Hailey Bieber & Justin Bieber: How Their Type Has Evolve Collectively

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If I go to Pinterest and type the singular word “fashion” into the search bar, my results page becomes what the algorithm has defined as the 2022 fashion standard. Thousands of images of tailored trousers, oversized blazers and pointy heels fill the screen. If I go back and add the additional keywords “Hailey Bieber” before “Fashion”, my page refills. Pants, blazers and heels dominate again – and our girl rocks them all. Hailey Bieber is hands down the blueprint for today’s biggest fashion trends, and many are thinking about it Hailey Bieber a style icon – but would they say the same about Hailey Baldwin?

Before you accuse me of ignorance of pop culture I am aware that Bieber and Baldwin are the same person. But when her name changed, so did her sense of fashion.

Hailey Bieber’s style transformation can be traced back to a few factors, but before I dive into these, I think it’s important to point out that Justin Bieber’s personal fashion sense is not one of them. As you will see in the Style development Below, Justin has committed (for better or for worse) to the same look since he gave up the purple zipper and long locks of his youth.

If I am generous with my description, I would describe Justin’s style as sporty. If I’m honest with my description, I would call it lazy. His signature look these days consists of a Drew sweatshirt (his own brand), baggy pants or basketball shorts and a hat. And the occasional Crocs for a good measure!

On the flip side, there are some celebrity couples – like Kim and Kanye, may their relationship rest in peace – who clearly take inspiration from one another. Kim even has credited to Kanye for helping to change her personal style. While Hailey’s style certainly improved once she got serious about Justin, his direction cannot be lived up to. To quote the brilliant Avril Lavigne: “He was a punk, she did ballet. What more can I say?”.

I can actually say a lot more about Hailey’s ballet background when I discuss her style. Before becoming a supermodel, Hailey spent her free time doing intense ballet training and doing summer training at the American Ballet Theater. No wonder she loves to rock a pointy shoe! I followed Hailey on Instagram when I first downloaded the app in 2011 and can confirm that before her feed documented her pinpoint style, she posted pinpoint ballet pics.

While it’s easy to assume that a ballet background would translate into a girlish personal style, Haileys had just the opposite effect. In early paparazzi photos, Hailey can often be seen incredibly casual in oversized sportswear and sneakers. Her personal style was very similar to Justin’s today; they were a shirt-and-beanie match.

One of the reasons Hailey’s style is so popular and widespread these days is because she has managed to keep casual elements in her upscale looks – hence her wardrobe feels reasonably available. So how did Hailey wear a suit without looking like she was going to a business meeting? How did she make a completely neutral outfit look innovative? The answer was her stylist, Maeve Reilly.

Maeve stepped into the picture in 2016 when Hailey and Justin got serious and started walking in very public relationship. Maeve claims Hailey contacted her on Instagram during her growing paparazzi run-ins and sought help with her everyday wardrobe. While it’s unclear whether the duo will still work together, Maeve was certainly behind the craftsmanship of Hailey’s signature style today.

When Maeve and Hailey started working together, Hailey’s outfits began to become very trend-oriented (hello oversized outerwear) but it wasn’t until Hailey and Justin got married that their outfits got really sophisticated. Compared to other celebrities, Hailey dresses a little conservatively – she always looks hot, but rarely overtly sexual. It never feels like Hailey is posing for thirst traps or dressing for male attention (I mean, she’s got the biebs already, who else is she going to impress?)

Hailey’s current style manages to prioritize comfortable pieces that she can move into and you can tell she feels safe in them. Many of her outfits consist of neutral basics such as an oversized trench coat or blazer, paired with very specific, funny accessories such as an orange Bottega Veneta bag or a yellow fur hat. This combination ensures that her outfits always stay stylish, because most of what she wears are well-fitting basics that are accentuated by trendier details.

If the Hailey and Maeve breakup rumors are true, we should expect more elements of Hailey’s personality to shine through her wardrobe when she takes on the role of her own head stylist – or, hey, maybe she’s hiring someone else. While their starlet-stylist relationship didn’t last in Hollywood, I hope Hailey and Justin will.

Keep scrolling for a stroll through the memory lanes of Beaver Fever to see for yourself how much Hailey’s style has evolved.

The MEGA agency.

