor Who.

The Bulletproof star has been at the center of controversy for the past week The guard’s exposé This included reports from 20 women accusing Clarke of fapping, sexual misconduct and bullying.

The news led BAFTA to strip Clarke of his recent award for Outstanding British Contribution to Cinema and the UK ITV network to drop the finale of Viewpoint, a drama series in which he starred.

New sources have now emerged claiming the adulthood director behaved inappropriately sexually on the set Doctor Who. Clarke played Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) Friend Mickey Smith in the science fiction series from 2005 to 2006 with sporadic guest appearances in later seasons. He was last seen on the show in 2010.

Joanne Hayes, who worked as a costume assistant in the first season of the Doctor Who revival (shot in 2004), said The guard that Clarke molested her in his trailer. “[He] liked girls with long hair, ”said Hayes, who had long hair at the time.

An unnamed woman who was working on the show around the same time claims that Clarke touched her inappropriately while driving him to and from the set and that he repeatedly asked her to go to his hotel room to have sex. She noted she later took on other duties after complaining to an assistant director.

A third woman who worked as a runner on the show claims Clarke became “rude” and “aggressive” after she and another employee turned down his sexual advances in a hotel bar in the mid-2000s. She added that he later started spreading false rumors about her on the set.

Clarke and his lawyers have strongly denied these allegations, stating that these events did not occur, that the actor was never made aware of a complaint against him, and that he had no reason to be in a hotel bar as he did not drink.

Following the Guardian’s original exposé last week, Clarke issued a statement stating, “I vehemently deny any sexual or criminal misconduct. However, recent reports have made it clear to me that some of my actions have affected people in ways that I did not intend or realize. I feel very sorry for these people. I will seek professional help to further my education and change for the better. “

Fellow Doctor Who Actor John Barrowman is also mentioned in the latest piece, which is accused of “repetitive exposure” on the set. However, the report notes that many witnesses described these incidents as “inappropriate pranks” rather than predatory behavior.

Berlin theater supervisor quits after harassment claims | Leisure

BERLIN (AP) – The manager of a prominent Berlin theater has resigned due to allegations by women of bullying and sexual harassment.

Klaus Doerr announced his resignation from the Volksbauer Theater in the German capital on Tuesday. He said he took “full responsibility for the allegations against me” and was stepping down in agreement with the city government.

“I deeply regret it when I have hurt employees with my behavior, words or looks,” said Doerr in a statement published by the theater.

He regretted that he had not succeeded in creating “an open, discriminatory climate” within the theater that would have recognized problems in good time and enabled employees to file complaints in confidence.

The city government’s culture minister, Klaus Lederer, said on Monday that employees had “reported incidents of abuse of power, bullying, verbal violence and sexual harassment”.

Officials spoke to the affected women in late January and still assessed a meeting with Doerr that happened earlier this month, he said.

Doerr, an experienced theater manager, took over the Volksbuehne in 2018.

Lederer’s department has said no one made complaints against Doerr before he was appointed. However, that changed in January when a letter of complaint was sent to a counseling office set up in 2018 for people in the fields of film, television, theater and music.

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Cuomo agrees to impartial probe of sexual harassment allegations

Andrew Cuomo, New York Governor, speaks to reporters during a press conference at a COVID-19 pop-up vaccination center in the William Reid Apartments in Brooklyn, New York City, the United States, on Jan. 23, 2021.

Mary Altaffer | Reuters

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo On Sunday, he abandoned his plan to appoint a former federal judge who will be in close contact with one of the governor’s top advisors to oversee an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment against him.

The Cuomo administration said it would ask New York attorney general Letitia James and Janet DiFiore, the chief justice of the state’s highest court, to decide who will oversee an independent investigation. The decision would help “avoid even perceiving a lack of independence or inferring politics,” Cuomo’s special adviser Beth Garvey said in a statement.

“We will leave all decisions regarding the investigation at the discretion of the independent attorney chosen by the Attorney General and the Chief Justice,” Garvey said.

The governor’s reversal came after a number of Democrats criticized the governor’s initial decision to conduct a review and called for an independent investigation into the allegations after a second aide came forward to allege sexual harassment against Cuomo. Some Democratic lawmakers also joined some Republicans in urging Cuomo to resign immediately.

Cuomo’s office initially said it would select former federal judge Barbara Jones to lead the review. Jones had worked with Cuomo’s top advisor, Steven Cohen.

The requirements for an independent investigation follow a New York Times Report released Saturday night describing the allegations made by Charlotte Bennett, a 25-year-old former aide to the governor, who said Cuomo asked her about her sex life and whether she was monogamous in relationships and was ever “with an elder.” been “was man.”

It was the second allegation against the governor in a week. Former Adjutant Lindsey Boylan, Former State Economic Development Officer, detailed allegations of sexual harassment against Cuomo last week, including a kiss without her consent in his Manhattan office. Cuomo has denied Boylan’s allegations.

Cuomo responded to Bennett’s allegations in a statement on Saturdayand said he intended to serve as a mentor and “never made any progress toward Mrs. Bennett, nor did I ever intend to act in a manner that was inappropriate.”

Pressure from democrats

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Cuomo should undergo an independent review of both allegations in an interview on CNN on Sunday. President Joe Biden supports this and “we believe we should move forward as soon as possible”.

A spokesman for Senator Chuck Schumer, DN.Y., said the Senator believes the allegations “should be investigated thoroughly and independently.” Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, DN.Y., also called for an “independent, transparent and prompt investigation into these grave and deeply worrying allegations.”

MP Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, DN.Y., along with other Democrats, called for an independent investigation into the governor, led not by someone chosen by Cuomo, but by the Attorney General.

“Lindsey Boylan and Charlotte Bennett’s detailed reports of sexual harassment by Governor Cuomo are extremely serious and painful to read,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote in a tweet on Sunday morning. “There needs to be an independent investigation – not one led by someone chosen by the governor, but by the attorney general.”

The new allegations also come after a January report that the Cuomo government failed to report thousands of Covid-19 deaths in state nursing homes.

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio, a Democrat, said Sunday that Cuomos state lawmakers must immediately revoke emergency powers overriding local scrutiny and called for two separate independent investigations into the sexual misconduct allegations and the undercounting Deaths in nursing homes.

“New Yorkers have seen detailed, documented reports of sexual harassment, multiple cases of intimidation and admitted withholding of information about the deaths of over 15,000 people,” De Blasio said in a statement. “Questions of this magnitude cannot hang over their heads as New Yorkers fight a pandemic and economic crisis.”

New York State Senator Alessandra Biaggi praised the two women for their allegations and called on the governor to step down in a statement posted on Twitter Saturday night.

“The harassment of these former employees is part of a clear pattern of abuse and manipulation by the governor, and that pattern makes him unworthy of the highest office in New York,” wrote Biaggi.

Republicans again urged Cuomo to resign after the second allegation, including MP Elise Stefanik, RN.Y., who described the governor as a “criminal sexual predator” in a statement on Saturday and said he should resign immediately.