Cathie Wooden says Apple ought to’ve purchased Tesla, however ‘we’re completely happy they did not’

The closely watched finance manager Cathie Wood told CNBC on Wednesday that Apple could have owned the driverless vehicle market by buying it Tesla if they get the chance during the problematic start-up of the electric vehicle manufacturer Model 3.

“We’ve been watching Apple very closely for years. Because what is an autonomous vehicle? It’s the ultimate mobile device,” she said in a broader sense “Squawk Box” Interview in which she also talked about them Ark Invest strategies, the She expects returns long term and Purchase of Zoom after its recent decline.

Apple stocks All-time highs reached last Friday and then again on Monday – market value rose solidly above 2.5 trillion US dollars – afterwards Last week’s Bloomberg report about the tech giant accelerating efforts to introduce a self-driving vehicle. Apple was not immediately available to respond to CNBC’s request for comment on its autonomous ambitions. Tesla was also not immediately available to comment on Wood’s comments.

“It’s very hard work – and with all the turnover in management, we’d be surprised if they could do it that quickly,” Wood said, referring to Bloomberg report in June on the departures from Apple’s autonomous unit of three top managers. In 2018, Apple lured Doug Field, then Tesla’s senior vice president of engineering, back to the company he had previously worked for. Apple has also hired countless other former Tesla employees.

Wood – a longtime Tesla Uber bull and shareholder and supporter of the CEO Elon Musk – CNBC said, “This should have been Apple’s market. Apple should have bought Tesla when they were given the opportunity. We’re glad they didn’t. “

Musk revealed, in a December 2020 tweet for reaching out to Apple’s CEO Tim cook “During the darkest days for the Model 3 program” on the possibility of selling Tesla “(for 1/10 of our current value).” Musk said Cook refused to attend the meeting.

The first Model 3s, a lower-priced EV sedan for mass-market car buyers, shipped in 2017 after increasing production to meet demand was problematic. In 2018, Musk tweeted that the auto business was “Hell” and it was him Sleep in the factory to try to solve the problems.

Today, Tesla joined the $ 1 trillion market cap club, and Musk, the EV company’s largest shareholder, has sold billions of its stock holdings.

Wood told CNBC that she saw “nothing wrong” with Musk selling stocks, taking profits and paying billions of dollars in tax bills related to stock option subsidies.

Applications for admission Late Tuesday, Musk revealed he was exercising options to buy 2.15 million Tesla shares and selling 934,091 shares valued at just over $ 1 billion. Since his Twitter poll on November 6thWhen asked if he should sell shares, Musk dumped 9.2 million shares valued at $ 9.9 billion.

– Reuters contributed to this report.

Comfortable Birthday, Gwyneth Paltrow! 20 Throwback Pictures of the Final ’90s Fashion Icon

I understand why it might sound strange to refer to Gwyneth Paltrow as “underrated”. After all, she’s one of our last real A-listers; Every move by the Goop founder devours daily headlines, regardless of whether it is a Scented vagina candle or say that she believes “Water has feelings.” Paltrow has been playing for so long, even she does Lost track how many Marvel films she starred in at the time.

But with the Goop brand claiming the majority of their attention for the past decade, it’s been a minute since Paltrow sank her teeth into a role that matches her talents. Aside from Marvel and TV projects, her last big movie was in 2015 (before: 2012). Paltrow is known more as a fabulous contactless entrepreneur now than an actress, and she seems to like that completely. Recently called that she will “literally never again” appear in any other film has Paltrow almost retired from the job that made her a star in the ’90s – which, frankly, is our loss.

While Paltrow may not be known for acting in 2021, she’s always been a natural. The daughter of actress Blythe Danner and producer Bruce Paltrow, she made an impact with small roles in Hook and Malice when she barely left high school. Then Paltrow’s high-profile relationship with Brad Pitt made her a tabloid favorite, and her roles quickly began to garner the attention it received: she worked with writers such as David Fincher (Seven) and Paul Thomas Anderson (Hard Eight) later for critical acclaim her breakout role in Emma. Harper’s Bazaar called her “Hollywood’s newest and most promising star” and Vogue made her a cover girl in August 1996. “Gwyneth is known as the actress every designer wants to dress,” Anna Wintour wrote in her letter to the editor in this issue, in which she noted that the actress was “chic, approachable, natural, kind and warm at the same time.”

Paltrow hardly felt like that. “They say I’m definitely a nineties-style lady, but at the time I thought I was just wearing minimalist things with brown lip liner and lots of powder,” she said recently told Fashion. “[My daughter] I’ll sometimes find old pictures of me on Instagram and say ‘You’re iconic, mom’ in a very bizarre way. “

In case she needs further proof, we’ve put together a tribute to some of Paltrow’s most iconic style moments in honor of her 49th birthday.

UK lockdown eases on ‘Completely satisfied Monday’; Germany and France hospital fears

Medical workers will monitor Covid-19 patients on Tuesday March 16, 2021 in an additional intensive care unit (ICU) set up to deal with the pandemic at the Ambroise Pare Clinic in Paris, France.