October 2021

The formula for a typical Hailey look, defined: gold jewelry, tiny sunglasses, a great shoulder bag and an oversized blazer.

The MEGA agency.

June 2021

Out and about in Paris, Hailey looks chic (but still comfortable) in a casual glitter dress and a Bottega bag. Meanwhile, Justin looks just comfortable in his Drew sweatshirt, jeans, and kicks.

STYLECASTER |  Hailey Bieber Justin Bieber Fashion

The MEGA agency.

March 2021

Hailey proved her oversized blazer can go from day to night by showing off some leg and adding a heel. The zebra print Bottega clutch was a nice touch.

STYLECASTER |  Hailey Bieber Justin Bieber Fashion

The MEGA agency.

February 2021

In a rare “couple outfit” moment, Hailey and Justin wore complementary monochrome looks during a trip to Paris. Hailey’s yellow booth studio look was courtesy of Maeve Reilly, of course.

STYLECASTER |  Hailey Bieber Justin Bieber Fashion

The MEGA agency.

January 2021

Hailey started 2021 (and her Bottega phase) with Kelly Green details. This look is a great example of how Hailey enhances casual pieces – like sneakers and vests – with color-coordinated details.

STYLECASTER |  Hailey Bieber Justin Bieber Fashion

The MEGA agency.

October 2020

Even Hailey’s casual sportswear has been put together more and more over the years. For this fitness outing, Hailey was dressed from mask to toe in accents of white and purple. It’s the attention to detail for me!

STYLECASTER |  Hailey Bieber Justin Bieber Fashion

The MEGA agency.

February 2020

Hailey amazes in this full winter white look that still lives in my brain rent-free. This was the beginning of their more tonally focused ensembles, and I was all for it.

STYLECASTER |  Hailey Bieber Justin Bieber Fashion

The MEGA agency.

December 2019

This photo was taken a few months after Hailey and Justin’s grand wedding ceremony – and it could be the last time we ever saw them at Skinnys. After the wedding, there was a clear change in Hailey’s everyday style, and we can see here how she started adding heels to more casual looks and treating everyday outings like photo ops.

STYLECASTER |  Hailey Bieber Justin Bieber Fashion

The MEGA agency.

December 2019

Hailey established herself as a style icon by drawing a clear parallel to the late Princess Diana in a Vogue Paris shoot in 2019. She was spotted out for a coffee a few months later wearing this Diana-inspired sweatshirt and blazer combo.

STYLECASTER |  Hailey Bieber Justin Bieber Fashion

The MEGA agency.

December 2019

Here you can see how much Hailey’s style changed in late 2019. She wears a typical “going out” look (TBH, nothing groundbreaking), while Justin Drew slippers (Shocker) with questionable pink socks and white slippers.

STYLECASTER |  Hailey Bieber Justin Bieber Fashion

The MEGA agency.

May 2019

The origins of Hailey’s classic camel coat uniform can be traced back to May 2019. This outfit would still be a premium in 2022.

STYLECASTER |  Hailey Bieber Justin Bieber Fashion

The MEGA agency.

January 2019

Hailey was still working on mastering her upscale but causal look in early 2019. She is pictured here at lunch, but her fitted suit looks like she’s ready for a business meeting. However, the pop of pink is cute!

STYLECASTER |  Hailey Bieber Justin Bieber Fashion

The MEGA agency.

October 2018

Hailey and Justin succeeded in October 2018 after secretly getting married in court in September. Hailey kept her looks until she confirmed her new status as Mrs. Bieber. However, this picture confirms that she has always been a blazer girl at heart.

STYLECASTER |  Hailey Bieber Justin Bieber Fashion

The MEGA agency.

August 2018

By this point, Hailey and Justin had rekindled their relationship (again after his brief stint with Selena Gomez) in the summer of 2018. Hailey still dressed very casually, maybe to give the girl-next-door vibes.

STYLECASTER |  Hailey Bieber Justin Bieber Fashion

The MEGA agency.

December 2015

Hailey gave great Brandy Melville basic vibes with Kylie Jenner in Miami in 2015. Not a fan but it was cute for the time! I also respect the low white pants.

STYLECASTER |  Hailey Bieber Justin Bieber Fashion

The MEGA agency.

June 2015

In a very early paparazzi photo from 2015, Hailey proves that the gold hoop has always been her trademark – though I can’t say the rest of the look has stood the test of time. Maybe she anticipated the lederhosen trend of 2022 with these liquid skinnies?

