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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Season 6, Episode 3 “Forgiving Is Not Forgetting.”]

It’s been a rough week for the 90-day fiancé: Happily Ever After? Pairs, one that some leaves on shaky ground.

Brandon and Julia’s interview with Immigration does not go as planned, while Angela and Michael still disagree about their operations. Plus, Andrei will likely never get along with Elizabeth’s family. But who plans life without her husband (just in case)? Read on to find out what drama happened in the third episode of season 6.

Elizabeth and Andrei

As you will recall, Elizabeth’s family reunion didn’t go well over her husband Andrei’s entry into the family business – and there’s little chance he will sit down with her brother Charlie. (Andrei hasn’t forgotten Charlie’s toast, which he says ruined their second wedding anniversary, especially since the other man didn’t apologize.)

It’s pretty much going as expected, although we think things could have gotten worse since they met in a brewery of all places. Charlie admits that he indulged in too much vodka at the wedding and expressed his feelings at the wrong time, but he only feels bad when he’s disrespectful to Elizabeth, not Andrei. As for working in the family business, Andrei believes he can only work with Chuck, while Charlie says his father told him to show his brother-in-law the ropes. The only thing they can agree on is that both of them are involved in making money. The hatchet isn’t exactly buried.

Jovi and Yara

Jovi and Yara get used to parenting a four-year-old baby, and that means choosing the right diapers and buying fruit and vegetables (“I have lemonade,” he says, “it’s like fruit”). Another problem: he feels that his opinion needs to be taken into account while she thinks he is going to do stupid things. His mother Gwen comes over to help (and insists that her daughter has to be in a blanket, not one), and Yara doesn’t want her to tell her what to do.

This could become a problem if Jovi has to go to work in Guyana for two months and Yara cannot go home as planned to visit her family in Ukraine due to COVID and a lack of documentation. Gwen might be the only help Yara will have.

Angela and Michael

The evening before Angela’s weight loss surgery, her good friend JoJo comes to her hotel. She will be there to support her after the surgery and serve as another person telling her to stop smoking. (Angela doesn’t; she even smokes a cigarette the morning of the procedure.)


What JoJo won’t do is talk to Michael about the breast reduction that Angela will do for her friend. Angela’s husband is not happy as she expected, but she knows that the risk of this second operation depends on the size of her breasts. She worries about what this will mean for their relationship, and she isn’t the only one.

Michael worries that other men will notice Angela’s new body after talking to his brother Yekini after the operation. If Michael can’t trust his wife, they shouldn’t be married, says Yekini.

On the way to her appointment, Angela calls her clairvoyant, who appeases her fears with a reading – and also tells her not to smoke. But she only feels better for so long; When she tries to reach her family, no one answers. And given the risks she faces in the surgeries, she’s upset that she can’t talk to them before she goes down.


Kalani and Asuelu

Kalani’s sister Kolini comes and sees the “new” Asuelu. He tries to get along with his wife’s family and leave the past (like his and Kolini’s previously explosive confrontation) behind. But Kolini worries that he will come off a little wrong, and she’s not the only one. Kalani shares her concerns with her sister, but she tries to give her husband the benefit of the doubt.

It only gets worse when Kolini finds out they are planning to buy a house. Sure, it might help if they have their own space – he’s uncomfortable living with Kalani’s family – but she suggests they look into six-month leases. What if they don’t stay together? Asuelu doesn’t even want to hear about the possibility of a divorce. Kalani tells him that she’s good at moving out and having a space of her own when he’s really changed, but they won’t work if that isn’t the case.

Brandon and Julia

Brandon and Julia are preparing for what they hope to take as the final step in getting their green card: an interview. (She hasn’t quite let go of her dream of living in Las Vegas, either; she really hates the farm.) What he didn’t tell her is that she should have records that prove she lives with him, as her name is on a bill, but they don’t. Things get tense when she wonders if he’ll be coming to Russia with her if she doesn’t get her green card and he is reluctant to take that step.

90 days fiance happy until after Brandon Julia


After the interview, they reveal that their application was not approved. It wasn’t denied either. There is a new document they may need, although the immigration officer doesn’t even know what it is. You will know in two weeks whether your application has been approved or whether you need to provide additional evidence.

Tiffany and Ronald

After this Cancellation of tickets for you and your children To visit Ronald in South Africa, Tiffany used the money on bail at her home so they could move out of her mother’s house. Fed up with putting him first and focused on her own happiness.

And if you ask her mother, Maggie, Tiffany won’t find that in her husband. That’s okay, she says to her daughter. Sometimes people are not meant to be. Tiffany refuses to give up yet, but having her own place gives her a backup plan. Will she need it?

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