Bloomberg | Bloomberg | Getty Images

The Covid crisis in Europe seems to diverge further this week as the public health situation deteriorates in France and Germany. However, the UK is taking another step to ease the lockdown on Monday.

Germany has already extended its lockdown to April 18, but Chancellor Angela Merkel has urged German states to do more against infections and suggested that the federal government give regions (which were largely free to make their own decisions) a certain amount Measures could withdraw control) to better contain the crisis. This is happening even though Merkel is turning around to introduce a strict Easter ban.

“We have to break this third wave,” Merkel told ARD on Sunday. “We have a legal obligation to curb the spread, and right now that’s not happening.”

She added that additional restrictions, such as curfews, may be needed to prevent the virus from growing “exponentially”. Deutsche Welle reported. Germany reported 9,872 new cases on Monday, Data from the Robert Koch Institute showedThis brings the total number of infections to over 2.7 million. To date, nearly 76,000 people have died from the virus.

On Saturday intensive care doctors in the country requested a two-week hard ban To avoid overloading the health system, similar calls were made on Sunday in France, where cases continue to rise to worrying levels.

The French government has already partially closed more than a dozen regions, including Paris, but cases are increasing and hospitals are struggling.

Intensive care doctors in Paris warned on Sunday Le Journal du Dimanche newspaper These high-flying infections could soon overwhelm the capital’s hospitals, forcing them to decide which patients to treat.

France reported 37,014 new coronavirus cases on Sunday. Health Department data showedThis increases the total number of infections to over 4.5 million. To date, over 94,000 people have died from the virus in the country.

Deutsche Bank strategists discovered this on Monday “”Investors are increasingly concerned about the rising number of cases in multiple regions, which in turn increases the prospect of further restrictions and restrictions on economic activity. “

“Nice Monday”

As mainland Europe struggles with a spike in cases, the UK is further easing lockdown measures from today after lifting its roadmap on June 21 to lift all restrictions on social contact.

Dubbed “Happy Monday” in the UK media, Brits can now gather outdoors in groups of up to six and team sports can begin again. The “stay at home” rule has also ended, but the government advises caution, saying that people should continue to work from home whenever possible.

Travel abroad is still prohibited unless there is a substantial reason and a fine of £ 5,000 (US $ 6,887) has been imposed on anyone attempting to vacation abroad. The government plans to announce later this week – ahead of schedule – how international travel is expected to resume.

Swimmers jump into the water at Hillingdon Lido in west London as England’s third Covid-19 lockdown restrictions ease, allowing outdoor sports facilities to open on March 29, 2021.

ADRIAN DENNIS | AFP | Getty Images

Non-essential shops, hairdressers, beauty salons, and outdoor drinking and eating in pubs and restaurants will all be allowed on April 12, providing much-needed relief for the British after a year of lockdowns and coronavirus losses. The country has reported over 4.3 million coronavirus cases and over 126,000 deaths.

A bright spot in the country’s pandemic experience was the introduction of vaccinations, which began in earnest in December. It was the first country to introduce coronavirus vaccines en masse. To date, 57% of the country’s adults had received a first dose of a coronavirus vaccineThat means 30 million adults have now had their first shot.

Britain’s bold vaccination program has been praised for its speed and agility, but has been criticized on the continent where the introduction of gunfire has been slower.

Drug maker AstraZeneca was in the line of fire for delaying vaccine supplies to the block. However, so far the EU has stopped preventing vaccine exports to the UK and both sides have pledged to work together to resolve a dispute over vaccine supplies.

Dixie Longate’s again, mixing drinks and telling tales in ‘Completely satisfied Hour’ | Leisure

“Dixie Longates Happy Hour” will be streamed online again on Friday at 7:30 pm and on February 12th.

Courtesy photo

Dixie Longate brought her Tupperware Party to Lincoln for a week last fall and played seven shows in six days at the Lied Center for Performing Arts.

Now it’s time for “Dixie Longates Happy Hour”, another fun monologue performance in which Longate mixes drinks with tequila, vodka, rum and gin while telling stories about life with her “MeMaw” (which is southern for grandmother) , Wonder Woman and the Power tells about sparkle.

The show will be streamed online again on Friday at 7:30 p.m. and on February 12th.

Longate, the drag figure of actor, writer, and comedian Kris Andersson is a quick-talking, gum-chewing, ginger-haired Alabama woman who has been demonstrating alternative uses for Tupperware and selling the goods to her audience for the past 13 years, becoming Tupperware’s best -Seller in the country.

With “Dixie Longates Happy Hour,” she clears away the Tupperware, takes out a few bottles, dances around the stage to introduce each liquor, then makes a drink and tells stories mostly about it in a small town in Alabama growing up poor.

Happy Hour is an adult show – kids shouldn’t learn that combining orange juice and vodka makes a screwdriver, or hear clues about men walking through Longate and her mother’s bedrooms.

But it’s not as sassy or raunchy as “Tupperware Party” and is more heartfelt and delivers a sweet message of self-empowerment at the end of its 90 minutes.