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Justin and Hailey Bieber Channel ’90s Grunge Avenue Model for Dinner – Footwear Information

Justin and Hailey Bieber have proven once again that they have the best street style for couples.

That Singer and the model were seen in Montecito, California on Thursday evening. The two picked up dinner at Tre Lune Ristorante. The Biebers, known for their effortlessly cool styles, both wore casual yet upscale outfits. For her outing, Hailey wore a blue and green oversized plaid cardigan over a white long-sleeved shirt. She also wore light wash ripped denim shorts, a beige baseball cap, and gold hoop earrings. Justin wore a white, long-sleeved polo shirt with brightly colored stripes, paired with lightly washed ripped jeans and a green hat.

Justin and Hailey Bieber in Santa Barbara, California.


Both Justin and Hailey wore matching white Nike Air Force sneakers for shoes. Nike introduced this style in the 80s and they were an instant hit with basketball players. The style became a legendary lifestyle silhouette outside of sport thanks to its versatile canvas with multiple color variations, collaborations and adjustments. The shoes saw a major mainstream resurgence in Summer 2020, and are still very popular today.

Justin Bieber in Santa Barbara, California.


Both Hailey and Justin are known for their great ones Sneaker stylebut Hailey took her love even further. She became Superga Global Ambassador in March after the Italian shoe brand put together an all-women team. The influencer appeared in Superga’s advertising campaign in spring 2021.

Look as fresh as the Biebers in their own white sneakers.

Nike Air Force 1 07

CREDIT: Courtesy of Nike

Buy now: Nike Air Force 1 ’07, $ 90

Puma Cali leather platform sneakers

CREDIT: Courtesy Saks Fifth Avenue

Buy now: Women’s Puma Cali leather platform sneakers, $ 80

adidas chic shoes

CREDIT: Courtesy of Adidas

Buy now: Adidas Sleek Shoes, $ 80

See more of Hailey Bieber’s trend Sneaker style.

Hailey Bieber’s Newest Vogue Second Redefines Spring Type

While Hailey is known for making style statements – both on and off the red carpet – she recently talked about how “invasive” paparazzi can be when photographing their fashion moments.

“Paparazzi are so interesting to me because I really don’t understand them and I find that they are really weird and invasive,” she told TikToker Dixie D’Amelio on her YouTube series The Early Late Show on April 11th. “What I understand is people trying to capture clothes and make those outfits because that’s good for the people who designed the clothes and for the stylists I understand.”

However, Hailey did explain that there are times when paparazzi take things too far as she remembered a time when she was out and about Justin Bieber.

“I was leaving a place with my husband and we came out of this place and there were like curtains on either side of the entrance and I noticed someone had put the camera under the curtain from the corner of the floor,” she said, calling back. “I was wearing a really short skirt. When we got into the car, I said, ‘I feel like it’s a difficult angle because I’m afraid they shot my skirt up.’ What else will you see? “

Hailey Bieber is a fan of TikTok-popular Starface pimple stickers | Leisure

Hailey Bieber uses TikTok popular Starface pimple stickers.

The 24-year-old model uses the funny patches as part of her nighttime skin care routine.

On a YouTube clip she said, “I find when I work a lot and have a lot of different makeup on my face … my skin is just insanely sensitive, so I find myself breaking out.

“I really love the little Starface pimple stickers. They really help heal pimples faster. So whenever I break out, I always sleep with one of them. And they look cute! I’m never mad at a cute little situation.”

Hailey also revealed that she wants to look like a “glazed donut” before bed.

After removing her makeup with a cleansing balm, she sinks into her porch with a milky detergent.

She explained, “I’m going to start with an oil cleanser because I have a lot of makeup and I don’t use makeup wipes … it honestly made the biggest difference in my skin.”

The blonde beauty who is married to pop superstar Justin Bieber also swears by Biba Los Angeles’ plant stem cell peptide serum for the ultimate shine.

She added, “My standard when I go to bed at night is that if I don’t go to bed like a glazed donut, I’m not doing the right thing. Find a moisturizer that will make you look like a glazed donut at the end of the day. “

Hailey recently admitted that she prefers not going “full glam” unless she’s working to keep her flawless complexion.

She said, “I would say the days when I was glamorous myself for fun, even before COVID was rare. I do a lot more skin care and just always do my makeup for work.” I tend to stick to the really cool no makeup makeup more and focus on keeping my skin healthy. “

Hailey Bieber ‘missed out’ interplay with boys | Leisure

Hailey Bieber “missed” interacting with boys in her childhood.

The 24-year-old model was homeschooled for a few years growing up and she admits she really missed out on socializing, especially with boys.

On her YouTube show The Early Late Night Show, she said, “My parents either said, ‘You go to Christian school or you go to school.’ There was really no choice in between. They wouldn’t let me go to public school. I wanted to go to a performing arts school in New York City, and they didn’t want me to, so I decided to just stay home. .. All of my contacts and friends and interactions were for the most part there so I don’t feel like I really missed it.

“Maybe more with like minded guys, like I missed interacting with boys. I think I’m fine now, but it wasn’t, you know, when you’re in high school it’s boys and girls – it’s a different environment. “

Meanwhile, Hailey – who is married to Justin Bieber – has previously revealed her struggle to grow up in the spotlight, but she knew her husband was far worse.

She said, “I had it on a much smaller scale, but even my husband just had to go through it all in front of everyone and make a lot of mistakes in front of the world. There was nothing he could do to get through it.” It always made me very sad because so much of what was going on was what anyone his age would do, except it was on that much larger scale. I always tell him, I’m so impressed with how normal you are because I don’t even know what it feels like to go through mentally, emotionally, physically, and I know it had an effect, a big effect on him. And I’m just grateful that he is able to be the mature, stable adult he is now. “

Artist Highlight: Hailey Kadolph | Arts & Leisure

Hailey Kadolph is a junior at Valpo with a major in art and an emphasis in the studio. Her passions include photography, painting and, more recently, ceramics. Kadolph has achieved a lot since coming to Valpo. Her accomplishments include exhibiting a piece of her work at the Christopher Center and making many contributions to the lighter.

Before coming to Valpo, she had thought a lot about who she wanted to be. During her time at Valpo, Kadolph learned to hug their individuality independent of social norms.

Kadolph first decided to major in chemistry because friends and society told her that studying art was socially unacceptable.

“Towards the end of my high school career, I basically subscribed to social norms that said, ‘Art is not a valid major. ‘Then I chose chemistry because I really loved chemistry. I was really, really bad at it and my first semester here was terrible, ”said Kadolph.

After a difficult first semester, she decided to do something for herself. She decided to go against social norms and study what she was passionate about.

“I’ve come to realize that art is valid. After I was in college for a year, I saw that college really accepted that and I said to myself, “I’m going to study art and if people want to get mad about it, well. It’s something I love and I don’t want to waste my time doing something I hate, ”said Kadolph.

Kadolph switched to art studies in the spring semester of her first year. In the same semester, however, she had to finish the course associated with her chemistry major. In her sophomore year, she officially began her journey as an art major.

“After I started my art studies, my grades were just A. My quality of life and state of mind have improved insanely. I loved my life because I was an art major, ”said Kadolph.

She created a piece that is now on display at the Christopher Center. It’s a photo piece with a special meaning behind it.

“I really enjoy thinking about perspective and my personal perspective and how differently it differs from that of other people. This piece is more about the physical perception of how I see things. There are two separate photos next to each other. One is in flawless clarity and the other is completely blurred. It’s an explanation of how we take our vision for granted, ”said Kadolph.

Kadolph advised budding artists.

“It’s definitely a life advice thing. Do what you want. Trying people – please is something that revolves around life so much. When planning your career, you shouldn’t have to think about pleasing others. A career isn’t meant for that, ”said Kadolph. “It is for you and I would like to think that you are doing what you love most, and even if it seems crazy or unimportant, it is not. If it’s your passion, it matters. ”

If you would like to nominate someone for an Artist Spotlight feature on The Torch, please send an email torch@valpo.edu.

The 5 Wardrobe Staples Hailey Bieber Wears To Get An Easy Model

You will have a hard time finding someone who has mastered the glamor of an off duty model better than Hailey Bieber. When she’s out on the streets of Los Angeles – often with a green juice from Erewhon Market in hand and husband Justin Bieber in tow – the model always exudes a relaxed yet luxurious aesthetic. How does she emulate this almost oxymoronic combination of casual elegance? It’s probably thanks Bieber’s five clothes pegsmaking ensembles effortless every time. In addition, her fundamental aura creates an “I’m not trying but I know I’m good-looking” mood. The best part is that Bieber’s outfits are easy to replicate.

When breaking down their looks, they usually use an oversized silhouette – sometimes in the form of a boxy blazer, sometimes as a chunky sneaker. Bieber’s cult items also include biker shorts, baggy pants and a good selection of West Coast approved coats. With the help of her stylist Maeve Reilly, the 24-year-old knows exactly how to navigate through the world of mixing basics with current runway pieces. Below is an abbreviated style file from Bieber’s most trustworthy brackets as well as similar items for shopping so that you too can get their effortless look. Take some freshly squeezed juice and keep scrolling.

We only include products that are independently selected by the editors of The Zoe Report. However, we may receive some of the sales when you purchase a product through a link in this article.

Bieber’s wardrobe staples: chunky sneakers

Photo by GC Images

The controversial Papa sneaker trend – Are you ugly? Are they fashionably ugly until they’re cute? – There was never a debate in Bieber’s book: She liked it from the start. The model has consistently worn this style over the years by various brands such as New Balance, Adidas and Balenciaga. The latter brought daddy sneakers back to every fashion lover’s lexicon with the unveiling Triple S will take to the runway in Fall / Winter 2017 and from there clunky “ugly” shoes have lived on. It’s easy to see why these cushioned shoes have become Bieber’s footwear of choice: they’re comfortable and make a statement the moment she steps out the door. Here Bieber has styled her New Balance kicks with an Aritzia sweater, leather gaiters and a buttoned dust coat.

Bieber’s wardrobe staples: oversized blazer

Rachpoot / MEGA / GC images

The model has a penchant for playing with proportions, whether it is baggy pants and a figure-hugging crop shirt or oversized outerwear. One of her favorite cover-up pieces is the oversized blazer, which she has in muted colors like gray and beige in addition to a classic houndstooth or checked print. Since Los Angeles weather doesn’t require residents to wear puffer coats regularly, a blazer is an optimal choice. For Bieber, she usually styles her blazers with cropped shorts or jeans, as shown above, or with wide pants.

Bieber’s cloakroom staples: tailor-made coats

Photo by BG002 / Bauer-Griffin / GC Images

Bieber’s fans are well known for having an arsenal of statement coats available to her, including: a luxurious teddy coat from Prada or a more voluminous one Puffer jacket from Aritzia. One design she usually leans towards are bespoke coats like slim leather trenches or an oversized jacket. Her stylist Maeve Reilly often documents the model’s choice of outerwear on Instagram and gives fans a closer look at the channeling of Bieber’s style. Already in January 2021 Reilly shared a photo of the star in a custom-made, padded shoulder coat and wrote: “Balenciaga babe @haileybieber.” Her coat selection is usually done in neutral tones with a touch of color here and there, like when she wore that bright green Staud coat with a white crop top and high waisted jeans.

Bieber’s cloakroom staples: biker shorts

Photo by Rachpoot / MEGA / GC Images

The Biker shorts trend surfaced in 2018 and has not completely disappeared since. It has now become an accepted part of a sports outfit – a look The celebrity crew quickly took on. Bieber is one of the stars who consistently wear this casual butt, regardless of whether it is combined with a crop top after a workout or with one of their often-called parts like the oversized blazer. When it comes to biker shorts, be it a neon color palette or a super short length – you name it, Bieber wore it. Here she has styled her bright orange biker shorts with a gray long sleeve crop top and a pair Yeezy slips into Bone. In a memorable moment of 2019, Bieber even channeled Princess Diana in biker shorts for a photo shoot to prove that this staple never fades.

Bieber’s cloakroom staples: baggy jeans

Gotham / GC images

Baggy jeans are a key element of Bieber’s laid-back Californian style. The model has this denim style in different washes, be it a dark couple with high waist or a lighter blue color, as shown above. Your choice for shoes with jeans is almost always a sneaker. To balance out the proportions, she puts on bodysuits or crop tops. Here, Bieber checks all of the above style boxes with her casual jeans, short sweater, white sneakers and almost $ 10,000 Bottega Veneta coat.